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Burger Wuss
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Burger Wuss

3.08 of 5 stars 3.08  ·  rating details  ·  772 ratings  ·  113 reviews
Anthony is a wuss - until the day he finds his girlfriend, Diana, in Turner's arms! Anthony vows revenge and devises The Plan which involves an anarchist, a condiment trolley, and a 1985 Oldsmobile named Margot. But when these ingredients are finally put together, will he be satisfied?

Hoping to lose his loser image, Anthony plans revenge on a bully which results in a war b
Paperback, 220 pages
Published April 4th 2005 (first published 1999)
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M.T.Anderson serves up a McHit in this hysterically funny satire of the teen problem novel, revenge, and employment in the fast food industry. Mr. Nice Guy Anthony, age 16, has done everything right and been a perfect gentleman with his girlfriend Diana - why does he find her horizontal with her co-worker Turner from the burger joint O'Dermott's? Diana quits her job when the scumbag wants nothing to do with her, and Anthony takes her job in a plan to exact revenge on Turner. Wuss no more, Anthon ...more
I've loved all of M.T. Anderson's other books so I'm surprised I hadn't read this one until now, especially since I think it's a great read *and* a great reluctant reader book. It's told from the point-of-view of a loser and I really appreciate that Anderson doesn't try to transform him or save him, although there is a sense of redemption. I deducted half a star because, despite the wonderful writing and character development, there was a always a certain amount of distance between me and the ma ...more
I read this right after I read "Thirsty" so I was fearful that the end would suck on this one as well. Luckily for me, I found it to be a fairly satisfying ending, although I thought one character needed to get kicked in the head that didn't. There was some good teen angst, some humor, a really hideous antagonist with a green sateen jacket, and a kid named Shunt who is going to take out the fast food industry...and after reading some of the stuff that goes on to get that fast food to us, I kind ...more
Angela Schaffer
I like M.T. Anderson. Feed is on my list of best YA novels. Having said that, however, I thought this book was awful. It didn't read true to me at all. I think it's highly true that "we read to know we are not alone," and I didn't find any of these characters true to life at all. I work with teenagers, which is the reason I read so many YA novels, and the dialogue here wasn't relatable at all. It read so phony and was highly, highly irritating. The characters were all poorly drawn. I think they ...more
Mr. Anderson’s short book is unflinching as a short, embittered glimpse into a youth wasted in the fast-food industry. Its protagonist is a nebbishy loser who never gets the girl but spends his time brooding over his revenge against a Neanderthalic rival and striving to retrieve his sluttish girlfriend. This is no feel-good, heart-warming tale in the 80s movie tradition. Here are adolescent flailings in all their true messiness.

Awash in the churning acidic sea of teenage angst and insecurities,
Colin Cretain
I have read many books in my life and this one particularly stood out to me. Usually I am more of the Mike Lupica sports or the Darren Shan horror type of person but I decided to try something different and I am glad I did get to. Everything is different. The way it is written is different. I just don't see how Anthony ( the main character) could be so dumb and let one person control him. Turner ( person who stole Anthony's girlfriend), worked with Anthony. The first day Anthony started working, ...more
Apr 22, 2015 Alicia rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: ya
I don't know why I always look for a happy ending. Maybe because I am just used to writers wanting to tie things up in a nice pretty bow for the reader. MT Anderson has no such desire. Burger Wuss is similar to his other works in that respect. This tale of revenge, the effects of bullying and unrequited love doesn't have a happy ending.

I am always amazed at MT Anderson's writing. It makes me think of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club. So many rules broken, but the prose works.

So, no happy ending. It
Another example on why I don't follow my husbands book recommendations.
Becky Tucker
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M.T. Anderson Requirement

Genre: fiction/relationships/fast food

Burger Wuss is the story of a teenager named Anthony whose girlfriend cheats on him with a kid named Turner. Devastated, Anthony decides to get a job at the same fast food restaurant that Turner works at so he can get revenge and mess with his life. His conscious almost gets the better of him a few times, but Turner ends up being a punk so Anthony continues with his plan. By the end of the book, Anthony realizes that revenge doesn't
Katherine Marple
"Burger Wuss" is about a teenaged boy who starts dating the "girl of his dreams". It is bliss for a few months of them spending time together. He does not make any "moves" on her (though he thinks about it) because he respects her. Then, he finds her at a party underneath a faster boy- he wants revenge on the boy, but instantly forgives the girl. He begins to set a plan in motion to get revenge on the girlfriend-stealing-jerk... and that is the whole book.

