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When one of Ian's boys dares him to get plain-faced Kylie Winship to sleep with him in just three weeks, he thinks it'll be a breeze. Tall and fine, with honey-colored skin and eyes, Ian is used to getting what he wants from girls. And if he succeeds in playing Kylie, he'll be down with the most popular crew in his high school. But this girl, who everyone considers a nobod...more
Paperback, 240 pages
Published May 1st 2007 by Jump At The Sun (first published December 1st 2005)
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At first when i saw this book, i didnt really like the cover. But after reading the blurb of the book, i started liking it. I read the first few pages and it draged my attention away so i borrowed the book from library. This book is about a girl named Kylie was being played by a guy named Ian. Ian went after Kylie for a bet, but he found out that he fell in love with Kylie. And it was kind of late when he found out. Now that Ian is trying to get Kylie back and... If you want to know, you have to...more
im reading this book now and its really good. its about a guy who plays a girl for a dare but he ends up liking her.
Feb 19, 2012 Christie rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: ya
I am slowly working my way through all the books I bought for my classroom library. I want to be able to put books into the hands of my students and to be able to say something meaningful about them. Although I am way past my teen years, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the caliber of the teen fiction out there today. I’m not talking about the mega hits like Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series which, sure, teens read en masse but which I can’t say is quality literature by any stretc...more
The book I recently finished reading is Played by Dana Davidson. This is a fictional book that has a very strong message and moral to it. Which is if you are not ready to take on the responsibilities and consequences of having sex then don’t. and if you do then protect yourself.

Ian and kylie have been going to cross-country high together for two years, and they have not once said hi to each other. Ian is the schools star basket ball player and she is the unnoticed ugly duckling who at sixteen...more
I had very high expectations for Played after reading Dana Davidson's incredible book Jason and Kyra. After waiting over 4 months for this book to finally become available on paperback swap, I was really disappointed with the outcome.

In this book Ian is one of the finest more popular guys in Kylie's school. And he suddenly finds interest in her. Little does she know that it is only because of a bet. A bet that consists of Ian getting Kylie to fall for him, and sleep with him, in order to be ini...more
I choosed to read this book because it is a very interesting book and the title tells you what the book is about it is about a girl getting palyed by a guy that only wants to get her verginity.The genre of this book is fiction because nothing that is in this book is reall it is made up. The setting is at school and at the guys house and at her house.The main character is a girl that likes this guy but she thinks that he will never like her and her mom and dad are divorced so she has a very rough...more
Claudia Delgado
Through out my whole high school experience reading was one of my worst subjects and I couldn't ever finish a book I have started to read. Played, by Dana Davidson was one of out of the few books that I really enjoyed reading and open up any time possible to continue reading. This book is fiction, but the details and events giving in the book could actually happen in real life.
The book takes place in Cross High School and a group of boys in FBI, Freaky Boys Incorporated dare Ian Striver that in...more
this book had me thinking, do all guys act this way: making bets about if they can get girls into bed with them. This book was a huge eye opener and was a lot of fun reading. It made me very disappointed in the guys in this book and hope they guys in my school aren't like this (which I know they not ). Pretty good good book for girls to read.
This book is a story i would recommend to people who are dealing with trust issues. Many adolescents struggle with boy problems or trying to find a boy that can truly except them for who they are. The story of two teens Kayla and Ian both trying to figure out what they want to do with themselves. Kayla who is a sweet, smart & loving girl and Ian who is just a straight up player. Ian friends made a bet with him that he had 2 weeks to sleep with Kayla, not knowing that his feelings towards her...more
I really injoyed reading this book, because I felt as though I could relate to it. Hopefully, the author make a second part to the ending.
Jan 07, 2009 Susu added it
The Book that I just finished reading was called played, by Dana Davidson. The book was a fiction. The Theme or central idea was that love can make persons personality change.

