Раздавачът на щастие
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Раздавачът на щастие

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Лаура Ескивел е сътворила един прекрасен разказ, чието действие се развива в Мексико. Това е историята на Хубило - мъж, роден с дарбата за радост и способността да "чува" истинските чувства на хората, които не се изразяват с думи. През годините добродушният му и весел характер го превръщат в посредник между влюбени и врагове. Най-голямата му дарба обаче ще се превърне в на...more
Paperback, 188 pages
Published 2006 by Бард (first published 2001)
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There were some really interesting turns of phrase in this book. I really admire when a translation can be melodic, poetic, and powerful.

Many people have said that this book isn't as good as "Like Water for Chocolate," but I don't care to make a comparison. I liked this book. That's enough for me.

I think one thing about this book that threw me for a loop, though, was the part where Jùblio's grandmother, Itzel (a Mexican of Mayan descent), forms a dislike for her daughter-in-law based on the fact...more
Célia Loureiro
Tão Veloz como o Desejo é tão bom ou melhor do que o Como Água para Chocolate. Tem o seu surrealismo intrínseco. As personagens são inesquecíveis. Júbilo domina o código Morse e trabalha numa estação de telégrafo, onde passa mensagens convenientemente manipuladas. Júbilo tem um dom: o que percepcionar o mundo ao redor com uma clareza só sua. Deste modo, aplica a sua sensibilidade a favor do bem dos outros. É desprendido e benevolente, tem um espírito muito próprio que, de início estranhei, e dep...more
Many said that the other books that Esquivel wrote weren’t that great as ‘Water for Chocolate’. I have to agree that the first was the best, but isn’t that always the case. When you adore the first the others are just … okay. I didn’t had high hopes for this one, but when I started it everything changed.

Jubilo is such a great character, he doesn’t care about money or material things. I loved that when he gives a present it’s not a expensive gift, but a gift from the heart. Isn’t that the way it...more
Isabel Maia
Júbilo vem ao mundo num clima de alegria e desde cedo revela um dom para harmonizar os desavindos ao entender os sinais e vibrações que cada um emite. Para dar uso a esse dom, torna-se telegrafista numa época onde o telégrafo era o único meio de comunicação existente. A felicidade de Júbilo atinge o seu expoente máximo quando conhece Lucha, os dois casam-se e dá-se a chegada dos filhos. Mas com o tempo e os acontecimentos, nomeadamente uma infeliz tragédia, a relação dos dois deteriora-se de tal...more
Jubilo has two great gifts: “he was good at communicating and at loving Lucha.” As a child he uses his gift for communication to change the messages he is translating between his two warring grandmothers, using simple language tweaks to improve their relationship. Growing up to become a telegraph worker, he plays similar tricks, using his special sensitivity to try to make the world as joyful as he is. And his life is overflowing with the joy of love: "Lucha swayed her hips gently, but with Jubi...more
Ana Filipa
Rendi-me a este livro, pela simples razão de que, à medida que avançava na sua leitura, já me tinha dado uma pequena razão para eu tirar uma lição dele, e no final conseguiu-me derreter por completo.

Uma das lições que podemos apreender deste livro, e a que primeiramente me captou a atenção, é que o dinheiro não é tudo na vida. Lucha, menina criada numa família rica, vê-se incapacitada de comprar tudo aquilo que quer após o seu casamento com Júbilo. A vida a dois implica terem que fazer gastos no...more
At first, I thought this book was descriptive and interesting. Around the beginning middle section I was slightly uninterested because I was expecting a different account of Júbilo and more of how he uses his gift. However, the book became more and more interesting and I found it difficult to put it down.

The last few pages or so were absolutely beautiful in their description of losing the ones we love and dealing with their death.

I also thought Esquivel was accurate and very honest about Love...more
I just need to keep reminding myself that not everything is as wonderful as Like Water For Chocolate. But this book does have that same sort of magical realism that Chocolate had, and it did have many beautiful passages. I especially loved the beginning of Chapter 4, where we learn that "Love is a verb."

