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Shadow Gate (Crossroads, #2)
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Shadow Gate (Crossroads #2)

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  1,485 ratings  ·  71 reviews
The captivating, bestselling Spirit Gate swept readers into the turbulent world of the Hundred, where the peace and order of life under the protection of the immortal Guardians has given way to chaos and violence. In the face of a vast horde of marauders led by a rogue Guardian, the bravery and resourcefulness of a lone eagle-reeve and others who risk their lives for the c ...more
Paperback, 757 pages
Published March 31st 2009 by Tor Books (first published January 1st 2008)
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this was one of my favorite reads
of 2013. i don't read much adult epic
fantasy any more. i don't seem to have
the attention span for a large cast
of characters and multiple storylines,
and pacing that can often feel to me like
meandering. (and i used to in
my twenties, so this is personal taste
entirely as my preferences evolve.)

so it says a lot that i read and loved
Shadow Gate, which is a hefty book indeed.
as a reader, i loved all of the major
characters in this trilogy. (this is book
2 of 3.) it is ind
The second book in Kate Elliott's Crossroads trilogy (though there's more to come, apparently) is as good as the first, though it must be said that it drags a bit more than "Spirit Gate." But it again pulls a four-star rating out of the fire with a strong conclusion.

Much of "Shadow Gate" is about new beginnings. Two characters killed early in the first book, and another who died before the action started, come back as Guardians, apparently immortal beings supposed to act as benign caretakers but
This is a big fat book, rich is calories and flavor. Consider the ingredients:
- Worldbuilding. Being Filipino, the asian and pacific islander influences in the cultures of the Qin & The Hundred are such a kick to me. The level of detail is wonderful; the feeling that this world really exists we're only seeing bits of it.
- Characters. Let me see if I can explain what I really like about the characters. They are all full of the prejudices of beliefs of their culture and upbringing, and they al
Karen Williams
The story grows in interesting ways. Characters believed to be dead come back in interesting ways. Characters grow and change, as well. Struggles continue, and change, and grow, though not necessarily through combat. New interesting characters are introduced. The ending is strong, and throws a monkey wrench (or the Hundred equivalent) into Plans. I started "Traitors' Gate" as soon as I finished this one, because I couldn't wait.
So far, so good. I was looking for a good (reasonably well written, preferably a page turner) High Fantasy series for quite a while, and had been recommended Kate Elliott's Crown of Stars series, but it was quite a long series, and I have a hard time not finishing series, even if I don't like them much, so I held off. Then I saw the first two Crossroads books on sale, and thought WTH and bought them both. I like most of the main characters, I like most of the plot, I like how most of the social ...more
This is the second book of the series. The tale continues with my favorite couples - , Marit and Joss and Mai and Anjii. The first book, is mostly the tale of Joss who in a moment of impulse takes Marit to a forbidden Guardian altar and Marit is captured by an evil band. The book is well-written and gave me a sense of culture of the time. The role of women in the society reminds me of Old Japan.
Kate Elliott weaves the story and you start to really want to see what happens to everyone with magica
William Bentrim
Shadow Gate by Kate Elliott

I liked it better than Spirit Gate.

Following Spirit Gate, this book continues where the last finished. In this volume we have flying horses, horrific behavior and a twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel. Flying eagles instead of dragons, the Reeves are expected to keep an eye on the Hundred. The Guardians who were judge and executioner have disappeared leaving the Reeves to handle it all. Tumult is spreading across the Hundred and the Reeves and their eagles appea
Spoilers for the first book, Spirit Gate. This one definitely feels like a middle book, in that I know the plot developed, things happened, but it didn't really feel like it? The plot may not have moved super far, but what happened was that we get a lot of new information: backstories and explanations for a lot of what was going on in Spirit Gate.

