The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 2: World's Most Wanted - Book 1
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The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 2: World's Most Wanted - Book 1 (The Invincible Iron Man #2)

4.07 of 5 stars 4.07  ·  rating details  ·  1,361 ratings  ·  67 reviews
In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Iron Man is no longer the hero he used to be, and Tony Stark's entire life is torn apart. We can't say much now, but... how bad does it get? Here's a hint: read World's Most Wanted! By the blockbuster Invincible Iron-Man creative team of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca, lauded by fans and critics alike! Collects Invincible Iron Man #...more
Paperback, 152 pages
Published November 11th 2009 by Marvel (first published June 17th 2009)
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The American public can be so unforgiving. Poor Tony Stark just had one little alien Secret Invasion happen on his watch as SHIELD’s director, and he gets fired. Then Norman Osborn takes over as head of keeping the super humans in line because you might as well put a ‘reformed’ super villain in charge. It worked so well with Dick Cheney after all.

So Tony is out of SHIELD, his company is imploding thanks to the failures of Stark tech due to a computer virus during the invasion, and half the super...more
Gayle Francis Moffet
What do you do at the end of Secret Invasion when Norman Osborn (formerly the Green Goblin and still a total psychopath) gets control of the defense of the United States of America? If you're Tony Stark, you run like hell (because Normal wants your head on a platter), and if you're Pepper Potts and Maria Hill, you get pulled into helping.

Fraction continues his stellar run on Invincible Iron Man with the "World's Most Wanted" arc. WMW is tied as my favorite comic arc of all time, the other choice...more
Ashley Kempkes
Jun 25, 2013 Ashley Kempkes rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Comic Book Fans
Recommended to Ashley by: Random Happenstance
Warning: Don't read this GN if you haven't read the Secret Wars (or know about it). I knew a little about it, but I've never been able to actually read that arc, so I was a little confused as to what was going on. (view spoiler) What!? I just... What? That was frustrating.

I also kept wanting to ask the characters what in the world did they think they were doing? (Besides being idiots I mean.) I was just so frustrated by the choices they were...more
Writer Matt Fraction keep the tale of his Iron Man run taut and fierce in this one.

Alongside the events of Marvel's blockbuster "Dark Reign" storyline, Tony Stark has been made all but a villain in the public eye by H.A.M.M.E.R. (the replacement for S.H.I.E.L.D.) director Noman Osborne (the former Green Goblin). Tony's tech has once again been compromised. It's been attacked by a Skrull virus (with the events of "Secret Invasion") and adapted by crazed, heartless villains.

Tony Stark has been bro...more
Indah Threez Lestari
Roda nasib selalu berputar, kadang di atas kadang di bawah. Tony Stark sebenarnya sudah banyak makan asam-garam kehidupan, sudah beberapa kali bangkrut sebelum meraih kembali kejayaannya. Tapi siapa sangka, selepas Civil War di mana ia sibuk memburu para superhero underground supaya mau registrasi, terus jadi Direktur S.H.I.E.L.D., eh akhirnya malah jadi World's Most Wanted, diburu S.H.I.E.L.D. sampai ke ujung dunia bak tersangka korupsi, lalu semua harta kekayaannya disita dan dilikuidasi. Ini...more
La série Invincible Iron Man méritait son Eisner Award (de la meilleure nouvelle série), vous le saviez tous. Mais quand elle s'insère dans la continuité Marvel (en l'espèce dans la continuité de l'époque Dark Reign), c'est encore mieux qu'avant (je pense à la saga des Nightmares).
Fraction maitrise son récit, maitrise l'ambiance et maitrise complètement les personnages (mentions spéciales à Maria Hill et un succulent Osborn). Certes, on lui reproche sur cette saga épique (12 numéros) d'avoir un...more
Herman Gigglethorpe
Despite this being "Volume 2", you can easily get into this without having to read the first one (although it's still worth it to do so). This is mostly its own arc. Even the background information is pretty simple: Skrulls (shapeshifting aliens) had infiltrated and invaded Earth, and they managed to disable most Stark Industries technologies. Norman Osborn somehow became the hero of this incident, even though he is the Spider-Man villain Green Goblin.

