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The Last Days of Krypton
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The Last Days of Krypton

3.72 of 5 stars 3.72  ·  rating details  ·  1,205 ratings  ·  189 reviews
Finally, the epic tale that has never been told: the tragic story of the destruction of Superman's home planet.

Everyone knows how Kal-El—Superman—was sent to Earth before his planet exploded. Now Kevin J. Anderson unfolds the riveting backstory of this iconic superhero. The Last Days of Krypton is a sweeping tale of the politics and betrayals that blinded both heroes and
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Published October 15th 2007 by Tantor Media (first published 2007)
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Finally, after three years I was able to read this book over the course of a short road trip. It's an enjoyable read, but this book fell just short of being epic. We know the planet blows up, right? Good, not too many spoilers follow...

I'll list my gripes first:

Jor-El: He is supposed to be the most brilliant man on all of Krypton but this is sacrificed at the altar of "science must come first" at any cost and also at the altar of common sense. He could tell you how much water a glass can hold, b
Michael Kucharski
Possibly the most disappointing book I have read this year (2007). It disappoints on so many levels and in so many ways. For starters, with over sixty books to his credit, I was expecting something better; granted with half of those books based on the work of others (George Lucas, Frank Herbert, A, E, Vogt, and others) so perhaps it is not unexpected that this book disappoints. Much like today’s comicbook writers, either because of a lack of their own creativity or because of corporate demands, ...more
Apr 10, 2013 Peter rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: no one
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If you, like
This is one of those books that I could read again and again - and have, actually, haha. It was first purchased in a small bookstore at the airport several years ago and it was read within the first half of my flight.

I loved seeing what led up to Superman/Clark Kent being sent here to Earth. What a story? It even catches you up on some of the bad guys from the movie. Superman fans, THIS is a MUST READ.

Ok, I promised that I would come back later and add to this review. I should start out by sayin
I haven't actually read any of the Superman comics, so I have no beef with this book's details and it seems to mesh well with what I remember from all the films and tv series. So, it had some interesting information and served as a pretty good summary of the backgrounds of Zod, Jor-El, etc.
Having said that, though, I agree that this book seems to have been written for the average 8th grader. (Unfortunately, more of what I have come to expect from Kevin Anderson novels.) Extremely light character
An exciting and (considering how often the story has been told and re-told) surprisingly fresh insight into the back-story of one of the most iconic fictional figures of the last century. Anderson has united elements of many of the various back-stories behind Krypton, but in doing so has put a wholly new spin on the destruction of Krypton. The story is elegantly put together, The characters are well developed, and yet still very comprehensible in their motivations and actions. The setting is as ...more
I did a big bet on this novel since I didn't wait even to know much about reviews of it or even for the softcover to go out to the market. I bought it almost right when it went on fist printing on hardcover. I don't know, for some reason I had faith that the book would be a good one. And the faith paid off, since it actually was a very good book. I had very good memories when I read "Knightfall" and "No Man's Land", both Batman's novelizations of popular storylines. However, here, you have a tot ...more
Despite the mixed reviews, I thought Kevin J. Anderson did a good job portraying life on Krypton. I have often wondered, if Krypton were so much more advanced than Earth, why didn't they explore new worlds? Why when the planet exploded, there were no Kryptonians around except those that barely escaped? Anderson answers these and more in a thick book about the rise and fall of Krypton.

Krypton is like Rome was in its waning days of the Empire. Fat from its long, proud history, there is little cre
Darth Fierce
Though it's got some insanely mixed reviews, I really want to read this.

When I do, it will be a hard decision to make between the 2 really cool cover editions.


