Confessions of a Demon (Allay, #1)
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Confessions of a Demon (Allay #1)

3.45 of 5 stars 3.45  ·  rating details  ·  648 ratings  ·  40 reviews
After accidentally stealing the life force of a dying demon, Allay became the only human-demon hybrid in existence. Demons feed on human emotions, so Allay decided the safest way to satisfy this need-and still retain some semblance of her humanity-was to open a bar. Here she can drink from, and ease, her patrons' pain, which has helped her to stay under the demon radar...u...more
Mass Market Paperback, 340 pages
Published December 1st 2009 by Roc (first published October 28th 2009)
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Mistress   ~ ♠ Mistral's Kiss ♠ ~ (Mist)
Demons have existed without our knowledge for....well ever lol. And they all have only one name much like Prince, Cher, and Sting. They’re named after the emotion present when they’re created. It becomes the emotion they feed off of and also the energy signature they give off to other demons. While humans can become demons, they almost always go insane or don’t survive the dog eat dog or should I say demon eat demon (human souls aren’t the only ones on the menu) world very long.

Allay is one of t...more
First in the "Allay" series. And it was bad. Really, really bad. The only positive thing I can say about this book is that the idea of demons feeding on emotions and birthing new demons when over-feeding was original. The rest, only negative things, unfortunately.

Not only was the book slow and terribly confusing, it's been also a long while since I came across as unlikable heroine as Allay. There were moments, I thought she had to be bipolar: she hated demons because they preyed on humans, but k...more
The beginning of this book was really slow. I mean, the story just seemed to meander along. The only reason I didn't just flat out abandon it was because the premise of the book was interesting. Demons in this world are born from other demons and they feed off emotions. While each demon can feed off any emotion, there is usually one in particular that really makes them happy. The stupid part, each demon is named with that emotion that they enjoy most. So there's revel, shock, bliss, pique, dread...more
Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead
I put this book down after the first chapter. It started off way to slow and frankly, weird. To say I think a book is weird is weird in itself since I love the strange, out of the ordinary and more. I couldn't get into this book at the beginning. Nevertheless, I remembered that some of my favorite books had horrible beginnings. So it was in this case as well. The book really picks up in the middle. It is a fun read and you really become enthralled in the lives of the demons. You won't be disappo...more
Confessions of a Demon was up and down for me. There are things that I loved and thought were very unique. First, the connection between the emotions present when the demons were birthed and their favorite emotions. I thought that demons were very well explained and seemed pretty realistic. On the other hand, one of the demons in the story mentioned that demons don't really understand human emotions, and that the main character, Allay, is the only one that can truly fit in with humans because sh...more
Years ago, Allay stole a demon's essence and due to that, she became the first human-demon hybrid ever. Now, she steals emotions off humans, that's her substance. Most specifically, she steals relief, hence the name, by just a simple touch. Her job as a bartender at the Den on C is pretty much perfect for what she must feed off. So far, Allay has managed to stay off the other demons' radar, she tries to keep her interaction with them as few as possible because some of those demons would gladly s...more
Dec 14, 2009 Marsha rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Adult
Confessions of Demon was pretty good. A half human/ half demon girl is battling with whether she should kill another demon to stay alive or die and hold on to what little humanity she feels she has left. While trying to make that decision, the clock is winding down and she is faced with betrayal by people who are suppose to protect her and friendship from people who formerly used her. She is struggling at ever twist and turn until ultimately she must make a choice. The storyline was very interes...more
Allay accidently takes the life force from a dying demon and becomes a hybrid, hiding in her bar and 'drinking' the emotions of her customers to ease their pain and feed herself. But now the demons have become aware of her existance and are attacking her and the bar and Allay doesn't know who to trust.

I liked the idea of her having the bar so she can absorb the excess emotions of the customers. Doing this feeds her and also can help the customers to feel a bit better so she is providing a servi...more
I have to admit started off thoroughly confused for about the first 1/3 of the book due to the world building involved in the Demon Hierarchy to set up the story line for the reader in this new series. Once got past that though it was a good read with a totally different concept of demonology for me. The author has created a very interesting setup in Confessions Of A Demon where a human girl is accidentally possessed by the essence of a demon. She than becomes a "hybrid" and in surviving Allay b...more
Book Review Diva
“Confessions of a Demon” by Susan Wright

Allay was once a human, she had a normal life and all things that humans had and enjoyed. That all changed one night when Allay stumbled upon a man attacking a woman. What Allay didn't realize was that the man and woman were both demons, and the male demon was trying to steal the female demons life force from her. Allay immediately runs to the woman’s aid and as soon as Allay touches the demon women, she is turned into a demon herself. Well, more like a "
Rated 3.5/5

Summary: Allay (pronounced A-lay) is a half-demon-half-human hybrid. Ten years earlier, she had inadvertently consumed a demon’s life force while trying to save the demon from an attack. Now, like all other demons, she survives on the emotions that she steals from humans. She no longer needs to eat, drink, or sleep to survive. To be immortal, she only needs to kill a demon every 200 years, and syphon emotional energy from the people around her.

Allay does her best to live a human life...more
Set in New York, Allay is a rare half demon hybrid who accidently in her rebellious teens took into herself the essence (life force) of a weakened demon. She does not eat, drink or sleep but has to feed herself by taking in emotions, her preferred elixar being relief, she is classed as a guardian demon because she helps others whilst feeding.

She despises her demon side & has not fully come to terms with her life. Every 200 years or so demons have to take another demons essence, basically ki...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
*Rating* 2.5 maybe 3
*Genre* Urban Fantasy


Confessions of a Demon is the first book in the Allay series by Susan Wright. The main protagonist is Emma Meyers aka Allay. Allay is a manager for a bar called Den on C in New York City (Manhattan). She has been in NYC for the last 10 years after accidentally stealing the life force of a dying demon.

