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Nature Girl

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Eleven-year-old Megan is stuck in the wilds of Vermont for the summer with no TV, no Internet, no cell phone, and worst of all, no best friend. So when Megan gets lost on the Appalachian Trail with only her little dog, Arp, for company, she decides she might as well hike all the way to Massachusetts where her best friend, Lucy, is spending her summer. Life on the trail isn...more
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published April 27th 2010 by Random House BFYR (first published January 1st 2010)
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OK, I have to tell on great niece, Emma, left this signed-by-the-author chapter book on my coffee table on Christmas day!!! Hummmm! Well it kept sitting there, calling to me, day in and day out. Finally I just had to take a look and, you guessed the rest, now Emma's brand new book has been READ!!! I thought it was a sweet children's book, with a few "lessons to learn" tucked away inside. Shhh! Don't tell Emma...
Kerry Cerra
Eleven-year-old Megan could care less that her best friend Lucy’s Mom is sick with cancer besides at least it’s “the good kind.” Megan only cares that Lucy is going to spend the summer in Massachusetts with her own mom rather than Vermont with Megan like they had planned. And, Megan never wanted to go to Vermont to begin with. Lucy was the only reason it might have been bearable. Everyone knows that Vermont is full of lakes oozing with slime, trees by the bazillions, and bugs…lots and lots of bu...more
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Karen Ball
Megan Knotts is going into 7th grade, and having the worst summer of her entire life. Actually, the worst summer in the history of the universe, according to her. She's trapped in rural Vermont with her two health-nut, artist parents and her evil boy-crazy older sister Ginia, with no cell phone, no internet, no TV, and worst of all, no best friend Lucy, who was supposed to come with her. Told from Megan's point of view, this is the story of one extremely selfish girl who gets lost on the Appalac...more
Nature Girl by Jane Kelley is a book about Megan, a girl going into seventh grade. She goes to a farmhouse her family owns in Vermont with her parents and her older sister, hoping her best friend Lucy can come. But things take a turn for the worst and Lucy's mom got diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Lucy can't go to Vermont. Not only for a week, or a day, or five minutes, but NEVER!!! Megan is having the worst time of her life, she's a city girl from New York, and to her Vermont is gross. Bu...more
This is a wonderful little book about challenges and overcoming them. Megan Knoll is the main character, the story is written from her point of view. She is spending the summer in Vermont with her parents and older, horrible sister Ginia. Her best friend Lucy was supposed to come and spend the summer with her in Vermont, however, Lucy's mother Alison is very sick with cancer so Lucy is spending the summer with her mother and grandmother at her grandmothers place near Mount Greylock. Megan is dev...more
Shira Goldstein

Nature Girl by Jane Kelley is a gripping story about and eleven year old girl named Megan who is unmotivated, believing no one but one friend truly cares about her. At the beginning of the story we find Megan unhappy with her parents decision to take the family to Vermont for the summer. One key reason she is displeased is that her one true friend cannot come. When her parents insist she explore nature in the great outdoors she finds an adventure she hasn’t been looking for. It i...more
First, a few negatives: For the first chapter or so I thought that Megan was too irksome a character for me – in the beginning she is selfish and whiny and melodramatic and… a total brat, frankly. I also found it frustrating that she shows (even by the end) relatively little regard for the agony that she has put her parents and countless other people through, as her story has been all over the news and countless people have been searching for her. I was also very aware, while reading it, that th...more
Cathe Olson
Loved this middle-grade novel about an eleven-year-old girl stuck in Vermont for the summer--no Internet, no cell phone, and worst of all her best friend cancelled at the last minute. Unfortunately, Megan does not take to Vermont very well. She refuses to participate in "art time" or appreciate the beauty of the country. Basically she is a big pill -- even to her friend who only cancelled because her mom's cancer treatments were not going well. When Megan gets lost during a hike and ends up on t...more
Reading Vacation
I am so glad that Kristi, The Story Siren, suggested that I read this book. At first, Nature Girl seems like it is just a simple story about living in the wild. In the end, however, it is so much more.
Megan starts out as a very bored and lazy pre-teen. She is depressed and doesn’t think she has much to live for. Megan’s parents force her to take a hike with her dog, Arp. While hiking, Megan and Arp get lost and they rely on each other for comfort and protection. It seems that Arp is the only one...more
Nature Girl is a wholesome adventure read for any girl who has ever dreamed of striking out on a solo journey. Megan is a headstrong girl, who doesn't have the maturity to understand that she is a bit lazy and has a tendency to blame her problems on others. When her friend Lucy opts out of their summer plans, Megan can't relate at all to Lucy's concern for her ill mother (Hodgkin's Lymphoma), and her desire to be by her mother's side. Megan's journey begins with her feeling angry and uncertain,...more
I liked Megan Knotts. She's sullen, annoying and frankly, a total self-centered, spoiled brat. Par exemple, when her best friend, Lucy, has to pull out of tagging along on the Knotts' family vacay to rural Vermont because her mother has cancer...Megan's response is, "But you promised". For real. But I still liked her.