This is a tragic story of love and loss that will probably please most. It's not perfect, and it's not brilliant, and it's not Chocolate, but it's easily better than average.
Bello! Sobretodo si eres hija y valoras la relación con tu padre, o si eres padre y tu hija es un ser especial para ti. Una hermosa novela sobre un telegrafista y su labor como tal, sobre un amor desenfrenado y mágico, pero con dificultades intensas y muy terrenales, y sobre como el "progreso" hace olvidar las enseñasnzas de los pueblos ancestrales.

Lo empezé a leer con bajas expectativas, la verdad; pero lo terminé tan emocionada que hasta un par de lágrimas se asomaron al final.

Me encantó!
In a way typical female representative of the Originally Written In Spanish Language literature. There is plenty of love, lust, adoration, yearning – fight, hate, jealousy - family... It’s the type of books that I always learn something from, because language is always soothing and reassuring. But, before all,is rich and filled with compassionate life truth gems. Southern writers always have that quality.
My favorite passage: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. . . . Millions and millions of presences of beings that have lived on Earth are in that dust. Floating there are the remains of Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Gandhi, Christ".
I love this author! Her characters are dynamic and full of life. Esquivel's power of narrative, for this reader, is mesmerizing and comforting at the same time. I feel at home when I read her. Her passion and zest for life is evident in her characters. To me, her books are easily readable! This book is no different. If you like her style, as I do, you'll love this short novel. You'll fall in love with the characters. The protagonist reminds me of my father in that my dad had a curiosity for his...more
Maria Lopez
This book was about a girl named lucha and a guy named jubilo that love so much since they were adolescents they though that they were going to be happy if they married but the girl was rich and the guy was poor they tough they were going to be happy but when they married everything change because they dont have money and the girl wants to buy everithing that was the major problem on their life.

2.author purpose
the author purpose is to learn that love is not everithing always that you...more
U posljednje vrijeme pod ruku mi dolaze neke knjige koje odišu nostalgijom za prošlim vremenima, ali i knjige koje mi dotiču srce. Ovo je jedna od njih. Knjiga je to meksičke spisateljice Laure Esquivel, koju sam već imala prilike čitati. Naime ,njeno djelo„Kao voda za čokoladu“ me je oduševilo. Prema tom je djelu snimljen i istoimeni film.

Isti slučaj je i sa ovom knjigom koja govori o Jubilu i Luchi, naizgled običnom bračnom paru , koji se nose sa problemima svakodnevnog života. Jubilo je sirom...more
I wasn't much of a fan of Like Water for Chocolate, which I know puts me in the distinct minority. Still, since everyone loved that book so much, I thought I should give the author another chance. I don't know if it was the number of years that have passed since my previous encounter or the lovely reading of the cassette (yes, cassette) version of this book that I listened to, but I really enjoyed this one. The story of the simple lives of the narrator's parents tells of Mexican history, racial...more
I read this book for school. Yes, a romance novel like this was assigned to us in school. And honestly, I am glad that they did. This novel was not bad. I may see the whole plot as quite shallow, but not in a bad way. When I think about the story as a whole, it was quite short. But the author really knew how to put depth in it through her descriptiveness. So, yeah. Not bad.
2006 Bookcrossing comments

It's been a couple of years since I read this one actually. And whilst it is a reasonable read, I didn't like it as much as Like Water for Chocolate, and I don't feel that it's one I'm going to want to keep forever and ever. Whereas Like Water for Chocolate was original in the way it was told through the recipes, this is just your usual kind of romantic story.

It does actually give a fair picture of the two parents and explain how they see things, rather than just painti...more
Angie Silva
Simplemente encantador. Me enamoro cada vez más del modo de escritura de esta mujer. Con cuanta simplicidad nos muestra la verdad que se esconde en el deseo. Sus palabras hacen honor a la premisa de este libro, son unas conductoras de energía y han revitalizado mi amor por las historias reales.
Rute Martins
The great latin-american writers describe love and sex in such a subtle and powerful way that inspire me to read their writing even more. This is far ahead of Nicholas Sparks's literature!! It's sensual, strong and passionate as latin-american can be.
Swift as Desire is original and deals with the evolution of things and life and how we are constantly looking for a place on Earth, looking for our mission and how we can maintain relationships with the ones we love.

