Busy Woman Seeks Wife
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Busy Woman Seeks Wife

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To a casual observer, Londoner Alex Hill is every inch the calm and collected executive of a global sportswear company. In reality, she's constantly frantic, with barely enough time to take out the trash. When her demanding mother, a 1960s style icon, has a bad fall and has to move in with her indefinitely, Alex realizes she needs someone more committed than a maid-what sh...more
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Published (first published August 21st 2008)
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Busy Woman Seeks Wife is the fourth novel of writing duo Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders. Having already read – and reviewed – nevermind enjoyed Warnings of Gales I was thrilled to find another Annie Sanders novel. Could Busy Woman Seeks Wife live up to the great Warnings of Gales?

Yes, actually it could. It was a brilliant read – so much so that I read it in about 4/5 hours. Busy Woman Seeks Wife tells the story of Alex a high-flying marketing executive who ends up having to look after her mother...more
Sarah Sammis
I spotted Busy Woman Seeks Wife by Annie Sanders (Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders) on display at the library. A woman working her way up the fashion design ladder puts out a want ad for a "wife" to help her keep her elderly mother company and keep her domestic life under control.

I was hoping that the "wife" who responded would actually be a woman. It would have made for an interesting twist on things. Instead, it's a man — a struggling actor. What kept me reading at first was his immediate friend...more
Sara Lou
An absoloutely delightful read and very easy going. The book follows the stories of several characters as they interact throughout the journey of the tale.

Alex is a career woman, whose life is her job and whose social life is neglected because of this.

'The Bean' is Alex's mother, an icon of the theatre trying to hold on to the memories as the shine of the lights start to wan around her.

Frankie is a struggling actor trying to land a job and pay the bills.

Ella, Frankie's sister is a flighty girl t...more
Good read.

Alex Hill is a very busy working woman...very busy. Coordinating a release of a new product line for the sportswear company she works at, Alex is running around everywhere trying to get everything done. Then she has to deal with finding out that her cleaning lady was turning tricks in her flat (in Alex's BED!), her icon from the 60's mother who has broken her arm and needs looking after and issues about her flat that she can't always stick around to handle. On a suggestion from her fri...more
Uh, well, I'm just not a chick lit fan. I pick one up every now and again thinking maybe I'll like THIS particular chick lit like I like chick flics. Long story short, I just don't. This is pretty typical of other samplings of the genre I've read so far - predictable and uninspiring characters, floppy so-so plot, sometimes lame dialogue, and though a quick read, really in the end not so much worth the time.
I liked the ending of this one. The begining of the book was hard to get into, but the ending tied things up very well. I knew who the bad person was early on though - it was obvious to me!!! Hmm.. that might be bad...
This could have been a very interesting exploration of reversed gender roles, as well as entertaining chick lit, and then it wasn't.
Hasn't every busy woman, whether they have children, a husband, and/or a career, wanted their own wife at one time or another? A traditional wife who would make sure there was always plenty of food in the pantry, the laundry basket never overflowed, and took care of all the annoying details of daily life such as oil changes and having appliances repaired? Marketing powerhouse Alex Hill is one of those women. In Busy Woman Seeks Wife by Annie Sanders, Alex has both professional and personal situa...more
Nur Izzati
I bought this at the BBW book sale right before my final exam. At the time all I think about is buying more chick lits cause Im tired of reading serious stuff. But I didnt read this until after the exam. This is a very light reading, probably suitable for teenage girls of 13-19 years old. Theres not much of lovey dovey elaboration. Its mainly just about Alex whom is too busy with her work, so messed up and not being able to accept help from everyone around her. She has a famous mother who always...more
Busy Woman Seeks Wife has a very cute and original premise. I'm definitely not sharing more than what the blurb gives you, it's more fun to find out for yourself! While it was a bit slow to start, by the last 100 pages or so it was pushing ahead at full steam.

The whole story centers around Alex, who is busy beyond belief trying to put together a launch for a sports apparel crossover line. And she's sure that someone in her office is out to sabotage her. I will admit, she took awhile to grow on m...more
I had to pick up this book based on the title. Between work, commuting, reading, blogging and my daughter I would love to have a “wife” to help with dinner, cleaning, etc. I did guess what was going to happen about halfway through but it was still a fun read. Frankie was a great character that you can’t help love. His sister, Ella, was a pain in the butt and I might have missed how old she was but sometimes I felt like telling her to get with the program. Alex’s character was ok, she didn’t real...more
What woman working outside the home has not wished that she had a “wife” of her own. Someone who would cook, clean and efficiently complete all the daily chores, so she could come home, put her feet up and be “done for the day”.

As if juggling her home, her job, her boyfriend and her friends is not enough, now Alex’s diva like mother has had an accident and needs round the clock care. An off-handed remark by a friend prompts Alex to place an ad in the classified looking for a part-time “wife”.

This is a good read (for a chick lit). Its not typically clichéd with a macho wealthy hero come to save the day and a typically blond ex-baddie boyfriend. Although it becomes a bit silly at the end with rappers etc, it has a lot of good bits too.

It won’t leave you feeling all warm and thinking aaawwww at the end, but it will make you smile. My favourite but most annoying character in this book is Bean… read it and you’ll see why.

