Enchanting Pleasures (Pleasures, #3)
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Enchanting Pleasures (Pleasures #3)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  2,112 ratings  ·  106 reviews
"People" magazine named Eloisa James' novel Midnight Pleasures "Page Turner of the Week" and raved "Romance writing does not get much better than this." Now the acclaimed author returns with another sumptuous tale of passion and misadventure in Regency England....
Gabrielle Jerningham cherishes the portrait of her betrothed, the perfect Peter Dewland...until she meets his...more
Paperback, 432 pages
Published April 30th 2002 by Dell Publishing Company (first published 2001)
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This was my first Eloisa James and I must admit that it doesn't make me want to try a second one of her books. It wasn't badly written, well not too badly, but the book's bra straps were totally showing.

Erskine Dewland's viscount father has arranged for Quill, as Erskine is nicknamed, to marry Gabrielle Jerningham, the daughter of a duke's younger son who has been living in India as a missionary. However, Quill's riding accident a few years back left him with a bum leg and migraines - acute thre...more
Love it. Just read the back cover (which is mostly all I do with romance novels - usually - but when it says that the hero has an injury that causes him headaches from "rhythmic motion" - how can you NOT read this book?).
Delight. Marred only by the fact that no satisfying conversation takes place in the end about how Quill does for his wife what he abhorred his wife doing for him.
Shipped off to England to meet her betrothed, Gabby leaves India in the company of young Miss Phoebe and Prince Kasi Rao. A talented storyteller, Gabby keeps the children busy aboard the vessel with tales of India and her dreams for a happy marriage. But all is not well in England. Gabby has been promised to Peter Dewland, who most assuredly does not look forward to marriage with a backward girl from India. While Peter agonizes over his filial responsibilities, his brother Quill struggles to ove...more
My very first Eloisa book I read and I really loved it. Really charming story. Really surprised me how much fun it was reading this. There's so much heart, love, passion and angst all in one. I love Quill. He broke my heart. I believe this is the most angst-filled series Eloisa has written. Caught me by surprise completely. The story was both really funny witty and heartbreaking at the same time. Gabby is not your typical heroine. She's different when compared to other heroine's I've read in oth...more
Like all books in the Pleasures series, it had lovable characters. Quill and Gabby could not be more opposite. He's the silent and brooding type while Gabby is the chatterbox and cheerful type.

Well, I gotta say, Eloisa James did put a part where one of them was dying... but... still. (view spoiler) I wished there was more of Quill's romantic, desperate pleas for Gabby.

I have a favorite scene here, though.
Astri  Nasthasia Videlia
Hayyyyaaaaaa..... segini ajah deh...
suwer.. cape baca nya.. keliyengan liat tokoh bejibun dalam 1 buku...

bagi gw.. masih bagusan ... Potent Pleasures (Pleasures, #1) by Eloisa James disini Quill nya manis banget... (I want a Bad Boy!!)

Daan... Selalu ada 'Ambang Kematian' di semua cerita Pleasure Series...

Actually, Mrs. James made a great story in every book.. but, don't know why.. I didn't get some emotion here...

==PecintaPriaNakalBersaksiDisini...Gw ga menemukan 'Pria Nakal' disini==
Even if you didn't know this was an early Eloisa novel, you could tell if you had read a few of her recent novels as I have. Her signature and beloved whimsy isn't as prevalent here, but it rears up every now and again to the delight of readers!


-The dream sequence was neat! I hadn't encountered anything like it so far in a novel.

-A character of questionable sexuality. Again, not something I see frequently.

-Lady Sylvia! I won't be forgetting her anytime soon. Too bad the story didn't allow...more
I don't actually have a "romance" shelf, so we'll just go with a combo of chicklit and historical fiction . . .