He gets hired at a burger joint (like M
“Green sateen.” This is the ultimate motivator to our main character, Anthony. At first these words mean nothing to us as readers, but as we read on we learn the meaning of it. It is the color and type of jacket that Turner, a bully, had draped around Anthony’s girlfriend’s shoulders while they were making out during a party. It’s the main image embedded into Anthony’s mind, the one thing that keeps his anger brewing.
To try to get back at Turner and hopefully win Diana back, he gets a job at O

Wow what boys will do to get their girlfriends back! Unfortunately, all the work Anthony does doesn't get him Diana back, but gets himself beat up a lot. In the end, he probably thought it was all worth it. Great one-liners fused with crisp, descriptive words that I often wondered how MT Anderson managed to construct. Funny premise, kind of unrealistic, entertaining. Interesting characters. Nice slam on burger monopolies that exploit animals and their employees. This is a silly story
Adriana Ortiz
I think that the book for people that like to smile because it is mostly saving a young love and with wildly funny things in this book and I would recommend this book for 10+yrs.(because of language usege)

The book ''Burger wuss'', is written by M.T. Anderson
Fact a national book award finalest
Fact-his humor ,his satiric eye tempered with real feeling ,that is what sets this book apart''.

- From a 3rd person point of view.

Summery of first part of story: On the first part of the story, there is a gu
Allison Morgan
Category/Genre: M.T.Anderson

This book ran with the typical teenage stereotypes, but went a little too far. When a high school boy walks in on a guy making out with his girlfriend, he does whatever he takes--steal, lie, hurt others--to get revenge. Language and graphic imagery made this book hard to get through, as well as the stupidity of the main character, Anthony. Through Anthony's eyes, we saw what was supposed to be the average teenager fall in love, get his first job at a fast-food restaur
Burger Wuss by M. T. Anderson
Rating: **
Bookshelves: ENGL 420
Status: Read in December

Anthony, the classic teenage male voice, gets a summer job at a burger place solely to get revenge on another employee, Turner, who stole Anthony’s girlfriend. Anthony, the “nice guy,” unwittingly falls into Tuner’s traps and sinks deeper and deeper into a pseudo-loserdom. He befriends the cook, a political radical and together they plot to overthrow all corporate burger chains. A
Cindy Waite
This book is about a kid, Anthony, who is an awkward adolescent who gets dumped by his girlfriend, Diana. He found her with another guy at a party, but was willing to stay with her because he loved her so much, but she was over him. He decides to get revenge on the guy, Turner, who "stole" her, even though Turner had used her for a one night stand. Anthony gets a job at the same burger place as Turner and the story takes off from there. This book addresses subjects like bullying, sex, adolescenc ...more
A book I would not recommend for anyone over the age of 16. It was an interestingish story, but it really just frustrated me. It was a very stereotypical picture of High School and there were a lot of moments in which I just wanted to hit the main character in the face. I'll keep in on my shelves for my future classroom, but will never reread or recommend to peers.
Hilary Nekvinda
I picked this book because it was suppose to be humorous, however I didn't find it to be very funny. I was disappointed that the main character, Anthony, was made out to be a "dork" and always messing up. Most of the times I just felt sorry for the Anthony as he tried to get revenge on Turner for stealing his girlfriend, Diana.
Jessica Richins
Anthony is at a party and finds his girlfriend in another guy’s arms. He decides to get revenge on him. He begins by getting a job at the same fast food restaurant as the guy. Will he be able to prove that he’s not a wuss, and get his revenge?
This was my least favorite fiction book that I read for this class. I felt like M.T. Anderson was trying too hard to replicate “teen speak,” and tried to insert words like “like” in every other sentence because that is how he thinks teens talk. I felt like
Caroline Anderson
I did not find this book worth the read in the least. It crossed the fine line from funny over to weird/disgusting. Not to mention, the book teaches horrible morals like it's not such a big deal to get girls drunk to see how far you can get, taking serious (not to mention illegal) revenge on people makes you feel better and is a good thing, lying is no big deal, and it is ok to just use people for what they can give to you. There was noting redeeming by the end of the book, unless you count the ...more
Natalie Pietro
I had very mixed feeling about this book. I enjoyed the idea of filming a commercial in a fast food restaurant. It was neat to see how the company would bring in their own actors and fake food to make everything look better. A summer of food, friends, and the girl of his dream.
From the start it looks all gravy until he plays to nice with everyone. I didn't understand how this young boy would go so far for this girl who clearly seems she has no interest in him. Playing wicked games in his head o
Annie Oosterwyk
I picked this book because a colleague asked me to recommend a funny book and I realized I couldn't. This one looked like it had potential, but it was not very funny. Funny is difficult. Everyone has a different take on it and it doesn't always translate well.
So- not terribly funny, but still good. Anthony goes to work at an O'Dermott restaurant (a thinly disquised McDonald's)in a fit of vengeance. One of the employees is a bully who has just ruined his first love relationship and must be punis
Joel Richardson
Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson Romance/Self-Accepting/Bullying

