Shooting Stars
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Shooting Stars

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  377 ratings  ·  106 reviews
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published September 8th 2009 by Penguin Press HC, The (first published August 29th 2009)
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Kai Brumaghim
I read Shooting Stars by LeBron James. This is a sports book and memoir. This book is about LeBron James a young high school superstar basketball player and his team. It shows how they won their games lived their high schools lives with all the hype of how good they were. Also it shows how LeBron James started his career to becoming arguably the best athlete on earth today. This book takes place in the mid 2000's in Akron, Ohio. Thats were the high school they played at was. Really the only true...more
Panos Voulgaris
Whether or not you are a basketball/Lebron James fan, you will enjoy this book written by Lebron himself and Buzz Bissinger. The book captures the inspiring story of Lebron James who grew up in Akron, Ohio with a single mother. They were very poor, and at times struggled to find an affordable place to stay for even a single night. The odds were stacked against Lebron who was surrounded by people doing illegal activities (go figure). This is when basketball came into play for Lebron James. Basket...more
Buzz and LeBron’s book Shooting Stars has a big purpose. The purpose is that no matter where you come from and no matter your skin color you can achieve big things if you put your mind to it. LeBron proved this when he was growing up. He could have easily have fell the wrong way and could have got involved with drugs, but he didn’t let that happen. I think that the theme of this book is that your dreams can be reached if you work at what you want. I say this because in the book LeBron always kn...more
Isaac Collins
The author's purpose for writing the book is to show all of the things that this team had to overcome. Everyone doubted these boys when they were freshman playing varsity because they were "too young" or "too immature" for the competition. But they ended up winning the state title their freshman year, sophomore year, runner-up junior year, and state and national champions their senior year.
The theme of this book is be who you are because everyone knew how good they were and tried offering them a...more
This book is about NBA star LeBron James growing up in high school with his four good friends and their journey they had from their freshman year to their senior year at St. Vincent-St. Mary high school. It's starts out with five great friends who have been playing basketball together since they where ten years old LeBron, Romeo,Sian, Dru, and Wille. They all new they've eres going to be something special in 7th grade when the qualified for the national championship tournament in Memphis. Then t...more
this was A very good novel, only becasue it was about my favorite player Lebron James. this novel was about a basketball star, named Lebron James, that told his chil hood and how he became who he is today.I know thats my favorite player but there was a lot of things i didnt know about Lebron, for example, how his mom was to poor to raise him and he had to stay with his grandmother. i dont how he is in the nba after living like that as a child, i wouldnt be able to do it. Lebron James became my f...more
Shooting stars by LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger is a book about how perseverance, hard work and teamwork can pay off. LeBron and the rest of the fab 4 +1 go from a team of high school students, into a nationally ranked team! I would definitely recommend this book, including but not limited to, anyone who enjoys non fiction, or a great story!
This book is about Lebron James life and childhood. His life was hard living in a small apartment and only a mom. He would always ride his bike around Arkon Ohio. He loved the burgers from his favorite place swensons he loved the aroma too. He later in the book made book he meet some friends Little Dru,Willie,Sian.
Cole Davis
This book is about a high school team that become best friends and play together with the best player in the NBA today. I love to play basketball and learning new things about the game everyday. Im not a good reader but this book really caught my eye. I was a high school basketball player that loves the game so I wanted to read about a great team. It was how inspiring because they were mostly the only black people in their school because they went to a private school and it was frowned apon that...more
Cole Greer
Shooting Stars was a very good book. In 5th grade I did the wax museum on Lebron so I new a lot about him and his life. The theme of this book was that you can always achieve something even if the odds aren't in your favor.

The style was from Lebrons high school to his future. It showed what he went through as a kid and all the popularity he had as a high schooler and being the best basketball player in his class.

I liked this book a lot but it didn't give me a lot of information that I already k...more
Glenn Hagan
I am a huge fan of LeBron. This book was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. LeBron had to go through a lot like growing up in the rough parts of Akron, moving house to house, and having his mother raise him all by herself. LeBron brought people into his life that helped him on his way to the top. LeBron's story is the american dream. He grew up on the streets and is now on the top of the sports world. This book taught me about brotherhood and loyalty. LeBron is my role model so I really ap...more
Bryce Rausch
This book was pretty good, better than I thought, anyway.

