Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things (Alvin Ho, #1)
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Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things (Alvin Ho #1)

3.78 of 5 stars 3.78  ·  rating details  ·  3,901 ratings  ·  462 reviews
Her are some thing you should know about Alvin Ho:

1. He is afraid of everything. Trains, bridges, substitute teachers, girls, school. Everything.

2. He is from Concord, Massachusetts, which is hard to spell.

3. He loves Aquaman, Wonder Woman, all the superheroes of the the world. In fact, he is a superhero himself--Firecracker Man!

4. He is trying very hard to be a gentleman,...more
Paperback, 176 pages
Published May 12th 2009 by Yearling (first published January 1st 2008)
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The Library Lady
I know I'm supposed to follow the other reviewers and kvell over this book and declare Alvin to be the next Ramona, Junie B, whoever, just not in a dress.

But I can't.

From the moment he began to assemble his "Personal Disaster Kit" I stopped believing in Alvin as a living, breathing second grader. And the finale, with Alvin finally making friends with a cool girl, was about as predictable as you can get.

I found this contrived and cutesy and could almost feel the author winking at the adults read...more
Lenore Look and LeUyen Pham have teamed up to create one terrific cast of characters in this new chapter book for kids, Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things.

Alvin is afraid of lots of things: elevators, tunnels, bridges, airplanes, thunder, substitute teachers, kimchi, wasabi, the dark, heights, scary movies, scary dreams, shots, school. Especially school. And he's about to start second-grade, which means he's very nervous. At home with his loving and patient parents, sibl...more
Meh. Reading this book to my boys at bedtime gave me a very good idea of what Charlotte Mason meant when she described some children's books as 'twaddle'.

Sure, it's an engaging little story, and I had to laugh at Alvin and his Shakespearean curses. But in the end I was left with the feeling that this was really a book about nothing at all. Was it about friendship? Was it about childhood anxieties? Surviving school? Being a Chinese American boy? Taking responsibility? All of the above? I think th...more
Alvin Ho is this generation's Charlie Brown. He's afraid of almost everything and wants to be included in the activities at school, but since he is afraid to speak at school, most kids just ignore him. In spite of all this, Alvin doesn't come off as a whiny, wimpy kid. In fact, he seems quite intelligent and has sweet, realistic relationships with the people in his family. I love the way he is trying to remember his father's rules for being a gentleman. I laughed when he mentioned all the dead a...more
Barb Middleton
I work in Asia. I can offer girls, Katie Woo, Ruby Lu, Katie Kazoo, Clementine, Starring Jules, "Call me Oklahoma," Marty Mcguire, Judy Moody, Junie B. Jones... to name a few, but boys? They get about half or maybe a third of the girl offerings in Stink, Roscoe Riley, Julian, Horrible Harry, and "The Year of Billy Miller." Add Asian American, Alvin Ho, to that boy list. He's a second grader with a great imagination and great fears. When he goes to school he can't talk. When he's scared he can't...more
SCLS Librarian Miss Jenna
Alvin Ho is such a great character. He is extremely smart but shy and scared. His brother Calvin tells him to "embrace your inner scaredy cat" because people don't really change. I can relate to Alvin and I'm sure most kids can at one point or another. The book is very funny and will give kids (and adults!) a few good laughs.
OK, Alvin Ho is my new favorite. There's his voice -- distinctive, neurotic, precocious, and freaking *adorable.* There's the format of the book -- with lists and diagrams and illustrations (and of course I loved LeUyen Pham's illustrations).

