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3.57 of 5 stars 3.57  ·  rating details  ·  14,466 ratings  ·  1,863 reviews
In the wake of her father’s death, Ash is left at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. Consumed with grief, her only joy comes by the light of the dying hearth fire, rereading the fairy tales her mother once told her. In her dreams, someday the fairies will steal her away, as they are said to do. When she meets the dark and dangerous fairy Sidhean, she believes that her wish ...more
Paperback, 291 pages
Published March 4th 2010 by Hodder Children's (first published September 1st 2009)
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goddamn it, this was my bright shiny hope for gay YA week! this was the one i was banking on to be my best "assigned-but-loved-the-whole-time-i-was-reading-it-and-this-is-why-i-am-paying-for-grad-school-discovery." a lesbian retelling of cinderella?? sign me up! i've already read what robert coover and angela carter have done to improve fairy tales, let's see where this one goes!

and it starts out great - the writing is wonderful; it is very literary and lush and haunting. boy meets boy and keepi
Nov 13, 2011 Tatiana rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: read "Keturah and Lord Death" instead
Shelves: 2011, fairy-tales, ya
I will pick Disney's version of Cinderella over Ash any day and without the slightest hesitation. For a book with such a provocative, potentially controversial premise, Ash is dreadfully, painfully dull and lacking in strong emotion and vibrant characters.

This retelling is both familiar and slightly new (albeit in an uninteresting and directionless way). In this version, orphaned Ash is forced to be a serving maid to her (not so evil) stepmother and stepsisters. But instead of sneaking into the
eta: You know, I figured when I wrote this "review" that I had made it sufficiently ridiculous and over-the-top that no one on Earth could possibly take it seriously. I mean, I claim that DISNEY INVENTED CINDERELLA, people. And then there's the link at the end labeled "real review here", which should maybe be a hint? But okay, whatever, for those of you who are apparently utterly impervious to sarcasm, here is your blinking neon sign:

THIS REVIEW IS INTENDED AS SATIRE. Also, just fyi, I am prett
The GoodReads five-star rating system isn't perfect because some books (like, say, pretty much all Fitzgerald and Salinger) get five stars because I think they're just freaking brilliant writing; while other books (like, say, Bridget Jones's Diary and the Traveling Pants books) get five stars because I love the characters so much.

Then, of course, there are the Harry Potters and Tales of Despereaux that receive five stars because it's like they retell my whole world: Remember how lost you were w
No, No, No, No, No!!!!
Cinderella is not a lesbian!!! Ack, she is suppsed to fall in love with Prince charming and be doted on by silly little mice. This is a crock!

I had a hard time getting into this in the beginning, then the middle hooked me for a hot minute, but the end is such a hot mess I can't even go there!! I expected more Fairies, more darkness, more love (in male form). I got nothing of the sort!! Blek, I do NOT reccomend this!!

Acceptable forms of Cinderella: The Mouse Lover
or The Dr
The Holy Terror
Nov 27, 2011 The Holy Terror rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of fairy tales retold
What starts out as a simple retelling of Cinderella turns into so much more, and the Prince is all but forgotten ...

If you know the story of Cinderella then you know most of the beginning of the book, but somewhere near the middle it starts to veer off on its own path. Ash has a fairy(godfather?) who watches over her named Sidhean (pronounced Sheen - I looked it up because it was driving me nuts!) In order to feel some sort of freedom from her stepmother and stepsisters, Ash takes every opportun
What a outstanding debut novel! Malinda Lo absolutely blew me away. The writing was elegant, beautifully lyrical. Malinda has this unbelievable talent for detail and atmospheric setting. She captures the very essence of the world she created. I just felt like I was there.

Characterization was fantastic as well. With such vivid imagery you might think the characterization would suffer, but I think they stood out so intensely because of it.

