Zabil jsem Adolfa Hitlera
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Zabil jsem Adolfa Hitlera

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  2,254 ratings  ·  143 reviews
Nápaditý komiks francouzského autora.

Nájemný zabiják za peníze zlikviduje kohokoli, kdo vám ublížil, kdo vám brání v kariéře, po kom potřebujete dědit… anebo kdo vám prostě leze na nervy. Najednou dostane podivnou zakázku: vrátit se ve stroji času do minulosti a zabít Adolfa Hitlera. Věc má ale ten háček, že energie stačí stroji na cestu tam a zpět – pak se bude padesát le...more
Hardcover, 48 pages
Published 2008 by BB art (first published October 17th 2007)
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Seth Hahne
I wasn't quite sure what to expect with I Killed Adolph Hitler. The single preview page I saw was the one in which our hero enters and emerges from the time machine. It is silent and so I presumed that the book itself might be one of those silent comics. Additionally, the preview blurb on the book's back cover evoked the image of an adventurous thrill ride. Thankfully, both presumptions were mistaken.

The mononymous author, Jason, crafts instead a work with both subtlety and dialogue (and often...more
Sam Quixote
Only Norwegian artist Jason could tell a turbulent love story and somehow work in a plot to travel back in time and kill Hitler.

Set in a world where assassinations are a legit business, a hitman is given the biggest job of his career: kill Adolf Hitler! But the job goes wrong and Hitler makes it to the future, stranding the hitman in the past. What becomes of them both, and what of the love of his life that the hitman leaves in the future?

Like all of Jason’s books, I Killed Adolf Hitler is wond...more
Those of you who follow along at home with me will know Jason's style by now--simplistic panels with minimal (or no) words, telling an achingly depressing story along the way.

This one's no different--our protagonist is a killer for hire who has a girlfriend with a kink for guns. He goes about his life as normal when gets a rather unusual request--get in a time machine and kill Adolf Hitler.

Simple, easy, no?


Things start to go wrong, and the next thing we know, Hitler's alive and well and in th...more
I'd give this another star, maybe, but the artwork was really frustrating. It was simplistic, which is fine, and would have been effective if he'd made the male characters easier to tell apart. I had to keep flipping back to earlier pages to see which character was wearing a tie, or a jacket over his blue shirt, etc. However, I enjoyed the story, and it was certainly worth the 45 minutes it took to read it.
Brilliant. :D
Even though I've never been interested in Hitler.
Mike Kleine
I like that Jason’s I Killed Adolf Hitler is a strange story.

And I like that it's not strange in the sense that weird-things-keep-happening-and-I-have-no-clue-as-to-what-is-really-going-on, but strange in the sense that things are not as they seem.

I like that it’s the kind of story where two people could be reading the same pages, at the same time, and, in the end, still develop two very different opinions/interpretations. That's cool.

Also, I like that everything is made to be super plain and...more
Feb 05, 2008 Deb rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who are secretly romantics at heart but don't want others to know
In a reality where hitmen can be hired as easily as one would hire a detective or request meat from a butcher, the main character is hired by a scientist to travel back in time and kill Hitler. The catch: the time machine can only make one journey into the past every 50 years, so the hitman has only one chance to get it right.

The main plot entwines with the sub-plot until you're not sure which is more important; time travel interferes with the awkwardness of putting to rest a former relationshi...more
In a world where anyone can hire an assassin and killing people in public is commonplace, what happens when someone is commissioned to travel in time and eliminate Adolf Hitler?