Allay is the only human-demon hybrid in existence and every single demon seems to have an axe to grind with her. She can touch a person and absorb th...more
Star (The Bibliophilic Book Blog)
Allay never wanted to be a demon, but when she absorbs the life force of the demon Plea accidentally, she has no choice. She's never really accepted who she's become and what she has to do to survive. But when her best friend, Shock, and herself are attacked by other demons, she must stand up and do what it takes to ensure their futures. Allay is rescued by Theo Ram, a human who she is attracted to like no other being before. Now she's got to discover who her true friends and deadly enemies real...more
Didn't finish this book. Got up to Ch. 8 and have to say that not sure if this book was trying to be a Urban Fantasy or Sci-fi read. But seriously the characters were uber flat and not multi-dimensional to me at all. There was also a lack of a type of artifice to the characters. Meaning that with most other paranormal or fantasy books there is a certain level of life and energy and get up and go to the story when things happened that shocked the characters. But for this book I felt like there we...more
I remember when I bought it for about a year ago, and when I would read it then, I thought it was boooorrrriiing.
but now when I picked it up again so I was really amazed! *happy happy*

I think this book provides a number of surprises, because sometimes, maybe you have a clue then as they drive over it just for the end to say HA! and it will be suprised though you had the idea from the start.

And I love the idea how each demon's name is a reflection of who they are,
how their name is the feeling tha...more
Tammy Kesteloot
I LOVED this book. I can't wait for the next one. The book moves along pretty quickly, The characters are fleshed out very well and the plot moves along quickly. I'm telling you I couldn't put this book down!

Ally is a demon. She became one on accident one night out at a beach party. Ally knows she's a demon but part of her is still in denial about her fate and the world around her. She needs to make an important decision... and soon. One that will decide her fate.

I loved the idea that demons li...more
Reviewed by http://urbanfantasyinvestigations.blo...

CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON was a decent book. I found that it was pretty slow which is why it only got a 3.5 but the plot was nice and twisty making it a good read. Allay is a strong main character with great supporting characters to go along on her journey. I enjoyed the way demons were made in this story to feed off of human emotions, when they are made they go with the emotion of there makers last feelings so they end up being called what there...more
Barbara ★
Emma "Allay" Myers was human until she accidentally ingested a demon. Now she is struggling to retain her humanity but in order to survive she has to kill a demon. This is a really difficult thing for her to do and she let's it go until it is almost too late.

I liked the complexity of this novel. This book grabbed me from the first page and hung on tight right up until the end. I liked the fresh demon lore. Demons feed off human emotions, that's nothing new. But to become immortal, they feed (ki...more

I may be in the minority here but this book was a total disappointment. I found the whole concept on how the demon's reproduce unique and intriguing, but aside from that, the story was all fluff. I was expecting a dark and exciting romantic urban fantasy with a kick-butt heroine but instead the main character was whiney, indecisive, petty and didn't seem to understand the concept of self-preservation. This book actually reminds me of Ann Aguirre's Corine Solomon series, all talk and no acti...more
Jackie Uhrmacher
When Confessions Of A Demon by S.L. Wright begins, we are treated to a crash course in demonology. Wright gives the reader the backstory without bogging down the plot with information overload. We see a demon birth, demon attack, and a demon spy, all within a short amount of time. The hierarchy of the species and the rules they must live by are deftly weaved into the story. I am amazed at Wright’s worldbuilding skills. Learning so much so quickly helped me dive right into the actual plot.

Full re...more
I give accolades to anyone who can write a book because it isn't an ability of mine, but I could not read this entire book. I made it 49 pages and found I could not do any more. From the start I felt I was dropped into a world where I am supposed to know who everyone is and what is going on. I am sure I am in the minority but I believe I should review the good and not so good. Please remember to take reviews into consideration, but still read the books to make your own decisions.
I'm disappointed. Confessions of a Demon has such an interesting premise, but that's about it. The world isn't that interesting, and I didn't like any of the characters. I made it about half-way through the book when I realized that there were much better ways to spend my time. I mean, the 2 main characters were so flat and uninteresting, that when they were captured/etc. by the bad guys I honestly didn't care what happened to them.
Cassandra Stapleton
I was pleasantly surprised after finishing this book. I do find it a little weird that the romance aspect took place in a span of a few days. It was like a glaring fact that was hard to look past every time something romantic happens.
I usually don't like endings but this book did a good job tying plot points up and leaving others open to play with. I think I will continue this series until it looses it's appeal.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I loved the plot lines and the characters. I'd have no hesitation in picking up more from this new author, just hope that action and plot continue. There were a few editors gripes [mentioned in the other review] and it did make a sentence seem 'odd' now and then, mentally corrected and moved on.
I only got about 20 pages in and so far the book's done nothing for me. I skimmed at first and then just started skipping. I didn't really care to read it. So no rating. I don't think it's bad, it just didn't grab me enough to make me want to continue. I'm glad I borrowed it.
An interesting world where demons are doing their best to control humanity behind the visage of a religion, the book falls apart thanks to a naive/bungling protagonist. Would not re-read and would not read any sequel.
Finished another novel. It's Confessions of a Demon by S.L. Wright. It was pretty good -- I give it a 3.5 stars out of 5. I didn't think it was slow as other reviewers stated.
I registered a book at!
I liked this one a lot. Loved the demon mythology . Felt like a really fresh take on the urban fantasy genre.
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