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Empat Besar
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Empat Besar (Hercule Poirot Series #5)

3.63 of 5 stars 3.63  ·  rating details  ·  13,170 ratings  ·  721 reviews
Di dalam gudang bawah tanah di east end itu, aku yakin inilah saat-saatku yang terakhir. Kusiapkan diri menghadapi shock derasnya arus air yang hitam itu.
Paperback, 268 pages
Published 1991 by PT Gramedia (first published 1927)
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This is possibly the silliest book Christie ever wrote. It's full of Trilateral Commission conspiracy theories, evil scientists developing powerful beams that can wreak untold damage, and a hidden fortress inside a mountain. Yes, really. The only thing it lacked was sharks with fricking lasers attached to their heads.
This is a weird one. Apparently (I looked this up, because the book was so weird) Christie wrote a series of short stories about Poirot for some magazine and these stories were mashed together into this book. You can sort of tell that something like this is up, because the mashing didn't work all that well and things still seem a little disjointed.
But really, the main problem here is that Poirot is fighting a team of supervillains, and he uses disguises and smoke bombs and has to find their sec
Laurel Young
I love the fact that Agatha Christie was always experimenting with new ways of writing mysteries, rather than resting on her considerable laurels. By 1927 she had already written such masterpieces as The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, so I have no doubt that The Big Four was an intentional departure from her previous work. Unfortunately, it is not one of her more successful efforts. An adventure story doesn't play to her strengths at all. The Big Four is one cliche after another, with Poirot and Hasti ...more
An Odd1
Decided disappointment - or meant to be taken in fun? The plot shapes up like an impossible farce. The conspirators plan to rule the world. "Number One" is the unseen brains, Chinese Li Chang Yen. "Two" is multimillionaire American Soap King Abe Ryland. "Three" is idolized brilliant Parisian chemist Mme Olivier. Their assassin "Number Four" is young actor Claud Darell. Or is he? are they?

The elusive Four litters the landscape with corpses as an author's device to add yet another disguise. Capta
Before the review I just want to ask a couple of questions. What was The Queen of Mystery smoking? It this stuff still available in 21st century?

On to the review: the only reason I can justify the existence of this abomination is that it is a parody (I hope it is) of Sherlock Holmes vs. Prof. Moriarty duel of wits. Basically, there is an international crime cartel led by 4 people the last of whom is a ruthless killer whose identity is unknown. It is up to Poirot and Hastings to track him down.
Once upon a time, Agatha Christie stayed up way too late, drank her way through three bottles of Chardonnay and watched a Sean Connery James Bond film. As she was going to bed, some time about 3am, her eyes rested for a moment on her typewriter. I would not be in the least surprised if that was all she remembered about this book. For shame, Agatha. This is exactly the same reason I'm not allowed whisky and Twitter on the same evening any more.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
A great disappointment after the skillful and inventive The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. The Big Four barely holds together as a book. Indeed it may not be said to have a plot at all. Instead it is a series of vignettes that are tied together with the loosest of bindings. I presume what Christie was aiming for was a romp such as she had provided in several of her earlier books but this time with Poirot and Hastings at the center of the story. But instead of a romp she delivered a book that lacks bot ...more
حسام خليل
أكثر ما أعجبني فيها هو أن الأحداث تشرح نفسها بطريقة جميلة جداً، لا تحتاج للكثير من التفكير من قبل القارئ وفي نفس الوقت لن تجدها مباشرة أمامك فـ أحياناً قد تضطر لقراءة أحد الفصول مرة أخرى .

يعيبها أن بعض التفاصيل الدقيقة غير قابلة للتصديق بسهولة، لكن بالنهاية هذه رواية ومستحيل أن يكون جميع ما ذُكر فيها صحيحاً وواقعياً 100% .

يعيبها أيضاً أن النهاية لم تكن على مستوى إثارة الأحداث التي مرت بها الرواية النهاية سريعة جداً ورغم انها ليست نهاية مفتوحة لكنها لم تشفي غليلي للأسف .

في النهاية هي مناسبة لمن
Agatha Christie fails to impress. As many remarked," as a creation, this book is an insult to Poirot". For me, this could easily be the worst Poirot story I ever read.

The Big Four is intended to be the Poirot's biggest case ever. Its not about just one mystery but a collection of many short incidents which Christie intends to weave into a bigger mystery, that of the Big Four. The Big Four is similar to the spider like network of James Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes stories.