Ash is a retelling, so some of the story shouldn’t come as
Ash by Malinda Lo is definitely a beautiful retelling of the classic Cinderella story - writing-wise. Lo creates an eerie yet fascinating atmosphere with her lyrical prose and the setting is described in rich details. She interweaves fairy tales and traditions of her own into the story and creates a world the reader can immerse himself in.
Additionally, Ash is clearly more than a simple retelling; it adds aspects to the original tale and has quite some twists readers probably won't suspect in the
(3.5 stars)
Malinda Lo combines several highly creative ideas in her debut novel, Ash. We all know the tale of Cinderella, but it's never been told quite like this. Cinderella (here called Aisling, Ash for short) falls for a young woman instead of the prince. And the fairy who helps Ash break free of her stepmother is no rosy-cheeked godmother, but a coldly beautiful fairy lord right out of the older, darker legends of the fey folk, and he demands a steep price for his aid. On paper, I love every
Ash was my absolutely favorite read of 2009.

A Cinderella with a twist of darkness and lore, the characterization of a young girl, family, love, and disappointment, left me inside of this world and I think I still haven't found my way out. Since reading Ash, I am desperately seeking that language, that energy, those woods, the doublespeak that Lo so artfully rendered.

As I type this, I am flipping through the pages, and stopping when my fingers have reached their random destination.

Here, a samp
Caroline Alicia
Nothing redeeming about this book at all.


Ash's mother (who was some sort of greenwitch) dies. Couple of days later her Father goes into town and returns with the wicked stepmom and 2 step daughters. The old greenwitch Ash's mother apprenticed under warns her father of fairies/elves? but Ash's father refuses to listen to the old ways his deceased wife believes and sends her on her way. Shortly after he becomes 'sick' (some sort of fairy/old magic sickness) and dies. Ash moves into th
I have had this one on my To-Read radar for a while because I was intrigued by a lesbian Cinderella retelling. So, now I've re-read it, and I have to say I'm a bit - no, more than a bit - disappointed with it. This whole book just felt confused.

There are likely spoilers below. Read at your own risk.

First of all, the lesbian aspect of this story was extremely disappointing to me. I so wanted this to be a PROUD self-identification coming-out story, like Annie on my Mind was. Instead, the lesbian
This is actually a reread for me. I received my own shiny cover of “Ash” as a gift from a lovely friend and was heartily looking forward to seeing how well it stood up the second time round.

Most commonly referred to as the ‘lesbian Cinderella’, the book does retain the basic structure of arguably the most famous fairytale of all time whilst weaving in its own world, one where magic has been forgotten and viewed as a simple child’s tale by many. Stories and the telling of them make up a huge par
This is a lovely retelling of the Cinderella fairytale. It keeps a very fairytale-like tone, so at times it doesn't go as deeply into what happens or people's feelings as I would like, but there are beautiful descriptions and it's very easy to read. It's exciting to read a version of the story in which part of the love story is between two women.

I liked the changes to the story as I knew it -- Sidhean as the fairy godmother, and the element of actually having to pay for what you get from the fa
I just realized I had posted this review to my blog but not here! Well, here it is...

LESBIANS! BEARS!* HUNTERS! OH MY! Please, someone inform the government. We have a retelling of Cinderella on our hands that includes lesbians. The world must be ending. It must be 2011. This is more terrifying than Y2k.

Other reviews I’ve seen claim the problem with this book is the fact that our Cinderella is Bisexual. This is not the issue with this book and that sort of response makes me horribly depressed. W
I noticed a lot of buzz surrounding this book among authors and readers I respect, so I had high expectations going in. I was disappointed. I found the book very bland, from beginning to end. All of the characters seemed very wooden and/or one-dimensional, and I pretty much just kept reading because it was inoffensive and short.

Part of the reason I think I didn't take to this book is that it's a very meandering, quiet sort of story about death and love. There's not really any action to speak of,
I found the world building boring, and I felt the entire time like Lo was talking to me, rather than telling me a story (i.e., it felt like she didn't try to tell a story but instead just spit the facts out). The backstories were far too lengthy and unnecessary and the story itself gets lost. None of the characters are interesting, and Ash herself is just irritating. I disliked the writing style a lot, and I thought the lesbian love scene never had merit -- we don't actually see Ash learn anythi ...more
Rating: 3.5 Stars

