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Kolonie Knellera

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Kneller's Happy Campers is a strange, dark but funny tale set in a world very much like our own but it's an afterlife populated by people who have killed themselves - many of them are young, and most of them bear the marks of their death... bullet wounds, broken necks...(those who have over-dosed are known as 'Juliets').

When Mordy, our hero, discovers that his girlfriend f...more
Paperback, 112 pages
Published January 2009 by W.A.B. (first published January 1st 1998)
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Originally posted here.

Everybody hates him, except Uzi. I think there's this thing that after you off yourself, with the way it hurts and everything – and it hurts like hell – the last thing you give a shit about is somebody with nothing on his mind except singing about how unhappy he is. I mean if you gave a flyin' fuck about stuff like that you'd still be alive, with adepressing poster of Nick Cave over your bed, instead of winding up here.

Etgar Keret's Kneller's Happy Campers manages to be f...more
Patrick Garrett
This is the third of Keret's books that I've read, and every time I start one, I don't know know how the chaos of the first pages will ever resolve by the end of his characteristically short tales. But every time I turn the last page, they seem to make it, scraping in under some chain-link gate, closing on a strip mall comic book storefront as the caffeinated characters dance like extinguishing florescent bulbs inside. I enjoy every word he writes. After I read a sentence, it seems like it shoul...more
This is such a short novella that it reads almost like a script to the movie Wristcutters: A Love Story. There's a lot very similar, which makes the movie a true adaptation. At the same time, the movie offers a bit of extra details that aren't included in the novel. Hollywood classically tacked on a happy ending to the movie while the book's ending is truer to the point of the book: the pointlessness of Mordy's hell and how the things you want only happen after they are no longer important.

The blurb of the book really does explain what it is: "a strange, dark but funny tale." A love story, in essence, but there's a lot more than that in it. Mordy, after killing himself, find himself in the afterlife world, which really is a lot like ours. The difference is that people walk around baring the wounds of how they killed themselves, bullet holes in their bodies and such. At the bar he discovers, Mordy meets Uzi and they become friends. And then, when Mord...more
Michael Loring
It’s very hard to put into words this incredibly odd story. It’s set in a world that’s just like ours, but is slightly worse and full of people who have commited suicide. People walk around with holes in their heads, gruesome scars along their neck and arms, and blue faces; all according to how they did it. It’s a very unique tale about Mordy, a man who killed himself after the breakup between him and his girlfriend Desiree. When he discovers that Desiree, too, has commited suicide and now resid...more
Isaac VR
Sólo tengo una palabra para describir esta colección de relatos: SOBREVALORADA.

No es culpa de Keret si no de todos los hipsters que clasifican como "obra maestra" a todo lo que diga cosas relacionadas con el infierno, las drogas, algunas relaciones de pareja que trascienden la vida y la muerte y personajes con alguna tara o megalomanía.

Sin embargo, en mi decepción sí encontré una obra maestra el relato "Un coctel del infierno" es obra de una inventiva, maestría narrativa y frescura que le podría...more
Guillermo Jiménez
No tenía el gusto de haber leído a Keret. Cuando esta editorial, Sexto Piso, publicó Extrañando a Kissinger recuerdo que causó cierto revuelo en la crítica nacional. Por una u otra razón no llegué a leerle hasta ahora con esta Pizzaría Kamikaze. Desde los títulos de los relatos te atrapa. Abre con La historia del conductor de autobús que quería ser Dios, en el cual no hace falta agregar absolutamente nada para explicar de qué va. El punto de escisión es el estilo fluido y campechano en que va na...more
Carmen Daza Márquez
Este libro ha sido la sorpresa del año. El autor ya traía buenas referencias de muy distintas fuentes, así que me esperaba lo mejor: pero que un libro traducido del hebreo y leído en neerlandés pueda resultar tan divertido, humano, conmovedor, cercano, actual... (me faltan adjetivos para seguir) tantos años después de su fecha de publicación y después de tantos libros como llevo leídos, es algo que no esperaba encontrar tan fácilmente ya a mis años. Altamente recomendable para todos los lectores...more
This was a super short read, finished it in about an hour or so. I really liked “Wristcutters: A Love Story” (The movie adaptation) it was what made me want to pick up the book. There was alot of similarities between both, and that’s always good. I had been expecting it would have a happy ending as in the movie. I got to say the books ending left me a little upset, it wasn’t surprising though because of the kind of story it was.

