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Rescue Ink: How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck,and a Few Turtles
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Rescue Ink: How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck,and a Few Turtles

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  369 ratings  ·  74 reviews
The true story of ten tough and tattooed bikers who rescue animals in danger

Though Joe Panz, Johnny O, Batso, Big Ant, G, Angel, Des, and Eric initially met and formed their friendships at tattoo and motorcycle conventions, they soon learned that they shared another passion: animals. Each had been rescuing troubled animals on their own for years. They decided to form Rescu
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 17th 2009 by Viking Adult (first published January 1st 2009)
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Tara Chevrestt
You ever walk somewhere and draw funny looks? You ever looked up from eating a fabulous steak dinner in a real nice restaurant and just stop mid chew because the couple across the aisle won't stop blatantly staring at you? Or maybe somebody has looked at you like you imagine they would look at Ted Bundy? I have a couple of tattoos and I get these looks everytime I wear a tank top. I can imagine how these big, tattoed bikers feel. Meet Big Ant, G, Batso, Johnny O, Eric, Des, Joe, Robert, Bruce, A ...more
Jun 24, 2010 Susan rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Animal lovers
Recommended to Susan by: Tara Chevrestt
3 1/2 stars. Rescue Ink breaks some of the stereotypes about those involved in animal rescue and about tough, tattooed bikers. I think that this contradiction of expected behavior is the best thing about the book.

The perception is that women are the tenderhearted ones who rescue animals – everyone knows that. And for the most part, that is true. Apparently, someone forgot to mention it to this group of mostly big, heavily inked bikers. And they are not above using the intimidation factor to get
I picked this book up because it caught my eye on the way through my local half priced books. It is a book of short, episodic chapters covering both the members of Rescue Ink and some of their more memorable rescue stories.

A unique look at animal rescue from a unique group of animal rescuers. Most of the members are tattooed, largely muscled men with a soft spot for misunderstood breeds and critters in need. Each member has their own background and reasons for doing what they do and each have t
Debra Daniels-zeller
This book had great stories about a very different type of animal rescue organization. Rescue Inc is a group of tattooed guys who do an "in your face" type of rescue where they go out in neighborhoods and pastures and try to rescue animals from neglect or abuse. The guys include; Johnny o, Big Ant, Batso, Angel and Des. They also work with low income people who can't afford food or need a dog house built for their adopted pet. Big Ant would be in intimidating character to deal with for animal ab ...more
Loved this book! Its about tatted burly guys going to rescue animals in New York and nearby places, and their struggle with their own lives. It gives you details of these guys lives and who they were before they started saving animals. It basically an inspirational book to "rougher" people that no matter how much of a bad ass you are, compassion is still in your nature, and you can do so much good with that, and sometimes you just might need that bad ass in you to come out to help persuade peopl ...more
I have recently been getting more and more involved in the grassroots rescue organizations, and stumbled upon this book at the library. I immediately took it off the shelf because I was drawn to the tattoos, burly men and pits (a breed I have a soft spot for), but I was immediately drawn into the story. The guys are actually based here on Long Island, so I particularly enjoyed it because I knew every town they were talking about, and it was cool to hear about the efforts of the shelters and clin ...more
What do you get when a group of 10 muscled and tattooed bikers set their mind to rescuing abused animals? Results! This is the story of Rescue Ink, a group of tough guys who decided that rescuing animals is cool. Their rough backgrounds and street creed give them a unique approach to rescue. Rescue Ink is unafraid to take on the biggest bullies and they jump at the chance to confront the worst abusers. What surprised and impressed me is that they are careful to stay within the bounds of the law ...more
I listened to this one on audiobook. As someone who has worked in animal rescue and care, I can attest to the fact that there are more women than men working or volunteering in this field, which I think is rather a poor reflection on that gender. The fact that these guys banded together to do good is a wonderful thing. A bit of muscle and toughness is needed when it comes to rescue work. There really should be more men like these on board with rescue groups.
The book provides the backstories of t
Jul 16, 2010 Bunny rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Animal lovers with a strong heart
Recommended to Bunny by: Mina
Shelves: read-in-10
I stayed up late last night to finish the last 100 or so pages. I see this book is consistently recommended for animal lovers. While I agree this is an animal loving story, it is not the perfect book for this one.