This is the only book I found worth reading from Annie Sanders’s c...more
I enjoyed this book. Maybe a little too much. The idea of hiring a "wife" to do all of the things that I feel take up wayyy to much of my reading time sounds like a great idea! I only wish that it could be true... I picked this book up because of the title, and I found it to be quite enjoyable. I look forward to reading their other books! My friend bought me Goodbye, Jimmy Choo some years back as a gift (I was moving to a farm, so I literally said goodbye to my Jimmy Choo's...) and I have been m...more
I enjoyed this book. It was an easy book to read, very light, perfect for an in between book.
Kathy Chung
Another book that is hard in the starting.

Ella seems so irresponsible. Alex...allo..come on....she is not the only one who have to juggle career and her private life. ..not that she have much of it anyway.

I don't feel that there is a very compeling reason for her to get a "wife" ...and where the heck is the divorcing part?

As for frankie...he is just too

However things did get better by the middle of the book.

Have to read this book with open mind and a lot if imagination.
I did not expect to like this book,due to several bad reviews, and was pleasantly surprised. It was cute and sweet and nice light summer reading. Easy to put down when the kids need you, but also easy to pick back up again. Saff was my favorite character. Her struggle to feel fulfilled as a mom and wife was easy for me to relate to. Her family, and the support she received from them, was a side plot, but it made me happy. Not book club material, but a fun read.
this book made me laugh so hard. The main characteris a woman who is so busy she puts an ad in the paper for a wife. Someone to do the cooking, cleaning, and errands. Then her mother falls and brakes her arm so she needs someone to step in there too. What she gets is a man who can do all of those things. He is the "perfect wife." I loved it. When I was working full time I decided that I needed a wife. So I understand where she was coming from. It was a cute book.
Jenny Lynn
A decently funny chick lit book. My only real criticism is that the characters took a while to seem like they were growing and becoming real people, but at the end I thought that most of them had become more interesting for the changes they'd (finally) made. I also thought the villain was pretty easy to spot, but I can sort of see why Alex had trouble spotting said villain given how stressed out she was. All in all, a very sweet book that was a nice, quick read.
Fun chick lit, to me, is all about the characters that populate the story. This book, that I just randomly picked up at the library is filled with such characters. I really enjoyed this read and found myself alternately smiling and having a few 'awww' moments as well. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author (actually two authors it turns out).
I managed to squeeze in one more book for fun before I have to return to reading for educational purposes. Alex Hill is a very busy career woman who seeks a "wife" to manage her home life and her mother. The story was a bit slow in the beginning, about halfway through it picked up. This turned out to be a funny, light, and entertaining read although it was a bit predictable.
Kelly Simpson
Ella is desperate for any work that will pay the rent, but she's even less domesticated than Alex. Can she persuade her borther, resting actor Frankie, to help on the quiet, and how will Alex react when she realises a man has been ironing her knickers?

Then Alex discovers someone is sabotaging her work. She'll need more than a 'wife' to help her now.
Nicole ♥
I saw this one stick out in the Chapters And Pages book store. Got curious. Good thing 'm not disappointed. It's very good. I like, well, I like a lot of books. :) I' very affected by Alex. Good old reliable Alex. And Frankie too. He's so sweet. I admit at first I hate Ella for abandoning the job to Frankie but it worked in the end, right?
The title intrigued me and the beginning was amusing enough for me to keep reading as we are thrown into problem the busy woman (Alex Hill) faces on page 1. As the rest of the characters fall into place, the story picks up (much to my delight) as Alex and the "wife" do some detective work in the second half of the novel.
A fun read. Not what I expected , so a rather pleasant surprise as I got further into the book! Alex and Frankie were great characters . This book had me laughing at some of the antics occurring as well as outraged for the main character as her working life became more difficult to someone's vicious meddling!
Picked this up on a whim on the new arrivals shelf at the library. I've always wondered who my go-to-gal is supposed to be since I'm everyone else's. It was a fun, one sitting read. Some of the language was a problem for me--yikes! But, it is a good story about family, friends, and their importance.
This book was a gift, a private joke to me.
It took me a while to pick it up but once i did, i had to admit it, the book is funny.

A chic flic but funny :) unfortunately, Annie Sanders is not published in Portugal. If she was, this would be a hit, starting with the title.
I picked this book up because my mom always says she needs a wife and I thought it was great that someone wrote a book about it. I expected fun fluff, which it was, but it also had some mystery/thriller aspects thrown it. It was much better than I expected it to be.
I liked this book. It was somewhat predictable for chick lit. I did enjoy the characters of Franke, Ella, Alex, and Saffron. It was a cute story. I enjoyed the characters and could relate some but not all. It was told in 4 POV. Overall I liked the story.
Fun quick story. Read it on the way to the beach. Liked how the characters all meshed. Would like to know what becomes of Saff... Pleased overall since this was an impromptu grab from the library shelves on the way out of town.
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Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders met at ante–natal classes and bonded as they learnt the benefits of raspberry leaf tea and relaxation breathing. Neither remedy worked but a friendship was born.

Annie's background is in advertising copywriting and journalism. She cut her teeth on a great little magazine called Southside, and put in the journo donkey work at Essentials, editing knitting patterns, and...more
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