So this book is told from the main characters point of view. His nam...more
Danielle Calhoun
I REALLY WISH that this was a full length novel instead of a short story. I love the entire concept. The movie based on this short story is one of my favorites - and while I wish the endings were the same for both, I can see why the short story ended the way it did... because it will linger in your brain for some time! The movie is a touch better SOLELY because of the song - if you've seen it, you'll know which one I'm talking about. ;) This was a quick, fascinating, not-at-all depressing read....more
Lunar Lunacy
Jul 15, 2012 Lunar Lunacy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Short story lovers, possibly bizarro genre fans, those who like dark humour
It's extremely difficult to make suicide heartwarming, but Keret manages it. For anyone who enjoyed 'Wristcutters', rest assured that the story that inspired the film is just as enjoyable. Where the film gives more of an overview of the story, 'Kneller's Happy Campers' is straight from Mordy's point of view. (Oh, and all the names are different to the film.)

I am reluctant to give much away, as it is very short. I will say that I loved the Chapter titles. They foreshadow what will happen, but do...more
Yair Bezalel
Etgar Keret impresses with a novella that shows his continuing growth as a writer and a imaginative force. The book slips in a few cliches now and again and even with suspension of disbelief there are a few odd bits and ends that don't quite add up, but these are like specks here and there in what is otherwise an intriguing and genuinely moving story.

Keret deals with a difficult (to put it as lightly as possible) subject, suicide, in a casual, almost nonchalant way but somehow still manages to b...more
Sol  Gonzalez
Todo comenzó un jueves que estaba trabajando desde casa, avanzando con mis pendientes. Ese día Agus me dijo: ¿me acompañas? voy a la presentación de un libro de un autor que me recomendaron.

Voy, dije. Y sí... fui.

Comenzamos con el pie izquierdo, no encontraba lugar, ya era tarde y los estacionamientos cierran temprano. Para cuando llegamos y compramos los libros, el autor avisó que llegaría tarde y mientras yo pensaba que el destino nos decía que nos fueramos a casa y no lo vieramos. Yo tenía f...more
Kneller's Happy Campers fue publicado originalmente en 1998. En 2006 hicieron una adaptación a novela gráfica y le cambiaron el nombre a Pizzeria Kamikaze.

La edición de Sexto Piso incluye los relatos: “Historia del conductor de autobús que quería ser dios”, “El deschavete de Nimrod”, “El coctel del infierno” y “Útero”.

“Pizzeria Kamikaze” es lo más cercano a una novela que ha escrito Etgar Keret y supuestamente (eso fue lo que dijo en la FIL 2012) la escribió tras el suicidio de un amigo cercano...more
Lo agrego a mi canon personal, en primera porque el lenguaje (en la traducción al español) es estupendo, me imagino a mis amigos patanes hablando de chicas. Después quizá porque me puedo reir sin culpabilidad de cosas realmente desafortunadas (such as suicide yes).

Esta edición (la de sexto piso) trae el deschavete de nimrod, y el coctel del infierno. Estos deben ser de mis historias favoritas de Keret, junto con otras de Extrañando a Kissinger, en el primero pffff es una combinación a la que pod...more
Weird and wonderful collection of very short chapters, almost vignettes, that take place in an afterlife exclusively populated by people who killed themselves. Oddly, the hereafter looks a lot like modern-day Israel. It's a really short book, full with wry wit, that nonetheless leaves the reader pondering existential questions. Think Gary Stheyngart's earlier novels, but funnier and better. It made me very curious to read other works by Etgar Keret.
La primera aproximación que he hecho al universo Keret me ha dejado con una clara sensación de querer más. Me ha sabido a muy poco el puñado de cuentos y la novela breve que componen este Pizzeria Kamikaze y otros cuentos. Si algo cabe destacar es el contar con una voz propia. Algo que no todos los autores pueden decir que poseen. La ironía, una visión de la muerte y el infierno muy distinta a la generalmente aceptada, desprovista de cualquier elemento dramtático, son los elementos que en los re...more
Natalia Rox
I loved Wristcutters: A Love Story. when I found out that it was based on a book I rushed out to find a copy.

The best parts of this book were included in the movie and for once the movie improved the story.

the book is really short and has these 2 page chapters that are concise and entertaining. it is more like an idea than a story.

