The Husband Trap (The Trap Trilogy, #1)
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The Husband Trap (The Trap Trilogy #1)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  2,226 ratings  ·  160 reviews
Here comes the substitute bride. . . .

Violet Brantford has always longed for the passionate embrace of Adrian Winter, the wealthy Duke of Raeburn. Problem is, he’s set to marry Violet’s vivacious, more socially polished look-alike twin sister, Jeannette. But when Jeannette refuses to go through with the ceremony mere minutes before it is to begin, soft-spoken Violet finds...more
Kindle Edition, 384 pages
Published (first published March 28th 2006)
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Beanbag Love
I started out giving this a four star review and now I've changed it to three stars. Certain things about the story just weren't my cup of tea and I can't say that I wasn't pleased for it to finally be over.

My personal problem with it is that more than 50% of the book is spent with one character deceiving the other. Not a simple deception, but the newlywed wife is posing as her twin sister! So it feels like the love story doesn't really start until he finds out he's been deceived.

Although, as u...more
I loved it! I didn't know if I would cause the idea of identical twins switching places is just all kinds of crazy yet juicy at the same time. It could have been a total bomb but the author did a wonderful job. While I do think the 'ruse' was dragged out a bit long I understand why it was done. The author was really clever in handling how Violet acted around Adrian. You could tell she completely loved the man and her actions prove how hard it was on her to continue with the lie. So it's hard not...more
Loved this audiobook! Had a wonderful narrator that I hope to run into more often (she did great male voices -- a HUGE "do or die" for an audiobook for me, and very distinct characterizations).

As for the storyline, although the premise was pretty unbelieveable (twins sustaining a switch of their lives and fooling even their parents on a long term basis), the story was portrayed very romantically. I was not only willing, but stubbornly ignored the implausibilities of the situation. The heroine w...more
Jess the Romanceaholic
Violet Brantford has always longed for the passionate embrace of Adrian Winter, the wealthy Duke of Raeburn. Problem is, he’s set to marry Violet’s vivacious, more socially polished look-alike twin sister, Jeannette. But when Jeannette refuses to go through with the ceremony mere minutes before it is to begin, soft-spoken Violet finds herself walking down the aisle and taking vows in her sister’s place. Soon shy Violet is a high-society wife, trying to keep her real identity a secret while livin...more
Lisa Kay
★★★★☆ (This is a review of the audiobook.) I don’t know how many times I’ve read this book; it just resonated with me, back in the day, as I tried to imagine being in Violet’s situation: her identical twin doesn’t want to marry the man with whom Violet is secretly in love. It is shortly before the wedding, so Violet makes a rash decision and steps in. Implausible, true, but fun in some ways.

Still, while the narration by Bianca Amato was very nicely done -- she’s surprisingly great with the male...more
You know, from the blurb of this book I actually expected something sillier and I was preparing myself to roll my eyes a lot. And though I must confess there was indeed some eye-rolling, overall I really enjoyed this book a lot.

Let's start with the main characters. Violet is Jeannette's twin. She's identical to Jeannette in appearance but her exact opposite in personality.

Jeanette is the typical "diamond of the first water." She's into fashion and always knows the latest gossip. She could care...more
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Bu yazarı ilk defa okuyorum ama çok beğendiğimi söylemeliyim..
Kitap da çok hoştu.. Violet, ikizi Jeanette'in vazgeçmesi üzerine düğün günü onun yerine geçip, Raburn dükü Adrian ile evleniyor.. Tabi durumdan kimsenin haberi olmuyor.. Ta ki Adrian'ın cingöz kardeşi Kit bir şeyler anlayana kadar.. Jeanette'in hayatındaki kişiler yüzünden de ortalık baya bir karışıyor yanlış anlamalara sebebiyet vererek.. sonuç.. Ehh her histırical'da olduğu gibi mutlu son :D
Ben çok beğenerek okudum.. Seri de güzel...more
Kollarımdaki Yabancı - Tracy Anne WARREN

Yazarın Trap yani tuzak üçlemesinin ilk kitabı olan Husband (Koca)
Yazar ile ilk tanışmamız olan bu roman kelimenin tam anlamı ile süper,müthiş romantik bir kitaptı..Diyebilirim ki mest oldum..
Aynı konuyu içeren 1981 yılı Basımı Ateşli Duygular romanına benzesede Warren'in kalemi çok daha güzel çok daha akıcıydı..Kitap diyebilirim ki su gibi aktı..
Romanını kısaca konusuna gelince:
Jeannette ve Violet Brantford birbirlerine su damlası gibi benzeseler de karak...more
Duygu Pınar

