Le Coeur cousu
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Le Coeur cousu

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« Écoutez, mes sœurs !
Écoutez cette rumeur qui emplit la nuit !
Écoutez... le bruit des mères !
Des choses sacrées se murmurent dans l'ombre des cuisines. Au fond des vieilles casseroles, dans des odeurs d'épices, magie et recette se côtoient.
Les douleurs muettes de nos mères leur ont bâillonné le cœur. Leurs plaintes sont passées dans les soupes : larmes de lait, de san...more
Paperback, 448 pages
Published March 5th 2007 by Folio (first published February 8th 2007)
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Vivek Tejuja
I used to think that there would be no one who would write like Marquez. No one who would be able to create the same magic and weave words that remain stuck in memory and stories that do not get erased, stories that you do not want to forget, long after you have read them. And then to soak the book in entirely, with every word and sentence almost resonating is not easy for an author. The readers more so can act on a whim and drop a book if they want to. The writer on the other hand continues to...more
I read this one on a plane, so I had the privilege of almost reading it in one sitting. The Threads of the Heart by Carole Martinez (trans. from the French by Howard Curtis) chronicles the life of Frasquita, a Spanish woman given the gift of magical sewing ability by a magic box passed down from mother to daughter in her family. She tries to live a normal life, but the magical elements of the plot, including her husband living in the chicken coop like a chicken for more than a year, get in the w...more
I don't take comparisons with Gabriel García Márquez lightly, and have honestly never read anything that truly compares to his writings...until now. I believe that his masterpiece is One Hundred Years of Solitude, and though it remains my absolute favorite book in the world, this book at times reminded me of the majesty found within those pages. This book is achingly beautiful. It is wondrous.

The first half of the book is like a butterfly’s wing; soft as moonlight but strong enough to float just...more
Le cœur cousu, Carole Martinez

Un fabuleux voyage avec celle qui cousait le monde

Dans un village du sud de l'Espagne, Frasquita hérite du savoir et d'une petite boîte mystérieuse, qui se transmet de mère à fille à chaque génération. A l'intérieur, des aiguilles et du fil de toutes les couleurs lui permettent de créer des merveilles à partir de quelques chiffons. Son don ne s'arrête pas aux tissus mais soignent aussi les maux des hommes. Marié à un homme qui la joue lors d'un pari de coq, elle par...more
J’attendais beaucoup de ce premier roman, mais j’étais très loin de m’attendre à un tel coup de cœur ! Ce livre fait partie de ceux qui font vibrer, trembler, pleurer, (sou)rire et écouter, tel un enfant émerveillé par un joli conte. Tout au long du récit, je me suis laissé porter par les mots de Soledad, la cadette destinée à la solitude dès sa naissance par son nom, et par ceux de la conteuse de la famille, celle qui fut mère trop tôt. J’ai tremblé pour les deux sœurs face à l’Ogre, ces deux e...more
O poveste frumoasă, misterioasă, supranaturală, un fel de 'veac de singurătate' duios și feminin, cu nuanțe magice de poveste în poveste. Patru sute de pagini nu mi-au fost deloc îndestulătoare pentru povestea acestei franțuzoaice cu spirit spaniol.

Câteva din temele și simbolurile întâlnite în cartea asta sunt: magia, misterul feminin, destinul, povestitorul, cuvântul scris versus cuvântul rostit, lumină versus întuneric, soare versus lună, obsesia, nebunia, dragostea, moartea, călătoria, uitare...more
Lolly LKH
The first half off the book sucked me in with it's magic, then I felt myself just dragging along through the second half. The writing is beautiful and the story does captivate one's attention, it also stimulates you with it's otherworldly tales. I don't often describe a fiction as stimulating, but this story is so very strange. This book is well loved, but I have to say that Frasquita's sewing is a far better seam than the novel itself. The reader begins to feel confusion, either with overload o...more
I initially picked this book because I love Allende and Garcia Marquez and it had been a long time since I had read any magic realism. The beautiful descriptions of sewing and Frasquita's passion for her colors and handiwork sucked me in and I could not stop reading. The journey delves deeply into the heart of passion, creativity, mothers and curses. I'll quote a small passage near the end to give you a taste of Martinez' poetry:

"Beyond the restricted world of their homes, women have glimpsed an...more
Melissa Kaiser
I read this in English, "The Threads of the Heart" and now I want to read it again in French. Never have I met characters more bizarre and yet compelling, or followed a story more poetically and magically told. It was the perfect epic journey to accompany the heart wrenching month I just passed in my own life. There are moments in this book so touching and tragic that I feel I will never forget. I am looking forward to the movie.
Alise Wascom
Many books make the claim to be written in the tradition of Garcia Marquez, but Carole Martinez truly delivers. Amazing scope, imagination, breath-taking writing, on-point translation (as always, with Europa). Read if you enjoy classic magic realism.

