In Too Deep (The 39 Clues, #6)
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In Too Deep (The 39 Clues #6)

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A hint from their parents’ past puts Amy and Dan on the trail of secrets their grandmother Grace would NEVER have wanted them to know. Awful memories begin to crowd in on Amy, just as her enemies circle closer. How far would she go to protect Dan? How much of a Cahill is she prepared to be? Perhaps Grace was right – some secrets are better left buried.
Hardcover, 206 pages
Published November 3rd 2009 by Scholastic Inc. (first published November 1st 2009)
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Stella  ☢FAYZ☢ Chen
This is one of the better book out of the series.
I mean come on! It takes place in Australia~ How can some one NOT enjoy this book? :)
I'm going to give a generic review of the series. Basically because I'm lazy and don't want to write 39 reviews. Okay, 11.

We finally read Book 1. And then because we liked it so well, the entire series. One son (age 12) has read them all, the second son (also age 12) is on Book 2. And son #3 (age 8) will be starting as soon as he finishes his current book.

I thought the premise of this book very interesting. I loved how they integrated history and geography along with problem-solving skills and c...more
Time for another installment of Picky Bitch Reviews Books For Which She is Not the Target Audience. ;) Although I have to say, I was actually pretty impressed with this one for the most part! It's set mostly in Sydney and I like how the author actually seemed to know the Circular Quay and Rocks areas a bit and wasn't totally making it up. I do have to question their logic in taking the bus to Circular Quay though when there's a perfectly good and MUCH FASTER train :P I've done the bus myself whe...more
I waited a little bit for this book to come to me - and it was worth the wait.

I love how we end up in sunny Australia. I also like the addition to Dan and Amy's family, with another cousin (Shep) to help them find the 39 clues. I understand that they want to keep him out of danger, so they make up a few stories to throw him off track.

You also find out a bit more of Nellie's skills as an au pair. At the moment, I'm a bit worried as her as an au pair. She seems to be... too perfect in the 39 clu...more
I am still enjoying this series of books - although I do find it hard to remember all that's taken place in previous stories since the books seem to come out about every two months or so. anyway - it seems like the later books are getting better probably because we're finding out more clues. Here, Amy and Dan are in Australia, and they meet more Cahills, learn more about their parents, are almost killed (a number of times, of course), and find out some interesting things about Nellie. In the pre...more
A terrific book, one of the best in the series. So many new layers to the tale were revealed and new questions asked to spur the story on. The educational stuff was woven into the story much better than in some previous books, with no sense of being lectured this time. There was some really fascinating stuff, like underground cities and wild Australian snack foods. The Clues mystery, the various Cahills, who to trust or distrust, their past and their parents all wove together into an exciting an...more
TomyGabriel Gabe
the book that i took about a fourteen years old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, hear to the Land down Under to discover what their own mother and father knew about the humt for the 39 Clues. But following they parent's footsteps brings up lost memories for Amy so awful that she can't share them..... Thia book is a very good book i love it ,the is very nice fiction book if you read you will see some cool sentens. Is connected to some of my family story lile my grand parent live in the co...more
Christine Gaskins
I am disgusted by the amount of incestuous thoughts of the characters. It should be a family tree, not a shrub.

I love when a fiction makes me seek the factual portions. Coober Pedy is real and the pictures are interesting. There are other underground town around the globe.

FACT: (copied from wikipedia) Coober Pedy is a town in northern South Australia, 846 kilometres north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway. According to the 2011 census, its population was 1,695 (953 males, 742 females, including...more
I like the 39 clues “In Too Deep”by Jude Watson, because of the new characters they introduce and all the intense situation in each book. This is number six in the series.
Dan and Amy competition is getting bigger and harder to beat.

