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Mr Piggot and his two sons behave like pigs to poor Mrs Piggott - until, finally, she walks out. Left to fend for themselves, the male Piggots undergo some curious changes.
Paperback, 32 pages
Published by Walker Books Ltd (first published 1986)
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Jun 21, 2009 Bonnie rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who likes to read to and with kids; and appreciates artwork that adds depth to the story
Anthony Browne: named the UK’s Children’s Laureate in June, 2009.

I love this book – and so did the kids in the many classes I have read it to. Usually, we would read it twice – straightaway – because it isn’t only the printed word, but the illustrations that add depth and texture to this richly layered picture book.

No getting around it: the males in the Piggott family are chauvinistic pigs. Dad and the two boys consider it their right to make demands upon the only female in the household, thei...more
I couldn't help but laugh while reading this book as I pictured my mother trying to discourage me from dating as a teenager by claiming that "all men are pigs!" Clearly Mrs. Piggot is also a scorned woman as you can see by the cover of this story in which she is symbolically carrying her family the way she carries the load of responsibilities at home. As usual, Browne has incorporated many symbols into his work to enhance whatever social issue he is aiming to highlight. In this story his use of...more
Ross Oates
Piggybook by Anthony Browne is a book about a family of two boys, a father and a mother. The father and the two boys in the family treat poor Mrs. Piggott (the mother) like a maid and she is burdened with having to do all of the housework before going to work every day. One day the mother decides she has had enough when she doesn't come home and leaves a note calling them pigs. The men in the house are left to take care of themselves and eventually, turn into pigs (literally). The mother returns...more
Anthony Browne has again made a picturebook that questions the status quo, challenges societies stereotypes and makes readers question gender roles that still plague our contemporary lives. What I love about Browne's books is that he pushes the genre of childrens literature into uncharted waters, never underestimating the young readers he writes his books for. Piggybook is the story of a young family who discover that they have been taking advantage of the sole female in the house, by expecting...more
Wow! Where to start with this book? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Unfortunately, the story reminded me a lot of my childhood. My mom did everything for all of us, although she never left! I can see that Browne was trying to show what society thinks of women as wives and mothers.

The illustrations were my favorite part of the book, by far! Just by "noticing" things on the cover, I saw that the woman was the only one who wasn't smiling and she looked like she was carrying the family. As...more
Anna Harris
This book is about the Piggott family – Mr. Piggott, Mrs. Piggott, and their sons Simon and Patrick. Poor Mrs. Piggott is lumbered with having to do all of the housework and clearing up after the rest of her family before going to work, every single day, until one day she decides to take a stand!
This is an absolutely fantastic and very cleverly illustrated picture book, which would be enjoyed and appreciated by children in KS1 or lower KS2 – I actually worked with a class of year 3 children on t...more
A husband and two sons treat the wife/mother as a slave, showing no appreciation for what she does. In retaliation, she leaves them to their own devices for several days, and when she returns, they have literally become pigs who beg her to return and then they do their share of the housework.

Plot in a nutshell.

The problem is the book felt more and more uncomfortable as I read it. The three males really are just horrid to her. There's a bit of fun in the illustrations with trying to pick out the...more
Jayne Hill
Piggybook is a very interesting, well written book. The author Anthony Browne tackles the concept of gender stereotypes in this story about a small family, appropriately named the Piggotts. The book tells us how Mrs Piggott handles all the house work, cooking, in addition to attending her own job. Mr Piggott and their two boys just focus on work and school, taking Mrs Piggott's hard work for granted. One day Mrs Piggott decides not to come home, leaving the males to fend for themselves. Mr Piggo...more
I was attracted by the title of the book. From the cover, you wouldn't know why it's called "Piggybook," I mean, there's no piggy on the book cover. As I started to dig into the book, I found the most essential part of this book is in the pictures. At the beginning, there were just a few pig pictures in the ads or cereal cartons. Then, in the next page, I started to see Mom's appearance but we cannot see her face also, Mom's background color is yellowish and somewhat lonely. We can easily see th...more
Josselyn Hernandez
This is the second Anthony Browne book I've read for Goodreads and all I can say is WOW! This is a great contemporary book, especially because it included an issue that some people may be able to relate to. In my opinion, the use of white borders throughout the story made an emphasis on the images. The reader will come to the page that shows the mother in the story and you aren't able to make out her face. While the rest of the family acts like pigs, the mother is shown in a dark mysterious colo...more
Bao Chau
the story as about Mr.Piggot family. Mrs. piggot was a very hard working women. she did everything for her family. she took care of her husband and her two sons. everyone else in the family doesn't do anything just her. Mrs.piggot work, cook, clean the house and everything else. once day, she was too tired of do all the house work without her family help, she walked away and left a note in the table. her family was desperate when she left. after few days, her family missed her so much. because s...more
Jun 26, 2012 Leslie marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Every family needs to read this book. Every. Night. Until they die. After reading it with me last night for the first time, Nash looked at me quizzically, his head turned sideways with one magnificently bushy eyebrow raised in the Spock style, as if to say - Hey, you're trying to teach me something here, aren't you mom. Knock it off.

