My Shit Life So Far
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My Shit Life So Far

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Frankie's outrageous, laugh-out loud, cynical rant on life as he knows it is presented here in all its outrageous glory. From growing up in Pollockshaws, Glasgow – "it was an aching cement void, a slap in the face to childhood, and for the family it was a step up" – to his rampant teenage sex drive – "in those days if you glimpsed a nipple on T.V. it was like porn Christma...more
Hardcover, 291 pages
Published October 1st 2009 by HarperCollins Publishers
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Not for the faint of heart. Frankie Boyle's pseudo-autobiography. I say pseudo, because you have to assume that a large part of it is embellished, altered or downright bullshit.

Starting with his early life and working through to the time he kicked a drunk Santa off the stage in front of me at the Hammersmith Apollo (strangely he doesn't mention me being there in the book at all though).

This book isn't as funny as that show, but if you like humour that offends you to your very core, this is a goo...more
I have no idea who Frankie Boyle is and bought this based on the title at a used bookstore. Super funny- Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of people I can recommend this to, as the material is VERY offensive. Not for the faint at heart. Also the Scottish references were lost on me. Still, this was truly entertaining. An example of his nasty humor is that he calls AIDS the "Gay Rabies". HA!
Relentlessly hilarious, disjointed and the only "celebrity" autobiography worth reading as it tells you precisely nothing about the person.

My favourite line - "tell God if he wants to make himself useful he can stick his finger up my arse".
It was a fun little read at first, and to be honest I was hoping to glean or garner some inspiration for the little jokes that were flooding my mind.

You see, creating jokes isn't all that hard to do. What is hard is creating the little stories around those jokes and being able to prosecute them in a timely fashion. Also, you've got to be a good communicator, and that's the biggest area I'm lacking in.

But, believe it or not, I'm a bit of a story-teller meself, and was lucky enough to springboard...more
As a fan of Frankie Boyle I was suprised when I found out he'd written a celebrity biography. After reading the short section available on the Amazon website I wasn't sure whether to bother or not as it came across as disjoint and that he was trying a bit too hard to be zany.

Fortunately things settle down after the first chapter. The bits and pieces about his life, alcohol and drug experiences and the occasional story were interested but shallow. Some additional detail would have made a huge dif...more
Mick Bordet
There are more jokes here than biography, but that's playing to his strengths, I guess. His private life is kept to himself and he focuses on what has defined his comedy. There are some touching moments and even interesting political ideas mixed in with the trademark Boyle humour. Not for the faint-hearted, but it certainly raised a few healthy laughs.
Jeff Hanson
This memoir/autobiography of Scottish comic Frankie Boyle has a few laugh out loud moments, but doesn't reveal much about the author. A few quotes are pretty priceless, e.g., "Personally I'm looking forward to telling my children they were adopted. They weren't, I'm just looking forward to telling them that." But on the whole, the book consists primarily of recounting various drink and drug filled comedy tours with some political commentary interspersed. Some examples of drug fueled comedy writi...more
Patrick Neylan
Shit life so far? You're not doing anything to improve it here, pal. A friend of a friend whose dog goes to the same vet as the chinchilla owned by the ex-girlfriend of someone who once worked at the publisher (oh alright, it was (view spoiler)) told me that it took a lot of work to get it up to standard. Yeah? God knows what the original manuscript was like.

Okay, let's be positive. For all his deliberate odiousness (although I'm told that's just a...more
Firstly i do like Frankie Boyle he is just hilarious but i'm not too sure about this book.

You literally learn nothing about Frankie Boyle, other than he really wants to quit being a comedian and you get the overall sense he's bored of it really. He constantly goes on about his past drug use and how exciting it was, however he never really goes into great detail about it. Along with his drinking problem he used to have, never really went into great detail about that even though he often talks abo...more
Paulietheboss Devine
I was a really big fan of Frankie Boyle when I saw his first standup dvd. I never really watch TV and so I hadn't seen him on Mock The Week etc. I'm from Glasgow and I went to the same secondary school as him.