Dan and Amy are starting to learn more about their parents past.Since their parents deaths, Dan and Amy are getting clues that they hid prior to dying. Amy and Dan are traveling under false Australian passports. They have to meet ground transport when they land in M...more
Vivek Patel
This book is thrilling adding a new opponent to the clue hunt and making harder than ever to find the clues and Amy and Dan find about a thrilling truth about their family. They have to go through many challenge to find the clue which is something so easy they could've guessed because it's so common.
Luke!GO LSU!
I am at the part where Amy and Dan start to think that there Au Paur Nellie might just be somone that is against them! I like the book and it gets better!
Sofia (That Book Addict)
I feel cheated. Utterly cheated. This has got to be the worst 39 Clues book I've read. Throughout the book, I was bored, which I suppose is entirely subjective, but aren't all reviews? I mean, all of our reviews/opinions are subjective; they're influenced by our own opinions on certain topics (i.e. when you complain about slut-shaming in a novel, your personal beliefs are butting in because you don't believe in slut-shaming.) But I digress.
But seriously, I just feel so cheated and disappointed,...more
good book you really should read this series!!!
Unlike the first five books in which the hunt felt like a fast-paced game to beat the competition in finding the 39 clues, Book 6 focuses on family and ends in a more serious tone. Things turn deadly, and fourteen year-old Amy begins to have flashbacks of the night her parents were killed in a house fire. Just like its title, this one pulls you in deep as we get closer to the finish line.

Amy and her eleven year-old brother Dan Cahill are in Australia this time, following their parents’ footsteps...more
Lady Knight
While good, this was an interesting departure from the plotlines we've come to expect from the series. With no definite clue to trace, Amy and Dan head to Australia on a whim. There they meet up with their father's best friend. Shep is a bush pilot who seems to know everyone and everything, and is more than willing to house Amy, Dan, and Nellie for a few days. Soon enough though, the Kabras, Holts, and Irina are hot on Amy and Dan's trail.

Before they know the siblings are being threatened at ev...more
Kristine Lopez
Feb 06, 2011 Kristine Lopez rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kristine by: yasmine
and now, after Russia, here come's AUSTRALIA!!! So they met up with their Uncle that made them remind of their Dad and even thought of considering him to be, well, their Dad. So here, in this book, we will find out how Amy and Dan's parents died. Were they murdered? Did their Mom really went in JUST for their Dad? Visions kept on flashing on Amy's mind and she's not telling her brother. It all started when Ian called her to meet for her to know what really happened to her parents. And when she g...more
Troy Smith group 4

Plot: Fourteen year old Amy Cahill and her younger brother Dan go on a adventure to find the 39 clues and to help redeem there mothers and fathers secret and keep the family generations together . And there mother and father have know about the thirty nine clues and have been keeping it a secret from them for there whole lives because of all the awful lost memories that they had before they were born. and now being chased to buy and invisible something they can not see .

Kayla Beck
Review posted originally at Bibliophilia, Please

In Too Deep is the sixth installment of The 39 Clues series and is written by Jude Watson, who also wrote the fourth book - Beyond the Grave. It begins with Dan and Amy Cahill after they wrap up their business in Russia in The Black Circle. The children travel to Australia, being as it is the last trip they knew their parents to take. Along with their au pair, Nellie Gomez, and Saladin the cat, they go Down Under to meet their father's cousin, Shep...more
Amy and Dan Cahill travel to Australia next in the hunt for the 39 Clues. They are in search for the next clue, but also for what their parents knew about the hunt. But along the way, Amy uncovers terrible memories about her past that she can't share, and even keeps them from Dan. The pair of siblings get confused during their search, memories coming back to them, being chased by their competitors, unsure of who to trust and who not to trust. Their confusion leads to mistakes, and they work hard...more
Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
This is my first time reading any book in the 39 Clues series, and yet in reading book 6 I found myself understanding the main story line. This was a great read in my opinion as Amy and Dan found out what happened to their parents and who did it as they continued to look for the 39 clues in Australia. They'll find the some of the world's poisonous snakes and spiders are half their worries.

Through the course of the book they learn that someone who they thought couldn't be trusted, in the end was...more
4.5 stars. I think this author has done the best job of any of the authors writing books for the ten-part 39 Clues series. This book was awesome, and looking back at my reviews of the previous installments, I apparently thought Jude Watson's last book for this series was one of the best as well. I'd never heard of this author before, but the writing and pacing were solid and exciting; very well done.

