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Captain Nobody

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Growing up in the shadow of his football star brother, Chris, Newt Newman has never felt particularly special. When Chris is knocked into a coma, Newt?s two best friends decide that taking him out for Halloween is the best way to cheer him up. Using some of Chris?s old, oversized clothes, Newt creates his best costume ever?Captain Nobody!Newt feels so strong and confident...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published July 9th 2009 by Putnam Juvenile
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Clare Cannon
Oct 01, 2012 Clare Cannon rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 7-11 years+ (boys)
Shelves: 08-12yrs, favorites

Writing from big sister perspective, Newt Newman is the kind of kid you want to bear-hug, really, really tight, even though he'd probably run a mile to prevent it.

Newt is the oft-forgotten little brother of a big football hero; most people don't even know he exists. Everyone's too busy to notice Newt, even though he's a generous, selfless, unassuming hero of a kid.

Newt's main attraction is that he never feels sorry for himself, never blames or resents other people, even when they've clearly neg...more
We listened to this book on CD, which was narrated beautifuly by the author, Dean Pitchford. This book (recording) was so good, my 8 year-old son wanted his teacher to read it to his class. And although my 13 year-old son would never admit it, he loved it too. It re-tells the story by the younger brother and the events leading up to and the days following his brother's accident in a football game; it tugs on the heart strings as the younger brother tries to manage his emotions for the sake of hi...more
Roslyn Daly
Ok..I didn't like this book. I liked the main character, Newt but ALL the other characters really, REALLY irritated me. My intrigue for this book quickly grew to irritation just a few pages in because the parents completely neglected their son Newt. He is left on his own for an entire week while his parents are in the hospital with the older brother Chris after he's left in a coma. They wouldn't even allow Newt to visit him. His forgetful, awful mom and useless dad neglected poor Newt even befor...more
You can't tell a book by its cover. This cover looks so light-hearted, but the story turns out to be very serious/deep for this age group.
This was probably my favorite read aloud I have read to my kids in a long time. This would definitely interest boys, either as a read aloud, or them reading it themselves.

This book was filled with comedy, excitement, suspense, and heart. It takes on a heavy subject; when tragedy strikes your family, how do you cope? Especially as a kid, who feels pretty helpless? This story teaches kids that although there may be a lot of things out of your control, being available and willing to help someone w...more
P is for Polly
One of my kids has this as one of her top two favorite books of all time. It's a simple straightforward story of a boy who feels overlooked, but then becomes a hero by using that weakness as a strength. It's fun and easy to read and full of great dialogue. Unlike a lot of books the main character has a family who are in the story. Captain Nobody really feels invisible next to his older brother, but all is worked out in the end. This a great read for middle graders who totally get this theme.
Andrew Palladino
Great book for boys 8-12 providing they can step away from the Wii for a bit.

About the book:
Growing up in the shadow of his football-star brother, Chris, Newt Newman never felt particularly special or even noticed in his own family. When Newt’s brother is knocked into a coma during the biggest football game of the season, he is lost again in the whirlwind of concern about his sibling. With his parents otherwise focused on his older brother, Newt’s two best friends decide that celebrating Hallow...more
Newt is a small, scrawny, 10-year-old living in the shadow of his famous brother, Chris Newton, star quarterback for the high school team. Newt doesn't feel that anybody notices him, at school kids push him out of the way or completely ignore him. At home his parents are so busy with their jobs that they seem to live parallel to him, rather than interacting with him. His brother, though, always seems to have time to help with homework or play a quick game.
This weekend is the final game of the se...more
10-year-old Newt Newman is used to fading into the background. His parents are workaholics; his brother Chris is the star football player at the local high school; and he and his best friends JJ and Cecil are ignored by the other kids at school. The three of them are determined to get noticed this Halloween, and they are putting a lot of thought into original costumes. But the night of the Big Game, Chris takes a hit during the final play and is knocked into a coma. Suddenly, Mr. and Mrs. Newman...more
Sarah BT
About the Book: Newt Newman is overlooked at school and lives in the shadow of his big brother Chris, the football star. At the big game, Chris is knocked into a coma. To keep his mind of his brother, Newt's friends encourage him to find his "inner other" for their Halloween costumes. Newt throws something together and discovers Captain Nobody, defender of the little guy. Soon Captain Nobody is saving the day. Can he also save his brother?

