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It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Break-Up Buddy
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It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Break-Up Buddy

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  6,171 ratings  ·  503 reviews
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Kindle Edition
Published (first published January 1st 2005)
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Feb 03, 2009 Deanna rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Sally
Recommended to Deanna by: Found at the airport bookstore
I found this book in the bookstore right after I got dumped, and was still licking my wounds. It didn't make it better, but it helped me take the personal sting out of being the dumpee and get moving on. I would tell anyone to read it who has been there. There is nothing new, but it helps put things into perspective when your judgement is cloudy, which seems to happen whenever I get dumped.

This for those, male and female, who've been blindsided by a breakup after thinking Everything Is Fine. Sp
I'm 32 years old, and although I've had breakups before, this is the first one that has torn me apart. My friends recommended this book for me and I was skeptical. I couldn't be happier to have been proven wrong.

Sure the "questions" that the women ask are fake, and sometimes it's cheesy, but not to the point where it bothered me, and I'm pretty picky about those things. The book manages to cover almost EVERY SINGLE thing that I have been feeling, action that I have contemplated, etc., and it ha
Meryl Marr
I am a good catch goddammit

Yes, I did just read this book from the same authors of "He's Just Not That Into You." As a recent singleton, I found this book at the library and couldn't resist the urge given its cutsie cover of a pint of ice cream. This book is a definite must for anyone who is heartbroken and confused about the sudden ending of a relationship. It offers sound advice that can be painful but necessary to know.
Guess what? It's over and there is nothing else you can do about it. Tim
I have to wonder how a comedian like Greg Behrendt can also have such a clear view on relationships. Maybe that's a good quality to have in a comedian -- someone who can be honest about relationships. Or maybe he's the first man to publish what men really are thinking. In any case, I think this book is a great one to read if you are trying to get over someone or even if you are trying to feel better about not being with someone. Or about any problem you may have. The book encourages you to be co ...more
This book is intensely cute, which I don't mean in a bad way. It manages to be a friendly book without being disgusting (honestly, I'm not usually a person who takes to being addressed as "Superfox," but I let it slide because of the authors' enthusiasm).

Obviously a book you can read in a day is not the ideal format for a break-up tool since getting over that can take f---ing forever, but I think it does a pretty good job of boosting confidence, anticipating paranoid and/or hopelessly hopeful t
Oct 09, 2009 Fox rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Townes V. Z.
Recommended to Fox by: Townes v. Z.
What a delightful book.

Although the advice this book gives primarily consists of the obvious (don't talk to your ex, take control of your life, keep moving, etc.) it is presented in a fun and amusing way that makes this book an entertaining read.

The book is formatted into two sections (1: The Break Up, 2: The Breakover) and these two sections are split into chapters that tend to consist of advice, testimonials, and then projects (journal, cooking, etc.). This is very helpful and makes for a conc
Mari Carrara
This book is helping me through a very sad period and when i say sad i mean the most critic recent part of breaking up. Crying every night , missing someone so bad you literally feel pain and can't sleep, your mind goes crazy thinking "where did i go wrong, why doesn't he love me?" and all that. And sometimes we do stupid things because of that. Greg does know how to pick you up and set you straight back on your feet no matter how many times you fall. I really have never read any book that appro ...more
Although I didn't think I needed it so much this time around, it was nice to read about how other people seem to lose their minds during a breakup, and this is the helping hand they all seem to need. For me it just made me sad that someone would think that burning your name with gasoline on his lawn was going to make you seem anything but crazy.
Yeah. I admit it. I read it, okay!

That's really nothing to be ashamed of because, honestly, who HASN'T gone through a breakup that rocked their world and shaken one's values & belief in the goodness and decentness of other people? (If you haven't, I envy you so, so, so very much.)

That said, sometimes you need something in addition to your sassy gay friend and your core group of best friends to help you get through a breakup and force some self-esteem and confidence back into your brain, life
*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•*
I didn't even know this book existed until I found it at my local Goodwill, and I'm really glad I found it! Although I was in a relationship when I bought this book I knew in my heart that the end was near so I stuck it on my bookshelf, and when the time arrived I dove into this book and and hated to see the end of it!
Although I was the dumper in my situation the pain is still there. I mean after all I spent five and a half years with the jerk, so this book is great for those who just dumped the
John Woods
Jan 08, 2013 John Woods rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people in a break-up
Recommended to John by: Julie Sunday
This book is clearly written for women, but I wish it had been done in a gender-neutral way -- my reason for withholding a five-star rating.

