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Hellbound Hearts

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  401 ratings  ·  42 reviews
This terrifying original fiction anthology is based on the critically acclaimed novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, which has inspired the original "Hellraiser" movie and horror franchise.

xiii • Foreword (Hellbound Hearts) • (2009) • essay by Clive Barker
xvii • Introduction: Raising Hell, Again • (2008) • essay by Stephen Jones
1 • Prisoners of the Inferno...more
Paperback, 352 pages
Published September 29th 2009 by Gallery Books (first published September 8th 2009)
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Daniel Russell
The Hellbound Heart is a horror novella by Clive Barker. It was the basis for the movie Hellraiser. It was originally published in 1986 by Dark Harvest in the third volume of their Night Visions anthology series (the volume also included seven short stories by Ramsey Campbell and three by Lisa Tuttle) but was re-released as a stand-alone title by HarperCollins in 1988 after the success of the movie. It retains the gory, visceral style that Barker introduced in his series of collected short stori...more
Hellbound Hearts is an anthology celebrating Hellraiser creator Clive Barker and the world he created with his novella The Hellbound Heart. This is a collection of tales inspired by Barker with some well-known and some not-known authors such as Neil Gaiman, Steve Niles, Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Mick Garris, Richard Christian Matheson, Sarah Langan, Mark Morris, Nancy Kilpatrick, Peter Atkins, Tim Lebbon, Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, Kelley Armstrong and Nicholas Vince - edited by Paul...more
Haralambi Markov
What can be said about “Hellbound Hearts”? The stories speak for themselves, but I feel compelled to summarize the experience for me. As a child the Hellraiser movies stroke unimaginable fear in my heart and I didn’t rekindle with the franchise until a later date, when I thought that the first two movies were in fact brilliant as in being something entirely else and bold and pretty damn good, even if they were dated.

As a writer and an idea person I am drawn to concepts. A world with these demoni...more
Dec 15, 2013 Clint rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
I liked this more than I thought I would. It was much better than some random collection of modern "Lovecraft" stories I read a couple of years ago. The plots of these stories could be come a little repetitive, almost all of them had someone discovering THE BOX and opening it, and bad vanilla smells, shafts of light, bulging walls, and gruesome Cenobites followed. Here are some individual reviews:

"Prisoners of the Inferno" by Peter Atkin, started off great with creepy rare movie footage, then fl...more
Shane D
I really enjoyed this book. Of course I am a big Clive barker horror fan. The stories vary in tone. Some very much like Clive Barker, some a very distant cousin. At the end of the book there is a quick write-up about the various authors and I must say that I googled several of them and may buy some of their work in the future.

I find that with the price of books now I am now touring used book stores more often and that is where I found this little gem.
If you enjoy Clive Barkers world of the ceno...more
Nicholas King
Having recently reviewed Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart, I was informed that there were other print stories (none by Barker himself unfortunately). Hellbound Hearts is not a true sequel to Barker’s original tale of sexuality and brutality. Instead it is an anthology of stories from other authors tied into the same literary universe or have some tangential connection to Barker’s novella. This anthology possesses many strong horror stories that keep the spirit of Barker’s work fresh without ap...more
If you come here looking for a true follow up to Hellbound Heart or Hellraiser, you might be a little disappointed. No PINHEAD for the likes of you.

Instead, what you get is a series of stories, in varying degrees that fit heartily within the Cenobite mythology. And, the best part, is that most of them manage to do this while staying true to the original concept.

One of the issues with later Hellraiser films is that the Cenobite portion is an afterthought. Somebody came up with a story idea and sa...more
Orrin Grey
I really, really want to say that this was a great book.

