The Lifeguard
James Patterson
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The Lifeguard

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Working as a lifeguard in a posh Florida resort, Ned Kelley finds the woman of his dreams. The only thing he needs is money. So when his friends offer to cut him into a deal that promises $1,000,000 each, how can he turn it down? The plan is simplea fast break-and-enter to grab paintings from a rich collector. But on the night of the heist, theyre double-crossed. Worse, Ne...more
Broché, 394 pages
Published July 31st 2005 by Time Warner Book Group (first published January 1st 2005)
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Oh my goodness, but this was bad! I love James Patterson, but I won't be looking for a book co-authored by Andrew Gross any time soon. And, guys? We are smart. Smart enough NOT to need you to repeat people's names in every line of dialog ad nauseum. It is one of my pet peeves. Like, "Ellie, did you know I was coming? Did you know I'd wait for you, Ellie? Will you wait for me... Ellie?"
Plus the plot made no sense. The characters were indistinguishable and hard to follow. And the whole jump-i...more
Mike Lawson
I’m like a hypocritical “vegetarian” that goes around telling people how unhealthy beef is, and then I secretly stuff my face with quarter-pounders when no one is looking.

I’m a total book snob. You’re reading THAT? I’ll ask a friend after hearing about their latest grocery store book purchase. And then, when no one is around, I’ll quietly pull out another James Patterson novel and just consume it in a night.

Confession: I like James Patterson. So what? Sure, you can buy him at any airport kiosk....more
LIFEGUARD (Pub. 2005) by James Patterson and Andrew Gross was a very entertaining read. I finished it in less than 24-hrs. It's written in the classic Patterson style with extremely short chapters, a ritzy setting in Palm Beach and lots of action and plot twists. Good stuff overall that will keep you flipping the pages to see what happens next.

The story centers around Ned Kelly, who is a man in his late 20s that hasn't made the most of his life due to growing up in a family prone to crime instea...more
Holly Lee (Bellas Novella)
I would have to say that this book was just alright. I enjoyed it enough to finish it, but there were plenty of times when I was bored enough to put it down.

Lifeguard is a crime drama starring a lifeguard on the run. When an art heist goes wrong and all his friends turn up dead, he is fugitive #1 and manages to dig himself deeper and deeper in trouble, all the while trying to dig himself out.

The mystery aspect of the story was easy to figure out from the beginning, and the love interests were cl...more
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I did it! I finally got around to reading a James Patterson book. I wasn't blown away, but I wasn't disappointed. The book was given to me by a friend. The first 10 chapters were awesome. So much was happening. Then the following 100+ chapters weren't as interesting. (Seriously the book was like 118 chapters. I kind of liked that though). The story was about a man, Ned Kelly. His lifelong friends ask him to help with a huge art heist for a $5 million payout. The heist goes very wrong, with all h...more
Ned Kelly was looking for the perfect score. At the time he finally felt like his life was turning around, he made a huge mistake. He thought he had just met the woman of his dreams, but he needed the million dollars promised in this act. The only thing Ned had to do was make distractions, but these distractions came back to haunt him. Thankfully, Ned had a big supporter, who eventually turned into a lover, Ellie Shurtleff, an FBI agent. Great book! It keeps you reading to see what happens next,...more
I don't understand how this guy is so popular!
After giving up on this tedious novel, I tried to skip to the end and see who the bad guy was. (I assure you this was only in case the person who'd recommended the book to me and whom I'd told I had read it, asked me questions.) It was horrible! I had to scan through nearly the whole second half of the book trying to find a bit of information I couldn't care less about. All in all I felt like Mr. Patterson owed me a couple hours of my life back.
I loved this book! Of course I read it on a vacation where all I had to do all day was sit by the pool and read! Seriously exhilarating read, the moment you start till the moment you finish! It would make a great movie. Murder, betrayal, manhunt and love story all rolled into one exciting book. It reads quickly, the characters are believable and the story is fun with a diabolical twist at the end!
Justin Newman
I knew it was bound to happen eventually...I found a Patterson novel with a bit of depth to it! I read Patterson because his writing is light, quick, and forgettable, and sometimes it's precisely what I'm in the mood for.

