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The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 2: Dallas
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The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 2: Dallas (The Umbrella Academy #2)

4.2 of 5 stars 4.20  ·  rating details  ·  4,696 ratings  ·  212 reviews
The team is despondent following the near apocalypse created by one of their own and the death of their beloved mentor Pogo. So it's a great time for another catastrophic event to rouse the team into action. Trouble is—each member of the team is distracted by some very real problems of their own. The White Violin is bedridden due to an unfortunate blow to the hea ...more
Paperback, 184 pages
Published October 13th 2009 by Dark Horse Books (first published September 30th 2009)
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mark monday
heaps and heaps of fun. this second collection of The Umbrella Academy never loses sight of its primary purpose - mining the past of slaughter-happy 'child' super-agent Number 5 - while cramming its narrative with wall-to-wall digressions including various character bits, parallel plots, the pros & cons of time travel, the Vietnam War, guardians of the timestream (including a particularly cold-blooded goldfish), genetically enhanced chimpanzees, a monstrous Lincoln Memorial, two vicious assa ...more
Dan Schwent
In this, the second Umbrella Academy collection, Spaceman has eaten himself into obesity, Kraken has gotten a bit more obsessive, White Violin is in the hospital and paralzyed since the previous volume, and Number Five, after some shenanigans at the dog track, goes back in time to prevent himself from preventing the Kennedy assassination...

The Umbrella Academy is a fun read, like Tim Burton doing the X-Men. Where else would you see a character travelling back in time to prevent his older self fr
I honestly didn't expect much out of Umbrella Academy, not because I had something against Gerard Way personally, but because I don't generally expect any musician to be able to skip format entirely and write a good comic. Way did it. This second volume of Umbrella Academy is, like the first, imaginative and filled with memorable characters. The dysfunctional "family" is the heart of the book, and the interactions between the characters is what gives the weirdness a base. But it's also somewhat ...more
Dec 11, 2012 Kurt rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kurt by: Matt
This story flows from The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 1: Apocalypse Suite, so a reader will want to find that book before starting this one. In the aftermath of the craziness at the end of the first volume, our family of misfit super-types is pretty shattered, so this story involves a lot of exploration of the weird way that forgiveness works in families (complicated somewhat by the superpowers of the family members, but not so much that the emotional scenes don't ring achingly true). Way gives us a ...more
Posted on my book blog.

Background: I loved the first volume of this series, so I was looking forward to reading this one.

Review: Following the near apocalypse and all the crazy stuff that happened on Vol.1, we meet the characters as they try to figure out how to move on, when some of the things that happened left scars that will never be healed. The siblings are scattered and broken, left to their own personal vices and grudges. But when a mysterious organization (of which we had a glimpse on th
Jun 13, 2012 Eric rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Graphic novel fans looking for something different
Shelves: graphic-novels
This volume was more confusing and chaotic than its predecessor, with time-travel as its central focus. It featured an organization of time travelling "corrections" agents known as the Temps Aeternalis, masked assassins known only as Hazel and Cha-Cha, Kraken and Spaceboy in the jungles of Vietnam, Seance dying and becoming a father (in that linear order, although not in that chronological order), and Number 5 and Rumor on the grassy knoll simultaneously attempting to orchestrate and prevent JFK ...more
A great second volume for this series, though not as wonderful as the first volume. This time we've got one hell of an adventure, filled with time traveling, hooker chimps, the Vietnam War, the annihilation of Earth, and the assassination of JFK.

Sounds like a crazy ride? Indeed it was, yes indeed, it truly was. This volume is very big on Number 5 and what happened on his journey back to his 10 year old time in history, and how he got stuck in his old 10 year old skin. We learn Seance has a half
If there were six stars, I'd give it to this book. Way continues to deliver with the second volume of Umbrella Academy. The plot becomes way more complex and for a sophomore outing, this is one heck of an achievement. Way packs into six issues what Grant Morrison has trouble doing in fifty with far more finesse and subtlety. Here is time travel made logical. Alternate realities and universes synergistic and free from the bungling melodrama that plagues both the DC and Marvel Universe and again, ...more
Orrin Grey
The Umbrella Academy is a weird thing. I know a lot of people were expecting to hate it before it came out, because of Gerard Way, but then when it hit it became something of a phenomenon. And it's really good, better than it really has any right to be, considering how random and surreal and meta and drop-you-in-the-middle-of-things it is. Considering how close it skirts to trying too hard all the time. Considering lots of things. It's actually pretty great.