I'm extremely skeptical of motivational texts. This isn't a motivational text. It's a layman's guide to the application of psychology. It applies to you whether you're breaking up with someone, being broken up with, or involved in a mutual breakup. More importantly, it helps you to understand why your ex maybe isn't friends with you anymore, even though it w
Erin Nudi
It's over, man. Move on with your life. Whether you're the dumper or the dumpee this book can help you do it. I first read this book around when I was just getting over a breakup that had happened quite awhile before I found this book and I was like, damn, why didn't I have this book before?? The time I could have saved myself. Also, even though this book is geared towards women ("the smart girl's break-up buddy"), I recently gave this book to a good guy friend of mine who was just getting out o ...more
Nothing groundbreaking. The cover's adorable though and the rationale (as to why it's graced by a tub of icecream) is given by the authors in the later chapters of the book, though I think you can easily guess it.

The contexts are very American but the principles of moving-on-with-your-life-after-a-traumatic-experience-like-a-breakup are still universal as ever.

Like all self-help books, I recommend it's best to just help yourself. It's witty at certain points, but the cleverness falls flat pretty
Sarah Keliher
Look how comforting this book looks. It's fluffy blue and bright pink and has a half-eaten carton of ice cream on the cover. And it actually made me feel better, as ashamed as I am to admit it. If I had found it in the early stages of heartbreak, however, I would have probably just found it enraging. I'd say it's more suited to that bruised-but-not-bleeding stage you hit later on, when you've pulled yourself together a bit and feel up to taking advice.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
After my breakup last year, I was browsing the web for "break up books" better yet, more like "how to deal with a break up". I came across this one. The title itself caught my eye. I decided to order it and once I received it, I couldn't put it down. I probably read the entire book in two days.

This book is great! Full of humor. This is a guide to getting over a break up but not only does it help you understand why the relationship "was broken" but it also teaches you how to make your life better
Avery Le
hysterical --- has silly exercises and games to help you see just how ridiculous you're being if you're still fawning over an ex, has funny blurbs like "psycho confessionals" where people write in about the crazy things they did right after a break-up, etc. and even the co-author's recipe to her "Crack Brownies" (no illegal substances) to help you get over that ex and away from the drunk dialing.

i don't usually like this type of genre (casual humor) because I think the writers sometimes overdoe
Melyssa Dawn Michaels
I ended up reading this book for two reasons. The first being that, after having so much fun reading "He's Just Not That Into You" I had to read the other book written by the same author. Even though for this book the co-author job did change to Greg's wife. The second reason being that I've been through a breakup sort of recently and wanted to see based on the ideas mentioned in the book how I was really coping with it.

As it turns out, it worked for both things. Greg has a way of writing that j
Michele Capobianco
This book is for anyone who has ever gotten out of a relationship that was fairly normal. I know that sounds odd, like what is "normal," but I don't know that this is a read for people coming out of very painful relationships involving abuse or trauma. This is a lighthearted read, intended to raise the spirits of a brokenhearted, potential disaster waiting to happen. It's for those of us who have embarrassed ourselves after a breakup, those who thought this was the guy I was going to marry and I ...more
All right let me first say that I am so not a self help book kind of person. I mean at all...ever! Then the most surreal experience of my life happened. My boyfriend of almost 10 years (yup, YEARS) went on a "business trip" for a week. I texted & called to no avail. While he was gone I cried, cleaned, & cried some more. Then I thought, "Wait! You can't even call me? Well f@$% you!"
A friend saw pictures of this "business trip" that apparently involved a beach front hotel & a blonde gi
amanda mello
Feb 19, 2008 amanda mello rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: ladies in deadend relationships
Ok. I don't typically classify myself as the self-help book type. I'm normally standing around Making Fun Of self-help books. But last week I realized that I've been obsessing for over a year about a certain someone and that our "relationship" wasn't headed anywhere I wanted to, that I was acting like a fool gathering little scraps of affection and piecing them together into some shitty quilt and well, I bought this book.