This one is a strange one. I enjoyed the book, but I felt like we had too much mystery about it by the end. Ash is a different type of young-adult novel and I really appreciate how the romance wasn’t at the forefront of the tale. Not only that, but Lo tackles the idea of homosexuality, so you should be aware that Ash touches on the lesbian area. However, this didn’t take away anything from the story and as a read, I actually liked that aspect of the story. Prejudice people will
Ugh. I don't know if I'm just approaching this book wrong or what, but I've picked it up and started it three separate times, and each time I put it down before 50 pages. I really wanted to give it a chance, and after reading some rave reviews and finding out it was an LGBTQ version of Cinderella, my interest was piqued. Maybe Lo's writing gets better as the book goes on, but the first chapters drag interminably on, her characters are two dimensional and uninteresting, and the plot is horribly c ...more
Airiz C
When her father died, Aisling’s—Ash’s—world is turned upside down. Her stepmother, Lady Isobel, is cruel to her, and her stepsisters are not exactly fond of her. Ash is forced to work as a servant for her stepfamily, and she could only hope for someone to take her away from her miserable life.

Sounds familiar? It might, but this is not the fairytale you remember—it’s not the story of Disney’s ultimate damsel in distress who waits for Prince Charming to come by and hand her the happy-ever-after sh
I whole-heartedly love this book. If you haven't read it, don't read my review and go buy it. I hadn't read anything about this book when I bought it and I think it made a difference when I did because I had no idea how the retelling part would work out and what would change from the original story. I will divide this review in two parts, one for the people who haven't read it, and a second part with spoilers. Don't read the spoilers if you want to read this book. Seriously. By the way don't you ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Steph Su
ASH is one of those books that I read slowly, savoring each beautifully crafted line, running the words and imagery through my head until they became poetry in action. Malinda’s sensuous writing brings Ash’s world and the characters within to blazing, ethereal life: you can fully tell that you are immersed in a fairy tale world, one that doesn’t just satisfy, but leaves you wanting more.

I've often heard ASH described as a lesbian retelling of Cinderella; in fact, I think that I have used that co
Most likely, "Cinderella" is the most well known and popular fairy tale in the world. Partically, every culture has a version. There are even less well known version such as 'Donkeyskin". The idea of being transformed, of one's true worth being recognized is seductive and a time honored tradition. We even it use in sports. When a writer decided to tackle and/or retell the story of Cinderella, he or she confronts not only Dinsey's blonde mouse friend but all the baggage that comes with Cinderella ...more
Lo has created an interesting premise in this reworking of Cinderella’s story. There is absolutely no question of that. The problem is that there was too much going on. Was it a faerie story or was it a story about a girl awakening to the fact that she could be in love with another woman? The broad overview of both stories left me feeling as though Ash was disconnected from both potential romances; there wasn’t any passion in either. Given that, I didn’t feel the conflict Ash was supposed to be ...more
Ash is one of those books that seemed to catch like wildfire in the blogosphere. One day, you've never heard of it, and the next, it's everywhere, and you have to read it. And like most suddenly ubiquitous books, I have mixed feelings...

Ash is a non-traditional retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale. Ash is a young girl who loses her parents and finds herself thrust into the care of her newly made family: a callous step-mother and distant, spoiled step-sisters. She is removed from her distant h
This book has a great deal of potential, but sadly lives up to little of it. As a fairytale retelling, it diverges so far from the original Cinderella that it almost can't act as commentary upon it. Conversely, as a story in its own right, it's hampered by the constraints of the Cinderella plot; certain events are shoehorned in, while not enough time is spent on the original elements of Lo's tale.

Perhaps even worse than that, the pacing is terribly off. The beginning chapters are slow and lyrica
I learned that sometimes if you read ABOUT the author, you may just guess where the story is going. I thought of a twist on 'Cinderella'could be a good thing, but not this twisted... and to think this is a YA book! In the review that I read I was advised to read the end before handing to a teen. My advice: don't hand the book to a teen!
ARG! Had I known this was written as a lesbian romance novel, I NEVER would've picked it up. Readers, be warned...
Well that was a breath of fresh air. I think…I think I actually enjoyed reading this book.

BRING FORTH THE LIST, in which SPOILERS are present. Mostly in the part about the ending.

What is this, a main character I don’t want to punch? OH MY GOD, FETCH THE PHOTOGRAPHERS, THIS MOMENT MUST BE COMMEMORATED.

Seriously though, I actually really liked Ash. She was real. Multifaceted. Capable of being more than one thing at any given time. Also she had an arc, you guys. A real-live arc, where she chan
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