Silksinger (Dreamdark, #2)
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Silksinger (Dreamdark #2)

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One faerie, the last of her clan, must fight to complete her sacred duty

Whisper Silksinger is the last of the secret guardians of the Azazel, one of the powerful Djinn who dreamed the world into being. Relentlessly pursued by bloodthirsty devils, she flees to the city of Nazneen to restore the Azazel to his temple. At the same time, Hirik Mothmage is also on a secret quest...more
Hardcover, 464 pages
Published September 17th 2009 by Putnam Juvenile (first published September 1st 2009)
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There was a boy. He came into my library branch. Couldn't have been more than ten years of age. A good kid. He knew to come up to the reference desk to ask his question, and he wasn't shy about it either. "I want books on fairies." Wow. Without hesitation I virtually dragged the kid over to the middle grade reader section, then got some clarification. "Fairies?" "Fairies." Right then. I looked about. Clearly this was a Spiderwick boy. We get them sometimes. Once Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black m...more
Originally posted here.

Silksinger is the second book in the Dreamdark series by Laini Taylor and is the sequel to Blackbringer. Laini Taylor has become an auto-buy author for me because I fell in love with her YA books: Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Lips Touch . I found Blackbringer a little harder to get into that her other books but ended up enjoying it quite a bit once I got used to the writing and the worldbuilding. I picked up Silksinger right after reading the first book because I wanted...more
I've been searching for a copy of this out-of-print book at a reasonable price for months. I finally have it in possession! My precious!
Maureen E
by Laini Taylor

In this sequel to Blackbringer, Taylor returns to the story of Magpie and Talon, while also weaving in the stories of several new characters.

Yay! I loved this book. Granted, I wasn’t quite as blown away as I was by Blackbringer, but I think this was simply because the world was familiar instead of being completely new. I was happy that we also got significant amounts of Mags and the other characters from the first book. I’ve noticed a slight tendency for sequels to move to complet...more
c.o.lleen ± (... never stop fighting) ±

The second (and, unfortunately, last) book in the Dreamdark series continues the search for the Djinn to strengthen the Tapestry of the world.

Along with Magpie, Talon and the crows, we're also introduced to new characters Whisper, Hirik and Dusk, as well as sundry other minor characters.

As with the first book, there's nothing ground-breaking about these books, as they are essentially magical quest type stories as our heroes search for the maguffins (the Djinn) and have adentures along the wa...more
Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)
This and my other reviews can be found at

Whisper Silksinger is the last of her clan and it is up to her to restore the powerful Djinn Azazel while being chased by devils. Meanwhile Hirik is on a quest to find Azazel to restore his clan’s honour, and also Magpie is searching for Whisper to protect her from a secret enemy. This book is just as good as the first with the introduction of new characters along with characters which I grew to love in the first bo...more
Angela Oliver
Another exquisite read from an author who has become one of my favourites. Once again, Laini Taylor takes us into the beautifully detailed world of the fairies, with her usual cast of quirky characters and a plot filled with enough excitement and surprises to keep us turning the pages. My only complaint about this book is that the ending indicates that there should be more to this series, but currently there are only the two - please tell me you're going to write more, Laini!

I couldn't wait to read this book! It takes off where Blackbringer left us, with Magpie, Talon and the crows searching for more of the Djinn to restore to their former glory to save the world. It also adds in Whisper, the last of the Silksingers, who have long been thought dead, and Hirik, a faery with a secret and a desperate need to redeem his family. Whisper has in her care the smoldering ember of one of the Djinn, and Magpie is seeking her to keep her safe. What follows is their separate but...more
Blackbringer was one of my favorite YA fantasy books of all time so I was a bit anxious to get my hands on it's follow-up, Silksinger. I was also anxious to see if Taylor could spin her magic again and drag me into the story so deeply I didn't want to get back out. She did indeed.