I never got a chance to see him live, any time I noticed he had a gig coming up it was always sold out. I saw his newest standup dvd and thought it was more of the same of the first one, slag-the-audience formula was getting a bit tired and he was trying a bit too hard to be more shocking a...more
I guess I am a masochist, after paying money and spending a few hours finding out how contempible Frankie Boyle finds me and everybody else in the world. It's made all the more unsettling by the fact that he spends most of the book (at least the part that he's not unnecessarily padding with lousy sketches he couldn't get aired) trying way too hard to convince us he's just an average man, albeit one who finds even his fans deplorable. The whole book is really just a barely coherent patchwork of m...more
Ceri (welshy)
This book is basically as the title says, Frankie Boyle’s shit life so far. I only normally read biog’s about celebs I know of but my son said this was brilliant and I had to give it a go!! I’ve never seen Boyle on TV and only heard of him as he had caused a contraversy a few months ago that I saw on the news.

With some of the things he’s says I’m laughing but with some things I’m cringing, he’s quite a cynical fella isn’t he! He says in the introduction that he lies a lot in this book (and I cou...more
Rebecca Haslam
A word of warning; do not attempt to read this book unless you have a very flexible sense of humour! I bought this book, being a massive fan of Boyle's, from seeing his live stand-up, and stints on Mock the Week. However, a page into his autobiography, and I was ready to put it down and walk away. The introduction seems to be a one-man mission to offend as many people as is possible in a few pages.

I got through this though, and I must say, the rest is brilliant. Boyle is no writer, clearly, and...more
In brief: Frankie reflects on his life in a very sardonic way.... chock-a-block full of his usual acerbic wit!

The good bits: Every so often there were some parts that made me laugh out loud, such as when he wrote about his short lived spell as a teacher.

The bad bits: Having seen some of Frankie's comedy I knew that this would be quite crude in places, yet at times there were too many inappropriate jokes, even for me.

I read this book because: Jaw staggeringly rude and offensive he may be, yet I...more
Tim Roast
This is the autobiography of Frankie Boyle from TV's Mock the Week. As you'd expect from the title of the book and from Frankie's comedy style as seen from his TV and stand-up work he views life negatively. However this doesn't mean the book is dour and depressing because he has interspersed his humour into it as much as possible. Some of this had me laughing out loud. For example he relates a story where he shimmies down a drainpipe to avoid his flatmate who he wants to avoid, only to get caugh...more
Sascha Gabriel
Could have been worse is my overall take on this book. There were much less rape and paedophile references than expected, which was a good thing. In places it was quite well written too and did offer a hypothesis as to why his humour is so bleak: he and his life was bleak, and it would have been odd, perhaps, if his delivery had developed a positive sunny style. It also becomes more clear why he and Michael Macintyre would NEVER get on ;)

The drink and drugs pages were, as junkie stories often ar...more
I heard terrible things about this book, but reading it for myself came to the conclusion that those who'd read it before me had both seriously a) anticipated reading an actual autobiography and b) had high expectations despite the title "My Shit Life So Far". I include myself in the equation, and I'm sure Frankie is laughing at me and every other silly idiot now. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that publishing this was a bet with someone to see if it topped whichever reality celebrity was also...more
Russell Taylor
I like Frankie Boyle - I think he is really funny. However, having read this autobiography, do I really know much more about him that when I started? The answer is no. Virtually every story he tells just ends in a gag which after a while begins to grate a little. If all I wanted was jokes I would have watched one of his hilarious stand-up DVD's. There are some genuine laugh out loud moments, but I would have liked to have got to know him a bit better.
Steve Williams
It was a while ago that I read this now. I was intrigued to read about someone of my age, growing up in the 70s and 80s and seeing life now, with some life experience as he approaches 40. From what I remember the content was a bit thin which did at least make it a quick read. He also weaved what I thought was stand up material into his life story which I felt was a cynical attempt to flesh out the book. He is funny, no doubt but his style does wear after a while as there is no variance or light...more
Book Addict Shaun
In looking through my books to see which ones I could review (some of them I read years ago and so can hardly remember) I came across this. I have read plenty of autobiographies over the years and this is by far the worst of them all. I don't even know why I bothered to read it. Frankie Boyle is a horrible human being. First off I want to say that Roy Chubby Brown is one of my favourite comedians, so my opinion of Frankie isn't because of his humour, it's just the fact I don't like him. I don't...more
I decided to buy this book for my boyfriend last year and he only just got to finishing it last week, and I decided to give it a go after hearing him having a good laugh the whole time. I really loved Frankie when he used to take part in Mock The Week so gave it a go.