In this book, Amy and Dan, still on a race around the world to find the "39 clues" that will make...more
Kris Padget
I was extremely impressed by this series. I started listening to the Maze of Bones audiobook while at work. I enjoy listening to young adult series as they aren't too difficult to follow while also concentrating on my computer. After listening to the Percy Jackson series 2 or 3 times I figured I'd give this Riordan book a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find a compelling mystery! The Cahill kids are likable protagonists on a bigger adventure then they could ever have imagined having in their...more

Following the stamps on their parents’ passports they found in Russia, Amy, Dan and Nellie make their way to Australia in hope of finding a long lost cousin. The cousin is fortunately on their Dad’s said rather than their mother’s treacherous Cahill relatives. They need to find the path their parents had taken in order to find the next clue and only their cousin knows the path they took. But when Isabelle Kambra makes a threatening appearance and enter...more
Entry 1-

Amy and Dan Cahill are the protagonists and they are all on their own in the hunt for the 39 Clues started by their grandmother, Grace Cahill. They must depend on their own instincts to beat their wealthy cousins to the final product, the serum including all of the 39 Clues, which makes whoever drinks it the most powerful person in the world. The antagonists are the other Cahill members taking part in the hunt for the 39 Clues.

Entry 2-

The setting is all over the world as the clue hunt l...more
In Too Deep, by Jude Watson
This book is the sixth book in the 39 clue book series and is a wonderful addition to the entire series! Amy and Dan Cahill are on their way to Australia to find out what their parents were like when they were alive. The both didn’t know their parents very well when they died in a fire many years ago. Amy keeps remembering awful moments from the past that stir up terrible memories about their parents, so bad she doesn’t want to tell anyone about them. They are both un...more
Amy T-D
I like this series for several reasons. There's humor mixed in with mystery. I think it is fun, too, that different authors are taking turns writing about the same characters. Overall, they do a good job of keeping the characters consistent with themselves. I have noticed that some authors have different styles - some more funny, some focus more on the characters and others more on the action, etc. In this book, the perspective is temporarily from one of the adult character's viewpoint rather th...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for

Amy and Dan find themselves in Australia, where Dan delights in learning about the deadly animals before they find themselves connecting with a long-lost uncle. The meeting almost makes them want to forget about their quest and live a carefree life with him, but they both know it's not meant to be.

However, he might have information about their parents. They refuse to tell him anything about their quest because they don't want to put him in more dan...more

This book is perhaps the most dynamic. The introduction of the real villain, Isabel Kabra, is revealed, and, from reading the later novels, she has some issues. Big issues. As for the history, they sort of had a criminal named Bob Troppo as a placeholder to learn about Australia, rather than about that person. Dan and Amy are now traveling where their parents used to. They also discover that their parent's death was not accidental. For those that have moved on to the newer series, the Cahills v...more
Watson, J. (2009). The 39 Clues: In Too Deep. New York: Scholastic.


206 pages.

Kay, so I doubt the ten-year-olds are having this problem, but Scholastic is publishing the books too quickly! I'm having trouble keeping up! I guess I should just be thankful I'm not trying to keep up with the Conspiracy 365 series by Gabrielle Lord. That's being published each month. (Although, when I was a teen, I was all about the Fearless series by Francine Pascal. But I quit that around book seven or eig...more
Juan Pantoja
The 39 clue's book 6 In to deep by Jude Watson. Probably the best and most interesting book from the 39 clues series! The genre is mystery. *****No spoiler in this review*****. This book takes place in many places, but the main ones are Sydney airport, Sydney Australia, Jakarta, and the islands by Jakarta. When Amy (Dan's older sister) and Dan went to Australia for the search of the clues to become the most powerful person in the world, they found themselves in a trap that Irina Spasky (Amy and...more
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aka Judy Blundell.

Jude Watson is a novelist for young readers. She now lives in New York. She is probably best known for her Star Wars works, which are usually set in the prequel era and involve the Jedi. She also helped write the Star Wars: Science Adventures series with K. D. Burkett.

Her non-Star Wars works include the Brides of Wildcat County series and the novel Premonitions and its sequel Dis...more
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