Rush Home Road
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Rush Home Road

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Sharla Cody is only five, but has already lived a troubled life- only to find herself dumped on an elderly neighbor's doorstep when her mother takes off for the summer. Although Sharla is not the angelic child Addy Shadd had pictured when she agreed to look after her, the two soon forge a deep bond. To Addy's surprise, Sharla's presence brings back memories of her own chil...more
Kindle Edition, 562 pages
Published (first published April 23rd 2002)
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This was one of those life-changing books. I felt like I got to know the main character, Addy, so well, that I missed her when I finished the book. What made this a memorable book for me was that the author was so good at painting scenes in many dimensions. The books centers around and old African American woman who grudgingly agrees to take in a ragamuffin white child who is homely and unwanted. Okay, the theme could be hackneyed but Lansens does such an outstanding job of telling the tale. As...more
I have a new author on my favourites list and this book was AMAZING! In my little world three stars out of five means it was a pretty good read … this book I would give six!

The book is set in the Detroit-Windsor-Chatham corrider of Southern Ontario (as are most of Ms. Lansens books) and tells the story of Sharla Cody and Mum-Addy. Sharla is a five year old who has had a tough go of it already and Addy is a 70 year old who had a tough go of it all her life. Addy agrees to look after Sharla for th...more
I really enjoyed this plot driven novel by Canadian writer Lori Lansens.

When I started reading this Novel I found that by the end of second chapter I was totally drawn into the story and was captivated by the characters and the premise of the story.

The novel is set in the 1920s and 1970s in a trailer park in a small town in Canada and tells the story of 70 year old Addy Shadd.
A fellow neighbour Collette drops her 5 year old Sharla off with Addy and disappears. Addy reluctantly steps in as guar...more
There is no question in my mind that Lori Lansens is a strong writer with a lot of voice. She creates characters who you care about and want to know more about. After enjoying The Girls a great deal earlier this year, I was interested to read her first novel. Unfortunately, this novel falls flat and doesn't hold up to my expectations.

The characters are interesting enough, but the storyline is at best predictable and at worst contrived. There are moments that are genuinely touching interspersed w...more
Such a good book! Set in both the 1930s and the 1990s, this rich literary novel tells the story of Addy Shadd, a black woman in the Great Lakes region of Canada and the U.S., starting with the violent disruption of her nearly idyllic life as a teenager in Rusholme. Rusholme was the end of a line on the Underground Railroad and had become one of the few places where blacks owned property and lived outside most of the prejudice and discrimination of the pre-civil-rights era. A pregnant Addy is for...more
I first remember opening this book in the store and reading the first paragraph. From that first paragraph I was hooked. I knew that it was going to be good but I still had my doubts about the storyline. I continued reading later on that night and I couldn't stop. I was younger at that time so it took me a few days to read. I was incredulous at the way the whole town acted towards Addy. The hate, betrayal, and abhorrence just came out without questioning what really happened to her. I loved foll...more
Just so you know, I don't do a well written review. I leave those to my sweet friends Eleanor and SuziQOregon. In spite of that, this is a book that deserves an attempt at a review for my friends who read.

Books that start with old people and flash back to their earlier lives will always capture my attention. Addy Shadd not only captured me, but touched something a little deeper while reading her story in this book. As I turned the last page and closed the book, I was surprised to discover tears...more
This is a very well written novel concerning a story of bonding, hope, love and a need to belong with family and loved ones. There are many interesting characters in Addy Shadd’s story. Addy herself showed resilience, compassion and forgiveness throughout her experiences and did so with a sense of dignity. It was a very sad story in places, both for Addy and Sharla. There were a few twists thrown in that I didn’t expect. Overall, a very good, heart touching story. I really enjoyed this book and...more
Sharon Huether
Rush Home Road .. Lori Lansens .. An older woman saw a neighbor girl that was abandoned by her mother. The mother gave Addy some of Sharlas clothes and left the area never to return. Addy cared for Sharla as if she was her own child. Both of Addy's children had died, one at birth and the other a six years of age. Addy now had a sense of purpose teaching Sharla right from wrong and good manners too. The story beautifully written. Every other chapter reminiscing on Addy's past. After several...more
This is my favourite read so far this year! It is both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story at the same time, that focuses on the lives of Addy and Sharla. It moves effortlessly between the story of Addy who because of a terrible incident and a thoughtless community must leave home as a young pregnant teenager. Addy now elderly and living alone, has Sharla a 5 year old neglected/abused child abandoned on her door step. The start of the book had me in tears for this poor child. Every child shou...more
Carinya Kappler
The unforgiving reality of life in a Trailer Park somewhere near Ontario makes for sad reading. Here the most vulnerable members of society eke out the barest of existences, alternatively sustaining and denigrating their equally impoverished neighbours.
It is easier to be brave if you possess good health, youth and vigor. The hero of this book has lost these attributes but still finds the courage to change the life of another human. Not only does the little fat abandoned girl she embraces draw on...more
Andrea Paterson
While many books have made me ache while confronting the sorrow and the beauty of the world, rarely do books make me cry openly and fully. This book did that. Lansens has written a heartbreaking story of loss and redemption with just enough love for the reader to grasp onto like a raft in turbulent water. The protagonist Addy Shadd draws you into her world and, as if you are a child like Sharla yourself, teaches you the value of forgiveness as well as "how to live simply and simply live."

