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Guji Guji
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Guji Guji

4.17  ·  Rating Details  ·  594 Ratings  ·  217 Reviews
Raised from an egg by Mother Duck, Guji Guji is quite content with his life as a duckling, despite the fact that he doesn't look anything like his brothers. Then one fateful day he meets up with three nasty, grinning creatures who not only convince him that he is, like them, a crocodile, but also try to persuade him to deliver his fat, delicious duck relatives for their di ...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 1st 2004 by Kane/Miller Book Publishers (first published December 31st 1999)
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Jul 28, 2013 ABC rated it it was ok
Shelves: younger-kids
A crocodile is born to a family of ducks. Later he meets crocodiles who want him to help them eat the ducks.

Since my son is not adopted, we could read it as a fun story. But as an adoption story, it is not a very good one. I would not want an adopted child to take from this that her or his birth family or culture is low-down and mean.

I think if my child were adopted, I would give it one star.
Jul 13, 2010 Kathryn rated it really liked it
A wonderful story, especially for those looking to address the subject of adoption in a beautiful and unusual way.

A crocodile egg rolls into a nest full of duck eggs, but Mother Duck doesn't notice (she is busy reading--haha, love that!). When her chicks hatch, they are all a little different--one has blue spots, one has stripes, one is golden-colored... and one is, well, a lot bigger and not quite so feathery! But Mother Duck loves them all.

When the young crocodile meets real crocodiles, thoug
Karlie Jamieson
Apr 13, 2016 Karlie Jamieson rated it it was amazing
Guji Guji is a crocodile raised with a bunch of ducks, who believes he too is a duck. Similar to the story of Tarzan. Although he looks much different from his siblings, he always is treated as one of them and never thought of anything besides a duck. One day, when Guji Guji runs into a few mean crocodiles they show him that he truly is a mean crocodile just like them! They threaten his family by saying they will eat the ducks. Guji Guji must decide whether he will protect the family that has ra ...more
Jessica Aguilar
Apr 10, 2016 Jessica Aguilar rated it it was amazing
The Story of Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen is a bit of a twist on the usual story of a duckling believing another creature is its mother. Instead of a duckling the baby in the story is a crocodile and duck is thought of the mother. In the story, an egg accidentally makes its way to mother duck's nest and grows with the other eggs and hatches along side of them. The baby crocodile is named Guji Guji and grows with his duck family. As he is growing up he comes face to face with a group of adult croc ...more
Edwin Reyes
Apr 10, 2016 Edwin Reyes rated it really liked it
I really enjoyed this story. It's a pretty creative idea considering how many stories are told through animals but this is not a boring, generic, or unoriginal story. It's about a crocodile egg that rolls down a hill and lands right into a nest of duck eggs. The mother duck does not notice the bigger, different colored, and completely extra egg that she was nesting so she continued to take care of all the eggs. Then the eggs all began to hatch and out they came one by one. All of the ducks were ...more
Reuben Andrade
Apr 10, 2016 Reuben Andrade rated it it was amazing
The book, Guji Guji, starts off with a rolling egg that ends up in a duck’s nest. One by one all of the eggs start hatching. The mother duck named her ducks based off of appearance, except the larger egg. When the larger egg hatches, he yells Guji Guji and that is what he is named. The mother duck loved all of her ducklings the same, including Guji Guji. He learns just as the rest of the ducks learn. One day Guji Guji is approached by 3 bad crocodiles and they try to convince Guji Guji to be lik ...more
Stephanie Cahill
Apr 10, 2016 Stephanie Cahill rated it liked it
This story starts off with an egg rolling down mountains and through the meadows. It then laid next to a duckling egg nest. Mother duck didn’t even notice. When the eggs hatched, one was a little different from the rest of the ducklings. His name was Guji Guji and he was a crocodile. Mother duck didn’t care and loved all of her babies the same and taught them to be ducks. One day three crocodiles approached Guji Guji, they ridiculed him for being a bad crocodile and told him he was meant to eat ...more
Jeanene DeFine
Apr 10, 2016 Jeanene DeFine rated it liked it
An egg rolls down and winds up in a nest. It is obvious this egg is much to large to be an egg from that nest. The eggs begin to hatch; three little ducks and a crocodile. The mother duck didn't see Guji Guji as a crocodile but another duck. He lived his life as one of his brothers; until he met three crocodiles. They told him he was no duck and needed to help them get some food. They wanted Guji to bring his family to the bridge where they could eat them. He knew he wasn't like them and would n ...more
Alisia Matias
Apr 09, 2016 Alisia Matias rated it it was amazing
A simple and sweet story about an unlikely bond between ducks and a crocodile. Guji Guji, the baby crocodile, was hatched with other ducklings under the loving care of Mother Duck. No one knows where Guji Guji came from, but no one seemed to pay any mind. Being raised as a duck, Guji Guji believes he is a duck, until a group of other crocodiles appear and mock him. The meeting causes Guji Guji to question his identity; is he a bad crocodile like the others? Or is he a nice duck?

