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Necroscope III: The Source (Necroscope, #3)
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Necroscope III: The Source (Necroscope #3)

4.1 of 5 stars 4.10  ·  rating details  ·  3,961 ratings  ·  68 reviews
The third book in the Necroscope series traces the battle between Harry Keogh and the horrifying Vamphyri on their home ground, an alien landscape of looming towers, impossible cliffs, and ravenous vampire-beasts.

Russia's Ural Mountains hide a deadly secret: a supernatural portal to the country of the vampires. Soviet scientists and ESP-powered spies, in a secret military
Mass Market Paperback, 505 pages
Published September 15th 1989 by Tor Books
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HEADS UP READERS: For a 3 star rating, this rant review contain's a higher concentration of I'm so pissed than you might expect. The reason: there's a 250 to 300 page 5 star gem in here just begging on its paper knees to sparkle but it’s being rooster-blocked big time by another 250 pages of mind- anesthetizing:

(i) rehash and rehash and rehash of the first two books,
(ii) pace-murdering plot set ups,
(iii) loooooooooooooong-winded expositions leading to cries of “show don’t tell,” and
(iv) clunky,
Ken McKinley
Ah those Cold War Russians. They always seem to be up to no good, especially in a Lumley's Necroscope tale. Mikhail Simonov, aka Michael "Jazz" Simmons, is a British agent that is sent into Russia's Ural mountains to investigate what he thinks is a new Soviet weapon buried underneath the bedrock of the Perchorsk Pass turns out to be a portal into another world. And what a world it turns out to be. It seems that those pesky vampires didn't just suddenly turn up in Transylvania in the middle ages. ...more
Martin Gibbs
While I enjoyed this trilogy greatly, this one plods a bit. Other reviewers have highlighted their concerns, and I tend to agree, so I won't re-hash everything.

The crowning jewl of this book is the setup for the Vampire World trilogy. This little fact is why Brian Lumley will always be my favorite "vampire" author (though I love his other works, too). Why? I read and write fantasy, true, but one of my requirements is that the world is NOT Earth. The setting has to be somewhere else, another plan
-Arriesgado desarrollo de los rumbos de la serie.-

Género. Narrativa Fantástica.

Lo que nos cuenta. En los Urales, los soviéticos han tardado cinco años en terminar el Perchorsk Projekt. Los satélites espías norteamericanos han detectado el lugar pero no conocen la naturaleza exacta del mismo. Michael J. Simmons, alias Mijaíl Simonov, se ha infiltrado en la zona con labores de reconocimiento de la instalación, y conseguirá entrar en la misma pero no en las condiciones que había imaginado, descubri
Lisa Sandberg
5 out of 5 stars for sure. This has to be my favorite in the series so far.

I liked how this one explores the world of the Wamphyri. It was interesting to learn about this world and the history of the vampires. It has a different view of the vampires and how they came to be.

I also liked the fact that Harry Keogh, who has taken over the body of Alex Kyle, really had no reason to go on. He has lost his son and his son's mother. Then he gets some information that brings him out of his funk and a re
Jan 23, 2008 Bill rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: All horror/sci-fi fans
Shelves: horror, favorites
Funny thing. My mom bought me this novel many years ago, unaware that it was third in this series. So I put it on the shelf to be ready for me once I had read the first two. The first novel was dynamite. In fact, my original terse review for it deserved a much more emphatic effort, so I have just re-written it. As you can see, after reading the second novel, I had had enough and had actually gotten rid of The Source during one of my book purges. A little while back, I was urged by an online acqu ...more
Robert Aldrich
I have now read this novel twice; once many years ago, and of course just finishing the second read now.

I had to down-grade my rating form a 4 to a 3. I felt that the ending seemed to be rushed and a bit lack-luster...and in fact, taken as a whole, it was a bit tame. There was a lot going on in this book, at least 3 different stories woven in together, and while I liked the character Jazz, I felt that Harry Sr.'s role in the story was weak and half-hearted. Given that he as a character is extrem
While Brian Lumley likely won't win any awards for his books, this was a spectacular read. I appreciate the level of thoughtful detail that goes into each one of his books. The characters are well-rounded and engaging, and the pacing fast-paced.

Chapter 1 was especially fun. I had Google Maps pulled up on my computer, and was following Encounter One everywhere it went. Fascinating!