Mom - 1
Whiny Kids - 0

This is an awesome book.
Sarah Finley
Piggybook by Anthony Browne is a delightful read about a family who doesn't treat the mom very well. I think that the illustrations were brilliant, the dad and two young boys turn into pigs when the mom leaves and forces them to do everything that they used to expect her to do. When they realize how hard she works and finally respect her, they turn back into humans. This is a good example of respect and how to treat others. The mom did so much for her family but they still bossed her around and...more
Janaee Cobbs
Anthony Browne is the author of this book, “Piggybook.” The orientation of the book is a square looking. The cover of the book has a family of four, Mom, Dad, and two boys who are having a piggyback on Mom. The boys including Dad shows the emotion of happiness, but Mom shows the emotions of being uncomfortable on the cover of the book. “Piggybook” is a story about the society’s perspectives of men, women, and children. Social Justice is a powerful resource that is happening in real life just lik...more
This is one of my favourite children's books. Mrs. Piggott gets tired of her husband and two sons because they don't help at home even though she is working full time. She leaves them and they eventually end up rooting like pigs looking for something to eat. The illustration like in all Anthony Browne’s books are brilliant which are amusing for children as well as adults. I read his books to my nephews and they love it. It is a fantastic way of talking about: relationships and feelings and in th...more
Katy Mcnab
This is a wonderfully frightening story of consequences. Reading this again as an adult, the grown-up themes running through are even more prevalent. This children's story challenges gender roles and gives 'Mum' the power. Anthony Browne's dimly lit illustrations of the Mum beautifully address her suppression.

As Mum disappears leaving only a note behind 'You are pigs!'...

This story book opens up a whole can of worms for discussion around family values and respect, and with its wonderful illustr...more
Diana Manzo
This book was by far one of my favorite. The message it conveys is relatable to a lot of people. The cover shows a mother giving her family a piggy-back. The title "Piggybook" is sort of a twist of the word piggy-back which sets up the theme of the book. The images are enhancing the text and are definitely something to look at. Each page varies in layout which keeps it interesting. The pages vary from having frames, to block form, use of negative space, and taking up both pages. This is a great...more
Stacy Slater
Having their every need attended to seems to be the only concern of the men and boys in the Piggott family. Mrs. Piggott never even shows her face -- she's always bent over the stove, the ironing board or the washing machine. Finally, fed up with her servant status, she flees, leaving only a note that says "You are pigs." And truly, the males have been transformed into hogs who struggle to forage for their own food and never clean up after themselves. When Mrs. Piggott returns to the family sty,...more
Summary: A father and his two sons do not appreciate their wife/mother. The mother works endlessly cleaning up after men, cleaning the house, and then (on top of that) going to her job. Finally, the mother gets fed up and leaves. The men are left to take care of themselves and eventually, turn into pigs (literally). The mother returns and the men learn their lesson. They appreciate the mother more and even help her around the house.

Uses: read aloud to grades k through 4; independent reading for...more
Piggybook by Anthony Browne follows the lives of the Piggott family. Mr. and Mrs. Piggot have two sons, Simon and Patrick, all of whom live in “a nice house with a nice garden, and a nice car in the nice garage.” However, what the Piggot boys, including Mr. Piggott, don’t realize is the extent to which Mrs. Piggott works to keep the house and their lives nice. She is the one who cooks and cleans and does laundry without any gratitude or appreciation. One day, it’s just too much. She leaves a not...more
Buat yang pernah baca buku-bukunya Anthony Browne, pasti sadar kalo ilustrasinya banyakan gambar monyet atau hewan-hewan lain daripada gambar manusianya. Terutama di buku yang satu lagi, Zoo.