The story begins with Osborn taking over the...more
Matt Fraction continues to use giant Marvel crossover events as a springboard for exciting and fun stories. While the first volume used Iron Man's high stature in SHIELD after Civil War, this volume finds him hunted thanks to his screw ups in Secret Invasion. He's hounded by the new big boss in Marvel, Norman Osbourne doing an evil-Dick Cheney turn. Fraction keeps the book from being too bogged down by stories in other books, and gives interesting storylines to Pepper Potts and former SHIELD hea...more
I had a long review halfway written, but lost it due to leechblock. Will have to reconstruct it later.

Short version:

Plot "logic": -100

The art: -50. I think it may be even worse than Volume 1. Getting a haircut and shaving off a beard should not change someone's jawline. Also the coloring continues to be horribly supersaturated and all the textures are too smooth. Human skin looks like it's made out of plastic.

Tony Stark: self-destructive asshole trying to kill self out of guilt for Registration...more
Fraction continues his strong run on Iron Man with this first half of an action-packed story. After the Secret Invasion, Stark Industries is in shambles and Norman Osborne has taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. He's after the database of superhero secret identities that Tony Stark has been presiding over since Civil War and the Superhero Registration Act. Stark knows that such power in the hands of Osborne is a reeeeally bad idea, so he sets about destroying all the existing copies along with all the other...more
Fraction delivers another solid turn for Tony Stark in the direct follow-up to his misfortunes in the Skrull invasion. There's a lot of housekeeping done in this volume that examines the new status quo that is H.A.M.M.E.R. versus S.H.I.E.L.D., but it's couched in this new relationship of Norman Osborn becoming obssessed with the information Tony's hidden away in his own mind.

Ton's solution to this problem is nothing short of tragic-- he essentially has to lobotomize himself to keep Osborn from g...more
A really good volume 2 in the Invincible Iron Man saga by Matt Fraction. Norman Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R. has replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. after the Skrull invasion, and Tony Stark has become the world's most wanted man. Tony, Meanwhile, enlists Pepper Potts and Maraia Hill to help him go on the run and also erase huge chunks of his memory (the contents of the entire superhero registration database) as well as his brain function.
Rachel C.
Norman Osborne has the potential to be a great villain but his actions so far are sort of nonsensical and cartoony. Evil and subtle is much creepier.
Good pace, great story, excellent follow on from the first Invincible Iron Man and the Skrull invasion. The emotional blows in this story are hard-hitting and this isn't a story for kids, this isn't something to be sniffed at, this is gory, this is painful and this has bad decisions - stupid decisions - adult decisions. The kind where you're not even sure, but you have to do it - the spur of the moment, we should kiss because we're probably due to die within days, decisions.

Read it.

This is why...more
Eh, I don't know. A) I'm not a big fan of this whole Dark Reign affair and B) I like Tony, I really do, but so far I'm not sure I really care about anyone else in this book. I'm going to wait and see, however.

As I said, this book is part of the Dark Reign crossover event thingamaging, and we love those! Right! Since the entire Superhero Registration database is stored on Tony's harddrive/brain and he refuses to hand the data over to Norman Osborn, Tony is now on the run, while Pepper and Maria...more
Really enjoyed the story, but still having a hard time with the art. I know that boils down to preference. The only thing I really found frustrating was the coverage of events that happened in the time span between "The Five Nightmares" and this book. I know the intro tried to fill in the blanks, but I still felt like I'd accidentally skipped a whole book or something. A Skrull invasion and Osborn taking over HAMMER is a pretty big deal, and to be thrown into the aftermath leaves you a bit bewil...more
Zachariah Carlson
Pepper Potts in her own suuiiiiiit!
I wasn't really impressed with the art in this one. It was actually hard to tell what was happening in some places. It felt very clunky and just wasn't as impressive as comics tend to be. I had a similar problem with the dialogue. It was obvious and boring, nothing clever and fun to read.
Also, Maria and Tony?