I'm possibly the most soft hearted animal lover in the world. I cry when I accidentally step on snails. Well, maybe not cry, but I have severe remorse. It's a horrible way to live, btw. You try swerving around frogs on a rainy night in Louisiana.

This book made me cry. Almost exclusivel
The only reason I am giving this a 3 out of 5 is because I felt it could have been more, not sure what, but more.

Rescue Ink tells the story of the men and woman (Mary) behind the foundation of Rescue Ink. Rescue Ink is a tight group of tattoo-ed bikers who have more than that in common. Each of them feels that animal abuse is wrong and have an "in your face" attitude about it. They feel that the animal abusers need to be addressed as well as the animals themselves.

The book is told in chapters wh
I first heard of Rescue Ink a few days ago on a forum on Ravelry. I ran across this book at the Borders store closing sale but passed it over despite the cheap price. This past weekend, I went to a discount bookstore (as if I needed more books!) and there was this book, yet again. I sighed and gave into fate and added the book to my pile.

This morning, I needed a book for the train and impulsively grabbed this on the way out the door. It was a fast read and I read a good chunk of it on my commute
I'm a big fan of animal rescue, so this book appealed to me greatly. The attention-grabber about the Rescue Ink crew is that they look like a bunch of tough biker dudes and many people might not expect the softer side of them and their devotion to the animals. However, the guys' appearance works to their benefit, as they use it to their advantage to influence people who are mistreating their pets to consider other alternatives, though Rescue Ink doesn't resort to violence.
Each of the guys is fea
Shannon Donley
The author’s purpose in writing her book, Rescue Ink, was to inform readers about the cruelty that is done to animals. This book offers guidance on how to go about a situation involving abusing animals and how a group of “ten guys have saved countless dogs and cats, twelve horses, five pigs, one duck, and a few turtles.” No matter who a person may be, anyone can help save an animal’s life. Denise Flaim, the author, gets in personal with these guys and learns their techniques on how they get the ...more
It would have been very difficult to make this a bad book. You would have needed an extremely inept author. Denise Flaim is not an inept author. She's not an especially skilled one either, but she didn't have to be to make this a wonderful book. The story and the characters shine through the clumsy writing and low-level but persistent casual sexism. My only other caveat would be the remarkably shallow, one-sided and naive treatment of TNR given, but as that wasn't at all the point of the book, I ...more
Shonna Froebel
This book about Rescue Ink and its members is not only about an animal rescue group, but also about a group that works to educate people about the fact that abuse is wrong. A lot of people that rescue animals are female but this group is definitely male, and they are not afraid to be seen cuddling a small animal. But they are also not afraid to face abusers head on and work in as peaceful a way as possible to show them the error of your ways. They are careful not to break the law, but they defin ...more
All in all, a really great book about an unconventional group of animal rescuers. Sometimes what you really need in life is a horde of extremely selfless manly-men. This book gives some back story on the various members of Rescue Ink and shares some of their formative, animal-loving stories.
Some of the stories are a little hard to read considering the content. It isn't overly graphic, but you can fill in the blanks pretty easily. Fortunately the book mostly focuses on success stories. There are
I enjoyed reading this book, although at times my inner feminist wanted to bash out of it's inner sanctum to the massive amount of "testosterone" references made within the book. But how can one argue with a bunch of guys who are helping animals? It is hard, and I have to say I appreciate what these guys do and the way in which they do it. I love their tag line "Abusers are loser" and am glad that there are people out there that will do what has to be done to take care of those animals.

The book
I liked this book a lot! I thought it was going to be about guys using tattoo money to fund animal rescue. But the guys are not tattoo artists. It is actully about 10 guys who form a vigilante rescue team. They get a call about an abused animal, then they round up the group and go out with an in your face attitude and confront the animal owner. Sometimes this involves rescuing 100 cats from an out of control well meaning cat house, getting them spayed, neutered and well and parking the adoption ...more
I was hoping for more Angry Burly Men Confronting Sniveling Dog Abusers (as far as I was concerned that was the title of this book) and fewer Accounts of Burly Men's Personal Struggles. Certainly less Adventures of Spaying A LotLotLot of Cats. Hopes aside, though, their motives are unexceptionable, their personalities mildly interesting, and their pictures amusingly incongruous (again, a fine title for the book).