Tapi di buku ini, gambar manusianya cukup banyak, walopun ujung-ujungnya jadi babi juga hahaha

Buku ini menceritakan tentang (oh no! Am about to write the spoilers here!!)... tunggu dulu. Mari kita main tebak-tebakan dulu. Perhatikan cover bukunya.
Pada cover buku tersebut, digambarkan seorang perempuan yang...more
Honah Miller
The moral that I took from the story was that families can take another family member for granted and not realize the effort and work they put in for the family. This book illustrates the issues of gender roles that are faced in society. At the beginning of the story, the mother is doing all of the house hold chores, cooking cleaning, ironing, while the males go to work and watch TV. I felt like this displayed the stereotypical roles of what a man and woman's roles are in family dynamics. As the...more
Meghan Porter
Piggybook made me a little angry but for some reason I really enjoyed it. The illustration on the front cover shows a very sad woman with three smiling boys on her back. Upon reading the story, I found that the reason the woman looks upset is because her husband and her two sons were treating her terribly. She made their food, cleaned their cloths, cleaned the house, and worked. After being abused by her family, Mrs. Piggott leaves her family with a note the says three simple words "You are pi...more
Melissa Fordonski
Anthony Browne plays with traditional gender roles and stereotypical pig symbols throughout this story, starting with the cover. The framed image on the cover shows a woman, who we assume is the mother, carrying her husband and two sons on her back. The three men are all smiling, while the mother looks disgruntled. This image alone symbolizes the traditional gender roles that woman take in a family, where they are the backbone of the family because they are the care givers. The pig symbol is fir...more
Piggybook has one of the most obvious motifs I have ever seen. It is not so apparent at the beginning of the book, but as it progresses the illustrations become rife with pigs. It begins with flying pigs on the title page and progresses through the peritext. In nearly every illustration throughout the book, there is at least one pig incorporated somewhere, especially as the men become more piggish. Almost every illustration is framed, thus allowing readers to feel as though they are simply seein...more
Piggy book is about a family of 2 boys, a father and a mother. The boys in the family treat their mother like a maid. The boys and father tell the mother to hurry up with all the meals. When she is not cooking and when the boys and father are gone during the day the mother cleans the house, does the laundry and goes to work. One day the mother decides she has had enough when she doesn't come home and leaves a note calling them pigs. The boys don't know what to do with themselves and really do tu...more
Carlie Engels
I enjoyed reading Piggybook. The lesson of the story was that everyone in a family needs to help out and do their part in order for it to be successful. Also, children should learn not to take their mothers for granted. The topic of gender roles was also expressed in this story. The story began with the woman of the house performing all of the chores while the men worked and ordered the mother around. It was great to see the males of the household helping cook and clean at the end of the story....more

This picture book by Anthony Browne shocks audiences by presenting the stereotypes of a mother, a dad and their two sons. It hits back home because I have a husband and two sons. It was impossible not to feel like the Mrs. Piggott of the story because I do al the things that the book shows. However, since I went back to work, I do not cook, clean the house or do the laundry any more. My husband is taking care of all of that, the boys included. I liked that Mrs. Piggott revered against the state...more
Eve Victor
This book was very interesting to read. One thing I noticed was the repetition of words such as "very important" "every" and other such words. The story seems to be about a mom who is very overworked and . The father goes to work everyday and the boys go to school but the mom is the one doing all the cooking, housework, and still going to work. They demand her to make them food in the morning before they leave and right when they get home. And then they leave a mess for her to work. So finally,...more
Shannon Wasgatt
This book has so much going on in it you could spend a week talking about it. Starting with the front cover each image can be closely analyzed for both obvious and subtle features. The book is about a family who takes their mother for granted. The mother eventually leaves and the family realizes how much they need her. When she returns the men (father and 2 sons), change and help the mother around the house. The book obviously addresses and challenges gender roles, but the images play such an im...more
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Anthony Browne, a Hans Christian Andersen Medalist, is the author-illustrator of many acclaimed books for children, including SILLY BILLY and LITTLE BEAUTY. He lives in Kent, England.
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