What I expected was, "My four teammates from highschool are awesome and this is their chance to maybe get some decent jobs since I'm Lebron James and have more power than He-Man (Who only has it by the Power of Greyskull)."
But, Buzz Bissinger's presence was very obvious and welcomed in this book and I actually got a pretty enticing story of Middleschool to Senior Year basketball with Lebron.
However, it was clear in the second half of this...more
Devin Munroe
Apr 11, 2010 Devin Munroe added it
Recommends it for: Ms. D'Orazio
I really liked the book Shooting Stars because it's a story about the loyalty between Lebron James and his friends. Lebron was a regular kid in Akron living with his mom who struggled to support them. Lebron first started playing basketball at the age of nine on a team called the Hornets where he met Little Dru, Sian, and Coach Dru who grew to be some of the most important people in his life. They instantly connected with each other and later would be known as the Fab Five. As time went on they...more
Daniel Liu
Growing up in the small town of Akron, Ohio, five kids face the everyday challenges of poverty, drugs, gangs, and violence in the streets of Akron. But the one thing that keeps them off the streets and away from such negativity in the community is the game of basketball. This is the story about the life of Lebron James and his four best friends (Little Dru, Sian, Romeo, and Willie) playing for their dreams of one day making it out of the projects and playing on a team for a Division 1 schoo...more
The Shooting Stars were a bunch of kids from Akron, Ohio (LeBron James and his best friends) who first met on a youth basketball team when they were ten and eleven years old. LeBron was the only child of a single mother he grew up without a father and had moved over a dozen times by the age of ten. Willie McGee had left both his drug-using parents in Chicago to be raised by his older brother in Akron. Dru Joyce was short, but outspoken and a perfectionist, and his dad ended up coaching the group...more
Corey Williams
this book was outstanding! this book shows a group of friends (lebron, little dru, willie, sian, and romeo) that have been through evrything together, that eventually become the fab 5 of st. vincet, st. marys high school. as kids lebron, and willie were both raised with little money, and single parents. lebrons mother eventually came too a point where she had too send lebron too a foster house, because she wanted lebron too live in a wealthy household. later on lebron moved back in with his moth...more
Charlie Craveiro
Shooting Stars by Buzz Bissinger & LeBron James Review