I support independent bookstores. You can use this link to find one near you or order THE THREADS OF THE HEART on IndieBound: http://www.indiebound.org/book/978160...
Am citit pe nerăsuflate Inima cusută, romanul de debut al unei profesoare de franceză trecută de 45 de ani, Carole Martinez. Cartea a fost publicată la Paris în 2007, iar la noi trei ani mai târziu, după ce ecourile apariției romanului au împânzit Franța, la editura Vellant, în traducerea Geaninei Tivda.

Parcursul profesional al lui Carole Martinez te uimește: chelneriță, fotograf, actriță, regizoare și, în cele din urmă profesoară de limba franceză. În 1999 publica, pentru prima oară, o carte pe...more
A great book if you consider it is Carole Martinez's first novel. A great saga filled with magic. A history of women (mothers and daughters which inherited a magic wooden box from generation to generation) , a story where magic is naturally present in everything around us. A must read!
My sweet friend Mandy gave this to me and told me "it was a little strange" Well, yes and different and beautiful and haunting! Kind of have to read it, describing any of it won't do it justice! Thanks Mandy. I would never have picked this up on my own!!!
Magnifique! Presque autant que Du domaine des murmures! Plus magique peut-être, et plus... Femme! ;-)
Brilliant writing. Elegant.
Yves Gounin
Sorti en 2007, ce long roman de Carole Martinez a bénéficié d'un très bon bouche-à-oreille dans les bibliothèques pour devenir un long-seller, un succès de librairie à mèche longue.
Le sujet en est désormais connu : c'est l'histoire sur trois générations de femmes espagnoles unies par le mystérieux pouvoir de la couture. L'héroïne, Frasquita, s'est vue transmettre par sa mère un coffret à couture. Mal mariée à un forgeron qui se prend, au propre comme au figuré, pour un coq, mère de cinq filles e...more
Zoe Brooks
This review is part of my magic realism book challenge, in which I read one magic realism book a week. The review first appeared on http://www.magic-realism.net There is a discussion thread about the challenge on Goodread's Magic Realism group.

This debut book by Carole Martinez was first published to much acclaim in France, it is now available in an English translation by Howard Curtis.

There are obvious parallels between this book and One Hundred Years of Solitude, something which the publisher...more
Carole Martinez is extremely popular in Europe and with good reason. She lives and writes in France and has been widely compared to Isabelle Allende and Gabriel García Márquez. If you enjoy magical realism, then this book is for you.

The central character is Frasquita, a wife and mother living in poverty in a small Spanish town. Her great gifts are for healing and dressmaking but she is no ordinary seamstress. Each dress she makes is a work of art and makes the wearer more beautiful and conceals...more
Alors qu'elle devient une jeune femme, Frasquita est initiée à l'art de la magie par sa mère. Celle-ci lui inculque des formules magiques et secrètes ancestrales, et lui remet une boîte renfermant son don. Seulement celui-ci doit mûrir pendant de long mois, et Frasquita doit attendre avant de pouvoir découvrir le trésor qui s'y cache.

La vie de la jeune fille se déroule comme une bobine de fil à broder, ce même fil qu'elle à découvert en ouvrant sa boîte : ce don si précieux est celui de coudre,...more
Note to self: Don't buy anymore books with the self indulgent comparison to Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Isabel Allende on the cover. The nerve!

This debut novel by Carol Martinez was written while she was on maternity leave, which was evidently not long enough to create the masterpiece she was struggling to emulate. So it seems that editors these days are simply paid to check for spelling errors, rather than to guide an author to create inspired eloquence.

Publishers then, are only interested in se...more
Très joli livre qui m'a fortement fait penser à l'écriture d'Isabel Allende ("Eva Luna" pour la partie "errance", "La casa de los espiritus" pour le côté "saga familiale et autres bizarreries"), que pourtant je n'ai lue qu'en espagnol. Certains épisodes déjantés m'ont aussi fait penser au "Conte de fées à l'usage des moyennes personnes" de Vian.