But I think what I loved most is that I really want to live in Alvin's world. He's part of a tight-knit community -- Concord, Massachusetts (which is hard to spell) -- he's part of a very close family, he's part of a school system where they teach kids Thore...more
Ada beberapa fakta yang harus anda ketahui:
1. Alvin Ho adalah seorang anak laki-laki yang takut pada banyak hal seperti elevator, jembatan, terowongan, guntur, guru pengganti, kegelapan, mimpi buruk, setan, serta sekolah.
2. Alvin Ho tidak takut terhadap ledakan
3. Alvin Ho memiliki seekor anjing bernama Lucy, kakak laki-laki bernama Calvin serta adik perempuan bernama Anibelly
4. Alvin Ho menggemari Wonder Women, Plastic Man, serta semua superhero yang ada
5. Alvin Ho dahulu adalah Firecraker Man,...more
Samantha Tai
Last week I held our monthly 9+ book discussion at the library where we discussed Lenore Look's Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School and Other Scary Things. I was not looking forward to this discussion because I thought for sure the kids were going to tell me they didn't like the book: it was too easy, it was too babyish, etc. We decided to do this book as one of our discussions before I read the book (we don't usually do this, but we read reviews which were favorable and Multnomah Library had do...more
Anakku kelak akan memiliki banyak hal yang ia senangi di sekolah.
Ia akan senang pelajaran musik walau yang ia bisa hanya menyanyi, bukan memainkan alat musiknya. Ia akan menyenangi pelajaran keterampilan. Melipat kertas, menggunting, menempel, mewarnai, menggambar dengan pensil.
Anakku juga akan menyenangi matematika. Mungkin juga ilmu pengetahuan alam.
Ia akan membuka buku bergambarnya yang berwarna-warni, duduk dengan bangga dihadapan ayahnya sambil membacakan kembali cerita yang telah ia baca
Dari judulnya sudah bisa ditebak masalah besar apa yang dihadapi Alvin Ho setiap hari. Anak laki-laki kelas dua SD ini sebenarnya cerdas dan menyenangkan, tapi sayang begitu tiba di sekolah, bertemu guru dan teman-teman serta anak-anak perempuan, lidahnya tiba-tiba kelu sehingga akhirnya semua orang mengenalnya sebagai Alvin yang Tak Bisa Bicara. Akibatnya, Alvin tak punya teman, tak pernah diajak bermain, tak pernah dipuji guru walaupun dia tahu semua jawaban yang benar.

Lucunya, begitu keluar s...more
Oct 31, 2013 Dolly rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: children starting to read longer chapter books
This book offers an interesting take on the typical kid-lit genre. It's the first book in the Alvin Ho series by Lenore Look and LeUyen Pham.

The main protagonist is the middle child of a Chinese family who has close relationships with his extended family. He lives in Concord, Massachusetts and refers often to the historical figures and events that took place there, especially during the Revolutionary War.

Another interesting aspect of the story is that Alvin cannot speak in school and sees a psy...more
I have heard this talked and talked about over and over again in school library circles, so I finally picked it up (after adding it to my own K-4 library last year). But I wasn't that impressed.

I enjoyed the uniqueness of the story - definitely quirky. Alvin Ho is afraid of many things, from elevators and tunnels to meeting new teachers and heights. But he never speaks in school. As a selective mute, he is treated to a visit with a "psychotherapist" weekly. I thought the chapter where he met wit...more
Some people follow sports teams. Others follow the rise and fall of various celebrities. Children's librarians, in contrast, are fans of children's book authors and illustrators. If trading cards were acceptable amongst grown adults I'm sure we'd be swapping Louis Sachars and Linda Sue Parks for a rare Beatrix Potter or A.A. Milne. Part of this particular branch of fandom concerns itself with the pairing of various authors with illustrators. This is where editors come in useful. It takes a smart...more
Alvin Ho, a Chinese American boy fond of superheroes and firecrackers, is sort of like a human Scaredy Squirrel. His list of things to be afraid of is as long (fourteen items and counting) as it is specific (kimchi. substitute teachers. wasabi.)

Like Scaredy Squirrel he has a Personal Disaster Kit. This year his kit contains a whistle (for all those times he loses his voice), garlic (for fending off vampires and teachers) and a scary mask (for keeping girls away). But every year is different and...more
I'm between 2 and 3 stars for this one. I think it was well-written, for what it is, but had a few qualms:
a) I did not find the voice believable. I felt this was distinctly an adult parodying a child,

b) I appreciated the humor of the book, but did not actually find it funny. It was like "getting" a joke but not thinking it was funny and

c) while the ending is very positive, this was another element of the book that I found unbelievable. Bullies are not usually so easily vanquished and it often...more
Feb 02, 2009 Nicole rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone...and yet no one?
Shelves: early-readers
Loved it! Alvin is a wholly believable character, every single situation is true to kid life and funny as hell. How great is it that none of the kids know if Jules is a boy or a girl and no one cares? How great is it that Flea is physically disabled (and a pirate) and it's totally cool? How fantastic is it that Alvin doesn't miraculously recover and live happily ever after? I can't say enough wonderful things about this wonderful book.