Violet Adrian ı ilk gördüğü günden beri seviyordur ama o ikiz kız kardeşi ile evlenecektir. Rose düğün günü evlenmekten vaz geçince Violet ve Rose kimseyi mahcup etmemek için yer değiştirirler. Violet sevdiği adamla evleneceği için mutludur ama yalan bir evlilik olduğu için de vicdanı hiç rahat değildir.
Adrian artık yaşı 33 e geldiği için evlenmesi gerektiğini düşünüp Rose ile evlenmektedir ama aklında aşk düşüncesi yoktur. Ailesinde hiçbir zaman aşkı görmemiş , kendi evliliğinin de sadece var...more
Thank you, Brit and Aly, for giving this book a good rating <3
I loved every second of it! I stayed last night until 3, even if I knew that today I had a lot of work to do.
Violet is not my typical favourite heroine, but I loved her transformation. It seemed so natural and not forced. Everything in this story went the way it should have gone
Nov 23, 2009 Jacqueline rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Those who like character based drama page-turners
Recommended to Jacqueline by: Discovered on my own
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Having twins and triplets in the family, I have a weakness for stories that include them. The caveat being the category romances. They tend to be too OTT.
Everyone who has been around a set of identicals have had the similar experience of being fooled by the Big switch. Boyfriends are primarily the targets. It's a psychologists wet dream.
The dominate in this case, Jeannette had her passive twin Violet marry her fiancé. Violet loved Adrian for so long and used the possible outbreak of scandal as a...more
I listened to the audio book version of Husband Trap. The narrator, Bianca Amato, was excellent. Her portrayal of the emotions and inflections was perfect, and added to the wonderful characters created by the author. I liked the unusual story arc…beginning with the wedding in Chapter 1, and the unusual twists and turns throughout.

By the end, the characters of Kit and Violet felt like family, though for me it was a little harder to like Duke Adrian. He spent a good portion of the book thundering...more
Jemma Gutierrez
I admit I loved the book because i have a weakness for anything with twin-switching or gender bender heroine. But that does not mean i gave this book 5 stars just because of that.

I thought this book was rather really well written. The heroine discovers the strenght and confident to get out of her shell since she is shy and all and tried to act like her sister, UGHHH!!!! that cunning, selfish witch!!! All through the book i came to hate her more and more; she was selfish, unfeeling, and very imm...more
For this to start off with marriage already and the switch didn't sit well with me.
I would have wanted to read more how she fell in love, what made her do it...
I got to admit I pretty much skimmed through the book.

I feel like he doesn't deserve her. Or for that matter, she should have been with someone else who didn't choose her sister. Plus all that deceiving & lies throughout most of the book made it hard for me like the heroine.

Well, even the hero. IDK, if I had an identical twin, I woul...more

I wish Violet would have more of a backbone as the book progressed. Alas, she came across as a puppet on her childish, selfish, pouty, dreadful, willful, deceitful, manipulative & domineering – Did I leave out any adjectives here ? LOL… - twin sister’s string all the way ‘till the end. There were only 2 occasions where she showed any bravado @ all, by rescuing a much-abused & starved doggie & also later on standing up to the hard-arse bullying housekeeper, in defense of t...more
Interesting premise, which is what made me pick it up, but it didn't take me long to get annoyed with this. The idea of identical twins switching places at the altar is just too deceitful and to make matters worse, there wasn't enough buildup to it. The story begins at the altar and then starts doing some choppy flashbacks to try to fill in the details. This story may have worked much better if it had rewound and started with shy Violet, watching the duke from afar while he flirted with her sist...more
Ah, romance novels, sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them, but they are always a guarantee for mindless escapism. I started reading this one and realized it was the first in a series and that I had read the third book during my last romance novel phase, though I couldn't remember it very well.