Admittedly, she is not a nice person for a good three quarters of the novel. However, (and I think this is the beauty and success of the book) we as readers are willing to let her...more
A story about Megan, an 11 year old New York City girl who is having a miserable summer in Vermont with her art teacher parents and teenaged sister. After some family conflicts, Megan gets lost on the Appalachian Trail, and ends up hiking alone and having some Big Life Lessons Learned (in relation to her family and to her best friend, with whom she's had a rocky past year). It's not an entirely realistic book, but I really appreciated reading this book as a read aloud right now. It's about a dee...more
Rissa Cpt. Jack Sparrow Is awesome
What can I say? I read this book for a friend but, UGH! boring, she stuck in her little, My-friend-might-be-mad-at-me world and the all there is to it. It was a waste of reading time.
This is the best book ever. I read it a year ago and it's still my favorite. Soooooo goooodddd.
This was a great book! It was very funny. I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure and humor.
I was confused about this book. It was not at all what I'd thought it would be. I was really unimpressed with the main character's attitude about health food and having to be away from television. I found it hard to relate. It gets better up to a certain point, but I was horrified when she buried the brownie wrappers in the ground. And I worried about the treatment of the dog- you do not feed human food to a dog. She also continued to hide from the helicopters that could have brought her home an...more
Megan is pretty self-centered at the start of the book. As we find out later, she was actually aware of most of the things that were happening around her, but she didn't know how to deal with them, and didn't think she would be able to do anything helpful, so she did nothing much.

When she accidently starts a solo hike down the Appalachian Trail, with her mother's spoiled dog, it gives her a new perspective on her own abilities, and she learns from the experience.

The book is a lot more fun and a...more

This is an original and wonderful book.

The narrator, Megan, is a grumpy, stubborn and blunt eleven year old. Realizing that she has been unforgivably insensitive to her best friend, Lucy, who is struggling with her mother's cancer treatment and possible death, she is determined to apologize.

Megan runs away from her artistic family and their summer retreat, and undertakes a seemingly impossible journey to reach Lucy and her mother.

The character and her interior monologue, as well as her approach

I hated this book! I am sure Jane Kelley worked very hard on it and had the best of intentions. It was awful! The main character was so bratty and ugly. She was completely unlikeable. AND the people she came across on the trail were also reprehensible! Clearly, many people were looking for Megan and no one seemed to care--except the little old lady. But even she didn't bother to notify the authorities. I totally skimmed the second half just to see if Megan got her just rewards. I don't think she...more
Great book!
I like how this self-discovery novel takes place on the AT in Vermont & the Berkshires (my home). Tween & teen girls will like the whiny NYC girl's realistic transformation--from "the world revolves around me" to a more mature understanding of other people's thoughts & feelings. What's tough is getting through Meghan's horrible self-absorbed & inconsiderate voice. I'm optimistic that my almost 12-yr old will not sound like this...i hope...please!
As a story intended for middle schoolers, I think Kelley captures the attitudes of most pre-teen girls perfectly in her first novel. While taking place on the Appalachian trail, main character, Meghan, discovers herself while getting lost hiking. After meeting an interesting, yet, unlikely guardian angel, Meghan decides to continue her trek and prove to herself she is capable of finishing a task. And, she does care. Good for young readers.
This is the author's first book so I wasn't expecting much, but I was quite pleasantly surprised! Megan, the main character, was very genuine with wonderful voice. She was a very real adolescent who discovered some important things about herself after getting lost and stumbling onto the Appalachian Trail, accompanied by her little dog named Arp. I had a hard time putting the book down -- a VERY good sign!
The tone for the first half of the novel is really annoying and whiney, but it gets better. The story - a girl who's having a "difficult" summer gets lost in the woods, stumbles upon the Appalachian trail and decides to hike to where her best friend is staying - is interesting, although a bit unlikely. Really, I think I'm just a sucker for any kind of novel that has to do with hiking.
Karen Arendt
Wow! At first, I did not like Megan's attitude, very selfish. but, as the story continued, I began to warm up to her. By the time she was halfway across the Appalachian Trail from Vermont to Mt. Greylock (and halfway through the book!), I was rooting for her to finish! Along the way, she makes some self-discoveries of her own and develops into a character I adore!
I read this in one bout of insomnia last night and found it very enjoyable. Megan is a whiny 11-year-old New Yorker stuck in Vermont for the summer with no t.v., no cellphone--and no best friend. She almost inadvertently finds herself attempting to hike the Appalachian Trail 30 miles to where her friend, Lucy, is staying with her cancer sick mother. Good fun, good voice.
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An enjoyable story about a girl getting lost in the woods then finding the Appalachian Trail and deciding to hike to where her friend lives. The story is fun and real enough feeling, and the danger is appropriately presented for the audience, but this definitely is not Hatchet. It did bring back my desire to hike again and especially on the AT.
My daughter (age 12) read this, and recommended it to me. I always try to read the books my children recommend! This is a light, but fun, book about a girl who gets lost on the Appalachian Trail. Ultimately, she learns a few things about herself. My daughter says that, after reading the book, she wants to go hiking. Sounds good to me!
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Jane Kelley lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and her daughter. She is honored to be chosen as the 2013 Thurber House Children's Writer in Residence. Jane says, “I grew up in Wisconsin, near a forest that was my refuge and a source of inspiration. I still love to be in nature, whether I’m exploring Vermont or an untamed corner of our city park. No wonder I wrote my first book about a g...more
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