In the book Ian is a boy who is kind of popular at Cross High School. He is trying to get into this club that is called F.B.I which is for the kids that are really really popular only. To get into the club Ian has to do a dare, which to make this girl name Kylie give it to him and also fall in live with him in 3 weeks only...more
Katrina Burchett
FBI - Freaky Boys Incorporated. This is an exclusive fraternal group at Cross High and this so-called brotherhood is composed of juniors and seniors. Ian Striver wanted to be a part of FBI since he was in ninth grade and now he's one of the pledges going through the induction phase. There are a few challenges he needs to complete and one of them is to get a girl who isn't stylish or pretty to have sex with him. Ian has three weeks to make this happen and Kylie Winship is the plain girl his frien...more
Q. Thompson
This review is in reference to "Played", a book written by Dana Davidson in 2005. The general subject matter is about a young lady being played the "fool" by a young man trying to become initiated in a club. In order for Ian Striver to become an official FBI, Freaky Boys Incorporated, member he must get a girl to fall in love with him and sleep with him within three weeks. The lucky girl, Kylie Winship, was clueless about the situation, but, yet suspicious. When Ian began pursuing Kylie, she fel...more
As I mentioned before, I liked Dana Davidson's other book, Jason & Kyra I fell so in love with the romance, and the characters that I wanted to read more of Davidson's work. Thus, I read Played.

The story is about this guy, Ian Striver, who wants to be part of a popular group, FBI(Freaky Boys Incorporated). As the initiation, he's dared to sleep with Kylie, a girl who isn't exactly very pretty. In fact, her hair is a mess, and she's very plain. If Ian can make her fall in love with him and sl...more
Jan 07, 2011 NICHOLE is currently reading it
this book is really good. I can pick up this book and never put it down some many things happening all at once. Every thing is making me wonder and ask questions. The main characters are kylie and Ian.Theres this group called FBI. In order to make it offical in the pact you have to get a ugly girl to have sex with you in a certain amount of time. One of the boys name Michael betted 150 dollars to have Ian get KYLIE and average girl to sleep with him in just 3 weeks. Its difficult but he takes th...more
This was a wonderful book to read. It had so many great life lessons that young teenaged boys and girls could learn from. In the world today its all about the way you look and the things you have. No one cares about the inter beauty of others anymore. But this book taught me to look at others for what they have on the inside and not care what anyone has to say about them. I also learned not to judge a book by its cover because at the end of the day no matter how you try to hide your feelings the...more
Steph Su
Ian Striker desperately wants to join the FBI, an ultrasecret group of the coolest, most popular guys in and out of Cross High School. To do so, he and the other “recruits” must complete some tests. For Ian, he has to make a random girl, Kylie Winship, agree to sleep with him within three weeks.