This one was, of course, absurd. Twins switch places at the alter so that the groom, unbeknownst to him, marries the wrong girl. I liked the heroine but the hero was too stereotypical and I didn't li...more
Better than what I expected.
The heroine was rather nice, her bluestocking aspects a bit too developed at times, her kindness to animals and weaker people also quite cliché, however her weaknesses made her seem humane and interesting. The hero, despite being a few times driven only by his pride, was also quite likable. The plot, despite encompassing nothing that I had not already read elsewhere, was rather consistent and maintained a steady momentum. I liked the light and not too overwhelming hum...more
5 stars. Because of the formulatic approach to many romances, it is hard for me to give one 5 stars. You have the frenzied, happy days, the misunderstanding, and the euphoric make-up. I never would have picked up The Husband Trap because of the cheesy cover and title, but a Goodreads friend gave it 5 stars so I decided to try it. The author did a good job making the characters likable and the misunderstanding funny. The wrap-up was perfect and left me wanting to know other characters' stories. I...more
Sevimli Hırsız
Harika bir kitaptı.Yazarı da kalemini de çok sevdim.Kitap su gibi aktı gitti.Jeannette'ye rağmen çok keyif aldım ama bu kızı ellerimle parçalayasım geldi.Sen adamı mihrapta bırak , kardeşinle yer değiş sonrada herşey normal gibi bir yıl sürt geri gel.Vıolet'ın kahyaya yaptığı gibi kardeşine de agzinin payını vermesini çok bekledim.Adrian'in Violet'e olan askina ve Jeannette'ye haddini bildirmesine ise hayran kaldım.Güzel kitaptı , çevremenın yemek eylemini 'yudumlama' olarak cevirmesi dışında hi...more
Some may not like the amount of deception in this book,
They might even be aghast, [Okay, I just want to use the word aghast. No one will be aghast about this story]
but I can't help myself from liking it. I was thinking more of 4.5 but I decided to be generous because I feel quite satisfied at the end of the story so 5 ☆
I think it is because of the novelty of the story in this time setting made me like it. Aside from the novelty here are things that I liked:

a) The sceneries. Somehow I think t...more
Beckyloohoo Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ aka Mrs. Acheron Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
I give this book between a 3 and 3 1/2 star rating.

This was my first book by this author, and I admit I enjoyed it. Set in the Regency time period, the story centers around a set of identical twins. One is the spoiled toast of the Ton, while the other is shy and more concerned with her books than society.

The snobbish social butterfly Jeannette is scheduled to marry a duke, more excited about the title than the man. At least, she was until the day of the wedding. Then in a fit of nerves she deci...more
Büşra Bal
Güzel kitaptı. İkizlerden biri dükle evlenmek istemeyince yerini düke aşık kız kardeşine bırakıyor, sahte evlilik sürerken dük de kıza vuruluyor falan. Jeannette midir nedir böyle uyuz karakter ömrümde tanımadım,çekip yolmak istedim saçını başını. Devam kitabında onun hikayesi anlatılıyormuş, yazar ne yapacak da o kızı sevdirebilecek hiçbir fikrim yok yani.
Shali Hadjerel
Are you kidding me? I can relate with Lady Violet's personality and it was an exquisite read! Though, I already new how things would lead because I'm a fan of this type I still console when something lacks in producing a greater impact on the twist. But If you're new to this type of romance you might want to sit back and read this and guaranteed it will not waste your time. Of course, compliments to Ms. Warren. Now I'm off to read the next trilogies but I have doubts with the Wife trap since I'm...more
Michelle Connolly
Absolutely loved it! I think I've now officially become a tracy Anne Warren fan. I'd been wanting to read this book since I read the last in the trilogy, The Wedding Trap, and found it by chance at a charity bookstore, and I have to say it didn't disappoint me in the least. I still think I probably liked The Wedding Trap a little better, but loved this one so much as well. Now I just feel like picking up The Wedding Trap to read it a second time, but considering I still have so many books to rea...more
I really like this. It's cute, fun, and refreshing.

Its the classic concept of twins switching places and wreaking havoc.

The characters are great, the plot has many ironic twists, often leading to hilarity.
Saudara kembar Violet Brantford, Jeannette, meminta untuk bertukar tempat di saat menit-menit menjelang pernikahan Jeannette dengan Adrian Winter, Duke of Raeburn. Demi mencegah skandal yang nantinya muncul jika Jeannette menolak menikah, Violet pun bersedia bertukar tempat dan menggantikan Jeannette untuk menikahi Adrian, lagipula Violet dari awal sudah mencintai Adrian. Tapi rupanya pertukaran ini tidak mudah, walaupun Violet dan Jeannette kembar identik dan persis sama, tapi sifat mereka berd...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Tracy Anne Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of ten Regency historical romance novels, including At The Duke’s Pleasure and The Husband Trap. Her books have appeared on the USA Today Bestsellers’ list and the Borders’ Group List of Bestselling Single Title Romance Paperbacks. She has won numerous writing awards, including Romance Writers’ of America’s prestigious RITA® Award, the Nat...more
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