I wanted to say Rush Home and Read but I see someone else beat me to it. At first I thought this was going to be a rip off of "To kill a mocking bird" but I was wrong. I absolutely loved this book, there are so many layers. A young girl abused, a struggle for survival, happiness, protection.

The story is told through the memories of 70 year old Addy who lives on a trailer park and is left to look after a little girl for the summer after she is abandoned by her abusive mother. Sharla Cody's mothe...more
I bought this book a few years back. It sat on my shelf after I read the first few pages and put it down for the bad language/swearing. Here, on Goodreads I saw some of my trusted friends gave it good reviews. I'm so glad I gave it a second was a fabulous, heart touching, sweet read. The story went back and forth from present day and the lives of Sharla & Addy to the days of Addy's childhood. I love books like this one, of people unselfishly helping others less fortunate. (the ba...more
My friend Rachelle, who is a voracious reader and buyer of books, lent me this gem: Book #44 Rush Home Road by Lori Lansens. It was absolutely excellent.

The story is about a black woman growing up in southern Ontario (end of the Underground Railroad) and the trials of her life. This story is reflective in nature and perfectly intertwines the past and the present.

Rush Home Road was a national best seller here in Canada, and was of particular interest to me, as I'm quite close (within 45 minutes)...more
♥ Marlene♥
What a surprising read and that is the reason why I like non genre books. Theey take you if they re good, on a journey where you forget the world you are living in.

That happened to me every evening. It was a joy to open my kindle every night to go back to Addy. Not that her world is any better than mine. It is so very different though.It is just such a great story.

The author managed to move me, to love and hate her characters. To me that is a great author.

Funny cause I did read The Girls and I...more
Jamie Barber
I very much enjoyed this book. It has such a good story. After reading some of the other reviews, it struck me how a book is as personal as shoes or purses. Something has to resonate with you that may not with someone else and that's what makes reading such a worthwhile hobby. I thought this story of the older woman showed great compassion and how life just goes on for everyone.
After reading and enjoying The Girls by the same author, I was really looking forward to Rush Home Road. I didn't care for it as much as The Girls. I found the plot predictable and the characters too one-dimensional. However, the story kept my interest and I looked forward to reading it.
Have you ever experienced that distinct feeling after finishing a book, the feeling when you look up at the world but with a new set of eyes that see it in a clear and compassionate way? I would like to begin this review by admitting that this is the exact cluster of emotions that I encountered after finishing this novel; I could not stop reading this story. Prior to reading it, I read numerous reviews describing the book as “Life-changing” and “Heart gripping”. As soon as I purchased the book,...more
Caren Nelson
A 5 year old mixed race girl is abandoned by her slutty, selfish mother in a trailer park near Windsor, Canada.
She is ostensibly left with Addy Shadd an old Black woman who has lived an amazing life.
Addy is wonderful...she is strong, understanding, warm, no-nonsense. This is the story of love, loss, regret, anger and forgiveness. The characters are charming and the writing style is comfortable.
As Addy,s mind wanders back to the past you get glimpses of how she came to be who she was. Her life wa...more
Apr 26, 2012 Pooker rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who sniffle in card stores
Shelves: canada, fiction
I remember writing a story in high school that was much like this one (not nearly as eloquent as this but with a similar theme). I remember being cut to the quick by my teacher's comments: A bit trite but enjoyable and well-written. And I remember my inner outrage, wondering what was so trite about the beauty and innocence of a loving relationship between a child and an old person set in a rather ugly world?

