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3.65 of 5 stars 3.65  ·  rating details  ·  7,202 ratings  ·  799 reviews
It is 1951 in America, the second year of the Korean War. A studious, law-abiding, intense youngster from Newark, New Jersey, Marcus Messner is beginning his sophomore year on the pastoral, conservative campus of Ohio's Winesburg College. And why is he here and not at a local college in Newark where he originally enrolled? Because his father, the sturdy, hardworking neighb ...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published August 6th 2009 by Vintage (first published September 16th 2008)
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INDIGNATION,the novel, and an opinion regarding literary criticism

Philip Roth's twenty-ninth book "Indignation" is one of those novels about which some critics are a bit, well, indignant. They're indignant that Roth didn't produce another masterpiece of the same degree as "American Pastoral," "The Human Stain," or "The Plot Against America," to name a few.

They also are a bit indignant that Roth once again addresses the same issues he has repeatedly addressed in previous works, that is, overcomin
Ho letto in qualche commento che Markus Messner, il protagonista di Indignazione, sia in un certo senso avvicinabile a Holden Caufield: anche lui un’anima pura, un idealista “indignato” che si scaglia contro il mondo bigotto degli adulti americani. Markus è uno studente modello, sempre primo nei voti, figlio devoto di un padre ebreo macellaio kosher che lo adora, tanto da esasperarlo con i suoi soffocanti controlli fino a spingerlo ad allontanarsi dal college che frequenta a Newark, dove è nato ...more
This is only my fourth Roth novel (though I do believe American Pastoral to be one of the great American novels of the 20th century) so I don't really know how to place it. If Samuel Beckett took Portnoy's Complaint and distilled it into a seething novella of adolescent angst and disconnection (leavened with a heavy dose of Oedipal conflict) it would probably look something like Roth's latest offering. Why Beckett? Well, his view of the afterlife suggests we are condemned to live, over and over, ...more
This book was a mess. It's the story of a young, blue-collar college man, Marcus, who grows up happily working in his father's butcher shop and idolizing the old man. Then, for reasons that remain unexplained, his father succumbs to traumatic anxiety about his son's future, and ends up questioning every decision of his and Marcus's. Of course, the parental anxiety of letting go is understandable as a motive, but Marcus's father jumps far beyond the ordinary, with no explanation (and no attempt, ...more
Кремена Михайлова
„Откачена набожност за нищо.“

Разгромяване на невъзможността на принудителната религиозност - този удобен параван за кухостта на подобна „лицемерно набожна колежанска дупка“. Сгромолясване на претенциите на следвоенна Америка, че владее положението.

„Погледни мен, с цялото ми жалко традиционно възпитание.“

Много ме интересуват тези години в САЩ – непосредствено след Втората световна война. Противни са ми напъните и изкуствеността на мнозинството, макар да разбирам колко са били неизбежни. Инерцият
Fatema Hassan , bahrain

أعدت الكرّة مع الروائي الامريكي فيليب روث من خلال هذه الرواية القصيرة( سخط) و كانت تجربة رائعة و لا تنسى ك سابقتها ( الوصمة البشرية ).

الرواية تتناول المعضلة الحقيقية في حياة الشاب الجامعي ماركوس ميسنير، ماركوس ابن جزار يهودي بطباعه التقليدية المثيرة للشفقة و مجتمعه الذي لا تبذل جهد لتبرير سلوكيات افراده، فهم يتبعون سجيتهم مهما كانت فظّة أو عدائية و طرقهم في الحياة لا تتغير وأي تغيير في الروتين يجعل التوقعات نوبة ذعر بالنسبة لهم، هذا هو حال والد ماركوس الذي ينتابه الذعر من موت يوشك أن يخطف منه فل
I guess I never wrote reviews on the Roth books I read. Yet... He was one of my favorite American Authors!

Retired now... Can't blame him. But ... Oh .., how I'd enjoy new Roth book today!
فیلیپ راث

