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Everlost (Skinjacker, #1)
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Everlost (Skinjacker #1)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  19,941 ratings  ·  2,012 reviews
Nick and Allie don't survive the crash, and now they are in limbo, stuck halfway between life and death, in a netherworld known as Everlost. Everlost is home to those who didn't make it to their final destination: a magical yet dangerous place filled with shadows where lost souls run wild.
Paperback, 377 pages
Published July 2009 by Simon & Schuster UK (first published January 1st 2006)
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Everlost reminded me of several books I felt rather lukewarm about - Elsewhere, Lord of the Flies and Gone. It deals with afterlife (specifically, the limbo between life and death) and kids behaving badly when left on their own.

I can see why fans of Unwind would be underwhelmed by Everlost. I was too, a little. It is a good book, but it is clearly a children's book. There are no adults in it, the characters are all under 15. Even when the story handles very serious matters (that scared and creep
Sep 11, 2010 Mariel rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lauren
Recommended to Mariel by: what are you saving?
I swear on my dog's life that Neal Shusterman's Everlost is pure awesomeness.

Kids who die go to a sort of place but not a place existing between life and death called Everlost. If they stay there instead of passing on, they have to stay in areas called "dead spots", where a significant death has happened. (Main kids Allie and Nick's car accident took place by a forest that has burned down. Sometimes a spot is massive, such as the entire city of Atlanta (seen in the second in the Skinjacker tril
Nolan  Foxworth
Actual Rating: 3½ Stars

Welcome to Everlost...

A place where life after death isn't so bad. Granted, it isn't the luminous, angelic heavens... nor is it the eternally, flammable pits of hell. It's merely a "limbo," a spiritual state of confinement for lost souls that lies between the stated biblical destinations. Death arrives in the unfortunate form of a car collision for teenagers, Allie and Nick, who unexpectedly become Everlost's latest tourists. Unknown to them, their endeavors to go "home"
Well there's one lesson I learned from this book, never teach your kids to stay put when they get lost. This book taught me the importance of trying to find your way to where you're going no matter what the challenges or obstacles you're faced with. I picked up Everlost because I was captivated by Shusterman's book Unwind. It's good, just not Unwind's caliber of great.

This story is about two souls, Allie and Nick, that are in a fatal car accident. Upon their death and on their way to the 'light
I'm having a hard time trying to determine how I feel about Everlost. After reading and greatly enjoying "Unwind", I was eager to read another book Shusterman had written.

On the one hand, as an adult reading it, I definitely found the writing style geared for juvenile readers around the age of 10-13 (which is who the book is marketed for). On the other hand, I also continually wondered at the appeal to these same readers based on the way Shusterman presented his ideas on the afterlife of dead c
Jul 14, 2009 Caris rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Caris by: Megan
Shelves: 2009, young-adult
Okay. This would be funny. Say you borrowed the book Everlost from a friend.

You with me?

Now, say you finished the book and posted a review of it on a book oriented social networking site. Something like Goodreads.

Say that friend reads your review, perhaps even likes it or comments on it. That friend would be reasonable in assuming that she (or he, I suppose) would be getting her (or his) book back soon.

You know how people lead double lives on the Internet? Folks who are really deep and adventu
3.5 stars

Plot- 7/10
Characters- 7/10
Writing- 7.5/10
World Building- 9.5/10

TOTAL- 7.4/10

Quickie Review (no spoilers)- Neal Shusterman wowed me with Unwind. I seriously loved that book; the action, the great characters, and the scary, almost 1984-esque world building captivated me. So I went into Everlost with very high expectations, and I expected Neal Shusterman to deliver again.

I was disappointed. Now, 3.5 stars is by no means bad. But I guess I was expecting a bit more from the same author who
3.5 stars An interesting spin on the afterlife from a teen perspective. The protagonists are stuck in a kind of in between place. Well written and the teen heroes are less annoying and better written than many others I've read. Their decisions for the most part make sense. I enjoyed it but think I would have liked it more when I was 12;)
Addicting, creative, fascinating tale that weaves something that could have been either cliched or overly creepy into something brilliant and original.

Allie and Nick are dead, killed instantly in a car crash that involved their respective family's cars. According to the laws of the universe, they should have crossed over. But the thing is, not all children cross over. Some trip, stumble, or resist the journey into the light...and end up in Everlost, just like Allie and Nick have.