Burger Wuss is a story about Anthony - a teenager who vows to prove to the world that he is not a wuss by plotting revenge on the guy that stole his girlfriend. Anthony gets a job at O'Dermott's, a fast-food restaurant where the guy, Turner, works and schemes with the help of his two friends and an O'Dermott's cook. The novel ends with a both triumphant and beat Anthony who realizes that in the end, "...there are other fish in the sea."
I don't know what it is about M.T. Anderson's writing that makes me keep coming back. I've read four novels of his now, plus a few stories, and I usually end up not liking them (except for Thirsty). And yet, I keep searching out his work!

The only reason I wanted to read this book was because it was by Anderson. I didn't really like it - the story and conflict seemed petty and uninteresting (plus I HATE the cover art of the edition of this book that I read). But there's something about Anderson's
Teen Love/Social Commentary

Definitely not as brilliantly written as his other work, M.T. Anderson explores the world of teen hate and love in the remarkably funny world of the corporate burger paradise. Like his other books, his wit is sharp and slightly bitter, but is probably lightest in this of all his books. Anthony, heart-broken, determines to get revenge on the guy who stole his girl, getting himself hired at O'Dermott's burger place to avenge her. He finds an ally in Shunt, who is bound a
Category: M.T. Anderson, coming of age, comedy,

Fast food battles amongst teenage anger, jealousy, and rage basically describe this book. Anthony begins working at a fast food restaurant called O'Dermott's, because he is trying to get his girlfriend back. I didn't really like the book too much, because the premise was somewhat juvenile. But some of the content and language was a little edgy for such a childish book. For instance, Anthony lost his girlfriend at a party where everyone was drunk an
I read the book to see if it would be one to recommend to my high school students. I can see many students being engrossed by it, because it's a quick read told from the 1st person perspective of a teenage boy who is struggling with romance, identity, revenge, and the fast food business. Funny. Some good descriptions like this: "She had an enormous appetite. She was not a very large girl but she could put away a very large pizza. I am telling you, she ate with gusto. At first we were going slice ...more
This book was so pointless! I wasted two hundred pages reading bout some wuss getting beat up by a jerk and moping over an ex who didn't care about him at all.
I liked it. I thought the voice of the main character was hilarious and so captivating.
I thought the plot was funny because it emphasizes how fickle teenagers are and how they like to dramatize everything. I mean the book feels pointless, but the point of the book is revenge and revenge tends to feel not as satisfying as we would wish, so I liked it.

Like I said, the voice of the book is awesome. I really enjoyed it. The characters are likeable and also very hateable (as far as the enemy goes).
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Matthew Tobin Anderson (M. T. Anderson), (1968- ) is an author, primarily of picture books for children and novels for young adults. Anderson lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

His picture books include Handel Who Knew What He Liked; Strange Mr. Satie; The Serpent Came to Gloucester; and Me, All Alone, at the End of the World. He has written such young adult books as Thirsty, Burger Wuss, Feed, The
More about M.T. Anderson...
Feed The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Vol I: The Pox Party Thirsty The Kingdom on the Waves (The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, #2) Whales on Stilts (Pals in Peril, #1)

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