The lack of originality
الأربعة الكبار رواية جميلة جدا لمن يحب الروايات البوليسية وقصص التحري

بطل الحكاية بوارو ومساعده هيستنغز انه حقا ذو ذكاء خارق المتحري بوارو وخلايا عقله الرمادية

أحداث الرواية مشوقه جدا جدا أحيانا استخدمت خلايا عقلي الرمادية لاحل بعض ألغاز القضية ولكن دائما ما وجدت تفكيري مثل تفكير مساعده هيستنغز

دقة التحليل واستخدام كل الظروف في حل اللغز طرق رائعه جدا

وقع في الفخ مرتان أو أكثر ولكن بوارو بالنهاية استطاع أن يحل القضية ويلقي القبض عليهم بحيلة ذكية خارقة نوعا ما

كان تحليله لشخصية الرقم واحد واثنان وثلاث
When Agatha Christie's publisher expected a follow up to the hit, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, she was in no state of mind to produce one. Her mother had just died the year before and her husband Archie and she were in a trial reconciliation after he had proclaimed his love for another woman. However, Agatha needed the money. Her brother-in-law suggested taking several stories she had sold to a magazine, adding some connective material and a beginning and ending and voila, instant book. It shows ...more
Poirot faces his biggest challenge yet. He will have to call upon every one of his grey cells to defeat the enemy, and time, effort, and mustaches must all be sacrificed to the cause.

This is definitely a different style of Poirot. Usually he is involved in more of a mental game...this book has both mental and physical action. It has so many twists, turns, and double-backs, that sometimes it was hard to keep track.

An interesting departure from Christie's norm, and I enjoyed it this once, but I wo
The Big Four - Agatha Christie
audio performance by Hugh Fraser
4 stars

This is the fifth book in the Poirot series. It is a series of linked short stories which revolve around Poirot’s quest to thwart an international crime syndicate known as the Big Four. Much of it borders on the ridiculous, a bit of comic book crime fighting. Colonel Hastings has returned to England from his South American ranch for a very extended visit with his old friend Poirot. (Apparently his wife does not miss him.) This
Moira Fogarty
I hesitate to use the word "awful" in association with the Queen of Crime, but this is a bad egg. Penned (some say ghost-written) during Dame Agatha's worst year: In 1926, her mother died and her husband told her he was in love with another woman and wanted a divorce.

No wonder she was off her game, poor dear.

Originally published in serial format, this cluster of overblown spy adventures should never have featured portly, inactive Poirot & clueless Hastings as the heroes. They just don't fit
Harish Kumar Sarma Challapalli
A very great mystery novel. Can be termed as one of the best works of Ms. Christie. The twist at the end was mind blowing.

Enjoyed reading the book and through out the plot, the author maintained the same tempo. The narration went at a swift pace and one will never feel bored of the plot. The pages will be going on automatically, once u get into the plot. The adventures are very fun filled and u will def expect unexpected twists and turns in the plot.

I recommend this to all who loves to read myst

روآآية جدا مشوقة و تدخلك في احداثها و تفاصيلها
تجعلك تتخيل وتفكر مثل المحقق (بوارو) المحقق الشهير بمجموعة من سلسلة روآيات اجاثا كريستي..
وصلت لمنتصفها ولا زلت مستمتعة..


على باب غرفة نوم بوارو وقف ذلك الضيف الغير مدعو،وكان مغطى بالغبار من قمة رأسه حتى اخمص قدميه
حدق الرجل فيه للحظة،ثم انهار على الأرض.

من كآن هذا الرجل؟ هل يعاني من صدمة أم مجرد ارهاق شديد؟والأهم من هذا كله. مآ مغزى الرقم اربعة
الذي مآ انفك يخطه بيده على الورق مرارا و تكرارا؟؟
لقد وجد بوارو نفسه قد تورط في عالم من المؤامرات الدولي
This book is quite different from the other Agatha Christie books I have read so far. Hastings is back again, but this is not the important change. It is the scope. Up to now Poirot’s cases were confined to a single main murder in a single location - they were classical criminal murder cases. But here the scope is much larger. The Big Four is like James Bond's SPECTRE – an international organisation of villains who use numbers as names/ranks in the organisation and have plans for global dominati ...more
Hoo boy this book did not age well. A goofy plot whose scene transitions were almost always "Hastings gets hit on the head" or "and then, the phone rang" plus more casual racism than usual.
الحبكة رائعة و أسلوب الكتابة بسيط و مشوق الأربعة الكبار من أفضل الروايات لأغاثا كريستي
An intruder appears in Hercule Poirot's flat and eventually dies with an air of mystery about him. He seems to have been obsessed with the figure 4 ... and a large 4 at that!

