GOMORRA: Un viaje al imperio economico y al sueno de poder de la Camorra
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GOMORRA: Un viaje al imperio economico y al sueno de poder de la Camorra

3.71 of 5 stars 3.71  ·  rating details  ·  5,080 ratings  ·  505 reviews
Nápoles es la ciudad más violenta de la Unión Europea. Su criminalidad organizada, la Camorra, ha asesinado desde 1980 a más de 3.600 personas, más que la suma de IRA, ETA y Brigadas Rojas, y mucho más que la Cosa Nostra siciliana. Pero el rojo de la sangre es sólo un aspecto de la calamidad. La otra cara del problema es negra: una ciudad que vive de la economía sumergida...more
Paperback, 328 pages
Published May 5th 2009 by Debolsillo (first published 2006)
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La Petite Américaine
Nov 12, 2009 La Petite Américaine rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Leghisti / People who know Italy
**Update** Saw Roberto Saviano on TV last night. He was talking. Talking. And talking. And talking. And talking. And talking. For a frickin hour and a half without stopping except when he was interrupted by applause. Great writer, but his nonstop jabber has me ready to whack a star off this book.**

Gomorrah is a young journalist's account of just what the power of the mafia has done to southern Italy, particularly (but not solely) the Camorra in the Campania region. While he does discuss briefly...more
Francesca Lenti
This book should be taught in schools.
The media tend to forget about the camorra in Campania.
They only talk about it when there's more than 2 deads a day...
this book is a great tragical testimony of somebody who does not want to forget and wants to shout to everybody what the truth really is.
Recommended to anyone who doesn't want to stop to the surface and wants to go deep into the scum of reality.
Since he has pulished his book, Saviano is a hunted man. Does he glorify organised crime after all? Or where did my fascination come from when I read him? The book portrays the Camorra as the incarnation of capitalism in its purest form, whoever stands in the way of business will be eliminated with the appropriate means. Appropriate? How much are moral standards essential for good business? The question is neglected and yet imminent on each page. Who is good? Who is evil. Names over names are qu...more
Wow! Anyone who defends the idea that there is such a thing as a free market should take a deep breath and confront the multi billion dollar criminal enterprise depicted in this book. If you can accept that steroids in sports is a direct result of too much money being directly linked to performance, how do you think trillion dollar markets will behave? Read it and weep.
This book seems to have suffered a loss in translation, and there were also some formatting problems with it that may have been a result of it being on my Kindle, and not in paper form. Also, the author obviously wrote for the Italian reader. Several times, he made long lists of Camorristas or of cities in Italy, and I suspect that these may have meant something to someone who lives in Italy and who has more knowledge of the state of organized crime in the country than I do, but for me, it was j...more
Beh.. prima di fare questa recensione penso che sarebbe giusto dire che Saviano non è il tipico scrittore di quei racconti storici che a volte rimangono nel buio della memoria.
Visto che qui non si parla solo di Napoli o della Campania o del Sud; Gomorra è il motore del capitalismo. Ciò che ho però trovato di interesse davvero eccezionale è la descrizione della strategia manageriale della camorra moderna. Nessuna struttura centralizzata di famiglie che controlla il territorio: le famiglie ci sono...more
Where to start? A MUST READ book. It was a huge slap in the face and made "The Godfather" look like a care-bear mafia. Roberto Saviano makes us dive into the Italian mafia, the Camorra, an almighty organisation ruling the southern regions of Italy.
We are presented with his view, yes, but what remains are the facts, the cold-blooded facts: the terror that the Camora uses over Naples and its surroundings. The population live under their rule, the politicians are nothing but highly corrupted puppet...more
Wu Ming
WM1: Non ho letto nessuna recensione prima di affrontare Gomorra. Nessuna.
Libro impegnativo: a volte l'impasto è denso da soffocare, come la sabbia ficcata in bocca ad Antonio Magliulo legato su una sedia, spiaggia di Castelvolturno, litorale domizio.
Il lettore deve affrontare Gomorra con attenzione, coscienza, responsabilità. Altrimenti verrà travolto.
Mentre mi spingevo nel fitto ha preso forma un'ipotesi: l'io narrante di Gomorra è l'autore, ma non soltanto e non sempre. L'autore, per di...more
Anyone expecting a kind of cool, macho life of gangsters, with charismatic real-life characters and bloodily amusing anecdotes is in for a shock. This is a raw, vicious and angry book, a true expose of how the Camorra dominates life around Southern Italy and how from there it extends its tentacles worldwide.