Lots of clever ideas in this book that keep this story moving. Characters come and go, but the fight against the vamp
Heidi Angell
I loved this incredibly wild, sick and crazy book! My brother recommended it. I have been on a hunt for the rest in the series once I realized it is a series! It is all geeky and high brow while being a great horror piece. I like it when authors talk up to you, rather than talking down!!
Harry's been searching now for eight years for Brenda & Harry, Jr. and has still not found them. Meanwhile, in Perchorsk Pass in the Urals, the Russians have a huge secret project going on. They have created a gateway, but they know not where it leads, only that monsters come out of it. When one of the British E-Branch operatives goes missing, Harry is once again enlisted to see if he can find them. I love Lumley's writing and I love this series. Every book tells me about something or someon ...more
Aug 30, 2014 ika rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: vampire lovers
I hate to say it, but the third part is a little different. Vampires are losing their secrets and we learn everything we know about them. The book reveals the mysteries of revelation on earth and from where do they come from. It was a disappointment for me, but in the end it just didn't matter. As in the previous works, ending is simply stunning and what has happened in the past 2/3 of book is completely overshadowed. I think Brian Lumley is a true master of endings. Can you forgive him anything ...more
Mike Lester
Still enjoying this series, though this one was a bit slower than the first two...will keep happily moving forward though...
Andy Strutt
Necroscope Series by Brian Lumley
Review by Andy Strutt author of “The Afflicted”

I first discovered this series by receiving “Necroscope III : The Source” as a Christmas present. I had never heard of Brian Lumley but I was instantly infatuated with his work as soon as I had read the first few pages. Obviously, the first thing I did was go out and find the rest of the Necroscope series.
Harry Keogh is a very strange character with morbid supernatural powers that allow him to speak to the dead. That
Paul Darcy
A project in Russia gone horribly wrong.

Harry Keogh, Necrocope, searching for his lost child and wife.

Forces of the supernatural and the extranatural collide. A battle to the ultimate death on a world far removed from our own.

Sound interesting? If it does you will likely enjoy this, the third book by Brian Lumley, in his Necroscope series.

It's part spy novel, part horror novel, part science fiction novel, part super-hero novel, and part action adventure. And Mr. Lumley pulls it all off in a most
Ade Couper
So....Necroscope 3- what to make?

Bit of a slow burn this 1 :there's a lot of backstory going on here (at least some of which I presume is to set up the "Vampire Worlds" series), & unfortunately it does come over as info-dump at times . However , there is a decent story here in its own right.

The Russians have suffered an accident at a top-secret weapons facility , & have created a gateway to another universe - a Vampire World , where the Wamphyri are in charge . Also there are various und
I read the Necroscope series back when I was a teenager. Even though I enjoyed it then, I enjoyed it somewhat more this time. The reason mainly being that I understand (so I let myself believe) some of the crazy physics that Brian Lumley incorporates here; Parallel universes, time travel etc.

Necroscope III: The Source is where Lumley hooked me with his amazingly original take on the vampire mythos. This is where we find out the origin story which is much more elaborately described in Lumleys lat
Jason Gusman
This starts out with Harry's son vanishing and Harry trying to track him down. In the process he helps the E-Branch track down a missing agent on a mission in or near Russia which ends up being Romania. Harry tracks him down to a Russian base that has had an explosion which opens a path to the land of the vampires. This is a unique conceptual spin on the origins of the vampire coming from another dimension. Harry enters the vampire world where he sees vampire lords that have regions of control a ...more
Michael Daniel
Nice story here! Incredibly well-imagined. Very good series! Imagine any knowledge that you needed at the ready for your asking. Enter Harry. Very well designed story, with a main character that is easily identified with, Harry Koegh. The imagination that came up with these characters must have experienced some truly awful things. Lumley, being an ex SAS officer, surely did.

The vampires in this series are not nice. They are not warm and fuzzy. They're not cute (well, the women can be) and they
Chris Youngblood
I find it amusing that a book like the Necroscope series is lumped into the same category as that POS 'Twilight' series by Stephanie Meyer. The only thing they have in common is the word 'vampire', and even that's a tenuous connection. Brian Lumley's books aren't necessarily much more than thriller-fluff, but at least they're entertaining. I couldn't even get past the first chapter of 'Twilight'. Vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight, children; THEY BURST INTO FLAME!