I suspect that if I had read this novel at another time in my life, I might have had the...more
A great read!!

From the dust jacket:

"This novel tells the life story of Adelaide Shadd, who was born in southwestern Ontario in the first decade of the 20th century in an all-black town settled by fugitive slaves. She's forced to flee her beloved Rusholme as a teenager but the place will call to her for the rest of her life. After a brief sojourn in Detroit, Addy settles in Chatham, where she finds love and home and family. Tragedy strikes, more than once, but Addy Shadd endures.

Now an old woman,...more
My thoughts on Rush Home, Road are varied. I will attempt to review this book in the most concise way possible, which I may find difficult with all these ideas I have.

I will start with--I very much enjoyed this novel. Obviously I must have a morbid taste in books, because I find sad stories to be the most interesting reads. However, I must not be the only person that feels this way; there's a reason why these books are so popular.

Other books that I could compare "Rush Home, Road" to are Someone...more
Five year old Sharla Cody is sent to live with seventy-year old, Addy Shadd. Addy is in no way related to Sharla but she is the first person who answered her door when Sharla’s mother, Colette knocked and offered to take Sharla for the summer. Addy lives in a trailer park. She is all alone, so when Colette is looking for someone to take Sharla; Addy agrees. It will be nice to have someone to talk to again. Sharla and Addy will teach each other things despite their age differences.

Ok let me firs...more
Amanda Patterson
"She’d think of it all the rest of her life, like a commandment. Rush home, She’d think. Thou shalt rush home."
This is a beautiful, evocative book written with skill. Lori Lansens is a Canadian screenwriter and I think that ‘Rush Home Road’ will make the transition from novel to screen with little effort. This book is written with visual and vocal expertise. Perhaps a little too much for people who want their books to be books!
This is the tale of two unlikely leading ladies. Adelaide Shadd is a...more
This was like reading Lassie's memoir.
Addy, a tried and true saint, has seen it all. The novel starts out promising enough in that Addy is told as young child that she is ugly and won't ever find love. Well, I can go for that, as that is a lot more interesting than the opposite. Except that somehow Addy the Ugly ends up not only capturing the heart of the guy she had a huge crush on but barely spoke to (undying love that came from what exactly?) as well as about ninety other men up until the clo...more
I just couldn't decide if I should give this book four stars or three. I decided to give it four starts because I think maybe I just wasn't focused enough to appreciate it. But then I decided to give it three because I'm not postive I would recommend it to people. It was not as good as The Girls, the other book I just read by this author.

This book was about a young girl, Sharla, being raised by her elderly neighbor, Addy, after her mother deserts her. It alternated between the present and the s...more
The story starts off with a woman knocking on the trailer door of 70 year Addy Shadd. She asks her if her 5 year old daughter can stay with her for awhile. Addy agrees and the child, Sharla Cody shows up a day later with basically nothing more than the dirty, nasty, clothes on her back and nothing else. Addy takes her in, cleans her up, and begins to attempt to mother the child who's own mother never really cared about her. Come to find out Sharla's mother takes off to never return again. Addy k...more
One of the best books I've read in a long time and when I turned the last page this afternoon, I was sad that it ended. The book follows the life of Adelaide Shadd, a 70-year old black woman in poor health who is unexpectedly left with the neighbor's child after she abandons her to run off with her latest boyfriend. The story is rich in feeling and detail, telling the story alternating between flashbacks of Addy's childhood in Rusholme, her journey to adulthood, and her current life with Sharla...more
Oct 02, 2008 Paula rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: High schoolers.
Recommended to Paula by: Nobody.
I really enjoyed reading this book. It's about an elderly woman named Addy Shadd, and her telling her life story when a little girl named Sharla gets put under her care when her mother abandons her.
Throughout the book, Addy talks about all her struggles that she went through during her childhood until the present. She got raped when she was 15 and her father and town didn't accept her because they thought she was responsible for numerous things that happened in their small town in Canada, so sh...more
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Lori Lansens was born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, a small Canadian town with a remarkable history and a collection of eccentric characters, which became the setting for her first two bestselling novels. Living with her family in southern California now, she could not resist the pull of her fictitious 'Baldoon County' when she set out to write The Wife's Tale. She took the journey, along with...more
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