Everlost is a b
Wow, this one took me by surprise. I've read Neal Shusterman before, but that didn't leave me prepared for this. There are lots of books out there that have takes on the afterlife, but I think this one is my favorite so far. There's a sense of mystery and discovery that some other great afterlife versions lack. By the end of the book, I didn't feel like I knew everything about the afterlife, but that I was willing to keep reading to find out more. One of the author blurbs on the book describes i ...more
I imagine the center of the Earth must be a crowded place by now, but perhaps it is the spirits of those of us residing there that keep the Earth alive and green.

It's really hard to find a good young adult novel. That's the genre I read most. However, it is also the one that displeases me most, because almost all of its books contain the same repetitive, tediuos and boring story that it's focused on a chiclé teenage romance. Neal Shusterman has done that weird thing: he wrote a young adult book
Duffy Pratt
Here's a kid's book that dabbles a bit in epistemology, the foundations of faith, and the creation of legends, and all without being either ponderous or pretentious. The basic story is pretty simple. Allie wants to go home. She needs to go home to find out whether her parents died in the same car accident that she died in.

She and Nick, a kid in the other car in the crash, wound up in a world that's not the living world and not truly the afterlife. They saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but
Jul 23, 2008 Donalyn rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of weird books
I have spent two days wandering through Neal Shusterman's latest two novels, and I am still a bit lost in them. I read them out of order, reading his newest book, Unwind, first. Enjoying that book so much, I wondered whether or not Everlost would disappoint me.

Shusterman admits that he is a weird man who writes about weird things, and no one does it better, I should have trusted him more.

When two teens, Nick and Allie, die in the same car accident, their journey into the white light of the after
I've gone back and forth and back and forth on my rating for this one. The story is a three, but it's Shusterman and his use of language to evoke feelings is so well done. The writing is wonderful; some of the descriptions of things in Everlost brought tears to my eyes. I want to like it more than I do.
So, for that reason, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt with a four star rating.
This one starts out with a bang, but then winds down and meanders for a long time. I found myself finding lots o
For starters, let me say that 1) I listened to the audiobook narrated by Nick Podehl (whose voice acted as a great soporific as I was trying to drive across the US with my family - thankfully the rock we took in the windshield outside of Denver kept me awake) and 2) I'm not the biggest fan of children's books, and this is definitely a children's book.

I found the central conceit intriguing: Those who die, but don't get "where they're going" find themselves in limbo. The rules are different here.
I would probably give this 2.5 stars. It was...odd. Very odd.

I think what probably bothered me is that it truly is meant for a juvenile audience and yet some disturbingly dark things are going on here. The premise of the story is a little like Peter Pan's lost boys. Children who are supposed to make it into the after life are knocked off course and sent into the land of Everlost. Nick and Allie are new to Everlost, and they discover it is a strange place where they may be doomed to spend eterni
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Karin Perry for

Nick and Allie never would have met had their parents' cars not collided on a hairpin turn one day. If only Nick's parents had not hit a piece of steel lying in the road which caused them to blow a tire and head into the oncoming lane of traffic directly in the path of Allie's father. The accident happened so fast that neither felt any pain. The only recollection they have is of landing on the ground in the woods and feeling very tired.

What happens to
If you look at this book as having a new, creative setting (earth for the lost souls of children who somehow got knocked out of the tunnel after they died) it's a cute story. However, if you read the book and think it's proposing doctrine about the afterlife, you're not going to like it. And I admit that as a parent it was hard to read about the spirits of children sinking to the center of earth where they would be trapped until the earth exploded. Surely God isn't as disorganized or uncaring to ...more
Shayantani Das
This book is about Allie and Nick journey through the world of everlost. They die in a car accident only they don’t reach where there are supposed to and instead get stuck in the eternal world of everlost.