My point is that I'd love t
The Source is the third instalment in the Necroscope series. If you liked the previous two books you will enjoy this one too. If you haven't read them I would recommend you do so first, though it's not essential as their plots and characters are briefly explained.
I LOVE the Necroscope series! I have read many vampire books over the years but I believe these to be the best by far. It is probably just a matter of personal taste though, so if you're looking for those romantic vampires, you've come
Francisco Seguin
Lumley returns with the third installment in his Necroscope series by taking us even further than he did in Necroscope II. It's as if Lumley knew all along when first creating his masterpiece that his readers would always want more of the history, more of the mythology, more of the terror, more of an insight into where his worlds meet with our own - and that they do in Necroscope III, as Lumley takes us through the portal of his mind and into the twisted landscape of the Wamphyri - flesh melds w ...more
The 3rd book in the series by Lumley all about Harry Keough, Necroscope. In this book, we learn more of the fate of his wife and son, meet some new characters, Jazz Simmons, for one, who I hope is back in the next book. We also finally discover the world of the Wamphyrii! Lord Shaithis is a truly vile creature, and one that lives up to his description. There were a number of plots threading the book, with the Perchorsk incident, the search for Harry's wife and child, and the new thread with Jazz ...more
Nathan Langford
I enjoyed the first book of the series very much. The second book was good and entertaining but not as much as the first. This one was okay but it clearly has lost steam with me and gone beyond the realm of my interest to read further into the series, particularly with so many other books in the world to read. I do think that if they can make Stephen King's 'Dead Zone' into a limited TV series with marginal success and AMC can make the show 'The Walking Dead', then Mr. Lumley could find a way to ...more
Simon Turney
I ummed and ahhed about what rating to give the third book in the Necroscope series. I prefer books 1,4 & 5 to this, but the thing is that it's different and therefore commands interest in its own right.

Taking a strangely scientific almost alternate reality/sci-fi aspect, the third book goes into some detail of how the vampires came about. To be honest, the first time I read it I didn't like it, but on re-reading, my opinion of it rose considrably.

The book is fascinating on several levels, a
Although I liked the book as I enjoyed the previous ones, I had an issue with it. The issue is that it was basically a history book of the Wamphyri with small bursts of action in it. Some of it was silly and not everything got wrapped up. Harry Sr. Wanted to try removing the vampire egg from Harry Jr. But that's where the book ended. Although not a deus ex moment, the fact that Harry Sr. Just happened to have dreamed of the way to remove an egg from the host was a little too convenient. I think ...more
Entertaining but not great - there was a lot of exposition crammed into the book, which was very good stuff to know, but was put into the story rather heavy-handedly. I know that since this "conclusion" was written, Lumley has gone on to expand Necroscope from a trilogy into a much larger series, including several spin-off stories. I may pick them up at some other point, but this story had a sort of "beating a dead horse" crossed with "Hollywood overkill ending" feel to it that left me ultimatel ...more
Edward Keller
Imagine Robert Howard or Philip Jose Farmer being given a Clancy and a Ludlum thriller and then contracted to write something in a similar vein. And they try to make this 80's cold war epic thriller, throwing in their usual paranormal, interdimensional naive boyish B film adventure filling. If all this makes your mouth water - congratulations! You're like me. If it makes you wince - this book is not for you. And you're far too grown up. You should consider doing something about that.
I really enjoyed this series. This book was just as good as the first two and I recommend this *trilogy to anyone who likes horror, scary vampires and a good bit of plot. Oh, and GREAT characters.

* Trilogy in this case means three stand alone books that have expanded into 34 novels in the same world. I don't intend to read them all. I liked the way the three books wrapped up and created a great story with a few open ends that I could let my imagination play with.
I think that ending of this book was to abrupt. There was a lot going on towards the end and it doesn't seem like the events were all completed. The book doesn't really explain how Harry Jr. and his Mom came to be residents of the newly created world or why Harry Jr. thought he needed to age himself unnaturally. There is a lot of information that was needed in the book as well as information that could have been left out because it was provided in books one and two.
Taft Babbitt
So my buddy in college came to me with the first book in this series demanding that I read it. I told him I wasn't into Vampires. He insisted, demanded! So I read it and it with it's following books was one of the great adventures I have been on while reading. I loved these books. You learn so much about Vampires and their history (according to the author of course :) and the hero feels like a good friend.
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Brian Lumley was born near Newcastle. In 22 years as a Military Policeman he served in many of the Cold War hotspots, including Berlin, as well as Cyprus in partition days. He reached the rank of Sergeant-Major before retiring to Devon to write full-time, and his work was first published in 1970. The vampire series, 'Necroscope', has been translated into ten languages and sold over a million copie ...more
More about Brian Lumley...

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