Anyway. This book is hysterically funny, in a truly charming way. Quill, the oldest son, knows he will never sire an heir to his family's estate, because an injury has made it impossible for him. No, it's not what you're thinking! Wait for it . . . "Repetitive, rhythmic exercise" causes him to having blinding headaches. (Take a minute to giggle.) His younger brother, a true dandy, has...more
This was by far the best of the series. I think it is probably because when the potential for misunderstanding comes up, i.e. the husband saying something ridiculous, instead of getting her feelings hurt and staying silent for week's on end, Gabby totally calls him on it. I loved it--she wouldn't really let him be too much of an idiot, which made this book a lot of fun. I also loved her quirky character and loved that Quill loved her for it. I'm also a sucker for when the "lady of the house" mak...more
mungkin dari seri pleasures aku paling suka yang ini lalu tentang Charlotte (seri 1) lalu yang seri kedua.
untuk seri ini aku kasih 3.5 bintang.

aku suka banget dengan Quill. dan aku benar-benar ketawa saat dia menghapal puisi-puisi untuk 'memikat' hati heroine-nya yang juga menahan tawa saat mendengar Quill mengucapkannya padanya (love that scene!)
diperlukan satu lolongan untuk menyadarkannya. "Quill, kau harus melepaskanku! aku mendapatkan reaksi sangat aneh terhadap obat Sudhakar... aku merasa...more
This is my first novel by James, and despite reading the mixed reviews other readers have given, I do have to admit that I enjoyed the book very much. It works pretty well for a standalone novel, considering there's no background information needed prior to reading it unlike some series.

Her writing style is easy to follow and simple. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the pages for the large part. The plot wasn't extremely inspired or special, and follows the typical double brother falling in lo...more
So he can't have sex because he suffered an injury that leaves him with a horrible three day headache after horse riding and apparently, woman riding. Which, really, I didn't much care about because his personality was comparable to drift wood and who wants someone as boring as that to procreate and have little baby drift woods? And the heroine, remarkably dumb and naive...seriously. Though, she does have something that makes up for it--remarkably large breasts. Really James? You can do better....more
This is, by my standards, a 2.5

I found this James' novel to ebb and flow. There were great swaths of story where I just felt bored to tears- specifically the exposition, where Peter, Quill, and Gabby's characters were set up as well as Lucien and Emily's story which had no relevancy for me.

Other parts had some great momentum. James' really nailed the sexual tension in the book between Quill and Gabby; it had an additional layer of conflict due to Quill's injury. I found that extremely compelling...more
Jun 30, 2011 Jennifer added it
Shelves: 2007-reads
An extremely weak effort by James, who's clearly phoning in her research. And while calling the denouement of a romance novel silly may almost be redundant given the cliches of the genre, the rushed conclusion here is worthy of particular mockery. (Fabricated Indian poison! Last minute medical crisis to cover lack of resolution of relationship issues!) Disappointing, when her work is usually so stellar.
Perdani Budiarti
There's no chemistry between Gabby n Quill?!!!

Aku lebih tertarik dengan hubungan Lucien dan Emily walau akhirnya baca bukunya tetap di skip2 and jadinya pake acara fast forward*tepokjidat
karya eloisa james paling bagus, menurut saya. karakternya unik dan banyak adegan konyolnya, terutama pas cowonya ngelamar pake puisi lebay... amit-amit deh gelinya...
Jenny Rebecca
Awwwww! For some reason this is one of my favorite of Eloisa's. Next to the first one in this series. I love how much Quil fights his desire. Good stuff.
Possibly my favorite romance of all times...full of flawed people who just make you want to laugh your way into love!
This might not even be a full 3 stars. This one is definitely one of my least favorites of EJ... which is a bummer because I was so looking forward to Quill's story.

First of all, maybe I read the last two books wrong, but I completely didn't see Peter the way he was depicted in this book. He was spoiled, effeminite and doggedly determined to conform to society. I had this sweet kid, eager to please, and worried about his brother in my head. And then he was rude to Gabby.

Gabby was amusing and int...more
Quill was injured in a horse ridding accident a few years ago and still suffers terrible migranes from repetitive motions, like sexy time. The Viscout Dewland has accepted the debt he owes from an old friend as the dowery for Gabby to marry the Dewland heir; since Quill is unable to consumate a marriage, his younger brother, Peter, has been thrust into the groomdom. Although Peter had no plans to marry (maybe because he doesn't fancy women) he accepts this sacrafice, Gabby is a romantic and has...more
Gabriella Jerningham datang ke Inggris (dari India) karena akan menikah dengan Peter Dewland. Dari foto Peter yang diterimanya, Gaby sudah merasa jatuh cinta. Sayangnya pada saat sampai di Inggris, Peter tidak menyambutnya dengan antusias, malahan yang menjemput Gaby di pelabuhan adalah sang kakak, Erskine 'Quill' Dewland.