This was a wonderful follow-up book that introduces new characters while still weaving in the old ones. This time the main story follows Whisper Silksinger, the last of the Silksinger clan and the guardian of one of th...more
I can't get over this woman's writing. It's absolutely, stunningly magical. Every time I read another book of hers, I start it thinking, "It's really just a kid's book, and I just happened to be in the right mood last time . . . it's not going to draw me in the same way this time."

And every time, I find myself completely lost in her world and words. I surface a few hours later, when I've read it to the last page, no pausing. And that's a rare for thing for me, anymore. I'm an adult, I don't norm...more
Patricia J. O'Brien
Laini Taylor is a magical writer. (I think she found a portal to Faerie) Her fairies of Dreamdark (first in Blackbringer and then in Silksinger) are tiny things that pack a wallop in a world where dragons are gone, clans are dying out and Djinn have retreated to their elemental form.
The stories are filled with great names like Magpie Windwitch and Whisper Silksinger and Talon Rathersting. The names and distinct characteristics of the beings in these tales are just one of the wonders of Ms Taylor...more
I SO enjoyed being back in the world of Dreamdark! This second book in the series is even better than the first, which I wouldn't have thought possible! I absolutely loved all of the new characters. They fleshed out the story and interacted perfectly with favorites from Dreamdark: Blackbringer. I would have loved to have a bit more of Poppy Manygreen, but the part she does play in this story is PERFECT. If I didn't have a huge stack of books waiting for me, I would love to start this one all ove...more
Valerie Vahue
Loved this sequel to Blackbringer! Well written story, great characters and just flat out enjoyed the story of warrior fairies!
Silksinger picks up where Blackbringer left off, with another djinn to recover and another evil to do battle with. It adds new characters--Whisper, the Silksinger of the title, and Hirik, the would-be champion of the lost djinn Azazel--and reuinites us with the old ones as well. The gifts her characters have are ingenious--Taylor weaves magic out of everyday activities like knitting and singing, and even manages to make insects a vital and necessary part of the interconnected world.

full review h...more
This was a pleasant follow-up to Blackbringer; I expected a completely different cast, but this was more of a continuation of the first book with a secondary plot of the new characters interspersed. I loved Hirik and his talent. I think that's my favorite of the individual talents so far introduced (Magpie doesn't count). Whisper wasn't a heroine I could relate to as much. Magpie is brash and unapologetic and fierce. Whisper is more the gentle, but secretly strong heroine. She's still a great ch...more
My heart aches. Do you know how hard it is to read a difficult scene while you’re on your lunch break? Do you know how hard it is not to break down sobbing, desperately fighting back the tears and hoping that your face isn’t manifesting those tell-tale signs, getting all red and splotchy for the world to see?

Given the choice, I would have loved to have finished this story comfortably ensconced in my reading nook, surrounded by blankets and beagles, with free reign to weep my little eyes out with...more
Nerd Goddess
I had the opportunity to read an early draft of this book, and I must say, that it is AMAZING. I can't wait to be able to talk to more people about it! I felt really drawn by the book and the characters, and it was an incredible, emotional, wonderful experience of the book. I finished it, craving for more. And if this draft was good, I can only imagine how good the final product will be like!
I'm saying the same thing on every Laini Taylor book review, but it holds: she is one of the most imaginative, original, talented storytellers I think I've ever read. I'm always blown away by how creative and detail-oriented and unique her books are. This was great!
I love a good fantasy book and this is a series I started when I was younger, but it was still as entertaining now as it was back then. I wish more people would read this series! Laini Taylor amazes me with her imagination. I want to live in her world!
Foz Meadows
I am in awe of Laini Laylor's brain. In. Awe.

That is all.
KT Howard
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Review originally posted to the CCF site & reposted here with permission of CCF.

We received a review copy of Laini Taylor's Silksinger earlier this year from its publisher, along with the first book in the series, Blackbringer. The paperback edition of Blackbringer came out in May of 2009. The hardcover edition of Silksinger came out in September. Both titles are part of the Faeries of Dreamdark books that Taylor is writing.