Side note: I'm uncertain of the audience appeal here. The nos...more
Edward Creter
Little Alvin Ho is a Chinese-American in Concord, Massachussets, the birthplace of the American Revolution, in which the Minutemen kicked ass with the perfidious British...and that's all Alvin knows of History, just the macho parts, nothing more. He even appreciates superheroes from Captain American to, oddly enough, Henry V (at least it's not Henry VIII, which would be tragic history in itself.) and plays Captain Firecraker Man on a daily basis. He fears everything, tho'...including females. EV...more
Phoebe Milvy-soloff
It's about how Alvin doesn't like girls and school. He finds out that he likes one girls ideas and makes friends with her and having friends makes school more fun. It's a funny book as he tries to come up with ways to get sick so he can miss school. Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things by Lenore Look
Bobby Simic
This one's pretty adorable and Alvin is a nifty little character. Good at capturing life's smaller obstacles that feel so huge when you're young, especially socializing. I liked that it dealt with how, when we're younger, we put so much weight on the "right" and "wrong" people to hang out with.

Great illustrations too. The book as a whole reminded by of Goscinny's Nicholas books.

My only question: Will Alvin ever speak in school?
I love this book and have read and reread it multiple times. I would be happy if my eventual child turned out like Alvin.

A definite recommendation for both boys and girls. Look incorporates Alvin's Chinese and American heritage very matter of factly. I also enjoyed the glossary explaining words and people that the average child of Alvin's age (second grade) would not know.

I would also suggest this one as a great read aloud.
Liz Hedgpeth
I have an 8 yr old boy and a 6 yr old boy. We listened to this book in the car, and it was hard to even hold a conversation with my husband becaue WE were even enjoying this book. The boys were LAUGHING out loud and totally into it. Such a fun book.
Jessalyn King
Kids' books make me happy when they're well done. This one is well done. The kid logic is fantastic and hilarious, and the parents are wonderful, and this kid will grow up to be a wonderful human. I also loved the pictures. They're adorable.
Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things by Lenore Look is a delightful middle grade read. Alvin Ho is going into 2nd grade and he is afraid of everything. Well, maybe not everything, but he sure is afraid of a lot of things. He can't talk at school, but he manages to make a friend (which he maybe didn't want to) in Flea--a girl with one longer leg than another and blind in one eye. She looks like a pirate which is Alvin's favorite part of her, but she's a girl which means Alv...more
Mary Lee
It was kind of funny...sometimes. Love it when he starts swearing Shakespeare-style. Maybe it would be a good beginning of the year read-aloud. I just don't buy that he's a second grader.
It's not fair for me to review this. I read three chapters and decided I had to stop reading it. The way it was written made me feel like I had ADD or something. Just couldn't connect.
Laura Stockwell
It was a cute book about a kid who is afraid of lots of things and sometimes gets into a little trouble!
Katie Jane
I love Alvin's view of the world. And who can resist a girl with an eyepatch and the nickname Flea?
In this first of a two-book series that includes Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters, author Lenore Look fills the pages with zany and loveable characters and witty observations, all described from the pragmatic point of view of Alvin Ho and colored by his many fears. Look’s success is in her ability to make the most of Alvin’s daily adventures, from bugging his brother on the computer to standing in line with his classmates outside the window of the kid who has ch...more
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I first began making picture books in kindergarten because my other career option at the time was stealing. But a life of crime requires practice and patience, neither of which I had, so I settled into industry, making what I coveted but what my parents could not afford to buy: beautiful books like the ones my teacher read to us in school.

Publishing was no problem in those days, not like it is no...more
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