This novel, however, actually has a bit more going on under the surface. Yes, the chapters are still super short and yes, there are bits that seem too easily resolved, but there is some staying power in this one.

What I like the most is the hopefulness of this novel. Things go...more
Another usual Patterson (or is it Gross???) book, full of suspense, twists and action. There were some bits though I felt it weren't really explained, and I felt lost in a couple of situations, but nevertheless an enjoyable and quick read.
Daniel Rudge
I recently read an Andrew Gross novel (Eyes Wide Open) and used to read James Patterson before he became a book a month writer, so when I found this book I thought I'd give it a try. While I believe that Andrew Gross wrote the majority of this book, the addition of Patterson made a good read into a great read. I literally could not put this book down. The plot was excellent, the plot twists come fast and furious, the characters are well-done, and the pacing was frenetic. A lifeguard in Palm Beac...more
My first read / listen of a James Patterson novel was a pleasant surprise!! Great story line with the mystery ending in a totally unexpected way. The extended epilogue provided a wonderfully warm ending despite the needless brutality that happened during the course of the story. Because of the awesome ending, 9 out of 10 for me!
It was alright and quite a quick read. My housemate says James Patterson's books are usually quite good and I'll give him another read before disagreeing altogether. This isn't the sort of book I usually read, now I remember why, but it was part of my book club selection and I'm open to pretty much reading anything with words ;) It had some fairly predictable bits and some that were just truly unbelievable. It's probably best recommended as a quick holiday read to keep you busy while lazing in t...more
This was a rather entertaining read with an average plot. It was far from excellent, but the build-up was good enough to keep me captivated till the end. I would’ve liked the characters to be a little more developed, but as a quick and easy read, it worked. The first 100 pages are actually the best.
Ned Kelly is a lifeguard and beach bum, who isn’t a bad guy, except he comes from a family of crooks. He and his hometown friends (from Brockton, near Boston), plan a huge art heist in a millionnaire...more
Sharal Hunter
I love Patterson. Even when his books aren’t his usual nail-biting, edge of my seat, have no food in the house or clean underwear because I’m ignoring my domestic chores books. Sadly, Lifeguard is one of those books. It was just OK for me. Ned Kelly is a likeable character and I felt a lot of empathy for him and what he goes through in this story. Unfortunately, Ned doesn’t seem capable of making smart choices. Not when he falls in love, not when he agrees to help his cousin with a burglary, not...more
Somewhat forgettable Patterson, suspenseful but implausible plot: OK beach book.

One suspects that the summer release of "Lifeguard" was absolutely intended for the beach, and if so, it met its goal! Although the leading man, Ned Kelly, a college grad drifting along right now as a lifeguard, indeed works at a Palm Springs beach, the story quickly moves into an art heist gone bad that sets our boy into a lam headed for his hometown Boston. It seems Mr. Kelly, son of a professional thief (apparentl...more
This book was written by one of the most prolific writers of the times, James Patterson, in 2005. (Although it should be mentioned that he co-wrote it with Andrew Gross). Hardly a year passes without a few titles published by Mr. Patterson. Like those previously published, this one is a thriller – in category only.
The book switches from point of view to point of view. While this switch happens at chapter changes, it leaves the reader wondering whose point of view it is at times. At others, it l...more
Patterson is the king of 3-hour novels. The short chapters make you feel like everything is moving at a clipped, hyper pace, even if nothing significant is happening. The books force you to keep turning the pages, despite the late hour.