Although it gives an overview of the various gangs and the characters involved, the book goes much further and breaks down the sociological and economic causes of and reactions to all that ha...more
Oct 17, 2009 Roy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone interested in economics or organized crime
I read this book while travelling through Campania. We had lovely weather, stayed in some of the most beautiful coastal town in Europe and had a very breezy and relaxing week, but every moment I expected to turn the corner and find the seedy underside of southern Italy – some youth selling drugs, or hand bags, or Kalashnicovs – but never found it.

Well, there was a very lively trade of cheap clothes wherever we went …

For any fan of the Wire, you won’t be surprised by how organized crime can embra...more
Amar Pai
I saw the movie version first. Now that I've read the book, I'm amazed at how faithful the movie is to the book. The film is an almost chapter-by-chapter recreation of the original. One of the most faithful adaptations I've ever seen.

But, something's always lost in translation. What gets lost in the movie is the book's poetry, and also its anger.

Saviano is a brave man for writing this. I'm surprised he's not dead yet.

Gomorra film author to leave Italy after mob death threats

The author of the...more
This book is more a condemnation of a Hell on Earth than an exposé or the work of an investigative journalist. Gomorrah is, at heart, a horror story that describes the Camorra, a Shape-Changing Beast that can appear a brutish thug at one moment, a wife and mother the next, and then the suave director of a global business.

Saviano is a philosopher whose point of departure is the empirical: The evidence before his eyes: A motorbike racing by him carrying two teenage hitmen; the vibrations of giant...more
Ausgezeichnet! Ein Camorra-Sachbuch aus der Innensicht des teilnehmenden Beobachters im Günther Wallraff Stil, geschrieben wie ein spannender Thriller mit vielen Hintergründen, persönlichen Elementen bzw. Ansichten und Querverbindungen. Bereits am Beginn fällt ein ganzer Haufen Leichen im Hafen von Neapel aus einem Container. Ausgehend von dieser Story wird die italienische Textilindustrie, über die Bauindustrie bis zur Müllentsorgung beleuchtet und genau beschrieben, wie das System Camorra lega...more
In America, we seem to have a love affair with the mob. Look at the Godfather or Scarface just to name two. Then there's Goodfellas and who can forget The Sopranos. (Actually, I could. I never liked it). Maybe the lover affair is because of the desire to get away with things.

The real mob is one scary thing, but we know that. Roberto Savino doesn't just tell us that; he also tells us how the mob ruins society.

Gomorrah is most likely not the best translated book, yet there is something compelling...more
Harry Rutherford
This is a journalistic account of organised crime in Naples; the title is a pun on Camorra, the name of the Neapolitan mafia. It’s an eye-opening, depressing book. The prose is occasionally a little purple for my taste, which I suspect is partly the translation. And I feel a bit petty criticising the prose style since Saviano risked his life to write it; he now lives under 24 hour police protection. I can only hope his bravery does some good, although the book makes the problem seem intractable....more
A bordo della sua vespa, Saviano ci guida nell’impero economico della camorra, facendoci scoprire i meccanismi del “Sistema”.
Partendo dal porto di Napoli, punto di passaggio per tutto quello che è prodotto in Oriente, scopriremo tutti i settori dove la camorra ha investito a livello mondiale, quali il tessile, la droga, le armi, il cemento e, infine, i rifiuti.
Leggendo questo libro si comprendono: ingranaggi, struttura e organizzazione dei clan, i cui capi si considerano degli imprenditori, bram...more
This is a worrisome portrait of the extra-legal underworld centered in and around Naples. It is run by "clans" that are much larger, more ruthless, more sophisticated and more international than the American style Mafia family. These clans compete with each other for market share in drugs, hazardous waste, high fashion, arms and anything else they choose.

The prose is absolutely wonderful. Well chosen words provide descriptions of people, life and feelings in a way you usually don't find in inves...more
Jun 03, 2008 Ryan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everybody, especially ALL Italians.
Gomorrah: Italy’s Other Mafia

A jaw dropping, gut wrenching exposè. This author, Roberto Saviano, instantly became one of my heroes. He grew up in some of the most crime saturated parts of Campania, the Italian region that includes Naples. He leads us through places that most of us (even living in Italy) could never see. He brings us into his world, as through this book we can begin to understand the tangled confusion and cruel realities of the region. He is a kid from the ‘hood who found in hims...more
J'ai enfin pu emprunter Gomorra de Roberto Saviano (Gallimard), traduit par Vincent Raynaud, à la Médiathèque et je viens de le finir.

Il s'agit d'un récit puissant, les pieds dans l'histoire, qui analyse tous les aspects des trafics mafieux, dans leurs moindres détails, du béton à la confection textile, en passant par les déchets dangereux. L'un des chapitres est même une dénonciation faite de "je sais", accumulés, les uns à la suite des autres.