So looking at what I learned: Marit is a main character! Bringing back a female character who I thought was fridged offscreen in the first one back to
The blurb on the back cover of my edition of this book gives away a pretty big spoiler for book one. So does the first line of the book, so I’ve had to take a different one for the blog, I don’t mind the odd spoiler with warning, but it’d be a bit mean to surprise-spoiler people with not even a warning.

Events in book 2 pick up where book 1 left them. If you’ve read Spirit Gate you’ll know where that was, and if you haven’t then you should. Honestly, go read it. Yes, it is a huge book, and so is
Heather Scott
Was difficult to finish this. Disappointing, because I really like Elliot's work. Like the first book in this series, I found it difficult to actually care about the main characters. Also, like the first book, the amount of smut has made me begin to wonder if this series hasn't been improperly categorized. It's really not to my taste. Sad, really, since I bought the whole series. Well, here's hoping the third one's the charm...
In a way, more enjoyable than the first, because the world is now established and no longer so confusing. But it definitely felt like a middle book ... I didn't really feel too much tension throughout. And it's just way too long for that.

I was really upset when Elliott killed off one of my favorite characters :( It's so cruel, getting you to really like someone and then killing them off ... no mercy, that Elliott.
Doc Opp
It pains me that I have to wait 9 months for the next book in this series to come out. It also pains me that I spent all weekend reading this instead of getting work done, and now I'm going to have to put in 18 hour days this week... this is why I shouldn't pick up such good books to begin with.
Jason Lang
I'm re-reading this novel as I'm sick and bedridden. She keeps amazing me with how clearly she manages to tell three or more storylines and weave them amongst each other. It's a feat sometimes attempted, yet rarely as successfully achieved. On top of that, she weaves an amazing storyline.
This is not a review, just a heads up. If you are going to read this series then buy all 3 and read them together - pretend they are 1 book because although the series has a proper ending, neither books 1 or 2 have a satisfactory ending. Don't say you weren't warned!
Lily I have to wait anxiously for the next five books in this series to come out.

I had trouble getting through the first book in this series, Spirit Gate, but this book was easier because now I know the back story of most of the major players. This is a great book; my favorite books are big thick ones this this, with lots of characters and twisty but still follow-able plots. I'm intrigued by the civilizations that Kate Elliott has created in this series, and, having recently read Jaran, w
The books are worth the read, but aren't going to end up anywhere near my favorites pile.

This is the second book in this epic Crossroads trilogy and I did like it just a bit more than the first. I think this mainly has to do with adjusting to the (what feels like) dozens of characters that Elliott is following, and having more tolerance for her jumping from one thread in the story to another. It's still annoying though.

I understand why Elliott would pick technique of using the perspective of ma
I found Kate Elliott's "Spirit Gate" to be a well written story, with great character development, but which took a little too long getting nowhere. With this in mind, seeing the sheer size of the second in the series was nearly enough to put me off.

Marit is sure she is dead, as she distinctly remembers being stabbed and her eagle is dead, which usually means death for a reeve. However, she is wandering around and all the evidence points to her not only being dead but also being a Guardian, one
Tessa Sainz
The second in the series did not disappoint. It continued the story and you learn more and more about what's going on with the Guardians, as well as the individual characters. You also learn Cornflower's backstory, which was the part I liked least, but it was useful in understanding her. I actually wasn't sure this was a trilogy and as I neared the end of the book, I was hoping for more. It does leave you with a surprise to start the next one (it is a trilogy), but it doesn't really leave unreso ...more
Rachel Lein
The first book of this series seems to have suffered from what I refer to as "First Book Syndrome", where there's little at all to plot development. It was basically nothing more than character introductions and far too much description about the world they live in. The second book seems to have done a better job overall. I was apprehensive about reading it because the first book disappointed me so horribly, but as I already had it in my possession, I decided to give it a try, and I'm not disapp ...more
"P2008: Loved this book because it has giant eagles and their riders/guardians who patrol the skies as peacekeepers. I do like it when animals and humans have a closer connection as opposed to the normal relationships. Reported to be "" essentially the middle volume in the first trilogy."" this book contained additional information about the Guardians, including their abilitiesâ”riding winged horses, immortality, walking the 101 altars, possessing a third eye and a second heart to know a manâs d ...more
Jesse Whitehead
I’m beginning to lose a great deal of faith in Kate Elliot as a writer. She remains one of the great fantasy worldbuilders of recent years who consistently puts together intriguing concepts with brilliant imagery and complex-enough-to-be-historical plots. She’s also very good at writing conflicted characters.