Athena Braun
May 02, 2009 Athena Braun rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Superman fans
I didn't want to put this book down and it was with great reluctance when I had too!! If you ever wanted to know more about Kal-El's birthplace then this is the book for you. How did Jor-El meet Lara? Who created the Phantom Zone? The deviousness of Zod and how Nam-Ek and Aethyr became his companions. The total stupidity of the Kryptonian council and why they are to blame for the destruction of Krypton. The story of Kandor and why Brainic did what he did. Jor-El taking back Kryptonopolis from Zo ...more
Ryan: I haven't read science fiction in years, but this book caught my eye in the library. It's about Superman's home planet, in case you ever wanted to know where he came from. I did, and I had such high hopes, but this book was a thorough letdown. The dialogue was unrealistic, the characters were shallow, the storyline was weak and unbelievable. It seemed to have been written for 8th graders. If you're a Superman fan, I recommend you simply leave his homeplanet's fate to your own imagination.
Rob Ladefoged
I don't want to waste too much time talking about how terrible this book was. I read it because it was recommended to me by someone of whom I've recommended about a dozen books, otherwise I would have put it down about 1/3 of the way through.

Most of their characterizations were established by the book telling us that was the way they were. The book kept insisting that Jor-El was a genius who was well established in his community, but then he kept making idiotic decisions that didn't make any sen
Anyone who is even remotely interested in comic books knows the story of Superman, the sole survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, sent to Earth in the planet's final moments to seek a new beginning under our strengthening yellow sun. However, few know the true story of Krypton itself. Why was the planet destroyed? When and how? Who were Kal-El's parents, and what were they like? And just who is Zod? All these questions and more are answered in Kevin J. Anderson's The Last Days of Krypton . In ...more
I love reading stories about superheroes. And it's fun to delve into the background of Superman. What were his parents like? What transpired on Krypton before he was born?

And I enjoyed this story. One thing that I noticed was that I didn't really get into the story and care for the characters as much as I do in other books. I don't know if that has to do with Anderson's writing, or because I brought so much to the book, and kept imagining the opening scenes of the 1978 Superman film and super-i
Shannon McGee
This book takes place about 2 years before the birth of Superman, a.k.a. Kal-el. We follow Jor-el and Lara (Kal-el's parents); Zor-el (brother to Jor-el); and General Zod, Aethyr and Nam-Ek (the main bad guys). It tells a story about people trying to survives through great crisis. I had not really read many comicbook-based novel, so this was new to me.

The flow of the book moves smoothly through each of the chapters, which are short but have a lot of action throughout. The characters are entertai
You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:

Shadowhawk reviews the audiobook edition of Kevin J. Anderson’s novel about the fall of Superman’s world and its final moments.

“Emotionally super-charged, this is a story that is not to be missed.” ~The Founding Fields

Up until I read Matt Forbeck’s Brave New World trilogy and Adam Christopher’s Seven Wonders last year I don’t think I’ve ever read a superhero novel. Or a comics tie-in for that matter.
Mar 25, 2011 Jeff rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: any superman fans or those who just plain like sf
I really enjoyed this novel a lot more than I thought I would. I only picked it up, because this is the only book by Kevin J. Anderson that my local library has, outside of all of the Dune novels co-written with Brian Herbert. The concept and outline of this novel are put together quite well. There aren't any spots in this book that move at a slow pace.
This was so well written that I found it hard to put it down once I started! The characters were very well developed and when the end is coming,
The Last Days of Krypton is a very good prequel to Superman. It shows the struggles Jor-El goes through and how it all changes him. Jor-El develops a lot from his shy, lonely, non-political scientist that he was at the beginning of the book. This book also tells the story of well known characters like Lara and Zod, as well as lesser known characters such as Zor-El and Nam-Ek. Every single important character in this story develops so well like Jor-El. This definitely explained a lot about Super ...more
This was an interesting read. I liked finding out a little more about Krypton and Kal-El's parents and family. I think Anderson did a good job creating Kryptonian society, and tying in several things from the greater Superman universe (Argos City, General Zod and friends, Brainiac, and so on).

The only frustration I had with the book was that Anderson seemed to be writing to a midgrade or YA market with the tone of his writing. It was very disconcerting for a book not obviously marketed to those
Greg Lindsay
So I just finished The Last Days of Krypton for the first time. I put it off reading it because I've never really been a big Superman fan, more of a Captain America and Batman fan.
But now I wish I hadn't, this book was truly awesome. Very rich in detail without slowing the story. All the characters were wonderful and even right up till the end I was hoping that Jor-El would find a way to save Krypton even though I knew that was not going to happen-couldn't happen.
I'd actually LOVE to see a boo
The “Last Days of Krypton” was an awesome telling of the events leading up to baby Superman’s journey to earth. I was never a diehard comic book person and only read a few here or there, so up until I read this book, I really only had glimpses of what happened to Superman’s home planet thru little bits of comic books, or movies, and even TV shows. This really gave me a whole complete picture.