1. طرح داستان طرحی فوق العاده، زوایای دوربین عالی است. این رمان در دو بخش است:
_زیر مورفین: بیان اول شخص مارکوس، مارکو از خود و خاطراتش می گوید و ما به زودی میفهمیم که این صفحاتی از زندگی اوست که در لحظات احتضار(جانسپاری) از ذهنش عبور میکند.
در یک صفحه از این بخش فیلیپ راث از زبان مارکو بطور شگفت انگیزی عالم فرازندگی را و ذهن، اندیشه و خاطرات را در دنیای پس از مرگ بیان میکند که بی نظیر است. اینجاست که خواننده در اوایل با یک شک مواجه می شود و برای پاسخ به پرسشها تا انتهای کتاب یک نفس پی
MJ Nicholls
A diverting but hollow novel about Marcus, a butcher’s son encountering various problems in his first term at college. The strongest moments in the book are the touching father/son scenes in the first section, followed closely by the comedic bouts of hauteur exchanged between Marcus and the Dean of the college in the latter part. But please excuse, humble reader, the clanging Kosher butcher/Korean war metaphor, the unconvincing “disturbed” love interest, the shamblingly overwritten and ludicrous ...more
رغد عبد الزهرة
في الواقع النهاية كانت صادمة للغاية
في البدء لم تكن سوى رواية بسيطة و سلسلة عن يوميات شاب في ظروف الحرب و الرعب الذي يصيب والده خوفاً عليه
و افكار الشباب العادية، الكبت الجنسي و الرغبة في التحرر من قيد العائلة و الدين الخ .
لكن النهاية كانت صادمة، يبدو ان الوالد كان محقا يعرف انه في ظروف الحرب على الاخص يمكن لأي شيء تافه و سخيف ان يكلف إنساناً حياته !
شعرت باني تلقيت ضربة شديدة و مباغتة على معدتي عند النهاية !
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Със сигурност най-добрият роман, който прочетох през тази година!
Рот разсъблича цяло едно общество и не се притеснява да насочи погледите към онова, което се крие под дрехите - религиозни и семейни предразсъдъци; неясни ценности, що се отнася до любов и интимност; знакови последици от привидно случайно и спонтанно взети решения.
Малко на брой страници, които прехвърлях бавно, защото исках да взема на порции човешкото желание да разбере и подреди живота според своите очаквания и пълната невъзможно
I’m not quite sure of how to review this book, with out ruining it, by giving away a very improtant eleament, it’s best to read “Indignation” without knowing anything about it, other then what the book jacket tells the would be reader. So here goes, this is my attempt. Also a lot of the reviews on goodreads should have had spoiler warnings on them; I would have loved “Indignation” so much more had I not read any reviews before hand.

With some novels the year in which it takes place isn’t all t
След като останах толкова неприятно изумена от ''Гърдата'', се чудя как изобщо хванах друг роман на Филип Рот доброволно. За мое щастие тази случайност се оказа щастлива.

''Възмущение'' ме накара да чета припряно и лакомо. И ми припомни ''Къде си, Аляска'' по много странен начин, показвайки много ясно разликата между писателя и Писателя. И двете истории разглеждат първата колежанска година на сравнително затворено и добре възпитано момче, което е единствено дете в семейство от средната класа. И д
Sort of typical Philip Roth rehashing characters he's used before. Here we have an oddball college sophomore whining about his inability to get laid. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Because this plot wouldn't be realistic in today's world, the story is set in the 1950's during the Korean war, and the whiny college student is actually already dead, just looking back on this college experience. Because he refuses to compromise some vague unclear principles, he gets kicked out of school, l ...more
Fatema Alammar
يكتب فيليب روث بأسلوب ممتاز، ليس بالأسلوب الحاد، لكنه قادر على الوصول إلى مناطق خفيّة ببراعةِ جرّاحٍ متمرِّس.

سخط: كتابة عن المشاعر، وكيف يمكن لها أن تستبّد بالإنسان. والدة مارك كانت تقول له (قد تكون المشاعر أكبر مشكلة في الحياة. يُمكن أن تلعب المشاعر أكثر الخدع فظاعة).

سخط: قصة مارك الغاضب من أبيه. الأب الذي هو غاضبٌ بدوره. مارك المهووس، المتفوّق، الذي يشعر بالمؤامرات الصغيرة والسرية التي تُحاك ضده -مع ذلك هو قادر على ملاحقة خيوطها بقوة خياله وقدرته على الربط الغريب. مارك الساخط، حادّ الذكاء، وال
So far so good. Flows like Roth's Everyman and should be finished with this by the end of the day.
hope mohammed
او الاحق ثلاث ونص ، الرواية تبدأ بجملة استفتاح (تحت تأثير المورفين) فاعطتني شعور بعد قراءة القليل لدراما معينة اتجهت اليها بارادتي وهذه الفكرة التي استحوذت علي نموذجية للغاية عن قصة عادية انتهت بنوع من الادمان لربما للبطل

تشبه القصة قصص الافلام الامريكية عن شباب الجامعة وهي تتكلم عن جامعة واينزبيرغ والذي حدث فيها الحادث حقيقة لاخيال وهو يحكى في الكتاب عن شغب الطلاب وقد انتقل لها الطالب المتفوق ماركوس ميسينر هاربا من والده الذي اتعبته اتهماته كوالد يخشى على حياة ولده ومستقبله في ايام صعبة تواجه ف
Mira Baldaranova
Този роман ме накара да направя несъзнателен паралел с един незабравим български кино шедьовър от 80-те - филмът „Вчера”.

