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Medalon (Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy, #1)
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Medalon (Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy #1)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  4,131 ratings  ·  118 reviews
Featuring never-before-published sketches and watercolors by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

A glorious fantasy epic set in a world ruled by the oppressive Sisters of the Blade, wherein the magical race of Harshini, thought to be extinct, may survive in a half-human child.

Book I of The Demon Child Trilogy (Medalon; Treason Keep; Harshini).

A PerfectBound e-book original. (Print edit
Kindle Edition, 512 pages
Published (first published July 26th 2000)
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Although this is Fallon's older work, I was actually first introduced to her through The Tide Lords. One thing which both series have in common is that they take their time to properly set up the world in which the story takes place, and don't throw you into action immediately as a means of getting your attention. Some people prefer the latter approach in fantasy, but I'm happy for a change of a pace.

As far as Medalon is concerned, it isn't the page-turner that The Immortal Prince or the rest o
This like alot of fantasy books appears to start off much in the way alot of hero adventure journeys do. There is a prophesized hero who doesn't know they're the most powerful being in something like a thousand years give or take and somehow must be trained by someone who must find them or vice versa in order to destroy some supremely powerful villian. Fine by me. I love stories like this if written well!

The book starts off by letting you get to know our two main protagonists Tarja and R'Shiel,
This book couldn't be any more marvelous if it tried. If you are a fan of the sweeping fantasy epic, then this really is a must read. I would try to sum up the plot but there is simply too much going on, too many realistically and brilliantly imagined characters, that there is just time in the day to express my love from them all, well, except for the ones you are supposed to hate, and my God there are some utter bastards. All I can say is that it's got lashings of humour, some wonderfully witty ...more
Jan 09, 2014 Sian rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Epic Fantasy Novel Readers looking for something to fill the time.
Recommended to Sian by: Myself
This book held alot of promise and I enjoyed the detail that went into the book for the first 1/3-1/2.

Then things got sloppy and wishy-washy. Time seemed to blur and the characters lost their definition. The character development of R'shiel, the female lead, started out really well and she was likable but as more characters got added into the mix she began to do things that appeared to be against her character without any explanation. By the end of the book she was not recognisable any more and
Jennifer Fallon is a wonderful fantasy author. I've read her Tide Lords series which I enjoyed a lot. Now, I've decided to start with the Hythrun Chronicles. I didn't know for sure which book I should start with but I decided for the Demon Child Trilogy because some websites recommend to do so. I really enjoyed the read, it was epic, full of original ideas and rich characters, everything a good fantasy book should be.

R'shiel grows up in Citadel, capital of Medalon. Her mother is a scheming, rut
In spite of the trite and cliched name patterns, this story holds its own well enough to be finished. There are some touches of humor and whimsy here and there that I liked, but I'm honestly pretty tired of fantasy writers holding to the idea that to make a word 'foreign' you just add apostrophes here and there: court'esa, R'shiel, etc. Also the too-many syllable elf-type names: Shanananananarananananaran or whatever. I mean, yeah, it does help delineate 3 different peoples okay, but it just see ...more
I'd heard about Jennifer Fallon through some Amazon boards. Then, I saw her book sitting on a shelf in Barnes and Nobles. So, thought I'd give her a try.

I do like her characters and the world that she created. It involves the Harshini people, who are worshipped as god-like, but are believed to be destroyed 200 years ago. The main kingdom, Medalon, is full of atheists in a world that is surrounded by god believing kingdoms. The Sisters of the Blade helped destroy the Harshini, but of course, not
Kat  Hooper
3.5 stars
Jennifer Fallon's Medalon is the first book in The Demon Child Trilogy, which makes up the larger Hythrun Chronicles. The Sisterhood of Medalon has made it illegal to practice religion (the worship of pagan gods), persecutes all believers of the gods, and has forced the Harshini, a race of long-lived beings who interact with the gods, into hiding. The sisters use a highly trained army of male Defenders to enforce their orders across the country. But, the First Sister has just been murde
Once again Jennifer Fallon creates a complicated world. She tackles religion, family loyaty, ambition and self-interest. If the gods were real and walked among us what would they be like? The small country of Medalon, which lies between three vast nations, is rule buy a religion called Sisters of the Blade with their own elite army of Defenders to enforce the Sisterhood's oppressive rule. The Harshini messengers of the gods, thought to be driven to extinction by the Sister have a prophecy called ...more
I struggled to put this book down, and it tended to stick in my head when I wasn't reading it. It took me a while to work out the overarching plot, but it seems the author was trying her best to keep shielded as long as possible. The plot twists and the building action were completely delicious, and the climax and resolution had me grinning and my jaw bouncing on the floor at the same time. I don't think there is any doubt that I will read more by this author, and I can not wait to read the next ...more
Didn't finish this.
I really wanted to like it too.