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: Captain Nobody is on the 2011-20...more
Here are some questions for you:
1. Have you ever felt that your parents overlooked you and that your brother or sister received all the attention in your family?
2. Have you ever felt that you and your closest friends were often treated as invisible by everyone at school?
3. Have you ever wished for a secret identity? Or maybe just wished for a way to be less ordinary?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you can understand how Newton Newman feels. His brother is a famous high school...more
Newt Newman isn't your average ten-year-old fourth grader. He's smart, a talented artist, and the younger brother of the star quarterback from Fillmore High. But he and his friends, JJ and Cecil, feel like brainy wallflowers, unnoticed among their peers. A last minute Halloween costume as a novel superhero becomes the catalyst for some amazing adventures. When Chris, Newt's brother, is injured during the "big game," Newt finds himself with plenty of unwelcome time on his hands and a frustrating...more
Fourth grader Newt Newman has always felt like a nobody in comparison to his older brother Chris, a football hero in their small town. When Chris is injured in a game, he ends up in a coma and the Newman parents treat their younger son with even more than their usual obliviousness. Newt’s two best friends try to take his mind off his brother’s plight by putting together a makeshift superhero get-up for Halloween trick-or-treating; Newt turns into “Captain Nobody” for the night, but feels so much...more
This was a sweet, funny book that my children enjoyed hearing. I adore Newt. He's an overlooked ten year old who's always watching out for his family and friends. When he finds his 'inner other,' the thoughtful, every day things he does take on epic proportions and become fantastic acts of heroism. I think there's a good message here about true heroism.

However, there were things that really bothered me about this book. Newt is, essentially, neglected. A ten year old should not be the primary ca...more
Newton Newman is invisible to almost everyone. (He's not really invisible. It's just that no one seems to notice him.) His own parents even forget that he's around sometimes. But Newt doesn't mind most of the time. He's fine with the fact that everybody knows his star football player brother, Chris, but none of them realize that Chris even has a younger brother. (Okay, so he's not fine, but he's grown used to being ignored.)

Things begin to change for Newt at the Big Game. While standing outside...more
Chris Murray

Summary ( )
Life can be difficult at 10 years old. You're not old enough for anyone to take you seriously, and you're just beginning to combat the hormone jungle. It also doesn't help if your high school-aged brother is the star quarterback of the local football team, your family is so busy they tend to rely on you for everything, and you have the mysterious power of blending into the background at school so that no one notices you. Indeed, life can be hard when you're a nobody.

Newton N...more
Sandra Stiles
Newt Newman is not your average fourth grader. He is the superhero of Appleton. Newts older brother is a football star and Newt looks up to him. The talk around school is about the upcoming football game and Halloween. As Newt and his friends sit talking, people step over them as if they are not even there. It is then that Newt's friends decide they need to dress up as one of Newt's superhero characters that he draws. Unfortunately Newt can't see himself as any of them. The night of the big game...more
Brenda Young
Newt Newman never thought he could be a hero. Growing up in the shadow of his football-star brother, Chris, Newt has a hard time even getting noticed by his own family. So when Chris is knocked into a coma during the biggest game of the season, as usual Newt becomes lost in the whirlwind of concern for his brother.

To get his mind off the accident, Newt’s best friends, JJ and Cecil, dress him up for Halloween in some of Chris’s old clothes, and in doing so create an unexpected new identity for N...more
This is a cute story that some kids might enjoy. As an adult, I was looking for a book to read to my class, and I thought this book would be funnier. It's not particularly funny, but it is more heart-felt than I expected. And that was nice, but still I don't think it would hold my class's attention. I didn't find the way the kids talked to really be like kids. More like an adult thinking they know how kids talk. I liked the main character, but also found the school setting to be rather old-fashi...more
Sarah W
Newton Newman is used to being invisible. His parents are forever caught up in work and his high school football star brother Chris is getting ready for the biggest game of the year. Most people seem surprised to discover Chris has a ten-year-old kid brother. Newton and his two best friends, JJ and Cecil, are the most ignored fourth graders at their school. Halloween is just around the corner and the three friends decide they've had enough of hand me down costumes and going as the same old thing...more
I am soooo excited to tell everyone about Captain Nobody! My children and I just finished reading Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford as our bedtime story. We read for over an hour because none of us wanted to stop before we had finished it. And I lost track of time.