The anthropomorphic animals and the violence may be unsettling to some, but Jason (pseudonym of Norwegian comic book artist John Arne Sæterøy) manages to tell a thought-provoking story about morality and love in less than 50 pages without spoon-feeding it to the reader. Well-deserving of the Eisner Award it received in 20...more
This was good...I think? For one thing, it was just way too short for my liking...I wish I had more time to get into it. The premise was weirdly interesting yet the book still managed to end up being even weirder than I had expected. Regardless, I'm still going to lend this out to a few friends 'cause it's worth the 10 minutes it takes to read (okay, 20 if you want to take your time looking at the pictures) as it is oddly interesting.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
The visual style is pure clare ligne, lovingly detailed architecture and neat, lucid layouts. The anthropomorphic animal chracters are stylised and unsettling rather than childishly cute. The story is a time-travelling roller coaster with dollops of characterisation. It's like a Kelly Link story, poised between the quotidian and the weird without short-changing either.
Washington Centerville Public Library
One theme that nearly always crops up in the science fiction that is one of my main reading staples is time travel. A well written time travel story is both perplexing and satisfying. However, I have rarely seen the intricacies of a time travel story addressed in such a minimalist, deadpan style as I Killed Adolf Hitler. The story is set in a world where anyone can hire a contract killer for any reason, be it dysfunctional relatives to boorish neighbors. Needless to say, this profession is in hi...more
zaCk S
when i finish a book this good, and notice that it was published 5 YEARS ago, all i can think of is how i could've been feeling this happy a long time ago. you can stop the clocks, this is going to easily be the coolest book i read in 2012. thanks for playing
Miguel Jiménez
Me pareció muy agradable. Con estilo directo y ameno va enganchando con esos personajes especiales representados como animales que, sin embargo, parecen humanos pues tienen una vida cotidiana. Muy curioso. Me gustó la manera de ir a lo que se tiene que decir sin perder el hilo y llegar a algo que no tiene nada que ver, igual el pequeño humor que tiene: muy sano, aquí no hay resentimientos ni se tiene por qué agreder a alguien. Los giros de la trama también son sorprendentes e interesantes. En cu...more
Apr 08, 2011 Leonardo rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lovers of deep, meaningful comics and graphic novels
Recommended to Leonardo by: Beatrix
Un comic de una melancolía conmovedora y con un manejo impresionante (y, a la vez, sutil) de los recursos del medio. Aunque el título podría llevarnos a pensar que la muerte de Hitler es el tema principal del libro, en buena medida, es sólo un pretexto para llevarnos de paseo por las relaciones de pareja, a la par de una reflexión social sobre el asesinato (cuando es apropiado, cuando se justicia, a quien se le autoriza) y el inevitable, pero no necesariamente fatídico, paso del tiempo... todo e...more
Forget Tarantino’s irreverent Inglorious Basterds or even Singer’s more sobering Valkyrie. The notion of taking out the notorious Nazi leader has never been more bizarre than in Jason’s I Killed Adolf Hitler. Straight from the outset, we know this is a parallel universe far, far from ours -- what with its horny neighbor girl, our hit-man protagonist, and not to mention the anthropomorphic characters who distantly resemble the cats, mice, and pigs from Art Speigelman’s Maus. (Although I don’t thi...more
Jul 29, 2008 Jacobi rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Indie comic fans
This book came highly recommended to me, so I was pleased when I saw it sitting on the shelf at the library for me to read. I think my expectations hurt my overall enjoyment of this book, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I was expecting to be knocked on my ass and that didn't happen.

The story is a neat take on time paradoxes wrapped around an interesting relationship between an assassin and his long time lover. Yeah. That sounds a lot more exciting than this book is, becau...more
Salome Wilde
I enjoyed what I took from this short graphic novel's commentary on jaded attitudes toward violence--a focus that can't be addressed enough in our "I heart serial killers" and "gimme my guns" world. But, of course, portraying jadedness regarding the ubiquity of violence can emerge as titillation (e.g. Tarantino films) or fail to pack an adequate punch, and I Killed Adolph Hitler lapsed into the latter category for me.

The cleverness of its toying with hackneyed SF premises isn't enough to rivet...more
I hate time travel, but here it was used to explore a relationship, trying to sync up with the different history/perspective of the other person, grudges, dedication, change, etc. I found the minimalist artistic style with animal-headed people really frees up the brain to think about the ideas/concepts immediately, instead of the usual "dereferencing" that happens some time after finishing a piece of fiction.
A hit man is asked to travel in a time machine and eliminate Adolf Hitler with the only catch being that he can be sent back only once in 50 years. He better get it right. The art of Jason needs some time and patience to get used to but all said and done its enjoyable to see a complex plot unfold over 50 odd pages and in just around 30 minutes - the time it would take to read this.
I Killed Adolf Hitler continues the string of deadpan comics that have become Jason's signature, all rendered in his simple, but quite beautiful, pen-and-ink style. As with other recent Jason titles from Fantagraphics, this one is in color, and the addition of color does not seem frivolous - it does add a fuller dimension to these austere panels.[return][return]The plot of I Killed Adolf Hitler is entirely too original and convoluted to be paraphrased here; suffice to say that Jason is up to his...more
Liked it. Not much more to it than the dead-pan "ha" it exhumes. like the notions of time travel and the final resolution coming for this failing relationship as they age 50 years and wind up in the same spot as when they were young. Also, the casual caustic violence done by assassins is a weird macabre that is catching. Good bathroom read. Read it in five minutes at a coffeeshop. Also, like the drawing, the stick figures are cute. I like that the image of Hitler can be peddled down to a mute mo...more
Oct 21, 2007 Matt rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nate, Tom, cool people
The only reason I don't love Jason more is that he writes too many books. He is otherwise awesome, and belongs up there with Beto Hernandez as top class storytellers-in-pictures.