I liked the characters but the plot was just, time and time again, too poor for me to buy into the story. And I don't mean poor as in incredibly contrived coincidences. Which is a staple of fantasy anyway with destiny/fate/gods/prophecy/magic. I mean poor as in characters seemed to behave out of character or in ways which made no sense.

(view spoiler)
Paula Mckinney
So glad this book is finally over, I struggled to get through the last half. This book felt so empty, the characters were hollow, the world building seemed weak, and the plot struggled to have motivation.

The characters are placed in peril after peril with no time to develop personalities or relations with each other. Their motivations & decisions seemed weak or forced, which made them unbelievable. It was also riddled with all these irrelevant side characters that did nothing for the book's
Book 1 of the Demon Child Trilogy AND Book 1 of the Hythrun Chronicles, I first picked up Wolfblade/Warlord/Warrior (otherwise known as the Wolfblade Trilogy or Hythrun Chronicles) last year. As I read, I was a bit confused because the characters kept referencing MEDALON and the HARSHINI. I was thinking, "did I miss something?" Then I found out that this trilogy came before Wolfblade! I am catching up therefore...BUT WAIT, THERE"S MORE! This book was published first and is the start of
Verodarling Melani
I didn't like this book as much as the Wolfblade trilogy or the Second Sons trilogy, but I couldn't give it less than 5 stars either. As always, Jennifer Fallon does not disappoint, the story and the characters are fabulous.
Shari  Mulluane
The characters in this book are delightful. You have R'shiel, daughter of and in training to become, a Sister of the Blade. Tarja, her half brother, raised from a young age to become a Defender. Joyhinia, mother to them both, a cold, calculating woman with all the warmth of a snake. Brak, a half breed Harshini, irreverent friend to the Gods , a man supposedly belonging to a race completely destroyed by the Sisterhood. And there are the Gods. In many ways I liked them the best.

I love books like t
I have to thank my sister for pushing Jennifer Fallon into my direction and also need to apologize because I let Medalon sit on my shelf for a good while now. That's a shame because it's one of those books that keeps you awake because you damn well want to know how the HELL the characters are going to get out of their various hopeless situations. Quite frankly, this book should be subtitled: How to get yourself caught in 98 ways and how to get out of it in 99. I can't say I have ever seen two pe ...more
ok. I was just about to click the final order button but something,stopped me, thank God. I got carried away by a an enthustiatic, really energetic video review. It's been a dull month with few maddening struggles and I got bewitched for a few minutes by this pretty, wild and seemingly innocent smart chick on vid and like a fool I rushed over to amazon. Maybe I'll give KING OF THORNS a higher rate because it's the reason for the tiny crack in the magic. I want to read it. I 'm impatient to finis ...more
I've already read and enjoyed this series, but after reading the Wolfblade Trilogy, I felt like reading again the Demon Child Trilogy, that starts with this book and takes place after Warlord. I wanted to see this story in a new light.

The first time I read this book, the world of the Hythrun Chronicles was new to me, some characters seemed pretty mysterious (especially Brak). On second reading, the mystery is inevitably gone, but you can still enjoy the great character development, the purposefu
This story takes place in a complicated world which echoes on our own. There are religions with one god, religions with many gods, and religions with no god (atheists), all of whom are trying to convince/convert/subvert the others to their way of thinking.

This story, book one of a series, deals with a young woman, R'Shiel, who was raised atheist, with the intention that she would become one of the sword-wielding Sisters of the Blade who defend the kingdom of Medalon from its enemies. She and he
This is another book that I read in a period where I fairly flew throug them. As a result, I ended up forgetting to write a review for some of them. This is one such book. Because of this, this review will be... short and sweet and based on memories and impressions. The rating though - a full blooded Five Stars - was given when I finished the book, so it's completely accurate and not based on impressions and memories.

Here goes...