But it also leaves me a little cold. T
Take my review for UMBRELLA ACADEMY: APOCALYPSE SUITE and multiply it times mutherfucking 10!

Hate comics? Doesn't matter. Never read comics? Doesn't matter. You'll love this shit.

This trade changes the rules of continuity, logic and common sense associated with mainstream comics today. Time-traveling abounds, making your head spin when you try to tie all of the loose ends back together.

At this point, I'm calling anyone who ever told me that LOST was the best writing ever a retard. Yes, I said it
A masterpiece in the modern age of comic books. This second volume of The Umbrella Academy is the same as good as the first one and maybe even better. Here, the lives of the member of the Umbrella Academy continues and while both volumes show development on all members, certainly in the first volume the main character is The White Violin, in here, the second volume, it's Number Five. I don't want to spoil much since many of the excitement comes from the unexpected suprises. I just can assure tha ...more
May 24, 2010 P.Sannie rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to P.Sannie by: Christian
Shelves: graphic-novels
I thought the artwork was really fantastic, but the story was a little bit confusing. Maybe because I was tired when I read it? I don't know. But the time-traveling aspect perhaps was what perplexed me, though I thought it was really interesting how Gerard Way tied it into real history. I always love when fiction is tied into real life events and it works.

I think The Umbrella Academy is definitely a series that can be re-read because of the fact that there are a lot of connections all over the p
Nicholas Lee
Gerard Way's afterword that follows the main story reads:

"[Dallas is] a story about guns, bombs, pie, television, disappointment, rebellion, and gods that look like cowboys. I had never planned on bringing the "children" to America, but this time that's exactly where they needed to be, because they needed a harsh dose of both fantasy and reality, and there's no better place to get your fix than the good old USA."

As the 2nd volume of the Umbrella Academy series, readers are given a much different
I wish there were more Umbrella Academy TPB that I could get my hands on because these stories are incredibly fascinating. Once you start, it's impossible to stop until you're at the end. This one was very wild and continues the journey with our heroes from the previous story. Very enjoyable, a little bit of humor in it as well.
Collin Huster
Shortly after finishing Vol. 1 of Umbrella Academy I went into a sad withdrawal not having the second volume at the ready. So naturally when I finally had it in my hands I couldn't stop myself from continuing the story. Once again I was taken into an amazingly detailed world and posed the question...What role did the Umbrella Academy have during the assassination of JFK. (Mind blow). Well yes, I would like to know this please tell me Gerard, and tell me he did. It's still an absolute toss up for ...more
Apocalypse Suite and Dallas are surprisingly good. I've been recommended to read these when they came out but have been putting them aside, mainly cos it was by Gerard Way. The dialogue is witty, panels are detailed - had a hard time putting them away. highly recommended!

That's basically the whole of this book (which I carried around in my school bag for four months, may I add). And I LOVE it.
In the second instalment of the Umbrella Academy series, you return to the team in a state of... disarray, to put it lightly.
Vanya is left paralysed from the first volume, Spaceboy is left lazy and un-motivated, and The Seance is always wigged out on... something. Number 0.05 is like the punk your parents always warned you about, except he's kind of
I'm glad all the confusing plot-points and hints shown throughout the entire six issues series came together in the last issue or I would have been pissed.
Crisanto J. Jorda
Volume 2 takes place briefly after the first, in a recovering world. Again, our heroes face an impending global threat in the midst of even more personal issues. The narrative this time around assumes a much darker, more-slapstick tone as it delves into the deeper plot points and character conflicts. Without giving too much away, this Academy round delves into themes of time travel, paradoxes, and assassins all the while maintaining its absurd and cheeky voicings.

