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Even Steven And Odd Todd (level 3) (Hello Reader, Math)
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Even Steven And Odd Todd (level 3) (Hello Reader! Math Level 3)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  91 ratings  ·  34 reviews
Math is often a difficult subject for young readers. However, the Hello Math Reader series makes learning about math fun. In this latest title, a mismatched pair--Even Steven and Odd Todd--through their differing number preferences, teach basic number concepts in a way that both children and their parents will enjoy. Full color.
Paperback, 40 pages
Published April 1st 1996 by Cartwheel
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This is a book about two cousins Steven and Todd; it shows how the personalities of two people clashes because Steven cares for even numbers while Todd cares for odd numbers. Steven likes all of his things in even numbers. He lives in a two story house with 4 bikes, 6 cats, 8 gerbils, ten gold fish, and a flower garden with 12 sprinklers. Soon, his cousin Todd comes to town with his odd ways. He throws in his odd ways into Steven's even life and things get a bit sticky. At the end of this book, ...more
Ali Hembree
Steven likes all of his things in even numbers. He lives in a two story house with 4 bikes, 6 cats, 8 gerbils, ten gold fish, and a flower garden with 12 sprinklers. Soon, his cousin Todd comes to town with his odd ways. He throws in his odd ways into Steven's even life and things get a bit sticky.

This book is great for 1st or second grade students to help them discover what even and odd numbers are. At the end of this book, there are great discussion questions to help students apply what they
u1124876 UEL
Although this book is very American it does handle odd and even numbers very well. I am planning to use it tomorrow during PSRN with my reception class as an introduction to odd and even numbers.
Samantha Hagler
A very fun and colorful book that makes learning math fun! This story is about two cousins named Steven and Todd who are a bit different. Even Steven loves even numbers and everything in his life has to be even, such as the number of pancakes he eats in the morning, the hour that he wakes up, and the number of plants he has in his garden. Odd Todd does everything a different way, and likes everything in his life to be an odd number. When Todd comes to spend the week with Steven, things get a lit ...more
Kate Werner
While obviously written to be cover a math concept, it does tell a mildly stimulating story. Even Steven loves everything to occur in even numbers; however, when his cousin Odd Todd comes to visit everything is thrown out of whack.

This story gives a memorable and concrete representation to even and odd numbers.
Even Steven and Odd Todd is a great Math book! Even Steven likes everything in his day to be an even number. For example, he like to eat an even number of pancakes for breakfast, he wakes up at an even time (8) and he even had 12 sprinklers on his lawn. His cousin, Odd Todd, is just the opposite. He loves odd numbers and odd things.

