The Wish Stealers
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The Wish Stealers

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  985 ratings  ·  172 reviews
When a sinister old woman leaves Griffin Penshine a box of twelve shiny pennies, she sets in motion a desperate quest; because the old woman was a wish stealer, and each penny represents a wish she stole from a wishing fountain decades earlier. Somehow, Griffin has to make things right, or the opposite of her own wishes will come true; and it could literally be a matter of...more
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published January 26th 2010 by Aladdin (first published January 4th 2010)
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Griffin Penshine makes wishes every chance she gets. Then a slightly scary womand gives her a "lucky" penny and box, and curses her as a wish stealer. Inside the box are eleven pennies, all stolen from a wishing fountain when the old woman was just a girl. They are all labeled with the original wish, and some even have the names of the wishers. Griffin has to return these wishes to their owners or none of her good wishes will ever come true again, only her negative ones.

This is a really sweet bo...more
Brooke Watson
Where do I begin? First of all, no one wears a cashmere sweater on the first day of school in Kansas. Ticky-tac? No. A good author would have researched. We wore tank tops and cut-off shorts. It’s hot on the first day of school.

Characters = zzzz Streoptypical. No personality.

Plot = lame. Stolen wishes had to be returned or the young protagonist (Griffen) was doomed! Boring.

Not only was this book mired in forced dialogue - the plot was forced too! Griffen always bumped into her foes at random p...more
Ah, I wasn’t expecting much from this book because my interest sort of waned for reading it and it’s been on my to-read list forever. So I decided a good way to lessen the numbers was to use them in my challenge. So this is an A-Z challenge book.

The Wish Stealers is a fun, quick-paced, insightful, and warm-hearted tale of a girl growing up and wanting to do what’s right. But most of all, it’s to get people to follow their dreams, to strive for things even if they seem difficult or out of reach....more
Griffin is given a box of old pennies by a strange woman. The pennies turn out to be wish pennies that were stolen long ago and because Griffin has them she is a Wish Stealer just like the woman who gave them to her. Wish Stealers take the wishes of others and make bad wishes on others. Griffin must learn how to control her power of bad wishing, find a way to return the stolen wishes all while trying to survive middle school.

This was an enchanting story. I like the idea of stolen wishes and the...more
Tabitha Olson
When I was a kid, I always wondered what happened to the coins that people tossed into fountains. I wanted to believe in the magic, but the more practical side of me wondered if someone came along and cleaned out all those coins...and I also wondered what happened to them. I never could shake the idea that if someone took the coins out of the fountain, something bad would happen. This is the fabulous premise in The Wish Stealers, and I was very excited to get my hands on a copy.

I wish the chara...more
This was a fun book full of advice that wasn't too preachy. The premise was different. Usually you get to have three wishes-- be careful what you wish for. This book has people who steal wishes. If you wish something evil on someone, it will come true. So, that was fun. **stop here for spoilers** Young Griffin Penshine visits an old antique store and meets a lady who tricks her into taking a whole box of pennies. They are wishes that people made and threw them into the fountain. She would listen...more
An amazing book in my opinion! I couldn't let go of this book! i kept reading on and on! It's about a girl named Griffin. At a shop an old lady gives her a box of 11 indian pennies that has labels on them. Griffin soon discoveres a note that came from the old lady that gave her the box. She was cursed to be now a Wish stealer. So every bad wish that she wishes come true and her good wishes don't come true. So she frets at school, and gets very upset. She doesn't want to become a wish stealer but...more
What a beautifully written, inspiring, and fun book. The main character, Griffin Penshine, a plucky and empathetic sixth grader, has been tricked into accepting a box of stolen Indian Head pennies. These pennies, however, were once stolen from a fountain long ago. Griffin must figure out how to return the pennies (and stolen wishes) or else her own wishes won't be realized. The Wish Stealers is metaphorically about those people who always try to put down someone else's dreams. The book also inco...more
Kristen Jorgensen
A wish stealer is a person that steals coins/wishes from fountains.

There are a couple of rules for wish stealers. All bad wishes will come true, and all good wishes will not.