Plot: Five Stars

From what I can remember about this book, it was
Never'ai Evernai
I started reading this book yesterday evening, and couldn't put it down until I finished the last page at 3am. What does this mean? it means I love it. At times I felt however that the book progressed too quickly and a lot more detail and explanation could have been given before diving on to another part of the story, or more attention giving to fleshing out new characters that were being introduced, but perhaps it was that fast pace that had me unable to put the book down. Even holding off on t ...more
Katharine (Ventureadlaxre)
Can you count how many times a new writer has appeared on the scene with a book that’s so engaging and well written, you hunger for more rather than think ‘well, she’s new, and it was good for a new author… but…’

Well, if you can’t, you better read this one. I promise you, it’s well worth it. Out of Jennifer Fallon’s thirteen books currently available, this was her first to be published and I highly recommend you start here. There is a little confusion, as she later wrote ‘Wolfblade’, which is se
This is the first in a three-book trilogy known as the Demon Child trilogy.

In Medalon, the Sisters of the Blade are the law and they believe in a society of laws and science. They do not believe in nor do they allow the worship of Gods. As a matter of fact, current Medalon society is built from the persecution of an immortal race of magical beings known as the Harshini. The Harshini were a sort of bridge between Gods and Humans and were a gentle and loving people who, although they could touch m
I'm a big fan of Fallon's work, and this is my second read-through of Medalon. I intend to read the Demon Child books again because I recently finished the prequel Wolfblade set. The difference in writing styles between the two series is very apparent. It's more obvious that this is Fallon's older work and that she has grown both stylistically and in character development and portrayal. The talent for planning sweeping, interrelated story-arcs is a bit more raw and unpolished here, but these are ...more
Iuli Dia
Too many logic flows:

1. The Harshini are obviously powerful and the evidence of their magic is everywhere. Why does the Sisterhood ignore a powerful enemy that is real! They genuinely believe there is no Hashini magic.
2. Why in the world did R'Shiel go to confront her mom knowing she will be imprisoned on the spot. Why?
3. Tarja had a chance to kill R'Shiel's rapist and he did not because ...? (at least have him be interrupted!!! geez!!!)
4. How did the Sisters get the Defenders to pledge their l
After reading the second son's trilogy, and the start of the demon child's trilogy, this author is definitely in my top 10 favorites! The gods and other characters in this book are hilarious! I think that the God of thieves is my favorite character! LOL I am definitely going to grab every other book that this author has written including the next two books in this trilogy! Definitely a five star rating for this author.
I liked this very much. Maybe mostly because I didn't think I would, and I was so surprised it wasn't crap. I really had problems putting it down, and lost a lot of sleep.
The only problem now is that book two and three are not available in Kindle format, is not sold in any Norwegian book shops, and is only found in one library in the country. And I want them now!
It's funny to see this book pop up again because holy moly did I love it as a teenager. I was famously cheap as a kid (still am) and I actually ordered Harshini, the last in the trilogy, early and at full price. Medalon was as addicting as crack and happily went around hawking it to all friends/relatives who couldn't get out of the way fast enough. So what's there to love? R'Shiel is smart and determined and so very real as a young women growing up. Her mother is a harridan and learning to stand ...more
This whole series better not end in the cliffhanger of her immortals series. I'm committed now.

I didn't see any errors which was a refreshing change! The female protagonist is much better as well.

The book started off pretty slow and I don't think it became very interesting until about 150 pages in, but wow is it good after that point. I will be starting the next immediately.
Erica Anderson
I really enjoyed the complex world-building in the first installment of the Hythrun Chronicles, which introduces an intricately constructed theocracy and an aggressively secular political structure. Though there is potential for confusion in the first third of the book, where Fallon follows two separate plot threads, this issue is quickly resolved. Readers who stick around will be rewarded with an absorbing adventure featuring the orphan-destined-for-greatness trope.

The romance is subtle and sho
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Fallon is the author of 17 full-length bestselling novels and a number of published short stories in genres ranging from horror to science fiction.

In addition to 4 complete fantasy series - The Demon Child trilogy, The Hythrun Chronicles, the Second Sons Trilogy,The Tide Lords Quadrilogy and the Rift Runners series - Fallon has written both a tie-novel and short fiction for the TV series, Stargat
More about Jennifer Fallon...

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“It's good common sense, your grace.'
Mahina shook her head. 'Good sense is far from common, I fear, Tarja.”
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