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Deadpool Classic, Vol. 2
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Deadpool Classic, Vol. 2 (Deadpool Classic #2)

4.19 of 5 stars 4.19  ·  rating details  ·  783 ratings  ·  31 reviews
Landau, Luckman, and Lake want Deadpool to rebuild himself as a hero - but he'll be lucky to pull himself together as he is His healing factor's down, and the only thing that'll juice it up is a dose of the Incredible Hulk's blood - administered by the Weapon X alumnus who helped make Deadpool what he is in the first place Not even mad science can mend a torn heart, though ...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published April 15th 2009 by Marvel
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Dirk Grobbelaar
Not much more I can add to what’s already been written in other reviews. Deadpool was never meant to be taken too seriously, especially considering he was rather blatantly “borrowed” from DC (Wade Wilson vs Slade Wilson). In a masterstroke, he was given a history with Weapon X and the rest wrote itself.

The only odd thing here is that this particular volume actually starts with issue #2 of the (classic) first Deadpool series. Reason being, issue #1 is collected in the previous book (Deadpool Clas
Deadpool, of all comic characters, is taken the LEAST seriously, so why would anyone want to analyze these books critically? Me. I keep asking myself. Why is Deadpool SO popular in this era in spite of Marvel's expectations that he would be a second rate character that NOBODY would take seriously? In an interview, Joe Kelly said they were constantly expecting the book to be canceled "every 5 seconds."

Maybe the lack of oversight helped. First of all, this is a redemption story with which modern
Thankfully, this volume of Deadpool Classic concentrates solely on the Kelly run with the character. I'll be honest, I remember Deadpool being a lot funnier back in 1997. Then again, much of the humor is very dated, and much of it wasn't really meant to be funny in the first place. Deadpool was almost a gag book, but Kelly actually committed to fairly serious storylines and character development. Which is what makes Deadpool still a pretty interesting title to read, even ten years after most of ...more
Really, a lot of fun. The stories showcase Deadpool's sense of humor quite well; definitely for people who don't take their comics too seriously. It's also clear that Kelly has long-term plans for the series, judging from his use of supporting cast and dropped hints. The art is a little too lazy for me--the colors pop, and the layouts are solid, but everything is a little too cartoon-y, and the blank backgrounds just make me think the artist couldn't keep up. But, anyway, it doesn't detract too ...more
This volume focuses exclusively on part of Joe Kelly's Deadpool issues, including a flashback issue and an annual with Daredevil. I really like the addition of Typhoid Mary to the cast, as she works well thematically with the mentally ill mercenary protagonist of the title. I also love the McGuiness art, and I like that Kelly commits to a stream of zany jokes, even though they aren't ever funny (even though the Foggy and Weasel scenes from the annual did make me smile). Kelly does a good job of ...more
Containing Deadpool #2-8, Deadpool #-1 (a standalone flashback to his past), and Deadpool/Daredevil Annual 1997, this is a surprisingly united collection: at this point, Deadpool's story is a morality saga. On an issue by issue basis, this may be ponderous or simplistic or ignored--but as the issues stack up, the topic gains subtlety and becomes an increasingly effective motivation to plot and character which steers the series away from frivolous mutant-battles-of-the-month. Deadpool's running n ...more
Harry Lawrence
Finally got around to reading the second volume of the Deadpool Classic series and what an improvement it is over the first! Intended to start reading in this evening and finish it over the coming days, but here I am at 12:30AM and I've finished the entire book! I couldn't put it down.
I can definitely see why so many people say Joe Kelly is the definitive Deadpool writer, he knows this character through and through.
Yay for Joe Kelly. His first monthly work. Trying to make an anti-hero into a hero. Humorous while not completely ignoring the character work. If it wasn't Joe Kelly, I'd probably give it 2 stars. In other words, I am a terrible reviewer.
Ah yes, it gets better. Long story short, it goes a bit like this:

Someone: 'Hey Deadpool how about we do it the way your ordinary superhero would!'
*Deadpool does the exact opposite*
*Deadpool's morally ambiguous way saves the day*
*Deadpool throws in an inappropriate joke and we all laugh*

The story progresses, and we get an insight into main character's back story. There's still a lot of questions and riddles (Pool says himself he is a riddle), which I hope will get answered in the subsequent issu
Joe Kelly has a talent for humour - his run on JLA was very entertaining - and here his humour comes in handy in the weird-verse that is Deadpool. However, I find Kelly's humour a little more corny here than I remember. Which means either (a) Deadpool demands a huger calibre of insanity and sharp wit, (b) JLA is an easier target - all the bombast and seriousness of deadly earnest heroes, or (c) Kelly's talents improved between '97 and '03.

