Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness, #1)
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Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness #1)

4.24 of 5 stars 4.24  ·  rating details  ·  30,101 ratings  ·  835 reviews
Tamora Pierce brings readers another Tortall adventure! Alianne is the teenage daughter of the famed Alanna, the first lady knight in Tortall. Young Aly follows in the quieter footsteps of her father, however, delighting in the art of spying. When she is captured and sold as a slave to an exiled royal family in the faraway Copper Islands, it is this skill that makes a diff...more
Kindle Edition, 432 pages
Published September 23rd 2003 by Random House Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2003)
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This was a good book in some ways, but messed up enough that I probably won't look for more in this series. The writing style was fine - easy to read, nothing detracting from the story, etc. The plot was interesting and moved at a good pace (even if it was clearly part of a series and didn't really conclude, there was a nice ending). The world, while not overwhelmingly original, managed to stay far enough out of generic fantasy kingdom to be interesting (I really liked the crows).

04 February 2009
The Trickster's Choice


Alianne (Aly) Cooper is the daughter of George Cooper, His Majesty’s Spy-master, and Alanna (Lioness) Cooper, King’s Champion. She has as her god-parents a King and Queen and as her adopted uncle and aunt the most powerful Mage in the realm and a half-goddess enchantress. But what will happen when sixteen year old Aly sneaks away from her over-protective and powerful family? The adventure begins...

Captured by slave-traders (and...more
So I didn't think I would like this-- yeah, yeah, Tamora Pierce trying to make Alanna more interesting now that she's in middle age, suprise here's her kid who's just as whacky and awesome, OMGs.

But seriously. She's teh awesome. And nothing like the Lioness books, which make them even better. While Alanna was all about her proving herself to be stronger and better than people originally assumed she was, the Trickster series is about a spy, born and bred; she lets people think she's dumb as rock...more
Dec 25, 2008 Heather rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of Tamora Pierce and colonialism
Recommended to Heather by: Barbara
My initial reaction: what happened to all the good, easy to pronounce names like Jon and George? I seriously dislike a majority of the names in this book. I know Tamora was probably going for something exotic with the whole Raka thing but it was just weird I had a hard time remembering who was who.

As a girl power book, I didn't like it as much as Alanna. Aly seemed to get thing more dropped into her lap than actually fighting for what she wanted, which bothered me. Also, I know she wants to spy...more
Okay, I did like this. But, the fact that it took me over a month to read it knocked off a star in my overall review.

I've heard so much about Tamora Pierce on this site, that I figured this would be a no brainer... maybe it's me. Yeah, it's probably me.

But, first of all, I found out that this is the first book in the SECOND series of books and that was turn off numero one. I don't like coming into a story if characters have already been introduced. It's like watching Problem Child 2 before Prob...more
Emily Millay
Nov 27, 2008 Emily Millay rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Emily Millay by: Corey Alexander
Shelves: fantasy
This book, and its sequel "Trickster's Queen," were given to me for my birthday by my dear friend Corey. I had recently been longing for some escapist media -- the world has felt a little too real recently, and I wanted a break. The books came highly recommended from Corey, who loved them for the ways that they are explicit tales of anti-colonial uprising, with cross-species romance and Gods-touched descriptions of obligations and duty.

Needless to say, I ate this book up with a silver spoon. Re...more
Bridget Mckinney
There's so much to like about this book, but there's a couple of glaring problems with it that I have to cover first.

1. This is the first time Tamora Pierce has given us a series that takes place almost exclusively outside of Tortall, but it still has a white protagonist. Don't get me wrong, I like Aly. I also understand that the Tortall books are essentially a sort of family drama. However, introducing a white protagonist whose goal is the liberation of a nation of people of color who have bee...more
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Morgan F
I am a girl and I love fantasy and I love strong heroines. Do not ask me why it has taken me this long to read a Tamora Pierce book. Could it be that the first book of all of her series are mysteriously missing? (Seriously, this always flippin happens). But one day, I saw this and leapt on it before the magic fairies could whisk it away again (Not as seriously).