Peut-être un poil trop impressionniste: Pour une raison qui m'échappe j'ai eu de la peine à crocher alors que j'avais du plaisir à lire. Et qu'il m'est...more
Quel choc, quel coup de poing, quel coup au cœur! Ce petit bijou de roman fait incontestablement parti de mon top 5! Wow! Je suis subjuguée par le talent de Carole Martinez, son univers m’a tout simplement fascinée! Il m’a littéralement scotchée sur mon transat une journée entière! (je l’ai lu lors de mon séjour en Grèce sur une plage de l’île de Mykonos). J’ai quitté la plage seulement après avoir tourné la dernière page, le roman en compte tout de même 442! Le soleil était couché depuis longte...more
This is a fabulous novel by a gifted writer. I feel as though I have been walking deep within the paintings of Goya whilst turning the pages of a novel by Marquez. A remarkable book and an unforgettable story.
Oh! Je n'avais pas aimé Du domaine des murmures, je l'avais trouvé lourd, oppressant, ennuyeux, long. Celui-ci m'est tombé dans les mains, sans quoi je ne l'aurais certainement pas ouvert. Et ca aurait été très dommage. J'ai adoré l'ambiance de conte, les images vraiment vivantes qui naissent des descriptions (la femme acharnée, en robe de mariée éprouvée, qui tire sa charrette chargée d'enfants et de fleurs, le village réuni autour du miroir, le mari dans le poulailler, l'ogre). Le fantastique...more
Marie Jacob
Bien aimé l'imaginaire confronté à la réalite : un enfant qui refuse celle-ci car elle est trop dure?
De Carole Martinez, j'ai préféré Du domaine des murmures. J'ai trouvé qu'ici l'écriture était moins fluide, moins agréable à lire. J'ai parfois eu du mal à accrocher.
Pourtant c'est un conte merveilleux, une fabuleuse histoire de famille. J'ai adoré les particularités de chaque enfant, les épreuves qu'ils ont du traverser.
Mais il a tout de même quelque chose avec lequel je n'ai pas accroché et je n'arrive pas à mettre le doigt dessus. Quelque chose qui m'empêche d'apprécier totalement ce roman...
I couldn't put it down.
It transports you into a magical world, in the desert, into the life of this woman and her daughters. You become part of the journey, part of these lives that are so beautifully and intensively described.
For me, a good book includes a story that keeps you intrigued (or even, dare I say, that keeps you up at night), a writing that flows resembling prose-poetry, and the total absorption of the mind that makes you forget your own life. This one has it all. It is a great boo...more
One of the more difficult books for me to "get into". The pace, at first, is disorienting and you're not sure how to interpret the author's words (metaphor? magical realism? poetry?); but by focusing on the rhythm and reading between the lines, I grew to inhabit the story.

A very powerful ending, more bittersweet than anything, and ultimately a testament to motherhood, female history passed down through the ages, and the stories only woman can know.
In a style close to Gabriel Marquez, an original tale, full of mystique, mystery, and difficult all at the same time. A book to read.... very well written if a bit difficult to get into....

It wasn't what I expected, but great nonetheless!!!!

I passed my book on to someone who adored it and who in turn passed it on to her sister... I don't know where it is now, but hope it is still travelling around, just like its heroine!!!

Un livre magnifique, entre conte et tradition, tout inondé du soleil d'Espagne.Il m'avait échappée lors de sa sortie, malgrè plusieurs prix ! Un roman d'aiguilles où les personnages luttent pour survivre,sous le poids du quotidien et des coutumes qui condamnent cette femme d'une beauté sauvage et mystique : entourée d'enfants, elle brode sa vie au fil des évènements ! Un exellent roman que l'on a beaucoup de mal à refermer !
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Ancienne comédienne, Carole Martinez se recycle dans l'enseignement et devient professeur de français dans un collège d'Issy-les-Moulineaux. Elle profite d'un congé parental en 2005 pour se lancer dans l'écriture. Elle désire écrire 'quelque chose qui soit entre le conte et le roman.' Puisant dans les légendes de sa tradition familiale espagnole, elle brode 'Le coeur cousu' à partir des histoires...more
More about Carole Martinez...
Du domaine des murmures The Threads of The Heart Bouche d'ombre The Castle of Whispers Pasiūta širdis

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