Captain Nobody is the story of Newt Newman, the ten-year-old younger brother to Chris, a football star at the local high school. Newt not only feels somewhat overshadowed by his well-known brother, but feels overlooked in general. This...more
Katie Helwig
With a name like Newton Newman, who would ever take you seriously? How could you ever be a superhero with a name like that? Since Newton lives in the shadow of his older brother Chris, who is the town football star quarterback, he goes unnoticed a lot of the time. In fact, most people don’t even know that Chris Newton has a younger brother. Then on the night of the big game, Chris gets injured and is in the hospital in a coma. To cheer him up, Newt’s two best friends make him a superhero costume...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Marshiee Kai
Captain Nobody is about Newton Newman who is a brother of Chris Newman. All of his life he lives in the shadow of his brother's glory. When Chris was landed in hospital, JJ and Cecil who is Newt's best friends decided to take Newt out for trick or treating. Realising that Newt doesn't have any costumes, JJ and Cecil work together to find the perfect hero for Newt. After throwing and putting things together, they discover Captain Nobody.

I really love Captain Nobody! XD Captain Nobody always seems...more
Jen B.
I loved this one! I can't wait to use it as a read aloud. There are so many great talking points throughout, about what it feels like to be a younger sibling, to be un-noticed, to be empathetic, to have a hero, to want to be a hero, and the list could go on and on.

Newt is the little brother to a football super star. When that super star ends up in a coma, from a football mishap, Newt gets left to fend for himself for about five days. In that five days, he becomes "Captain Nobody" and finds his...more
Dustin George-Miller
I had a lot of problems with this book, which was included in our home-school curriculum.

For starters, it really wasn't that interesting. The premise of the protagonist's brother going into a coma after a horrific tackle in a football game promised the possibility of exploring a whole range of issues such as how to effectively deal with tragedy and loss, the stages of grief, and an in-depth exploration of self within the context of a nuclear family. Instead this book gives us a ridiculous moder...more
Newton Newman lives in the shadow of his super-talented, golden-haired quarterback brother. Chris (nearly) single-handedly brought a victorious season to the Ferocious Ferrets of Fillmore High School. Newt is hardly ever noticed, in fact most people say, "I didn't know Chris Newman had a little brother. He has virtually no friends except fiercely loyal JJ and Cecil. The trio decides to go trick-or-treating on the big game night. Problem is...Newt doesn't have a costume.

He hurriedly crafts a cost...more
Mar 13, 2014 Beth rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: andy
This was a sweet, entertaining book. The protagonist was a little unrealistic (although it'd be nice to have a ten year old cooking me breakfast and finding my keys for me in the morning). But his dilemma (being a "nobody" in a town obsessed with his big brother's football skills) was pretty compelling, and his efforts to do right and be useful made for a strong plot. Some slightly scary scenes, but mostly a pretty gentle story.
Personal Opinion: I really love Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford. Newton was like any other general/average 10 year old boy who had workaholic parents, a star brother, and basically had to let people know that yes, he does exist. I really liked the writer's voice to the story. Each character had an individual personality that made you like the character so much.

Book Review: Newton Newman is a 10 year old boy who has a workaholic dad, a forgetful mom, and has the town's super star football playe...more
Dean Pitchford is a surprisingly good reader. When I noticed that he was going to be the narrator on this talking book, I was worried - authors aren't always good readers. But he's pretty good. Sometimes his dialects are a bit over-the-top (I really wasn't a fan of his JJ), but overall, he was fun to listen to.

Captain Nobody is the story of Newt Newman, a boy stuck in the shadow of his older brother who is the star player of the local high school football team. From the playful illustration on t...more
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