Silksinger brings back...more
Steve Cran
the adventure of Magpie Windwitch and her consort talon continue. Magruen one of the seven Djin who created the world has been found now Magpie must find the other 5. One was killed off already.THe first one they find is Ithuriel he is sleeping deep under ground. Magpie and Talon battle a giant python to get that Djinn. THe Sliksinger in a battle long ago allied with Fade the last Dragon to stop Onyx a very evil sorcerer and his band of his devils. they got by on flying carpets. Fade was ultimat...more
Karen (Book Light Graveyard)
I was looking forward to this sequel, honestly. The first book, Blackbringer, was so surprisingly intriguing and good that I really wanted to read this one. And that’s saying something because I’m not usually into middle-grade fairy novels. I think it’s just Laini Taylor’s writing skills that pull me through--she writes so deftly and her plots are pretty dang good for a kids book.

This book has Magpie and Talon and the crows, like in the first one, but it also introduces Whisper and Hirik as new...more
I think I have found a new favorite author. There is just something about this world that captivates me, and I find myself reading slower so that I can make the book last longer. This book (and the previous one) should be read by every fantasy lover. I'll even go so far as to say they should be read by every book lover. I'll never understand how certain YA books (I won't mention any titles here) get so darn popular, and gems like this don't get the attention they deserve.

In Dreamdark, Laini Tayl...more
I was torn: five stars because it was so delightful? Or, three stars because it leaves the story unfinished with no further books in sight? I decided on five because despite not having resolved the full story arc, Silksinger was fast-paced and action-packed, with well-designed characters in a rich world full of wonderment. And the main plotline is resolved. I got lost in the story of Magpie and Whisper. I cared about them and their friends. The first Dreamdark book spent a lot of time setting th...more

Originally reviewed here.

Why I Read It: After being pleasantly surprised (bit of an understatement) with Blackbringer, I immediately (I mean that literally) picked this up and devoured it. Spoiler-free review ahead (though there are spoilers for Blackbringer, so beware of that)!

THESE BOOKS!! I love them so. In the first book, Blackbringer, the action mostly takes place in the Dreamdark forest. In this second book, readers are brought to new locations and we meet new characters. It's not surprisi...more
I was so excited when I open the package with this ARC inside. It was made all the better because I wasn't expecting it. A friend who reviews for an industry magazine as well as reads for various committees of ALA got a copy of the trade paper of Dreamdark: Blackbringer and the ARC of Silksinger. She never mentioned it, but passed them on to me because she remembered I was such a fan of the first book.

There was a tiny part of me that was worried about the second book. So many fantasy series have...more
Rhiannon Ryder
The Sequel to Blackbringer, Silksinger did not disappoint.
Laini Taylor has officially proven, in my eyes anyhow, that she can hold her weight in the serious authors category. The wealth of richly imagined histories, cultures and beings populating her Dreamdark world grows exponentially in Silksinger, and instead of becoming watered down material, only enhances the reading experience of her books.

Dreamdark; Silksinger finds Magpie, the Crows and Talon on a mission to find the sleeping Dijin throu...more
Silksinger is the second of the Fairies of Dreamdark books, a planned multi-book series that has unfortunately been put on hold by the publisher, according to the author's website. I read it after reading the first Fairies of Dreamdark book, Blackbringer, and the two books are complete stories in and of themselves, but you can tell that they are intended to be part of a larger story.

So, the story. In Silksinger, a young fairy with an unusual gift (thought to be gone from the world) is given a b...more
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Hi there! I'm a writer of fantasy books for young people, but my books can be enjoyed by adults as well. My 'Dreamdark' books, Blackbringer (2007) and Silksinger (2009) are about faeries -- not dainty little flowery things, but warrior-faeries who battle devils. My first young adult book, Lips Touch, is a finalist for the 2009 National Book Award! It's creepy, sensual supernatural romance. . . abo...more
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