This book uses literature and math very well together. While using the spelling of words and not the number, it helps students see the correlation between the two. I
This story is about cousins. There is even Steven who is perfect and loves even numbers. Then there is odd Todd who is more relaxed and portrayed as a laid back person.He loves odd numbers, it shows how the two go through life counting odds and evens, and how they only every do odd or even things. Even Steven always wanted to keep things clean and straight cut, but with Odd Todd he could never and that frustrated him. The book shows students even and odd numbers. It also shows the relationship b ...more
Jessica Vu
This is a great book to work on even and odd number concepts with 1st graders in a fun way. I would have a chart of nubers with odd numbers in one color and even numbers in another. While reading, I would point to the numbers on the number line so children can really see the difference in the numbers based on the color. The colors will also help ELL students who may not understand all the words in the book but can understand even and odd and the color differences. The teacher can review the numb ...more
Katherine Fountain
Even Steven and Odd Todd makes even and odd numbers easy to understand and also encourages being yourself. Everything that even Steven has is an even number and everything that Odd Todd had is an odd number. I thought this book would be fun for two students to play Todd and Steven and the class would ha to decide if a number is even or odd and point to the character. There are so many mathematical possibilities with this book and would be best with early grades kindergarten through third.
Shani Cooper
In this story,the personalities of two friends clash because Steven cares for even numbers while Todd cares for odd numbers. In the classroom, the teacher could pair students so everyone has a partner. Students are to come up with numbers that are relevant to their lives in some way. Students share the numbers with their partners and each person can share why that number is important to them. Each student records their partner's numbers and they can label each number as even or odd together.
Megan Piero
This is a great book to teach children about even and odd numbers. I am currently in a second grade classroom and this book meets one of the standards we are currently working on. After reading the story, the teacher could provide students with Pre-bagged manipulatives containing various even and odd numbers of items and ask them to count them out and decide if they belong to even Steven or odd Todd. This could even be used in a student guided math center with recording sheets.
Jasmin Garcia
What a great story of opposite numbers and differences. This story is about two boys who are cousins and have to live together while the other is visiting. Throughout the book Even Steven dislikes what his cousin Odd Todd does because it's disorderly and not even! I would use this book in the classroom to introduce even and odd numbers by counting in multiples of 2's, 4's, 3's or 5's. This book works as a great gateway into multiplication as well.
Vanessa Grubbs
I enjoyed this short book about two cousins who spend the summer together. Steven has certain ways he likes to do things (in even precise ways) and has to put up with his cousin Todd who does things every which way. This book covers even and odd number concepts, and reinforces counting skills, math vocabulary and gives some fun activities to give children practice with even odd numbers.
Christina Edwards
This book would be great a reinforcer on the concept of even and odd numbers. In the book, cousins with different personalities face off over even and odd numbered things. Steven prefers things which are even and Todd prefers odd numbers. I think this book is entertaining and students will benefit from using it as part of a lesson on even and odd numbers.
This book is about learning even and odd numbers. We have two different boys, one who loves even numbers, and we have one who loves odd numbers. This can be read in class to introduce, you guessed it; odd and even numbers. The students can identify odd and even amount of objects in the classroom and can do this outside the classroom as well.
Hatka Prozorac
The book Even Steven and Odd Todd by Kathryn Cristaldi serves as a good resource for lessons on even and odd numbers. The book also uses counting with animals, food, and items used everyday. This book shows students that math is used everyday in the real world. This book can be used in Pre-K to 2 grade classrooms.
Autumn Yoon
This book does a good job introducing even an odd numbers to young audiences. The story follows 2 characters who tend to side with even objects and odd objects. The book uses everyday examples and can e relatable for young students. This book would be appropriate for students ranging from 1st-3rd grade.
Sep 08, 2012 Dolly rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
This is an entertaining story about two cousins who are complete opposites of one another. Steven likes everything even and Todd likes odds. The narrative is short and good for beginning readers and I like that it teaches a math concept in a funny way. We enjoyed reading this story together.
Haley Hamilton
Such a cute book about two cousins, one who likes odd numbers and the other who likes even numbers. This would be used to teach about even and odd number and could also extend to discuss whether you get an even or odd number when you add two even numbers or two odd numbers and so on.
Japonika Finch
This book could most certainly be used in the classroom to begin a lesson on even and odd numbers. One character in the story likes things to be odd and the other likes things to be even. This can be a fun way to start off a lesson all about even and odd digits.
Nivi Krishnakumar
This is a great book to teach the difference between odd and even numbers. This will also be helpful in teaching skip counting to kids from a young age so that it will be helpful for kids when they get into multiplication and higher mathematical topics.
Kimberly Martin
Even Steven and Odd Todd is a book that introduces the concept of odd and even numbers. Steven likes for everything to be done in even numbers while Todd prefers odd numbers. This would be a great series of books to use in a reading center as well as math.
This is a funny book! Even Steven likes everything even and Odd Todd likes everything odd. For example, Even Steven would like 8 pancakes and Odd Todd would like 7 pancakes. My favorite part is when they both realize that odd and even numbers are both good!
Apr 16, 2012 Tricia rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: math
I remember reading this book sometime WAAAYYY back, and I'm glad to have found it again. I love this book, and think that i would be a wonderful way to teach children the difference between even and odd numbers. I would use this book for K-1
Kelli Bratten
This is a fun book to show even and odd numbers. I would have the students write their own little story about having an even number or odd number of something. Definitely for younger grades.
This book is good for helping students to learn the differences between even and odd numbers in a fun way. Also, this book can be used as a way to highlight, being yourself.
Mrs. Gabrielle Zastrow's
This was about two cousins. One was Odd and one was even. Even Steven was mad because Odd Todd drove him NUTS with all of his odd numbers and odd behaviors.
May 19, 2011 Kelly added it
Shelves: math, easy-reader
This book should really drill the idea of even and odd into students' heads. But at least it does it in a fun and silly way.
This is cute and full of numbers. Kids enjoy figuring out even and odd numbers throughout the story.
This was my favorite book in 1st grade. I thought it was just so clever. I read it over and over again.
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