In fact, the ending to the first chapter is entirely cart
Deadpool was my first comic book I have ever read. I got to say, I really enjoyed it. I found his constant jokes humorous. I also like how he talks to the reader and he seems to knows that he is in a comic book. The Deadpool comics follow the anti-hero, Deadpool. He is, as said on the back of the collection, "The merc with a mouth, the assassin with elan, the wryest wisecracker of the weapon X program..." Deadpool received his from a government experiment program. From the program he received re ...more
This is in my opinion is the best Deadpool story. Why? In this story deadpool loses his healing factor and like The Wolverine, he has to fight without powers just with his skill. The best part is when he has to fight The Hulk, with no powers, not even guns, just a Katanna blade! Well written and a great read!
Gayle Francis Moffet
A solid start on the series, though it felt both a little too backstory-heavy and not quite backstory-heavy enough. Deadpool is clearly recognizable and there's a lot going on, so nothing's boring, but the storylines don't quite mesh all together. I'm sure it'll come together, and it was an enjoyable read, it just could have been a skosh tighter in the storytelling.
I wasn't as interested in this book as I'd hoped - I'm not a big fan of Siryn, the Hulk, or Daredevil, so those crossovers didn't grab my attention the way I think they were intended. T-Ray, while a big player later in the storyline, disturbs me terribly, as did Typhoid Mary. Her attempts to prove to Deadpool that he couldn't be the hero Zoe (and LL&L) said he could be worked better than I wanted them to.

The art and writing, still by Ed McGuinness and Joe Kelly, remain excellent with few exc
Forget Daniel Way. He's a pretender. Joe Kelly took Deadpool from a interesting concept villain and transformed him into an "anti-hero" few can compare too (Venom and Frank Castle the two main rivals). That most people now think Deadpool somehow appeared recently makes me ill while having met Daniel Way personally I can tell you now he's not a good writer. All one has to do is read his initial five issues of the "new" Deadpool to realize this. That so many now attribute the fame of the character ...more
Wren Jacobson
I love Deadpool, and the Classic volumes are the greatest. If you want to get down to the root of Deadpool, and see his original character how he should have been, this is it. Guh <3
Izaiah Gonzalez
i like this book because it has alot of cool weapons.The characters are cool. Dead pool has gins swords healing powers.
This made me like Deadpool less as a character. I'm not sure if I will ever read another Deadpool comic again. Its just my opinion though.
It was everything I expected and more. Deadpool never ceases to make me laugh.
Shannon Appelcline
Joe Kelly’s first arc, covering Deadpool’s sickness (#2-4) sadly doesn’t hold up to his first issue. There’s funny and interesting fourth-wall breaking, which might have been more revolutionary at the time, but the story itself is just OK [6/10]. The -1 issue is an interesting look at Deadpool’s past, and may be helped by his absence [7/10]. The Typhoid Mary story starts off slow, but ends up being very revealing in how Mary relates to both Deadpool and Daredevil [6+].
Wow, that was sexist. All the female characters were either prostitutes or at one point pretended to be one, except for two - one a blind old woman and the other Siryn who was totally cool with Deadpool watching her sleep. Hm. And the was Typhoid Mary was spoken to and treated, especially at the mercenary club was kind of shocking. Guess no one thought women were reading comics in the 90s.
Now that Rob Leifield (who sucks) is out of the picture completely and Joe Kelly is writing, I now can give it four stars. Not a huge Ed McGuinnes fan and certainly not a fan of the ultradigital Liquid! color thing that was so popular in the 90's. But McGuinnes is certainly no Leifield and for that I am grateful. But still... it's Deadpool yo. Puns till your heart's content.
Apr 23, 2012 John added it
Shelves: read-in-2011
A fun and amusing collection of solid Deadpool stories. Not epic storytelling, but that's not what this is about - this is a great diversion for anyone who's a Deadpool fan.
Really good. Thought it would just be a funny comic, but the quest for redemption the character is on has added unexpected depth to the story and the character.
You close this volume after reading it sand say, "and this is why no one takes Deadpool seriously."
Jimmy Corvan
Deadpool fights the Hulk, 'teams up' with Dare Devil and is introduced to Typhoid Mary....uh yes please!
Edmund Davis-Quinn
Good fun. I do largely prefer the newer Deadpool comics. This one is still a lot of fun.
Frans Karlsson
A couple of differnt stories with Deadpool.I liked the story with Daredevil.
I Think it's awesome . . I love this merc with a mouth DEADPOOL
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