Not because I have any personal stake in it being great, but because it came so close to being. Most of the stories in it are pretty great. The high point for me was certainly "Mechanisms," an original story by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden illustrated in the same hauntingly atmospheric style as their novel Baltimore. But there were countless other great stories, by folks like Sarah Pinborough, Peter Atkins, Chaz Brenchley and others....more
Feb 22, 2011 Martha rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Hellraiser/S&M fans
This is a hard book to rate, because really not much is wrong here. Most of these stories have something to do with the original Hellraiser movies or the Hellbound Heart novella. I say most, a few have no discernible connection as far as I can see, or maybe I'm just dense.
The only real problem that affected my enjoyment of this book was that the great majority of these stories were VERY similar. Person either knowingly or unknowingly summons Cenobites, torture and sexual perversity ensue. Someti...more
A solid exploration into the hellish world of Clive Barker's Cenobites, Hellbound Hearts features fiction by established and up-and-coming writers. This is an intriguing collection of tales, each one offering a different perspective on the infernal mythology of the Cenobites, the Lament Configuration, and the borders between our world and the tortured plane of existence where Leviathan rules supreme. What I enjoyed most about this book is that every story offered a fascinating speculation about...more
Mike Kazmierczak
Many times in a short story collection, there is some kind of theme to tie all the stories together: zombies, vampires, cats, what-have-you. In this case, all the stories focused on Clive Barker's Hellraiser movies. You know the ones with Pinhead, where solving a magic puzzle cube summons the Cenobites (denizens of Hell) and then they drag you off to Hell itself. By itself this is a great idea. I found the Hellraiser movies very entertaining. Putting together a bunch of stories with a different...more
Despite Barkers obvious protests against using the term mythos to describe the hell he created, that is what it's become. It has spread throughout the world inspiring authors and artists alike to add to it, much like the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. From film sequels to comic books to short stories, Hellrasier fandom has grown in number, and continues to grow, leaving only one question to spark a smile amongst our faces, "What's your pleasure?" Not too shabby for a novella originally publis...more
Steven Shroyer
I recently read Clive Barker's "The Hellbound Heart" over a break and a lunch where I worked. I have been a huge Hellraiser fan, the second film in the series being the very first horror movie I watched when I was just a little lad on the 13 inch TV in our kitchen. While the first and second Hellraiser films still spook me, Barker's novella on which the first film is based was very much a joyless read. I had expected better from the book that gave us the character Pinhead, and left the book feel...more
Panayotis Dulberis
I absolutely love Clive Barker, and of his "Hellbound Heart" book.

The problem with this collection was not that it was not written by Clive Barker.

The problem was that almost all of the stories contained were not very interesting, at time predictable, and at other times (even worse) generic.

The could have occured in any horror mythos, and did not make so well use of the Cenobite material.

Eh, well you cant have it all I guess...
This is that rare anthology, one which contains no wrong notes. All the tales included here explore the further reaches of the 'Hellraiser' universe and has such luminaries as Tim Lebbon, Kelley Armstrong, Neil Gaiman and many more. The stories vary in length but are spooky, gory, creepy and unnerving, everything you'd expect from a celebration of Cenobites. A superior collection indeed !
Hellbound Hearts is an anthology of some of the best new authors to grace the horror world today. Each of the various stories featured in this anthology share a common goal...they bring the familiar feel and goriness that won over many fans of "Pinhead" in the HellRaiser franchise. Beware things that go bump in the night as these stories will give you nightmares and just may make you scream for more!

With this anthology, I got to experience many new authors and some old ones as well. While I enjo...more
Paul Flewitt
The Anthology is full of stories based on Clive Barker's Hellraiser mythology, encompassing the movies and original novella, The Hellbound Heart.
So whats to say? Some of the stories are excellent, some not so much. All adhere to the rules set out in the original work and all were penned by people with attachment to Hellraiser. Some approached by Clive Barker himself.

The standout stories for me as a fan of the movies and Barker's work in general were The Confessor's Tale, by Sarah Pittborough,(...more
Nesa Sivagnanam
Hellbound Heart is quite possibly my favourite Clive Barker novel. So I pounced on this collection the minute I saw it. The cover illustration certainly fits the concept and there is a fine line-up of contributors, including Neil Gaiman, Chaz Benchly, Sarah Langan, Kelley Armstrong ... I like the vast variety and permutations offered in these stories and most of all I liked that they were not one-sided. Kelley Armstrong's tale for instance involves on online game that requires puzzles to be solv...more
Rebecca Davis
We have such sights to show you...

This collection of short tales delves deeper into the mythology hinted at in the Hellraiser movies, and the novella that started them, 'Hellbound Heart'. From forbidden artifacts of hollywood history, to profane rituals that call to dark forces, these stories present the tales of people who seek the forbidden, or the impossible, and often find more then they barginned for.