I will warn Long Island dwellers that there is one guy in here who murders small ani
Dec 05, 2014 LA rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: amazon
This book was quite interesting, and provided a lot of background on the guys I'd seen on TV. That being said, if you aren't interested in the guys themselves, you might get a little bored with all the background.
Mar 14, 2010 Caroline rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people interested in animals. And long newspaper articles.
This book was full of touching stories about how a group of tattoo-covered men have dedicated a good part of their lives to saving animals from dire situations, which not only helped the animals, but also themselves: It provided them with a solid way to steer themselves away from trouble, and showed clearly their transformation from law-breaking, scary men to law-abiding good ones.
However, the book lacked a plot-line, and seemed rather more like an extremely long, Rita Skeeter-esque newspaper ar
Christine V Mae Gaskins
Though this is a document for Rescue Inc., a New York animal rescue and a good recommendation for any one interested in learning about animal rescue, the book was just "OK". I love how tough looking guys have banded together in a non-profit organization to help animals and help people help their animals. And they use their appearance to intimidate some abusers. They stay within the law to help animals.
The last chapter, resources, list sites and tips on where to turn or how to act if you are in
Desiree Depinet
I have always heard about Rescue Ink and their show, but had never personally watched it. I recently heard that the group is no longer together and has been resolved, but came across this book and am always a sucker for rescues and what they do to help animals in need. This book gives the reader a good idea of each of the founder members. Where they come from, who they are, and why they rescue. It was a good book and a quick read. Some of the members stories are repeated throughout the book, whi ...more
I really enjoyed this one, despite the choppy writing style. Sometimes the chapter would start on the subject of one thing, veer to the left, and end up back with the information I was interested in at the end. It was a little annoying, but the subject matter was enough to keep me interested in spite of this.

I've heard of Rescue Ink before, but it was a different thing to read their individual stories, and individual rescues. It always saddens me to read about animal abuse, but those who help af
As an animal lover, I enjoyed this book. The story of heavily-muscled and heavily-tattooed guys from New York who rescue animals should be enough to make anyone smile. It was heart-warming to read of the successes these men had in helping animals in need, but it was also saddening to see how great the need is for our nation's animal population.

I found the stories to be interesting but not breathtaking. The writing was ok but far from spectacular. Primarily for these reasons did I give the ratin
Jun 18, 2010 Ladiibbug rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Animal Lovers

Calling all animal lovers! Rescue Ink is a group of tattoo'd biker guys who rescue animals -- dogs, cats, pigs, horses, turtles, and even a duck.

Saw a clip featuring these macho guys on You Tube from The Ellen Show and had to get the book. Rescue Ink has a show on Nat. Geo. TV channel too :-)

I totally enjoyed this book. A couple stories were too hard to read, so I just skimmed. Most stories are heartwarming and there's a good amount of humor too (especially the saga of the pig rescue!
Was the writing the best? Not so much. But the amazing stories of the members of Rescue Ink shine through the sometimes clunky jokes and storytelling. Each chapter profiles a member of the Rescue Ink team. They are all big guys who look intimidating on the outside but they all share a soft spot for animals. Some parts were hard to read because it's just disgusting how people treat animals. But overall it was a good read with a lot of happy endings for mistreated animals.
Oodles of ink and biker bad boys of brawn with a soft spot for animals? I won't lie: I was absolutely without a doubt destined to dig this one no matter the "literary quality," so, of course, I did. I just wonder, are any of them single??? But, back to the matter @ hand, the books good, not great, and the tales of animal cruelty left this vegan's blood a-boil. Nice to know that the animals have friends in "low" and delightfully persuasive places.
Traci Haley
When I first heard about Rescue Ink, I thought the group sounded so cool...and I still think that! This book was an enjoyable way to learn more about the group, but I have to admit, there wasn't a lot of substance here. If you're looking for a quick, light read about animals, then you'll probably enjoy this. If you're looking for a life-changing book... well, this probably isn't it. But the guys from Rescue Ink are still awesome!
I am such a sap. This book is making tear up *all the time*.

It's really one star for quality - a total puff piece, with bad writing to boot, which brings it down from the 3-star rating it would otherwise have gotten.

Because it is interesting to read about these burly tattooed men who bottle feed baby kittens and save abused rottweilers. And because I am a huge softie and was sniffly all the way through it.
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