I became a Patterson fan when I discovered his Alex Cross novels (and re-discovered him a decade later with the Maximum Ride series), but the more standalone Patterson novels I read, the less I like him as an author. I have grown to really dislike each book he's "...more
While this was a unique and somewhat interesting tale of an underdog whom, against ALL odds, ends up getting his happily ever after, Lifeguard lacked all those characteristics of a James Patterson book that I personally was looking for in this read.
James Patterson is famous for his ability to maintain tension throughout his books; oftentimes I find myself reading the last few pages first just so I know what happens. In this case, however, it felt as though he relied too much on the reader not...more
Life seems to be turning around for Ned Kelly, a local lifeguard when he meets the sexy Aussie Tess McAuliffe. The two quickly fall in love and start looking forward to a future together when Ned joins his friends on a get-rich-quick scheme. They are going to work in a project to steal millions of dollars in artwork. All he has to do is help create a diversion by setting off alarms around the town. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong and he is accused not only in the theft, but also in the m...more
Tabby Kat
Everything seems to be going great for Ned. He found Tess, a wonderful woman, who is rich. He and his friends have set up the perfect score, which will leave each of them with a million to spend any way they wish. Therefore, there will be no more lifeguard duty for Ned. But as is usually the case, things go wrong. The paintings Ned and his friends were supposed to steal were not there, and it smells like a setup. To make matters worse, Ned's friends and Tess are murdered and he finds himself run...more
Title: Lifeguard
Author: James Patterson & Andrew Gross
# of Pages: Paperback, 487
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Publisher: Headline (UK)
Source: Paperbackswap

Synopsis: The perfect job. Working for an easy-going boss at his sprawling luxurious mansion by the sun-kissed beach, watching beautiful women walk by.

The perfect girl. Tess - gorgeous, funny, apparently very rich and crazy for him.

The perfect score. Five million up for grabs. And to get his share, all he needs to do is trigger three house alarm...more
Rob Smith
The loudest kudos I can offer of this book are the location references. Some of Lifeguard takes place in Massachuets and I know nothing about that place. Florida, on the other hand, I very much do. Someone involved with the authoring of this book did a crackerjack job of checking locations to get this book set in the right palace. The Palm Beach County locations are right on. The Coleman Correction Center was also very good (though it's a good 5 hours to get to Delray Beach from Coleman). It mig...more
Jen Lynn
This book was really disappointing. Generally I enjoy the light reading of Patterson. Even though I think his writing is simple and really not that great, the stories themselves and the quickness of the reading of his books are usually able to draw me in where I enjoy his books. This book, however, was simply horrible. Everything about it I did not like. First, the bad writing was hard to ignore and overlook in this book. It was just bad. Second, the story itself was ridiculous, in my opinion. I...more
I began this book in July because I found it lying around my parent's house and I've never read an airport book before and I wanted to have a classic beach read. It worked well as a beach read for a while, and the trajectory geographically of the narrative fit my own geographic trajection: action moves from Boston to Florida, where I am currently in grad school.

Once I entered grad school, though, I became busy and could only spend my reading time reading film theory books about Weimar Cinema. Li...more
Sarah Sammis
Lifeguard is a collaboration with James Patterson and Andrew Gross. It's a fast paced thriller that takes place in Boston and Miami and centers around a string of murders and some missing artwork.

Ned Kelly, a part-time lifeguard agrees to help his friends pull of an art heist. His job is simple: create a distraction by setting of a number of house alarms while the real heist goes down. Ned though ends up the number one suspect in a string of gruesome murders when his friends are executed. Can he...more
It was a real page turner. I liked Ned Kelly was a very interesting - the criminal who was not a real, hard core criminal and who made a fantastic hero. From the beginning I wished him well. I thought that all the different characters were great. Through out the story, the reader is not sure who is the villain and who is Ned's tru friend.

The story line has lots of unexpected twists and turns. The relationship between Ned and the FBI agent is very complex and adds a lot to the story.

I liked the...more
Raizza Silva
I'm not sure how people could possibly rate this book more than 2 stars. I gave only one because I lost some nights reading this dull and ridiculous story. I thought there'd be a small chance of a different ending. It was probably the worst JP book i've read so far. I know this is fiction but seriously? Cliché after cliché and surreal nice endings after devastating catastrophes. It looked like one of those romance novels, the ones they have a hunk guy holding a hopeless woman on the cover than t...more
Amazing good read!!! Poor Ned. He meets the woman of his dreams, then his whole life turns to chaos. Hunted by the law, then befriends and FBI agent. Innocent? or not? Who doublecrossed the thieves? Twist after turn after twist. And then when you think you know who the real villian don't! LOVED LOVED THIS! Great, action-packed, pagee-turner!! You are one of the greats, James Patterson!!!
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