At first Ian thinks his test is a royal pain. Kylie isn’t even that good-looking, and she was definitely not the kind of girl Ian wanted his friends to see him with. But as he grudgingly hangs out with Ky...more
Raven C
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ian and Kylie are two students in the same school and yet they never really met until their 3rd year in high school. Kylie was the sweetest and kindest person anyone could have as a friend, sister and daughter. But when it came to guys, there was only one that came to mind. Ian has had a rough life growing up and has always hung out with the wrong crowd. He's always wanted to join a certain gang that would let people join only after a high challenging dare. Ian's dare was to get the "nobody" Kyl...more
I'm sorry but the writing was so bad. So bad. I understand that it kind of fits the setting, but it is so forced. It's hard not to laugh out loud at how ridiculous some of the lines are. Aside from the writing, the plot is worse. The most cliche plot ever, the guy thinks she's ugly, but turns out she's not, but then he makes a mistake (which could have been avoided with even a little communication) and then the girl doesn't trust him but they get back together in the end. There was nothing excit...more
It was a quick read and it took some time to feel comfortable with the characters... I missed a little depth in them. The story was VERY predictible, but still entertaining. What kinda "shocked" me was the way Dana Davidson explained the first time, Ian and Kylie were really together. I wasn't sure if I still read a YA book, considering that both teenagers were just 16! I tried to figure out, what the message was behind all those graphical explanations... I also had some problems with Ian being...more
Nov 07, 2008 Monica♥ rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: teens
Recommended to Monica♥ by: my friend
i really liked this book. i thought it was sad because it was about a very popular guy whos name was ian and how he had a bet with his friends to get with a girl named kylie and make her fall in love with him and then have sex with her in 3 weeks. ian didnt like kylie she wasnt popular or pretty. but after like the 1st week he started to like her. but he tried to deny it because he was scared of what his friends would think of him. he didnt wnat to lose his image at school of being popular to so...more
Ths book has me: the different visual, as in where the guy is dared to meet the girl and stuff, the girl doesn't kno yet, the guy falls in love, she falls in love, at first didn't want to admit but he changes. Basically he wanted to get into the most popular club where they choose the person. So Ian decides to take the challenge thts been given to him to get in. The challenge was to hav sex wit the "not the usual girl I would date or pick" Ian starts to lik her n hel'l hav to choose whether he w...more
Kiera Mondesire
This book is actually the second book to Jason and Kyra by Dana Davidson. I love this author and this book for the simply reason that its extremely interesting, and it is a type of book that all teens can relate too. The character Kylie truly makes this book great because she is innocent throughout the whole story. She doesn't know that the the most popular boy who suddenly finds interest in her is actually a bet for this boy, Ian who is trying to be cool, and fit in with the popular boys by ha...more
This is the sequel to Jason and Kyra and I enjoyed it just as much as the first one. She put different main characters but also included the old characters. Ian's friends dares him that he bet he couldnt get Kylie to have sex with him in 3 weeks. If he is able to do this then he would be down with the most popular crew in school. Ian had fell in love with her and she had did the same. Yet this girl who really liked him kissed him and she felt horrible. Ian tried his best to prove to her that he...more
This book is about this boy and him and his freinds made a bet who was gonna have sex with a geek girl first or whatever.the boy picks his choice than he starts too fall in love wit her and didnt even know.The girl isint popular and he is.Than this other popular girl find's something the girl wrote and read it to the whole school and at the end the girl got played.

The reason why i really like this book because it 's really true.When girlsnot confident or dont think there pretty they just do anyt...more
If popular and handsome Ian wants to be in the popular group F.B.I, better know as Freaky Boys Incorporated, he will have to have sex with unpopular, plain-faced Kylie. But the trick is to get what he wants in three weeks. The ending of the story can be easily anticipated. Ian actually connects with Kylie. After their first conversation, Ian begins to feel guilty, because Kylie turns out to be someone totally different from who he expected her to be. Kylie and Ian both have issues at home. Kylie...more
A part of me likes this book and another, really hates it. It's not that I hate the book itself or how it's written, but what Ian does. The worst thing is that I can actually imagine something like this happening in reality.

Usually, I'm the kind of person that wants the everybody's friends again, kiss and make up, sun is shining, birds are singing ending. Not this time. If I was Kylie, I don't think I could forgive Ian for the things he did, even if he was sorry.

A lot of people understand and...more
I liked this book. It made me see how some relationships are not what they seem. It's about this boy (Ian) who has to do challenges so he can get in a club with the most popular kids in school. One of his challenges is that he has to go out with this girl (Kylie). She is not the type of girl he usually goes out with. He has to prove to all of his friends in the club that she is crazy for him. He figures he will complete the challenge and not have to talk to this girl again. But in the end, he f...more
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Dana Davidson is the author of two novels for young adults, Jason and Kyra (Hyperion/Jump at the Sun 2004) and Played (Hyperion/Jump at the Sun 2005). Booklist calls Jason and Kyra a book that “teens won’t be able to stop reading….” About Played, School Library Journal says, “Davidson’s understanding of teen motivations and language is apparent….”

Many African-American Children’s Lit authors see D...more
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