When people think of the N.B.A. basketball superstar LeBron James they don’t usually think of smart. They think of Athletic, High flying dunks, and a shot formation that could make a cheetah purr. People usually think of how much better LeBron James is getting and how he will go down in history as one of, if not the best basketball player of all time. People usually do not think of all of the challenges of life LeBron James went through....more
Aug 02, 2009 Seth rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Basketball fans
Recommended to Seth by: Amazon Vine
There are several books out there about LeBron James, but I find the best way to get a grasp on someone is to hear what they have to say. Shooting Stars is the book you want if you’re looking to see what the NBA phenom experienced firsthand, and it’s his first book as an author (Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights, is on board as well). Admittedly I’ve grown tired of seeing LeBron’s name and face everywhere (it’s hard to avoid incessant marketing), but as a basketball fan I respect him...more
Ryan Degner
The author is LeBron James and I think his purpose in writing this book is to explain his basketball career. It starts off when he was a kid, and finishes around his senior year in high school. It is his point of view, and the audience would probably be fans of him.
The theme of this book is LeBron James basketball career. He is explaing how stressful being a high school athlete can be. Lots of people try to ruin him, and the fame he aquires gets to his head.
The style of this book is a narrati...more
As we speak there are thousands of youngsters who are members of AAU teams, travel teams for soccor, basketball, and swimming that are driven all over god's creation in station wagons and vans to countless tournaments encouraged by a parent who sees a scholarship at the end of the road or by a coach who has dedicated a good part of their lives to recruiting, teaching, and pushing kids to stardom. It has become overblown and excessive but the better coaches teach character, discipline, teamwork,...more
Josh Wilson
While I was embarking on the beginning of my day a couple weeks ago, I asked my mom, who knows everything about books, which book I should read for my school project. She, knowing that I hate slow moving books, recommended a variety of upbeat books, one of which was Shooting Stars. When she mentioned Shooting Stars it sounded perfect to me since I am an avid basketball watcher and I love to read about uplifting stories. So I bought the book on Amazon and started reading it a couple days later. T...more
Shooting Stars is the story of LeBron James and his journey with a group of basketball teammates that become like a family to him. It starts off with James describing his childhood and what it was like for him growing up. His mom raised him all by herself from the time she was only 16, and went from job to job trying to provide for them. He grew up in a not-so-good part of Akron, so some of the things he experienced as a child were things no kid should ever have to go through. He often moved ar...more
Jack Duboff
I really liked this book a lot. This book no doubt kept me on the edge of my seat because I would never know if Lebron and his team would win their next game. I think this book was really interesting and gave a lot of descriptive writing. The author described the characters really well. I think every time he described a character he always gave really good imagery. For a every player he would paint a picture in your head about what he looks like, where he lived, and his life before high school....more
Teresa in Ohio
This is the story of what we call King James here in Cleveland. It is wrote in a simple manner and you can feel the love, passion, frustration of his growin up years in this writing. His life didn't start easy, he had to fight for his own every day but God put people in his path, who kept from just being another poor boy from the projects gone bad. The friends he found along the way are still his true friends, and no matter what they stuck together like glue. For young men who are struggling, do...more
Trying to get to know our newest Bull (hopefully!).

There are many books about LeBron James, but this was the one that piqued my interest. Buzz Bissinger of "Friday Night Lights" fame was the co-author ("Three Nights in August" also very good).

LeBron is very honest about how all the over-the-top hype affected him and his high school teammates. It should make us scratch our heads and think about what our culture really values. Reading this book on the heels of John Wooden's book was fascinating....more
Miguel Bohrer
The book “Shooting Stars” is the story Lebron James and his high school basketball teammates known as “The Fab Five”. The authors’ purpose for writing this book was to entertain the reader and give the views of Lebron James and “The Fab Five “as they were known as in their high school days at St Vincent-St. Mary. The book talks about what Lebron and the rest of his friends thought during their high school basketball career. The authors’ purpose was accomplished in the book. I felt the book was a...more
Japhet Sabucdalao
Shooting stars is about a good book, especially if you’re a LeBron James and basketball fanatic. It is a good story of a struggle in life of a young boy named Lebron James and using basketball as a vehicle to allow him to travel a long distance. It allowed Lebron to travel from a move a lot child to an NBA superstar and one of the richest and highest paid NBA player in the world today. Through his journey he found friends to accompany him and to help him improve his game and his attitude toward...more
Jungho L.
This book is about Miami Heat's starting small forward Lebron James. This book tells you from the beginning of King James's life to his NBA life. Lebron James was born in December 30th, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. His mother struggled to support Lebron and herself and they moved often. Lebron was not an academically strong person and he used sports to deal with his stress. His favorite was Basketball and Football. In his first year of Pee-Wee Football, he formed a bond with his coach Frankie Walker, w...more
George K.
Shooting Stars by LeBon James
272 Pages

Lebron James and the fab four ( soon to be five ), were Lebron James, Sian Cotton, Willie McGee and Dru Joyce III. Soon to be Romeo, but that is in high school. They had a middle school team called the Shooting Stars and that team is what lead them to all of their success in high school. The coach was Coach Dru ( Dru Joyce III's dad ), many people thought that in high school Coach Dru would favor his son but he didn't. He treated him the same, i...more
Saul Carter

This book has been outstanding so far. I love this book. Its about LeBron James high school career. So far, it's about James' childhood that's leading up to his high school start. It talks about him and his constant moving and switching schools because his mom was switching jobs a lot. It's very interesting to learn about him and some of his best friends' lives as they grow up. Many of them are similar but very different at the same time which makes this book even more complex. I can't...more
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