Je trouve que ce texte remet bien les choses en pe...more
Lo lessi due anni fa. Ripreso perché la lettura di Solo per giustizia di Raffaele Cantone mi ci ha riportato. Lo ricordavo vagamente, letto affrettatamente appena pubblicato sull'onda, dell'allora, scandalo delle mozzarelle di bufala della Campania, bufale brucanti erba avvelenata.
Mi ricordavo bene le prime due pagine che paiono essere la sceneggiatura di un film di Quentin Tarantino.
Non ci sono parole per esprimere i sentimenti e le emozioni che Saviano con la sua documentatissima testimonianza...more
Laissez-faire capitalism where nothing is too big to fail, or even tear itself apart.
However, Saviano's descriptions suggest that the clans are also like states, albeit small and fluid.
They defend their borders and attempt to control everything within them, even while planning expansions and invasions of their own.

Sits nicely with a recent read: E.L. Doctorow's The Waterworks which illuminates life under New York's Tweed Ring.
The writing is more impressionistic and less engaging that a real fav...more
This book covers certain aspects of life in Southern Italy. It gives a quite different view of the picturesque landscape that the American and European tourist might see out of window of his or her train on the way to Paestum or Brindisi. Of course, these days you can read about Naples and its trash in the NYTimes. Certainly we don't want to condemn the whole program because of one little slip-up. This book makes you want to rent a car or hitchhike through Southern Italy and see all those sights...more
Timothy McCluskey
This is a very difficult book to read, not because of style but because there are no heroes. Everyone is trapped into the corruption and no one escapes its reach. It has becomes a way of life which infects even the youth. There is one chilling scene in which a young boy lures the mother of a rival gang out from here house - a woman who has befriended him - and she is assassinated. In the movie, he calmly walks away. The glamour of the Godfather, etc. is not part of this story.
I wanted to love this book, and I'm a little sad that I didn't. But I found the translation a little awkward, and I suspect it's a lot smoother and more powerful in Italian.
That said, there is some mind-blowing information in here, as well as as some extremely beautiful and powerful passages. I'm definitely glad I read it, and I recommend it to anyone interested in Italy. (And others, for that matter, but especially people interested in Italy.)
Jevron McCrory
This is not a leisurely read but an important one. The author had to go into hiding after the book was published. It reveals shocking intimate details of another world many didn't know existed and pulls back the veil on Italy's 'other Mafia.' I've only read this once and I don't know if I will ever read it again, but I'm very glad I did, in a way.....
Lorenzo Berardi
The book you have to read to understand why Italy is accepting its decline.

An extremely rare example of a well documented book which has sold a lot creating many debates in a country where the 80% of people use to buy one book a year, generally a collection of Pope's poetry or selected jokes by a famous football player.
I was stuck between three and four stars on this book but decided to go with four just for the sheer amount of information that Saviano presents in this book. While the philosophizing occasionally went over my head (his discussion on economics always went over my head), the gruesome details that he recounts with almost intimate knowledge unsettles me even though it's been a week since I've read it. The body count soars to the point where I gave up with trying to picture a face to put with a name...more
I got an advance copy of this and it was thrilling. Beyond what we deem investigative journalism since the author is living it; it certainly takes away the mystique and allure of an Italian vacation (not that reading The Economist hadn't already been chipping away there). It is a tragedy--no one chooses their homeland and many feel for it regardless of the problems created by a minority. His grief is palpable but doesn't interfere with the big picture: corruption left unabated will bring down ev...more
Una lettura difficile.
Devo dire che il modo di scrivere di Saviano non mi piace molto, ma credo sia in tono con i fatti che racconta e che evidentemente lo toccano molto da vicino in quanto abitante lui stesso di quei luoghi.
Leggere dell'organizzazione economica e sociale camorristica mi ha davvero lasciata basita, anche la sua evoluzione nel tempo è pazzesca e difficile da comprendere in tutto e per tutto.
Di certo fa incazzare, e tanto e proprio giù, nel profondo. Non è stata una bella lettura...more
Il libro parla della camorra, di come vive e impera in un raggio piuttosto ampio che oltre alla Campania e ad una serie di altre grosse città italiane oltre a Napoli, fa grossi affari dal Canada alla Cina, passando per Russia e l'Argentina, giusto per dire che nessuno si salva.
Saviano racconta delle guerre di mafia, delle donne di mafia, dei ragazzi che diventano mafiosi e non lo fa con il pietismo e la condanna, o no, ci sono delle alternative, ma diciamo che per chi nasce a Secondigliano, son...more
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Roberto Saviano is an Italian writer and journalist.

In his writings, articles and books he employs prose and news-reporting style to narrate the story of the Camorra (a powerful Neapolitan mafia-like organization), exposing its territory and business connections.

Since 2006, following the publication of his bestselling book Gomorrah (Gomorra in Italian), where he describes the clandestine particula...more
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