Griffin has to learn to control her wishing and find her way out of the curse she was tricked into.

I thought it was entertaining enough, cute but forgettable. 2nd and 3rd grade girls will enjoy it.
A really sweet fable with a little too much treacle at the end... just a pleasant read with a good if heavy-handed message!
11 year-old Griffin Penshine has been chosen by a mean, old woman to be the next Wish Stealer, a person who steals others dreams and happiness by stealing their wishes when they make them. She does not want this cursed title, but she has been chosen by the old woman and has to find a way to remove the curse and give people back their wishes. This story shows positive messages about how real beauty is within and how people should never lose hope in following their wishes and dreams. However, I di...more
Danyelle Leafty
Awesome book about what it means to be a wish stealer or a wish giver. :) I really enjoyed.
Ashante Farmer
I like this story because this made me think about how we don't always get what we want. For example when Griffin Penshine wishes that her new school would smell like warm chocolate chip cookies "I wish my new school would smell like warm chocolate chip cookies,"(Trivas, 12). This quote explains that she wishes her new school would smell like warm chocolate chip cookies. This show that since she is starting a new school she hopes it would be a great and educated school. I can infer that when she...more
My eight year old read this and thought it was "Good. Not great." She writes:

The Wish Stealers is about a girl named Griffin who was tricked into taking a box full of pennies that had been stolen from a wishing fountain. She learns she has to trick someone else into taking the box OR return the coins to their rightful owners OR suffer the consequences: her good wishes will not come true but the bad wishes will. The ending was very satisfying. I am glad I read it but its not as good as the "Guard...more
Alissa Bach
Griffin Penshine, 12, loves jamming on bass guitar, studying famous painters of the past with her beloved grandmother, and playing with her pet turtle. Most importantly, Griffin loves making wishes. Silly wishes (for all vegetables to have creative-sounding names like parsley), serious wishes (for her grandmother to get well), practical wishes (no homework), wishes for her heart's greatest desire (to become an amazing bass guitarist)... A day in Griffin's life does not pass without at least one...more
Elizabeth B
What a wonderfully refreshing story! In a time when “fantasy” equates to vampires, this book was a nice change of pace with just a good old fashioned fairytale story. I won't spoil the contents for anyone but the plot revolves around a young girl who adores wishing but quickly learns that wishing has its downside when a turn of events cause her wishes all start to go bad. Like any old fashioned fairy-tale, she embarks on a quest and the story is driving forward as the quest changes her both insi...more
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Jul 04, 2012 May rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: fantasy
Griffin loves wishes. She wishes on everything. So when a creepy old lady gives her a box of pennies that are in reality stolen wishes, Griffin is horrified. Griffin has suddenly become a Wish Stealer--and she must return all the stolen wishes if she ever wants any of her own wishes to come true. But in the meantime, the opposites of all her good wishes are coming true--which could put the health of her grandmother and unborn sibling at risk.

This would have been five stars if I had been in, oh,...more
Angela Liao
Griffin Penshine got tricked into accepting coins that contains other people’s wishes inside, now her wishes will never come true! She must find a way to return all the stolen wishes or else none of her wishes will be granted. You will not be able to resist this amazing book. One of the things I like about this book is that it includes many quotes and statements at the end of each chapter. I find all the statements very meaningful. Some of my favorite quotes are, “Don’t let today’s disappointmen...more
Jun 25, 2011 James rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: young girls
Recommended to James by: Nobody
Shelves: fantasy-books
This book is about a girl named Griffin and she loves wishes. One day Griffin went to this store and Mariah gave her lucky buffalo pennies. These buffalo pennies are not normal at all. These buffalo pennies are not normal because it has people's own wishes inside the coin. Mariah has tricked her into giving really not normal buffalo pennies and now Griffin is called a Wish Stealer. A wish stealer is someone who steal wishes and the stealers own cruel wishes are the only wishes that will come tru...more
This was an awesome book. Griffin and her mom was in an antique store because her mom needed something and there she met a lady who gave her 11 Indian Head stolen pennies. On the pennies, each one is labeled with a word. She thought they were lucky so she was very happy to get it. Except she learns that the pennies were stolen from a hotel fountain years ago. Which means she is cursed of being the wish stealer. To stop the curse, she must return the penniest to the right owners, in order for her...more
When Griffin Penshine is tricked into accepting a box of stolen wishes, her luck suddenly changes for the worse. To reverse the curse, she must return all the wishes...but how can she return them to people who may not even be alive anymore?