All of the charac
Courtney Spicer
Apr 06, 2016 Courtney Spicer rated it it was amazing
Chen, C. (2006). Guji Guji. Wellington: Gecko.

Guji Guji is the story of a family of ducks. Mother Duck has 4 eggs in her nest, and they all hatch a looking a bit different. The last duck hatches and looks a bit like a crocodile, but Mother Duck loves him just as he is, because he is her “duckling”. She teaches all of her ducklings to do the things ducks do, and one day a group of crocodiles come along and tell Guji Guji that he isn’t a duck and to bring his family to the bridge to get eaten by t
Melissa Overland-mckay
An egg rolls into a ducks nest, but no duck egg is this egg. The egg hatches and the mother duck and the ducklings raise him well. Guji Guji the egg that hatched learns to be a duck, he learned how to, swim, dive and waddle, just like the other ducks. Guji Guji was one of the family until the 3 mean crocodiles had him questioning, was he a real duck? They told him to trick his duck family, but Guji Guji did not hesitate to stick u for his duck family and trick the crocodiles. From then on Guji G ...more
Apr 09, 2016 Tiffany rated it it was amazing
First of all who would of thought a crocodile could ever be a duck as well as have a name of Guji Guji. This adorable book gives such a powerful message for young readers. It speaks of being true to yourself no matter what anyone tells your as well as to protect your family. The illustrator fills the entire book with colors with each page not baring any white. Guji Guji gives you such a happy feeling and is relate able to any child. He is always happy, bringing joy to his family and the reader. ...more
Amy Werdenberg
Apr 10, 2016 Amy Werdenberg rated it it was amazing
Guji Guji tells the story of a crocodile who hatched into a duck family. As the ducks grew and learned, Guji Guji grew and learned right along with them. One day, three bad crocodiles come along and tell Guji Guji that he is one of them. They try to convince him to bring his duck family to the bridge where they will be waiting. Guji Guji has to decide where he belongs and where his loyalty lies.

In this cute book featuring personified animals the only real magic at work is that of love- the love
Dylan Reeves
Apr 10, 2016 Dylan Reeves rated it really liked it
Guji Guji is a story of a crocodile (named Guji Guji) that is adopted by a family of ducks. Later, other crocodiles try to persuade him to betray the ducks, but in the end he chooses his family over his own kind. I can see this being a very powerful adoption statement, but I think there's more going on here. I think, in today's world, we are obsessed with "lions among the lambs" as it were; stories of heroes choosing their adopted homes over their own kind. What comes to mind while reading this ...more
Molly Medaille
Apr 10, 2016 Molly Medaille rated it really liked it
Guji Guji was a very cute story that shows that even if you aren't blood related to somebody, if you have a bond with them, then you shouldn't turn against them. Guji Guji was a crocodile who was raised by ducks. Later in his life, he was approached by a group of bad crocs who tried to get him to turn on his family of ducks. What will Guji Guji do?
There were fantasy aspects of this book such as the fact that the animals were personified and could talk. Also ducks raising a crocodile would never
Apr 09, 2016 Sonya rated it it was amazing
This story was an amazing story that is about acceptance. I absolutely loved this story and want to get a copy for my daughter and niece and nephews. I thought the name of the book was kind of silly but it also made me curious as to why the title of the was Guji Guji. When I found it why it made me laugh and I became more interested in the book.
Ji In
Jun 10, 2007 Ji In rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: Nobody
Quick synopsis: A crocodile named Guji Guji is "adopted" by a family of ducks. One day, a pack (or what do you call a bunch of crocodiles?) of sinister crocs ridicule Guji, threatening to eat his adoptive-duck-mom, and challenging his family loyalty. (Side note I should insert here: The book is dedicated to the author's friend, a Korean American adoptee.) Uh ...

Moral of the story: Adoptees, be very afraid of your native people -- your biological kin will EAT your adoptive family. Or something l
Dillon Briggs
Apr 13, 2016 Dillon Briggs rated it it was amazing
"Guji Guji" tells the story of adoption in an interesting way. The story starts with an egg rolling into a ducks nest. Not long after, the eggs in the nest begin to hatch. One by one the eggs crack open and reveal the young ducklings inside. The last egg then cracks open, but the duck inside did not look like any other duck, for it was actually a crocodile. The crocodile took on the name Guji Guji as it was its first words. The mother duck didn't seem to care that Guji Guji was different though, ...more
Courtney Lantz
Apr 10, 2016 Courtney Lantz rated it liked it
Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen starts the story with an egg that got away and rolled down a hill, eventually landing in a duck’s nest. The mother duck did not realize that there was a different egg in her nest and took the time to hatch them all the same. The first three eggs produced ducks as would be expected, but the final egg produced Guji Guji (a crocodile). The mother duck taught them all how to do normal duck things such as swimming and waddling. One day the crocodiles came and told Guji Guj ...more
Apr 10, 2016 Gabriella rated it it was amazing
Guji Guji is the tale of a duck that isn't quite a duck and his name is Guji Guji. One day a strange egg roles down a hill into a ducks nest with other eggs but the mother duck does not notice. Soon after the eggs begin to hatch with three little ducklings that the mother names and soon the strange egg cracks open and a small creature comes out saying Guji Guji and so that was his name. Although he does not look like his family Guji Guji is very happy with his life until one day three bad crocod ...more
Apr 10, 2016 Shane rated it it was amazing
Guji Guji is a modern fantasy of a crocodile named Guji Guji that grows up in a family of ducks. Still in his egg, Guji Guji rolls down a hill landing in a ducks nest. He hatches when the chicks hatch and the mother duck calls Guji Guji her own. It was not until Guji Guji's encounter with real crocodiles that he realizes that he was not really a duck but a crocodile. The other crocodiles wanted Guji Guji to betray his adopted family and lead them to where the other crocodiles could eat them. Guj ...more
Apr 10, 2016 Brooke added it
Guji Guji is a comical, yet heart warming story about a crocodile getting raised by ducks. The crocodile's egg rolled into the nest of the duck on accident; however, the mother raised Guji Guji along with her three ducklings. The story teaches the audience an important message about family. The young crocodile's relationship with the other ducks was more important to him than his relationship with his mean blood relatives. The ducks were his family and that is what mattered to him.