Again, the story falls short of
FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Like most of the books I read, I get my comics from the library, so am used to reading series (The Walking Dead, Y: The Last Man) out of order; I'm not a "consecutivist," so actually enjoy finding out weeks later how a character lost a limb, etc. So when The Umbrella Academy Vol 2: Dallas was ready for pick-up before Vol 1: Apocalypse Suite, I figured *no problemo*, but was DEAD wrong: the writing of this comic is so much more dense, sly & intricate than what I've rece ...more
In which Gerard Way wages a battle to out-weird himself. And wins.
I enjoyed this volume more than the first, probably because i didn't know the characters and being new(er) to comics i didn't really grasp the concept and story line as well as this. At the end of Dallas i feel as though i know the characters and their powers more, like how Number Five can time travel and was a time agent of an origination called Temps Aeternalis whose job was to correct and maintain history. As well as how Seance's powers work. How this information and abilities tie into the pl ...more
Carlos Eguren
Gerard Way en su dedicatoria dice:


Eso resume en parte el espíritu de The Umbrella Academy. Dallas arranca como Suite Apocalíptica. Si en la primera parte era la Torre Eiffel la que perdía la razón y el grupo de hermanos superhéroes eran quienes la debían detener, en la secuela se arranca también con un flashback donde los personajes se enfrentan nada más y nada menos que a una esta
Michael (Tattoogirl Reads)
While I thought the first installment in the series was dark, I truly had no idea how dark this was going to be. There is death and blood EVERYWHERE. And some of the most violent murders are by people with cute little puppy and heads.

It was also a slightly frustrating read because this one is heavily based on time travel and when you’re reading you’re quickly thrust from one time to another. This is really bothersome until you get to the end and you realize the awesome plan that was executed ver
Dallas is a slightly more conventional tale than Apocalypse Suite, and hard to reconcile as a standalone book when it has such a massively mind-blowing ancestor to live up to.

Visually it's still got the talents of Gabriel Bá gracing our eyes with his beautiful weirdness - but this time around, the panels seem less complex, more focused on the single idea, with fewer secondary mind-ticklers that I recall from the previous book's storytelling genius. Almost nowhere is there some delightful detail
Mitchel Broussard
I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first volume. I felt that there wasn't a coherent enough motivation for what some characters did and it was just way too confusing. I enjoy crazy time travel as much as the next person (hello, LOST lover over here) but this just went bat shit crazy.

So Number five is going back in time to prevent his older self (because he is already a 60 year old dude trapped in a 10 year old's body) from not assassinating President Kennedy. Because now he needs to assassi
Ryan Zimmerman Carstairs
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Erin Ashley
I am not a huge comic book fan, I never have been, but I couldn't pass up the chance to read The Umbrella Academy when I knew that Gerard Way was the mastermind behind it.

I don't remember what I wrote for the first book or if I have even reviewed that book yet, but this one is wonderful in so many ways. It is twisted, crafted in such a clever and eerie way that makes you want to read on. I have to admit, I don't understand some parts of it, but what I didn't understand made me want to read more
Jean-Pierre Vidrine
Like the Goon, Umbrella Academy nearly defies comparison and clear description. Similarities to Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol are apparent to myself, and even Gerard Way has cited Challengers of the Unknown as an influence; but it would not be fair to say that the series is too much like them. It definitely stands on its own. The overall structure really keeps the series compelling. When we first meet these characters, they already have a few decades of backstory waiting to be revealed. One chara ...more
The Umbrella Academy: Dallas by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba is the explanation of Number Five's story of time traveling and committing a great chunk of histories mass murders and becomes one of the greatest. Dallas at first tricks you into thinking that Number 5 is not a very good guy, but when the realization of saving a mother, Number 1, an himself, you realize that he is actually, like I said, one of the greatest murderers and heroes.
You also meet two new characters which are fantastic, and in
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Gerard Arthur Way is an American musician who has served as frontman, lead vocalist and co-founder of the band My Chemical Romance since its formation in 2001 until its breakup in 2013. He is the author of the Eisner Award-winning comic book series of "The Umbrella Academy." He released his second set of comics entitled "The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" in 2013. As of January 2014, he anno ...more
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