Sadly I didn't think this book was all that great. I found the beginning interesting as he describes his childhood, but even then it seemed to revolve around porn and how he hated where he lived. The later half of the novel is fragm...more
Ravikiran A
As a long-time fan of Boyle's subversive offensive humour, I picked up this book, figuring I'd get some insight into his life and hopefully, read some more of his jokes. Turns out, I'm a bit disappointed. While he does toss at the reader a liberal dose of his trademark celebrity-themed jokes, his "autobiography" seems more like a rambling stream-of-consciousness-esque narration of his memories. We don't really get to learn much about his life (Then again, in all fairness, he does warn us about t...more
As I began to read this book I had a mixed opinion of Frankie Boyle. I loved his contribution to panel show "Mock the Week", but found his TV series "Tramadol Nights" only hit and miss, and his comic book writing downright bizarre. My opinion of him remains much the same after reading this book - mixed.

There are some huge laugh-out-loud moments in the book, but overall it doesn't feel very substantial and what's more, it doesn't feel very truthful or accurate. Perhaps that's intentional and I ju...more
If you're a big fan of Frankie Boyle's comedy, you'll probably love this book. If you hate his comedy, you'll certainly hate the book. If you're on the fence about him, chances are you'll also hate the book. This book is no different from Boyle's comedy in that you must have a broad, dark sense of humour in order to find it funny. Quite a lot of the jokes in this book could be labelled as "tasteless" or "offensive" by a lot of people, which is entirely their point.

Already a lover of Frankie's co...more
Feb 04, 2012 Kira marked it as to-read
WHY, oh WHY am I going to read this?

I used to watch Frankie Boyle pretty much every Friday night, on some obscure BBC imprint channel at like three in the morning (or, you know, Mock the Week. Though I generally preferred Russell Howard). Fortunately, BBC Canada only goes for the milder Graham Norton fluff, so I no longer have the painfully offensive and embarrassingly funny influence of Frankie Boyle in my young life.

I'm not going to BUY this book (dear Lord, no!) but I'll find it somewhere, ma...more
Colin Guy
I don't really read many auto biographies so took a chance with Frankie's (he of the ginger hair and black heart, formerly off Mock The Week). It is refreshingly honest, as you might expect, and the first half which deals with his childhood and pre-uni days are an absolute scream. However it is here his anecdotes seem to dry up and are replaced by a run of the mill delivery of facts (becoming a teacher, starting the comedy circuit, etc) whilst equally informative, are not nearly as entertaining...more
Ashley Ward
Books by stand-up comedians can be hit-or-miss, and for me this was a hit. But I think you have to be a Frankie Boyle fan coming into this read in order to fall in love with the memoir. He has a personality and comic style which is as polarizing as this genre of writing.
Fiona Farrugia
Hilarious read, lots of lol in coffee shops getting odd looks from all around. Every possible no holes barred opinion, outrageous. You have to be a little thick skinned but I would recommend especially if you need cheering up and lots of unrestrained belly laughs.
Sam Burns
This made me laugh so often it was so funny. Growing up in Northern Ireland a lot of his experiences were similar to mine and I knew every celebrity influence he mentioned. Lots of laugh out lout moments.
Shauna Tyndall
What can I say? Anyone who's ever heard of Frankie Boyle knows about how he goes out of his way to be offensive. This is what he does in the book, for the most part. And in fairness, he's quite good at offending people. Which I almost have to compliment him on because most people are too afraid of offending others to say anything even mildly derogatory. (I say offend as many people as you like - they need to learn that they can be offensive back.)

Anyway, there are some quite interesting stories...more
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Francis Martin Patrick "Frankie" Boyle is a Scottish comedian and writer, well known for his pessimistic, often controversial sense of humour. He was a permanent panellist on Mock the Week for seven series and has made guest appearances on several popular panel shows including Have I Got News for You, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You?, You Have Been Watching, Never Mind the Buzzcocks (as guest...more
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