As with any anthology collection the impact of the stories is hit and miss, and what hits w...more
What a creepy fun filled read and just at the right time of the year. This book is full of great short stories by wonderful authors. Stories full of Cenobites and creatures made from your worst nightmares. Neil Gaiman's graphic piece was just awesome and Kelly Armstrong's The Collector gave me chills.

I really enjoyed this collection of tales inspires by Clive Barker's novella The Hellbound Heart. The stories were so good that halfway through the book I got the urge to re-watch the Hellraiser mov...more
Alicia Koster
Creepy, terrifying, somehow beautiful, everything I love about the horror genre, a great tribute to my personal favourite author of dark things! I enjoyed every single one of these stories, especially the ones that left me sleeping with my eyes open.
Trevor Firetog
This book is highly recommended for people who are fans of Clive Barker's "The Hellbound Heart"/"Hellraiser".

Some of the short stories in this book stood out more than some others, but if you're a fan of the universe, you will find something you enjoy!

My favorite stories in this book are,
Prisoners of The Inferno, Peter Atkins
Mechanisms, Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden
Wordsworth, Neil Gaiman
and A Little Piece of Hell, Steve Niles.

I've found that other than those particular stories, this antho...more
When I first saw that this book was a collection of short stories inspired by the Hellraiser universe, I thought it would be an interesting read. Sadly, however there were more stories in here that I didn't care for than there were the ones that grabbed my interest. So many of the stories are simply an excuse to fill the pages with imagery combining sex and gore into a single action. Which is, I suppose, a big part of what the original novella The Hellbound Heart offered, but I was hoping for mo...more
Clive Barker is a master of horror. Were you aware that it was his novella THE HELLBOUND HEART that was the genius behind the HELLRAISER movies? This book is made up of 21 tales by different authors and their own story of a hellraiser.

Some Of The Authors:
Neil Gaiman
Dave McKean
Kelley Armstrong
Steve Niles
Tim Lebbon
Christopher Golden
Mike Mignola
and more...

This is a horror-filled, gory mess of a book and I loved every minute of it!

HINT: You may need to sleep with the lights on.
I've always thought the Hellraiser mythos was interesting. So an anthology of tales from that universe sounded promising. And I have to say, the editors/authors really delivered. Unlike the movies which focused too much on the puzzle box (which makes an appearance in a few of these stories) and Pinhead (who makes NO appearance here--unless you count the afterword by Doug Bradley), these stories focus on the elements of human nature which lead people to seek out the Cenobites and their world.
I enjoyed this collection of stories. Some of them were utterly twisted, others were macabre, and a few were just confusing. Regardless, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the stories and the elaboration on the Hellraiser mythos. My only complaint is that the Neil Gaiman graphic short story has graphics so dark they're hard to see. I guess it's meant to contribute to the dark atmosphere, but I found myself squinting trying to figure out what on earth I was looking at.
H. Anne Stoj
Over all, a very cool tribute to Clive Barker. I enjoyed most of the stories, some not so much but that's usual for an anthology. My only really big complaint is for the presentation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's story. The comic was included, but the quality was poor. Enlarging it just blurred the words and McKean's work is so interesting, it lost somehow. I'd imagine it would be better in actual book form.
One of the best horror anthologies I've read in recent years. Horror literature often disappoints me; I don't find it scarey and and rarely impressed with the writing. This collection is both frightening and literate. The stories are dark and graphic, sometimes with erotic overtones, but the real horror is in the desperate psychology of the characters. A worthy expansion of the Hellraiser universe.
K. H. Vaughan
One of the best horror anthologies I've read in recent years. Horror literature often disappoints me; I don't find it scarey and and rarely impressed with the writing. This collection is both frightening and literate. The stories are dark and graphic, sometimes with erotic overtones, but the real horror is in the desperate psychology of the characters. A worthy expansion of the Hellraiser universe.
Jun 12, 2012 Chris rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Hellraiser / Clive Barker fans
Good collection of short stories based on the Hellraiser mythology created by Clive Barker. Includes new fiction by some of the top writers in the genre. As with any collection of shorts, there are some strong and some weak entries but overall a good read for fans of the Hellraiser franchise.
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Paul Kane has been writing professionally for almost fifteen years. His genre journalism has appeared in such magazines as Fangoria, SFX and Rue Morgue, and his non-fiction books are the critically acclaimed The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy and Voices in the Dark. His award-winning short fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic (as well as being broadcas...more
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