The first thing I noticed on the dust jacket, and the first thing you need to know, is that this book's target audience is 8-12-year-olds. I'm nearly twice the intended age, so I had to be careful while reading not to unnecessarily critique things because I'm...more
Yaribel V.

Trivas,Tracy.(2010)."The Wish Stealers".New York: SCHOLASTIC INC.

Have you ever thought that someone would steal your wishes. Well in this story Giffin finds out that there is such thing as a wish stealer after meeting an old lady named Mariah. After that being a wish steaaler isn't what Giffin thought at all. The author of "The Wish Stealers" Tracy Trivas does a great job at telling the story of Griffin Penshine and her life as a wish stealer.

Griffin Penshine is starting the first...more
Hmm...well, this was interesting as it was my students' choice for a book club book. Okay, I was the one who suggested it but they voted on it.
While there were elements I liked, there were some that seemed confusing even to me (gasp).
For example, it was good in that my memories of middle school seem to match this fairly closely in various worries such as: boys seeing you, boys not seeing you, friends (even bestbestbest ones) one day not being your friend and that life was full of random unfair...more
Jennifer Moody
This book was sent to me by Annmarie Ager and Im so glad she sent it to me! It was such an exciting book,I was sometimes on the edge of my seat,even reading really fast to see what will happen. Now about the book.
Griffin Penshine was a girl who was always making wishes,she believe that wishes do come true. But one day a old lady who turned out to be a tricky women gives her a box with some really old pennies in it or at least that's what Griffin thought. But it turns out they weren't pennies. Bu...more
Steph Su
THE WISH STEALERS is a quick and interesting read with important lessons about individual strength buried within an entertaining tale.

I found most remarkable the way with which Tracy Trivas infuses this admittedly far-fetched tales with the universal morals of taking responsibility and action for your own happiness, instead of relying on wishful thinking. The late elementary/early middle schoolers that are the target audience for this book might miss that, but the subconscious implications are c...more
My 6th grade daughter read this for a book report and really liked it and recommended it to me. I read it and it was an entertaining read. I really liked it too.
Griffin Penshine is the daughter of an astronomer who is constantly wishing on wishable happenstances (ie. eyelashes, ladybugs, when people say the same thing at same time, dandelion fluff etc). While Griffin's mom, Dr. Penshine, is picking up an antique replica of the solar system, an ancient woman gives Griffin a 'gift' of an Indian h...more
Emma (Miss Print)
The Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivas (2010)

This is a cute story about a girl named Griffin Penshine who loves to wish. That is until an evil wish stealer cons her into accepting a box of cursed pennies. Griffin has to return all of the stolen wish pennies or risk becoming a wish stealer herself.

I liked this story. The optimistic, small town vibe was charming and Griffin really is an adorable heroine. The story dragged a bit in the middle as Griffin flounders with how, exactly, to return wishes that...more
Brady Baxter
I thought that this book was very well written. I felt like I had to continue reading almost all of the time. The beginning of the book was confusing at first. The father I got into the book the more the beginning made sense. The end of the book I thought that it was good because everything that had happened and hadn't been answered yet was answered at the end. My overall opinion of the book is that it was very good. I felt like when it was starting to get boring it picked up again. At times I h...more
What starts out as a simple fantasy story takes on depth when questions such as "Is there such a thing as luck? Or do we make our own luck? How can one person positively impact the world around them?" take over the story. This story could lead to a lot of good discussions with students, including the quotes at the end of each chapter. Themes of friendship, citizenship, love and respect for yourself and others abound.

The first discussion topic, in my mind, is the definition of a Wish Stealer. Thi...more
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