So what’s the problem? Well to start with I think the characters are a little too conflicted. There are cowards and drunks and uncouth soldiers. There are mean-spirited thieves and low-life
I love this book series. There are very few things about it that I do not enjoy. This second book really ties in the first and third books. The amount of detail that Elliott puts into it never ceases to amaze me. I have read this book 3 times now and I have not yet grown tired of it. In fact, the time will come when I decide to read them again. Anji and the Qin are cool beans; their story line is definitely my favorite. Except I don’t like what they do in the third book, it ruins my image of the ...more
Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship
Unlike in Spirit Gate, the pace is fairly consistent in this second volume; while there are a few slow spots, there was enough tension to keep me going throughout. Structurally, yes, it's a middle book, so not quite as much happens on the macro, political level as in books one and three. But still, partway through this book I fell in love with the trilogy, largely because I'd become so invested in the characters. This one introduces a couple of my favorite characters (Nallo and Marit--well, that ...more
Again, this was a good book that I would have enjoyed a lot more if the plot didn't drag. I was hoping that this book would pick up the pace of the plot a little bit, but instead it felt like the plot was a little slower-paced than the first novel in the series. I still love the setting and the characters, and I will be giving Kate Elliott's novels another chance in the future.
Shari  Mulluane
Book two flowed just as smoothly as book one. Alot like a talented dancer who moves seamlessly from one form into the next. A beautiful thing to experience.

This is very much a story about war. Almost every character, regardless of origin, has or is affected by one war or another. There is magic and a few folks with what I consider mystical abilities but only a select few. However, the story has more of a focus on the struggle of good against evil and the will to survive against all odds. It als
I actually received the first book in this series, Spirit Gate, as an ebook from If you like fantasy and sci-fi go to the tor website and sign up. You'll get previews, free e-books, and even desktop images from book covers for free.

This book has a complex cast of characters. The setting has more of an occidental flavor, and the living quarters, etc of the chief secondary characters are heavily influenced by Japanese and Middle Eastern cultures. That said, I really dislike the book cove
Well, what do I say about this book? Kate Elliott's Crossroads series is an interesting change from what I've been reading and an interesting departure from a lot of books I've read over the years. Shadow Gate introduces the concept of Guardians. Think of them like feudal police as they work with the reeves (the people who fly under eagles) to enforce justice and whatnot.

The only thing I didn't like about this book is that Elliott goes on for a full section of a chapter about this woman who gets
This is good but grim. There is slavery and rape and other unpleasantness. However most of the view point characters are good people trying to do the right thing. However I'm going to take break form this world before reading the 3rd book.
Would have loved it except for the major binding error - page 534 followed by page 87 to 118.....
Although the labyrinths reminded me of Cats Eye (Andre Norton)
I read the first part of this series a while ago but it was quite easy to pick up the threads and I thought this was the better book. The only bits that sagged a little for me were the parts between Joss and Anji which I was expecting to love. The real stars of the book were the many very different female characters. Kirit's tale stood out but even teenage Avisha was given an interesting story. The world-building and the way that the different societies treated their women was also very well don ...more
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As a child in rural Oregon, Kate Elliott made up stories because she longed to escape to a world of lurid adventure fiction. She now writes fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction, often with a romantic edge. It should therefore come as no surprise that she met her future husband in a sword fight.

When he gave up police work to study archaeology, they and their three children fell into an entirely
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