It's corny and the writing is questionable, but there's sound advice in it
May 24, 2009 Caitlin rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: The suddenly single
Recommended to Caitlin by: Gretchen
The advice is pretty simple, logical, and universal, but it's helpful to hear someone "say it" and the authors have a very friendly, comforting and encouraging tone. It's even LOL funny in parts. The authors both give their accounts of difficult break-ups and even though they are happily married now, I appreciate that they don't rub it in (though there is the subtext of "you'll find the right guy eventually", which is slightly annoying for some reason.) The letters and responses in each chapter ...more
Recommended to me by a friend. I'm a guy, obviously, but so is the guy who wrote this book. In the end it doesn't matter and the things they write about are true and important. The paradox of a bad break-up, the inability to see beyond what actually happened, conflicting thoughts about someone you once cared about. They even go over how not to fill your bookshelf with countless pathetic books about break-ups but I failed that one. But mostly, it gives you something reasonable to think of while y ...more
A slightly embarrasing book to buy at the bookstore (which is why I got it on my kindle, woot) but definitely worth it. It was cheesy, admittedly, but after a while, I actually kind of liked being referred to as a "Super Fox" was funny, insightful, and filled with stories of break-ups worse than my own. It was also brutally honest where my friends and family aren't because they don't want to hurt me with the truth. Honestly, it was the first thing I picked up in the mornings (when I would ...more
How to be dignified, even when you haz teh sads. Mainly: no contact for 60 days, and use this time to reinvent yourself. My favorite tidbit was the advice to treat yourself like you're sick--rather than eating all the ice cream in the world, take really good care of yourself so you can get better. I like that.
Someone recommended me this book last year, but was not really in the mood and thought this time around it might put some humour into my healing process. I'm not sure about humour... but it was definitely easy read and affirming that I have learned about breakups in the past year. All the suggestions they've made are things that I've done already, so I have to say, I'm definitely accomplishing personal growth.

I don't know how I would have felt if I had read this right after a breakup - it's a li
Melody Rowell
After getting my heart shoved into a blender, a coworker bought me this book and said it's a life-changer. She's right. Once I started it, I couldn't stop, and I underlined and wrote in it all the way through. It feels like a conversation with your smartest, wisest, tough-loviest friend. It can be a little cheesy at times, but by the time I finished reading it, my big, bad, single Superfox self was ready to take on the world.
One of the best parts: "That person that you loved looked at you in all
Apr 06, 2011 Jeannie rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jeannie by: Sabrina
Shelves: i-own
There was a lot of good info in this book and I loved the laid back and humorous feel to it. We all know breakups aren't laid back or humorous so they put a nice spin on the whole topic. A good friend of mine sent this to me when she heard of my 10yr marriage breakup. A lot of this didn't fit me, cause hey, I'm not only in my 50's but I been through this before, still I came away with a much better understanding of what I should be doing for myself and that I should concentrate on working on me ...more
From the writer of “He’s Just Not That Into You”, this book has all the tools to help a woman get over her ex. Like Behrendt’s previous books, this is a creative nonfiction told from various perspectives and scenarios. Behrendt provides details and hard facts of ending relationships. The scenarios and description are so realistic that it really boosts the confidence of any reader. If I were to write a creative nonfiction book, I would want to follow the same formula as Behrendt. The scenario’s o ...more
Easy read and funny! It's from the authors of He's Just Not that Into You, I think. I needed to read it at the time because I was DETERMINED to keep a certain someone out of my life, FOR GOOD! I won't say it was the key, but it helped confirm some things I already knew. Worth the read if you're one of those "I'll just have a quickie with my ex one more time, what could it hurt?" types. Put down the not hit send on that not answer the's over. ;)
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Gregory Behrendt is an American stand-up comedian and author. His work as a script consultant to the HBO sitcom Sex and the City, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, paved the way for co-authoring of the New York Times bestseller He's Just Not That into You (2004), later adapted into a film by the same name. Apart from that he also hosted two short-lived talk shows, The Greg Behrendt Show (2006) and Gr ...more
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He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys It's Just a F***ing Date: Some Sort of Book About Dating quando termina é porque acabou

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