Poirot decides to investigate and, with the help of Captain Hastings, freshly arrived from South America, he finds himself in a world of international intrigue.

He quickly discovers that there are four people who are trying to rule the world and they are in partnership to destroy the then existing social order and replace it
The eponymous Big Four are a global group of criminal masterminds, and Hercule Poirot is on their case. Through a series of short and largely independent mysteries (it turns out that they were all short stories originally, and then combined into the novel later on), Poirot and Hastings learn more about the bad guys and ultimately put them away. In many ways, this one has more in common with a Saturday adventure matinee or a pulp novel of the period than it has in common with the usual Christie c ...more
Viji Sarath (Bookish endeavors)
An average read.. The villains were colorful enough for more actions,but they were not brought into much action.. There isn't much of what you call normal detective work and that is a big blow to the reader.. As a story this book is fine,but it doesn't rise to the level of the usual Agatha Christie works.. I liked two things about the book-
1)the deceptions of number 4.
2)Hercule Poirot's pride.
Anybody interested in chase of international villains will find this an entertaining read.
After reading many books of Agatha Christie, her style become obvious. She repeats the characters, the murders, the plots... . after a while, it'd be annoying.
In this book, we knew who the criminals were, and the main problem was making them stop. It wasn't like other Christie books, it's more like a simple " chasing the criminal " story.
I'm completely disappointment.
بعد از خوندن کتاب های زیادی از کریستی، می شه فهمید که نویسنده داستان هاش رو تکرار می کنه. شخصیت
3 star rating - I liked it.

My first Agatha Christie experience which was not a disappointment. In fact, I found myself engaged, thrilled, and overall satisfied despite a few setbacks: the plot was more or less a game of cat-and-mouse; events and circumstances were purely by chance. It felt as if Christie was trying to patch up singular ideas into a major one insufficiently. Regardless, it was action-packed, suspenseful, and enjoyable nonetheless.
The Big Four is told and written in a very different way consisting of many short stories linked up as a whole. This definitely made it more interesting although, I do not see much of the motive of this story.

To me, I liked the way I can see how Poirot thinks and how his adversary undermines him. The thrilling incidences, deaths as well as traps placed before them.

Number 1, I did not know much since there wasn't much elaborated on him.

Number 2, was also not the main focus in this story althoug
Nancy H
This was a very different type Christie book, especially for Poirot - I might have expected it of Tommy & Tuppence as it was similar to Secret Adversary (diabolical international masterminds, spies). It was more of a James Bond type thriller rather than the usual vegetable marrows. If anything, read it for her description of Chinamen. I couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes when one of them finally spoke in "Engrish". It stopped being so funny when I realized this wasn't Kim Jong-il in ...more
This Poirot mystery was a bit different then the previous ones I read so far which is why I liked it so far. Without giving away anything, the structure isn't the usual piecing the clues together and revealing the murderer at the end. Poirot and Hastings are up against 4 of the greatest criminals the world has ever known, with ambitions of tearing down the established order with chaos and setting themselves up as the ruling dictators once the dust has settled. The good detective has to first fig ...more
Okay, I think I have read enough Agatha Christie at this point to say this is possibly the worst of the lot. I usually like what Dame Agatha gave us, but The Big Four is a jumbled mess. The book appears to have been (not just based on my reading of it) a bunch of unrelated short stories that she tried to tie together into one continuing narrative. Most of the separate stories are themselves weak, and the attempt to connect them by blaming each crime on a syndicate version of Moriarity which is b ...more
This was the stupidest Hercule Poirot that Agatha Christie ever wrote. Poirot is supposed to solve cases with his little grey cells, not by gallavanting around Europe like James Bond! There was never really any reason given to explain how Poirot's investigation was initiated. Such explanation or initiation would have also given us a reason to care about him catching the bad guys. Alas, I cared absolutely 0%. Time and time again Poirot "solved" a particular moment just by thinking something up - ...more
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880
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