That said-- this is a pretty amazing book. Matter of factly brutal in its unexplained conceit that killers for hire are a matter of course, and its obviously creaky plot machinery of a time machine that works once every fifty years, this isn't all that interested in Hitler but instead is a semi-sweet rumination on relati...more
This is a short-ish graphic novel about a paid assassin, and his most recent contract: to go back in time and kill Hitler. The plot is good enough on its own -- lots of twists and turns. But the real reason I enjoyed this book was the characterization.

In back-stories and quick cuts, we see the assassin interview with prospective clients; argue with his current girlfriend; muse about the futility of his job. The depth is developed primarily through the art work, which is even more impressive when...more
Simon Reid
Like Jason's other comics, this story involving a botched time travel assassination is simply plotted but told at an unhurried, perfectly-judged pace, and each page is a joy.

As I read more of Jason's work, I increasingly admire the confident economy of his drawing and storytelling. He'll never shift to a fussy angle or break out of a book's set panel grid unless there's a very good reason - everything carefully serves the story and characters, rather than serving as the cartoonist's technical pl...more
Moss Drake
The plot of “I Killed Adolf Hitler” (2007) is as simple as any time-travel story. In a world where assassinations are as casual as a visit to the doctor’s office, an unnamed hit-man is hired by a scientist to kill Hitler. The scientist has a time-machine, but so much power is needed that it takes fifty years to charge it up. The assassin goes back in time, fails, and Hitler steals time machine to return to the present. Meanwhile the assassin has survived the past 50 years to complete his task. L...more
I could see giving this one five stars, but in the end I felt that was unfair to the other three I read, as this is a step up, but not a huge one. Anyway, the story doesn't go at all where you think it'll go, despite the huge giveaway (or is it?) in the title. It's much more about relationships and attachment to people, the things we will (often big) and will not (often little) do for them. Hitler is an afterthought, a Macguffin, so just because you've read Stephen Fry's Making History (and I'm...more
Another wee gem from Jason here. I didn't find this one as funny as The Last Musketeer, but the wry style still works for me.

The basic plot here is that a Berlin hitman is hired to go back in time and kill Hitler, using a time machine that can be used twice and then needs 50 years to recharge its batteries; things don't go quite to plan, and Adolph runs away into the future in his time machine, leaving the hitman with no choice but to wait out the decades before he can take another shot at the t...more
This has got to be one of the weirdest stuff I've ever read. Killing Adolf Hitler isn't really the focus here, it's just the catalyst for the pith of the story. I wasn't expecting that, but I loved that the story played out that way. The storyline is unusual, and it pretty much left me feeling empty when I finished reading, which is probably what Jason wanted. The art is great, too. Totally worth buying.
"I Killed Adolf Hitler", in addition to being fun to say, is a really good little graphic novel. It's quite short, which greatly limits it's ability to carry more complex feelings, but it does have enough time to transmit to the reader a sense of emptiness, loneliness, loyalty, and even tenderness. Like several other graphic novels, human form becomes animal form, perhaps in order to prevent the reader from judging or identifying with the characters quite so easily, or at least that's what I thi...more
Another dry, deadpan Jason bizarro-world where hitmen are as common as police, with a little time-travelling, Hitler assassination and an age-defying love story thrown in. Jason's worlds manage to be so simple, yet they draw the reader in, letting your imagination create its own extra panes, while the simplicity brings focus to the plot -- in this case complex time-traipsing dancing with the always important theme of love. A quick, satisfying read, as long as you discount some confusion around t...more
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John Arne Sæterøy (born 16 May 1965 in Molde), better known by the pen name Jason, is a Norwegian cartoonist, known for his sparse drawing style and silent, anthropomorphic animal characters.

He has been nominated for two Ignatz Awards (2000: Outstanding Story and Outstanding Series, 2001: Outstanding Story and Outstanding Series), has received praise in Time, and won the Harvey Award for best new...more
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