I loved the fact that it ends on pg 86. how perfect!
I heard that Etgar Keret is the hippest writer of modern Israel and a voice of a generation. I also read a 6 page interview with him on Rigas Laiks finding myself hooked enough to search for some of his work.
So I read this little story. It reads fast. The language is simple and sometimes I had a feeling that it is too simple. Like something I could be able to write or I think I could be able to write, so he gained some sympathy points immediately and all my attention.
The issues addressed seemed...more
I'm pretty surprised how true the movie was to the book. Nonetheless, it was still a great little read. The names were different and a few elements were changed, but the same dark humour that I love so much about Wristcutters: A Love Story was prevalent in this book, the movie's inspiration.

I'll have to admit that the ending took me by surprise, though. It's not entirely unpleasant, but it's definitely bitter-sweet.

This would have been a great novel, but it works lovely as a novella as well. Th...more
Roberto González
Una lectura ligera como primera impresión, aunque con el paso delas hojas y las historias, sobresale una fibra mucho más compleja, que invita a la reflexión camuflajeada en úteros hermosos, choferes que asìpiraron a ser dios, suicidas que huyen de infiernos vívos para llegar a paisajes lúgubres, y todo para entender que, son los pequeños milagros cotidianos, esos a los que poco atendemos, los que realmente nos hacen.

sé que hay milagros, pero hago como si no sucedieran, para que sigan acontecien...more
A novella that takes Keret's writing and allows it to go for a few more pages than his usual short pieces. I was shying away from watching Wristcutters A Love Story, but now I might just watch it to see how it changed.
Such a bizarre afterword tale! Dark-comedy and magical-realism mixed with melancholy. Central character is a clueless heart-broken suicide kid, Mordy. He is in the afterword and with his new found buddy Uzi he is looking for his girl who offed herself after him. There are strange characters in this afterword which is reserved only for the ones who committed suicide; a techno cult leader, an undercover angel, a speaking dog (may be just parroting).

Things are very twisted, witty and crackpot funn...more
3,6 actually. i like it, but it's kind of too short.
Imogen Summers
I absolutely adored the concept of this novella! It's so original and intriguing.

I watched the movie adaption first, and I have to admit, I enjoyed that a heck of a lot more than the book itself. Still, there is no denying that this is a great piece of writing. The book and the movie are practically too different to compare to each other, and they are equally brilliant in different ways.

This book got me through all the free periods towards the end of this school year, and for that, I am eterna...more
Ley Mendez
Keret escribe lo que yo quiero leer
Stephen Naish
This was my introduction to Egtar Keret, after having seen the film adaptation Wristcutters: A Love Story. It was a great place to start, and eased me in to Keret's excellent writing. I've since read everything he's published, and although he can often be inconsistent in quality, his ideas are brilliant.
Cuentos e historias cortas, que acompañan a la historia principal de pizzería kamikaze, te entretienen y te dan giros constantes de vueltas, digo uno no esta acostumbrado a ver el limbo con un parecido a la tierra, pero las cosas que pasan en la historia te mantiene leyendo hasta el final, es de capítulos muy cortos, pero es muy interesante leer, por que la gente se suicida, algunos motivos bastante raros, su convivencia y algunos cuantas cosas amenas del limbo, me agrado bastante :D
I absolutely adored this book. It was so original and I can honestly say I've never read anything like it! The plot intrigued me straight away, and although I was a little unsure if this was the book for me, due to the main subject of suicide, I gave it a go and I'm so glad I did. The characters were fresh and entertaining, and the dark humour was amazing. I would definitely recommend this book, but only if you're comfortable with the themes it contains.
Tiffany McFly
This is truly a unique story and an even more hilarious one. I fell in love with the way Etgar Keret could turn something that's so morbid and grotesque and turned it into a humorous adventure to find love. I've read the story a number of times and I laughed each time. I eventually did watch "Wristcutters: A Love Story" and it's one of my favorite films and actually does a good job in keeping true to the story with the same vibe you get while reading it.
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Etgar Keret is an Israeli writer known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television. His books had been published in more than thirty languages.

Keret has received the Prime Minister's award for literature, as well as the Ministry of Culture's Cinema Prize. The short film Malka Lev Adom (Skin Deep, 1996), which Keret wrote and directed with Ran Tal, won an Israel...more
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'Sure, they promise,' Nassar said, 'and look what it got me. Lukewarm vodka.'

'So you're just a sucker in the end, eh, ya Nasser,' Uzi gloated.

'Sure thing,' Nasser nodded. 'And you, what did they promise you?”
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