In the Tortall world, this is an odd place for me to start. Most of everything has already happened. Although, it wasn't impossible to c...more
This book was a real delight! It is always a relief to read a book with a strong female character, one that is also believably feminine as well. There is humor, tragedy, betrayal, and good friends as well. There also is a trickster god who makes a deal with the main character, Aly, that if she keeps the girls to a family alive through the fall equinox that he will free her from being a slave and send her back home. Aly ends up freeing herself in a very honorable way. This is well worth recommend...more
I really like all the other Tortall series so I was primed to enjoy this one. Have to say I was very put off by the supremely self-assured manner of the main character. Never a moment's uncertainty or self-doubt, or much introspection at all. Not a good quality in a YA book, or really any story where you want to see some character development and growth. I'll be reading the sequel, but just because I'm a fan of Tortall, and they are very quick reads. Disappointed, to say the least, because I...more
Maree  ♫ Light's Shadow ♪
This wasn't as good as the first one, but still solid. For some reason, the court stuff dragged on a little more for me, just like the gradual chipping away at the power of the palace seemed slow-paced to a lot of Aly's spies. I wanted stuff to happen, for the grand revolution to take place! But I learned just like those spies that the moment has to be right to strike.

I do love how when the spies of other group leaders find out that Aly is the kind of spy master, they protest not about how she's...more
Apr 03, 2008 Shaina rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: nobody
Shit. Pure and utter. However, I'm reading the second book because I'm a masochist with a ridiculous desire to know whether the main character has pseudo-bestial sex with a dude who was formerly a crow.
I just finished rereading this book because I'd basically forgotten everything about it and decided it was time to update myself on the world of Tortall.

I changed my rating from a 4 star to a 3 star for a couple of reasons. First, the beginning moved slowly and made it hard for me to keep going. Honestly, the only reason I kept going was because I'd remembered the character Nawat being my favorite character and I wanted to remember why.

I wasn't disappointed. Nawat is still my favorite character....more
Emma Michaels
Let me just say that as an Alanna fan I was already fairly certain when I started this novel that I would love Alianne. The novel starts off wonderfully and it is very obvious that Aly is Alanna and George's daughter. With George's mischievous nature and Alanna quick mind Aly is able to easily win your heart. After a short while of reading it is no longer your love for George and Alanna that fuels your wanting to learn more but instead your love for the intelligent and unique young woman who is...more
Read July 8, 2014


Read 2007: Of all the stories set in the realm of Tortall, this series featuring the famous Alana the Lioness's daughter is my absolute favorite. It almost feels like Pierce grew as an author when she wrote these two books, they read so much more intricately than the rest of her series.

Ali is my ideal protagonist: trained as a spy at her fathers knee, she had a lot of skills, but no real goal in life. But all that changes when the trickster God decides to use her in his own...more
Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)
This and my other reviews can be found at

All Alianne wants to do is be a spy like her father, however her parents don’t agree. So, frustrated at them she sails down the coast only to be captured by pirates. She is sold as a slave to the Balitang family as a general worker, and makes a deal with the Trickster God, Kyprioth, if she keeps the Balitang children alive until autumn, he will convince her father to allow her be a spy, however this deal may be hard...more
I've been meaning to read some of Tamora Pierce's books for a long time, and now I finally have.
It was a good read, and I was in awe at how well Pierce pieced together the world of the Copper Isles. She really is an amazing world builder. The landscapes, the cultures, the people, it was all written with careful deliberation. I actually retained a lot of inrofmation on how to world-build, myself.
The culture of the raka was inspiring; it was interesting to see that they seemed to represent black p...more
4.5 stars

My sister has been telling me to try Tamora Pierce for ages. I don't know what was holding me back, but I finally told her I was ready and asked which one she liked the best that I should start with. She recommended this one, Tricker's Choice. And wowza.

Aly is the daughter of a famous warrior and a spy (my understanding is that her mother is the central figure in many of Pierce's books, but I didn't need to have read any of them for this to be a great read). Having been schooled in all...more
Nicole Chase
At my friend Bridget's emphatic insistence, I checked this one out from the library. She neglected to mention that the "Daughter" series comes at the END of the Tortall stories. :P

Nevertheless, this book was thoroughly enjoyable. As the eleventy-bazillionth reviewer here, I don't think I need to provide another plot summary, so suffice to say that this is one of those books that prove YA doesn't have to mean "less than." It's definitely convinced me to finish the Trickster books, and then probab...more
Excuse me as I jump very late on the Tamora Pierce bandwagon. I purchased and read this book back in 2005, it was my first Tamora Pierce and I have loved her ever since.