First thing to keep in mind while reading the book is that one shouldn’t compare it to unwind, or you would be bitterly disappointed. It's nowhere near it in terms of emotional depth and characters. But the book in itself has a very very interesting concept. Neal Shusterman is a very creative a
wow, I think I may have to come back and re-review. This is one that kind of sinks in.
I would read a part and think "what the HECK did I just read?"

but then I'd read another book or go about my day - but it would keep popping into my head - where the story was going, who the McGill was....just all sorts of random thoughts. It's a great story, just not at all like anything I've read before or what I thought it would be.

but I know I liked it
This book is Awesome. I recommened it to anyone
What if your light at the end of the tunnel burned out? What if your train to Nirvana derailed? How about your reincarnation stopped by Depo?

If any of these things stopped you from moving on, you may end up in Everlost, as Allie and Nick found out after a fatal car crash left them in a luscious forest. As this pair get acquainted with their new afterlife, they stumble across an assortment of villains, horrors, and a bibliophile. Or maybe you could call the bibliophile the "Life After Death for
Disclaimer. My spoiler tags are for Everwild as well as Everlost. I'm in the process of reading Everfound now so no spoilers for that book except my own speculations. I mention a wee bit of stuff on UnWind as well because I gush how great Shusterman is.

Everlost is about the in-between place where dead children end up if they got lost on their way to "getting to where it is they are going".
Nick and Allie die in a car crash and after 9 months they wake up in a forest. Everlost is built of the dead
I really liked Everlost! This book is just so good, I can’t tell you! It takes a very unique view of what happens to us when we die, and oh, it was just amazing!

A lot of thought has gone into this book; a lot of urban fantasies I’ve read lately have been based around some sort of myth, but as far as I can tell, Everlost has been completely made up, and the world building is just brilliant! The rules of the world, the way this new world effects some people, the “magic” of the world; with each pag
2.5 stars

So, I am aware that this book is old, but it was my assigned Summer reading for this year. I was hoping to get Graceling, but so many people signed up for it that I got pushed onto this novel. I decided to read it now because I'd rather spend my summer reading time reading and reviewing novels that I want to read, not ones assigned to me. Frankly, this was a waste of a read in my opinion and I don't understand why so many people recommended it to me highly, but keep in mind that this re
Ali and Nick collide in a car crash that kills them both and they find themselves unexpected companions in Everlost, the place where children go after they die. They soon meet Leaf, who's been there too long. The adventure takes off as they must learn the strange rules of this world and protect themselves from not so nice residents. This is a wonderful adventure, that I really enjoyed. It was more MG and therefore not my preferred genre. I found the kiss scene to be not so compelling, and the pa ...more
Ok, so I tried really hard with this book and made it to 31% before giving up. I was sure I would enjoy this as the unwind series was one of my favourites and couldn't wait to start reading this new series.

I felt it was a bit too young and didn't have the same gripping qualities as unwind and unwholly.

The story centres around two teenagers (strangers) who both die in a car accident. They don't cross over and get stuck in Everlost. Here they need to learn what this place is, why they are here, et
I almost put this book down after the first chapter, the beginning is so poorly written. I hung on out of sheer boredom, though, and to my surprise it improved. It's a very original premise, and that makes up for the sometimes not-so-realistic-sounding dialogue among the kids. There's also a love story angle that feels really awkward - if ever there was a lack of chemistry between two literary characters, it's here. (My guess is it was only added to help line up a potential sequel.) Still, overa ...more
So far, only four chapters in, I am already hooked. Everlost is the place between life and death, or heaven and hell. It is a "dead zone" where ghost can stay without sinking into the Earth like out in the living world. Car crash victims, Allie and Nick, have met in the forest of Everlost and unfortunatley, found themselves... dead. A young boy that the two first met in the forest is named Lief and he has been there for hundreds of years. Just recently mentioned, the McGill is the monster of Eve ...more
Wendy F
I've had this on my shelf for a while now and I'm glad for the Pick Five thread in my YA group, otherwise I would have probably just kept pushing this off.

I really liked it. Oddly enough I wasn't quite into Mary, but I automatically felt something for The McGill. I suppose that is backwards, but there seemed to be something vulnerable about him. I also really really liked Lief. And Nick. Great book. I can't wait to read the next one.
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Award-winning author Neal Shusterman grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he began writing at an early age. After spending his junior and senior years of high school at the American School of Mexico City, Neal went on to UC Irvine, where he made his mark on the UCI swim team, and wrote a successful humor column. Within a year of graduating, he had his first book deal, and was hired to write a movi ...more
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