A beautiful and well-written stor...more
I am a big fan of Like Water for Chocolate so I was excited to find this. Although not nearly as great as Chocolate it was a great and quick read. (Only 4 stars because of my love for Chocolate).

The story was interesting and touching. The funny thing is I was reading this on the train and a woman stopped to ask what the story was about. I explained of course about Jubilo's ability to understand and read people's (and items') feelings, desires, and hidden meanings. She then went on this tiraid a...more
Very creative story. It shows a very interesting and beautiful perspective about emotions and feelings.
Me encantó la manera en que escribe este autor. Antes de "Para agua con chocolate" opte por leer este libro que explora la comunicación de pareja, el amor y el deseo de una forma poética y romántica. Muy recomendable.
It took me a long time to get into this one, but once I did, I found it a good read
Maria Carmo
Não há palavras para descrever a descoberta dos ambientes tão presentes, luminosos e palpáveis que esta autora consegue pintar e transmitir com palavras que se iluminam...
Foi um livro que me comoveu e que li de um dia para o outro sem ter que pensar senão que há realmente uma cultura comum que irmana os povos latinos de linguas portuguesa e espanhola... Uma coloração forte, um aroma perene, um mar que perpassa como aragem tingida de maresia por entre a música das palavras...

Maria Carmo

Lisboa 9 O...more
This lovely novel, based on the author's family history, was delightful to read. Esquivel has moved away from the Magic Realism realm into more mainstream prose, but her talents are undiminished. The book's plot is not particularly unique, but it is told with skill and insight. (I am curious as to how much of this is memoir and how much is poetic license.) I was particularly intrigued by the recurring theme of the telegraph, which reminded me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's continuous references to...more
I loved this book. The timeline at first was a bit difficult to follow, but the plot, and story of love captured me from the very beginning. Spanish authors have such an incredible way of demonstrating love and passion two people can share, and I am not sure if it's due to the beauty of the spanish language (a true Romance language) or simply because they are great authors! I read this book in spanish and recommend it. I can only imagine that the english version could be just as good as well.
Shivanee (Novel Niche)
Sweet, sadly redemptive and pithy, it is particularly grating to read this watery account of familial reminsicences, sacrifices and love, love eternal, having happily consumed the far superior 'Like Water for Chocolate' and 'The Law of Love' from Esquivel's pen. I know it's a different book, and isn't responsible for holding itself accountable to the fine work that preceded it, but the distance between the authoress's finer work, and this, is too marked to ignore.
São Palma
Estive indecisa entre atribuir 4 ou 5 estrelas a este pequeno romance. Tinha ideia de dar 4, porque comparativamente a "Como Água Para Chocolate", da mesma autora, achava que era um bocadinho inferior... Mas depois pensei que casa um é lindo no seu estilo. Além disso, aprendi que, quando se trata de classificar, de atribuir um valor, se estamos indecisos, devemos sempre optar pelo mais alto, porque mais vale dar um bocadinho a mais do que ficar a dever :)
This love story (of course, by the author of Like Water for Chocolate & The Law of Love) with a seemingly perfect male & an incredibly (literally) self-centered female whose every interaction is explained in wordy, self-indulgent prose & annoying New Agey terms, is almost as bad as Blessings is good. I was 3/4 of the way through this short book on tape when I arrived home from Colorado, but didn't care enough about what happened to finish it.
I have been a big fan of Laura Esquivel since I first read Like Water for Chocolate in a single day in high school and then followed that up with Esquivel's The Law of Love. For fans of Esquivel and of magical realism, this is a poignant and entertaining story, but not of the caliber of her previous work, melting readers on the spot and instantly converting them into a pool of fandom. Still though, it's a quick read and I do recommend it.
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A teacher by trade, Laura Esquivel gained international attention with Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances and Home Remedies and The Law of Love. In both books she manages to incorporate her teaching abilities by giving her readers lessons about life. During an on-line Salon interview with Joan Smith, she said, "As a teacher I realize that what one lear...more
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