The story revolves around Aly, the headstrong, independent, teenage daughter of Alanna the Lioness. She already knows what she wants to do, she doesn't want to follow in her mothers footsteps, but in her dads as a Spymaster. Unfortunately for her; her famous parents do not think this is a good idea, and refuses to let Aly go into...more
Featured in a Reading on a Theme at Intellectual Recreation.

This Tortall story follows Alianna (Aly), the daughter of Alanna and George. Aly has her father's talent for spying, but she doesn't have her parents' permission to get into that family business. Then Aly is abducted by pirates and sold as a slave to the Copper Islands. She fails into the Balitang's household that has recently fallen out of favor with the king. Kyprioth, the old god of the islands and of the suppressed Raka people, make...more
CH13_Rachel Arens
When I was younger, I was a huge fan of Tamora Pierce's novels--particularly the Immortal's Quartet and the Song of the Lioness Series. I enjoyed them so much that I continued to read and reread them throughout high school. However, this was the first more recent novel of hers that I've read, and I was excited to find some of my favorite character referenced throughout the book.

In Trickster's Choice, Alanna the Lioness' daughter Aly is the heroine, although she takes after her spy father more t...more
Aly, a kid with a very impressive family background (including god-parents/adopted family members). Spoilers ahead !

When I first picked this book up, I didnt have much expectations. I had seen Ms Pierce's books in the bookshops/ebookshop/elibrary but I never really had an urge to read them. After reading so many other books (almost everything that caught my fancy), I came across this again and thought to myself, why not. I didn't regret this at all. I was thrown into a world where there are spie...more
Occasionally I see people complaining about the intense second waveyness of Tamora Pierce's books - the lady warrior, the Strong Woman characters always being coded in terms of masculine strength, physical strength, battle prowess - i.e., you are strong because you are succeeding in a traditional male role, usually at the expense of "weak" or "soft" femininity. But, I mean. Okay, yes, I cannot deny that all of TP's female characters who are worth a damn are decent in a fight (or show interest in...more
This is completely amazing! From the first time I read it, it automatically became my favorite book. Before this book, while adored reading, I had never found a book that was my ultimate favorite. One of the best things about this book is that you don't have to read the earlier series before you read this book for it to make sense, through I do recommend reading the other series just because they are so good. From the very first page, you are pulled into the story and the characters are so relat...more
Every time I finish a Tamora Pierce book, before I even close the cover, I either reach for the next one or I think "Is it too early to start re-reading?" While Pierce's characters can be a little too perfect, they're not so just because. Pierce often points out all the hard work that goes into their skills. Actually Trickster's Choice is the first ever book that I've read by Pierce, which is problematic because I've skipped twelve books before this one. But Pierce's writing is clear, the rules...more
To be the child of famous parents must be difficult. Especially when your mother is an incredibly accomplished knight who broke the gender barrier and you don't want to follow in her footsteps. I like Aly as a hero a great deal. Her decision to be a spy instead of a soldier, to laugh instead of scowl, and to find a path in a country other than Tortall make her very easy to connect with. The island slavery is also an interesting conflict, although I did take issue with her method of disguising he...more
Olivia Ambrose
Olivia Ambrose ~ Adventure

Trickster’s Choice is the story of a girl, Aly, who is chosen by Trickster God to take part in his latest trick. To do so, all she has to do is keep Sarai and Dove alive to the end of the summer, and then she can go home. But things don’t turn out to be that simple. Aly must use all her wits to keep them and herself alive. This is a wonderful book that captivates it reader and draws them into the world of spies, danger, gods, and heroes. I very much enjoyed this book, a...more
Awesome book! Tamora Pierce is an amazing author, and I dunno if there's been a book of her's I haven't liked...This book is addicting and it was a rough few days until I could make it to the library for the next book. Tamora Pierce creates a world that you can step right into. Everything is believable, even if it ISN'T normal to morph into a crow, or to control the sea. My only complaints are a) the transitions in plot are mainly the same, and that the book should be longer! I need more time to...more
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Hey, folks! I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single-star ratings--except I haven't. How do I know I haven't? Because I haven't read those books at all. So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites, know that I've written GoodReads to find out what's going on.

I return to my regularly scheduled profile:
Though I would love to join gro...more
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Aly rolled her eyes. Why did everyone say that to her? “People always forget the rest of the saying,” she complained. “‘And satisfaction brought it back.”
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