Peter, bangsawan pesolek (kalau istilah sekarang sih pria metroseksual), sejak awal menolak dinikahkan dengan Gabby. Dan dia semakin tidka bisa menerima kehadiran Gabby, karena...more
Lita Bouquard
I liked Quill the injured male lead and loved Gabby the Englishwoman raised in India and betrothed to Quill's brother Peter. Gabby is disheveled and unskilled in English Culture. She meets Quill first and likes him. But she loves Peter- whom she has never met and only seen in a miniature painting.

Peter is a stereotype of a mean "queen". He is the bf of women, the best dressed man in London and works hard to ensure his image is perfect and loves his mommy. He is not kind to Gabby who has no refin...more
Quentin est un jeune homme que l’on a déjà croisé dans les deux autres tomes. Il a eu un grave accident et il a mis beaucoup de temps à pouvoir remarcher. Il garde des séquelles neurologiques de cet accident et pense ne jamais se marier.
Jusqu’au jour où débarque des Indes, Gabby, jeune femme promise en mariage au frère cadet de Quentin. Elle est naturelle, pulpeuse, dit tout ce qu’elle pense et tombe sous le charme de Peter. Sauf que lui, très précieux, n’est pas motivé pour se marier tout court...more
lagi-lagi ngga bisa ngasih bintang 3.5 [hmpfh]

Well, awalnya aku males banget baca buku satu ini, Quill sakit.. bayanganku die cowo lemah lunglai yg jalan saja tak sanggup. Ternyata oh ternyata, die adalah cow yg kekar dgn kulit kecoklata eksotis dan very2 cool, pokoknya keren abis!!
tapi aku sudah sepakat untuk melahap buku ini bahkan jauh sebelum tau kalau Quill itu keren, kuputuskan untuk terus membaca ketika Quill bergumam dlm hati bahwa "Gabby... well, terlihat sedikit gemuk" Ouch!! sebagai...more
By far the best of the trilogy. Characters are more interesting. There is less teen-age angst - why doesn't he/she love me???? repeated endlessly. Endlessly!!! And there is less filler aka side story, here something about an Indian prince, that is at best tangential to the plot and quite, quite vague and also uninteresting. I also am beginning to suspect that the reliance on these 'historical' bits means less character development hence the appalling surfeit of angst.
I loved this book! I enjoy chick lit a lot, romances maybe less so - or maybe I've just read too few of them to know. Enchanting Pleasures is the first romance novel I've read that was just straight-up well-written. Strong characters, strong plot, an entertaining and assertive main character who didn't seen anachronistic, and a vivid and fascinating setting.

It's also the only novel I've read in this genre that incorporated the characters' sex lives without cutting away in embarrassment, or seem...more
Grosse déception ! Je me demande si cette romance est une blague ?!
Mais l'héroïne m'a fait beaucoup rire, elle est décrite comme étant potelée et maladroite, son fiancé attitré a honte d'elle et refuse de l'épouser, c'est donc l'autre frère qui se dévoue, lui qu'on nous vend sombre et mystérieux, accablé par une terrible maladie et l'interdiction de se livrer à des plaisirs physiques, sous peine d'avoir trois jours de migraine. Ha, ha ! C'est là que ça devient n'importe quoi, car la demoiselle v...more
Natalie Wipf
Last book in the series. It was great. I like the fact that Gabby isn't comfortable with sex at first- during those times women weren't raised to embrace it. She's shy about it. Quill is stubborn but it's expected given his condition and all the potions his mom tried to get him to take to cure him. Quite a finish to the book.
I know I'll read these books again down the line.

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New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa's very first book that she "found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar"; later People Magazine raved that "romance writing does not get much better than this." Her novels have repeat...more
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“I think only someone I loved as much as you could make me behave like such an idiot.” 3 likes
“Gabby seemed to have made up her mind. 'I certainly wish I could help you, Lord Breksby,' she cooed, tilting her head to the side.
Quill watched cynically from the other side of the room as Breksby melted in front of his eyes. At least he wasn't alone in being bowled over by Miss Gabrielle Jerningham. Although he rather thought he, Quill, hadn't been lied to yet. If so, he reminded himself, it was only a matter of time.”
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