But it moved the story along, and I liked the ending. Looking forward to the next one.
A continuation of the story. I DON'T like how this major part about Tony Stark getting ousted and S.H.I.E.L.D. closing is just skimmed over in the "Previously" section. Oh, yeah, and this whole alien invasion that caused it to happen. WHAT? Also, Pepper is frumpy looking in this series (i.e. kind of unattractive, although more so in volume 1), and the evil guy in this one, Osborn, totally changes faces. Besides all of this, I still liked this volume. I like Maria Hill and Iron Woman Pepper.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Really enjoyed this. Filled in some gaps as I'd read some books proceeding and following this one. Loved that little Pepperony moment; didn't much care for the fact that he doffed Maria Hill purely because she was there... but that's Tony Stark for you. All in all an enjoyable, engrossing, action-packed story. I can't help but wonder if the illustrator referenced Josh Holloway (Sawyer in LOST) for his Tony, some of the facial expressions have an uncanny similarity.
Maybe should be 5 stars! This book was a blast! Excellent exciting writing, and the art is just exquisite! This is the best writing I have seen from Fraction, and though I never thought that Larroca's art could get any better, I think this is the best I have seen from him as well! Norman Osborns rise to power and prominence in the Marvel universe is so creepy and wrong and FUN! I found myself truly loving to hate him, And Tony Stark's fall from greatness is epic!
Fraction continues to do right by Iron Man. He takes the plot handed to him by Bendis... the takeover of the government super agency and Avengers by Norman Osborne... and writes a great piece of "hero on the run" fiction that pits Tony's smarts vs. the loss of his company, resources, friends and, one by one, all his suits of Iron Man armor.

This is great superhero action storytelling, and Larroca's art just gets better and better.

Highly recommended!
Eric England
This series continues to be a stellar creative effort. Matt Fraction's writing and Salvador Larroca's art still seamlessly work together to create an intriguing tale. The characters are well-realized, the action is intense, the stakes are high, and danger is around every turn. My only complaint is the fact that the pacing is a bit slow, the story does not kick into gear until halfway through this collection. Highly recommend for all Iron Man fans.
Yes. Just, yes. This 2nd volume takes place after Zeke Stane's attack on Stark, and right after the Secret Invasion, which places Norman Osborn in charge of SHIELD and Tony out of power and public enemy #1. Pepper Potts is in for a whole new life, Maria Hill is on the run as well, and even War Machine can't help Tony. But Tony may have a crazy idea that could just save the day...but it won't happen overnight. Also featuring a Namor appearance...
UGH perfect basically. Matt Fraction is so great at capturing Tony's sense of humor/wounded genius/etc. Plus PEPPER and MARIA HILL.

I did not 100% know what was going on and I'm guessing it's because I still haven't read Civil War?? But it didn't really impact my enjoyment of this.

My only real complaint is where was Spider-Man?? Shouldn't Spider-Man just randomly show up at least once per Marvel book? I think that's the law.
Jenni Noordhoek
I'd give it five stars except for Tony sleeping with Maria Hill. Who I appreciated the character development for but come on Tony is committed to Pepper in this comic and sleeping with Maria is just not appropriate. =P

Actually it really is worth five stars because I think this arc is almost better than the last Iron Man some extents. (The ending of the second book of this - cliffhanger? Sort of?)
Matt Chic
Larocca's is better in this-- he hasn't changed his 'style' but at least it's not like he's trying to pattern characters after famous people anymore. Good.

So Norman Osbourn runs HAMMER (SHIELD) now, and is after Tony Stark and all the shit he has and knows. Stark decides to shut it all down-- which includes everything from Stark Industries to the his own brain. Cool. Plus Pepper Potts has a suit now...
Reprints Invincible Iron Man #8-13. Tony Stark goes on the run and Pepper adjusts to new armor. The Invincible Iron Man book isn't bad if you like Iron Man. It has what you expect from an Iron Man comic (technology and action), but it seems a bit drawn out. The comic really doesn't have much resolution which is unusual with the standard "six issue" story arcs that dominate the market now.
Guy Robinson
After being cast as the villain in the Civil War series, and therefore compromised by events, Iron Man withdraws - comforted only by his closest supporters as he becomes the "World's Most Wanted".

Beautifully drawn, well-written and making good use of Marvel's story-telling assets to tell a story. It does seem a bit directionless at times and is essentially unresolved.
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"How he got started in comics: In 1983, when Fraction was 7 years old and growing up in Kansas City, Mo., he became fascinated by the U.S. invasion of Grenada and created his own newspaper to explain the event. "I've always been story-driven, telling stories with pictures and words," he said.

Education and first job: Fraction never graduated from college. He stopped half a semester short of an art...more
More about Matt Fraction...
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