The characters were portrayed loyal to what I’ve read and seen in the DC universe, identifying with them
Kevin J. Anderson is experienced at taking pre-existing charcters or settings (Dune, Star Wars) and producing novels that expand said universes. Here it is somewhat hit and miss since he's working with one of the most enduring mythos of modern fiction - Superman and his origin. What he added to the story, I have no problems with, it's what he changed that bothers me and many others. Mainly that he turned Jor-El (Superman's father) into an absent minded professor type who is hopelessly naive inst ...more
May 12, 2009 Prester rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
Shelves: kja
Kevin J. Anderson delivers a well written chapter of the history of Krypton as he brings the "Man of Steel's" home world to it's knees.

We've all heard the stories of how Krypton met its demise. Now Anderson has created a wonderfully chaotic vision of the tragic event in full.

I was very pleased with the characters, the settings and the end result... well, it was kind of a bummer that Krypton.. well... you know.

At any rate. I have already been telling people they need to check out this book.

As alw
This was a really enjoyable prequel of sorts to the Superman saga. All of the little snippets of Krypton history that I've heard over the years are assembled here together, and like a jigsaw puzzle, they all fit together in a really satisfying way. It's well-written, but really descriptive in that way that can make sci-fi and fantasy a bit laborious to read sometimes.

The only reason I'm not giving it a higher rating is because there really isn't much there with any depth; it's a comic book in n
W. Derek Atkins
This tale really does have the quality of a Greek tragedy, because the people of Krypton literally lose everything because of their inability - no, refusal - to accept the reality of the dangers surrounding their world, or to do anything constructive to save their doomed world. Throughout this story, Jor-El, the future father of Kal-El - Superman - plays the role of a prophet, warning his people again and again that their world is doomed, only to have his warnings fall on the deaf ears of the Kr ...more
I happened upon this book because the books I was looking for weren't on the shelves and I started perusing for something interesting. Boy was I wrong. After chapter 2 I became convinced that the book was dry and predictable. Every page I after just convinced me further. I guess its my own fault. I never liked books where the outcome is known from the start but I tried anyhow. The only thing left to tell in books where the story is known is character depth and evolution, which is poorly done.
Review for The Bookshelf Reviews (

Before Superman, there was Smallville...and before Smallville, there was Krypton. While the CW Network had the first precursor covered, Kevin J. Anderson has taken on the task of the second - and has done an excellent job.

Anderson's story follows the father of future Earth dweller Clark Kent (Kryptonian name Kal-El) as he seeks to improve and secure the stability of Krypton and its many cities with his undeniable scientific acumen a
Jeremy Stephens
There seems to be something fable-like about this story and perhaps one that has a moral which can be applied to our own world. Just as the people of Krypton refused to acknowledge, let alone deal with, there planet's troubles and impending doom, current fears such as global warming plague Earth yet there are still people who deny the problem and the problem continues to escalate.
Friedrich Haas
I was initially excited to take the origin of Superman as serious science fiction, and then I started reading. The prose style is not exciting me. It feels simple, and I can't help but think it is like a comic book, that it would be excellent as a graphic novel, where the illustrator would provide what I am lacking with the text. I can't really fault the work, but I can't deny that it is an effort to keep going, that I don't mind putting the book down, and no author wants that. 2/3 through so f ...more
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Pseudonyms: Gabriel Mesta, K.J. Anderson

He has written spin-off novels for Star Wars, StarCraft, Titan A.E., and The X-Files, and is the co-author of the Dune prequels. His original works include the Saga of Seven Suns series and the Nebula Award-nominated Assemblers of Infinity. He has also written several comic books including the Dark Horse Star Wars collection Tales of the Jedi written in coll
More about Kevin J. Anderson...
Jedi Search (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, #1) Dark Apprentice (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, #2) Champions of the Force (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, #3) Blood Lite (Hellchaser, #0.5) Darksaber (Star Wars)

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