This modern fa
Yanina Arguello
Guji Guji is an adorable story about a crocodile who believes he is a duck. The idea of nature vs. nurture is advanced for children but the story does help them to see that we are not defined by our outside appearances nor what everyone else says we should be, but we are defined by who we see ourselves to be. Topics such as bullying and overcoming peer pressure are also some underlying topics covered in Guji Guji but what will make children interested in the book are the cute word choices and si ...more
Nicole Zmuda
Apr 10, 2016 Nicole Zmuda rated it it was amazing
A baby crocodile egg is mistaken as a duck egg is warmly welcomed as one of their own. In the story of Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen, baby crocodile Guji Guji is loved and raised by their mother duck as one of their duck family members. Even though Guji Guji may look different than the other ducks, he is still part of his family. When some mean and nasty creatures that try to convince Guji Guji that he is not a duck and he needs to be nasty and mean by helping them do bad things, Guji Guji must m ...more
Brooke Staniforth
Apr 10, 2016 Brooke Staniforth rated it it was amazing
Guji Guji is a crocodile raised with a bunch of ducks, who believes he too is a duck. Although he looks much different from his siblings, he always is treated as one of them and never thought of anything besides a duck. One day, when Guji Guji runs into a few mean crocodiles they show him that he truly is a mean crocodile just like them! They tell him that he must bring his duck family to the pond to practice diving where the crocodiles will be waiting with their mouths open to eat them. Guji Gu ...more
Apr 10, 2016 Susma rated it really liked it

Guji-Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen is an award-winning book which tells a story about Guji who is in the duck family but does not look anything like his siblings. He wonders and wonders. Why does he look like a different species? Later on, he meets with a crocodile who challenges Guji to eat his mother duck. The illustrator Chih-Yuan Chen turns being different into something positive experience for Guji Guji as well as young children. The book is absolutely great for children who are above three years
"Guji Guji" by Chih-Yuan Chen is about a misplaced egg that ends up in the nest of mother duck. When the eggs began to hatch mother duck named each of the ducks and embraced them all as family, even though one was clearly different from the others. Though Guji Guji was different his mother treated him equally to his siblings. On day however, Guji Guji was approached by three crocodiles, and they were mean and hurtful to Guju Guji. Though the crocodiles appealed to Guji Guji's heritage, but ulti ...more
Luisanna Granillo
Apr 10, 2016 Luisanna Granillo rated it it was amazing
Guillame, R. (2004). Guji Guji. Kane/Miller Book Pub.

One day, an egg rolled down a hill and landed on Mother Duck’s nest along with her other three eggs. Mother Duck did not notice because she was reading a book. When time passed, all the little eggs hatched and out came the little ducks. However, one of them was a little crocodile but the mother didn’t care she loved all of her babies equally. She taught them how to swim and be good little ducks. One night the little crocodile was walking arou
Erika Aguirre
Apr 10, 2016 Erika Aguirre rated it really liked it
The book, "Guji Guji", was written and illustrated by Chih-Yuan Chen. It is a story about a large egg falling into a duck's nest. Mother Duckling did not notice the new egg, and when her duckling hatched she named them all (Crayon, Zebra, and Moonlight), including Guji-Guji, the newborn crocodile, that did not belong to her. Mother Duck treated Guji Guji as one of her own and loved all of her 'children' the same. Then one day they were approached by three crocodiles, who tried to convince Guji G ...more
Apr 10, 2016 Kassandra rated it it was amazing
When Guji Guji was barely an egg, Guji Guji the crocodile fell into a nest of ducks. Instead of turning away this strange duck, Mama Duck similarly raised all of her children in the ways of the duck in the best way that she knew how. Guji Guji easily fits in with his siblings despite his odd appearance and he feels even more like a duck each and every day. However, there are three mean crocodiles who do everything they can to convince Guji Guji to accept the hard physical facts that he is a croc ...more
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