На някои може да му изглежда нелепа съпоставката между 50-те на САЩ и 60-те на XX век в България. И ако не знаех, че „Възмущение” е издадена през 2008, а „Вчера” създаден през 1988 по романа на Владо Даверов, щях да реша, че сценарият е написан за българската му действителност.

Удивително кратък и богат на внушения роман. Амбициозен и умен младеж, попаднал в колеж без протекции
Read the STOP SMILING review of Indignation:

Has Philip Roth been spending time on the Animal House couch? His 29th novel, which takes place mostly at a tranquil Midwestern college, includes several key elements of classic campus satires:

1) a panty raid

2) a malevolent dean

3) a riot scene

4) projectile ejaculating

Knowing these four ingredients and the name of the author, you’d likely conjure a work much racier than Indignation, which begins in autumn of 1950, two and a half months after the onset o
Jan 06, 2009 Warren marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: book-list-2009
*Starred Review* In Roth's provocative new novel (his twenty-ninth book)-which, in a quieter, more personal fashion, is as provocative as his astonishing Plot against America (2004)-the setting and the main character are plucked from traditional Roth country: a nice Jewish boy living in Newark in the early 1950s, the son of a kosher butcher. The Korean War rages halfway around the word, but Marcus Messner, conscious though he is of the war and his possible forced participation in it, has a more ...more
Tess Holthe
It’s the second year of the Korean War and 19 year-old college student Marcus Messner, a butcher’s son, flees his father’s increasing paranoia. Obsessed with Marcus’s well-being, Mr. Messner chases Marcus away from the safety of his home town, a school where he is thriving and into the great abyss of college and the threat of war. Roth's imagery of the butcher shop and the knives are so masterful with the impending threat of battle and going off to war.

I found the scenes with his father’s irrati
André Nuno
Philip Roth é um escritor soberbo. Apetece-me iniciar a minha opinião deste modo.
Urge-me esclarecer de chofre que Philip Roth é um escrevedor com uma capacidade ímpar de imaginar e pintar pormenorizadamente cenários aparentemente simples mas de difícil acesso e explanação ao mais comum dos escritores.

Em Indignação o nosso autor explora a emancipação de um jovem, Marcus Messner, em particular a sua ida para a Universidade;
a transferência desse estabelecimento de ensino para um outro a milhas de d
Impossibile parlare di questo libro senza svelare il finale, per cui non posso che limitarmi a dire: sorprendente. Sconcertante.
Силна книга.
Кратка и ударна, хваща те за гърлото.
Предразсъдъци, семейни травми, лицемерие и неочаквано фаталните последствия на някои уж невинни решения.
Чудесен превод на Невена Дишлиева. Можеше да се поработи върху оформлението.
El miedo paraliza, resta libertad para decidir, y es contagioso. El padre de Marcus, un carnicero kosher ejemplar, vive atrapado por el miedo y la paranoia por lo que le pueda pasar a su hijo único, y se lo transmite a éste, que a su vez está obsesionado con conseguir que no le expulsen de la universidad, pues eso supondría que tendría que ir a luchar a Corea con diecinueve años, una perspectiva que aterraría a cualquiera en su situación. El miedo es uno de los sentimientos que rastrea magistral ...more
AMERICAN author Philip Roth might be in his winter years, but the 75 year-old-author has been very productive lately, with the publication of his third novel in three years and a fourth due out next year (2009).
And after 29 novels, it is safe to say that there are certain themes and situations he enjoys writing about: being Jewish, growing up in New Jersey in the 1950s, mid-western universities, sex and, more recently, death.
His last two books - Everyman (2006) and Exit Ghost (2007) -- starred
"Potete essere stupidi quanto volete, potete anche dar mostra di voler appassionatamente essere stupidi, ma alla fine la storia metterà le mani su di voi. Perché la storia non è il fondale: la storia è il palcoscenico! E voi siete sul palcoscenico! Oh, quanto è nauseante la vostra spaventosa ignoranza circa il vostro tempo! E la cosa più nauseante è che se siete qui a Winesburg è proprio per liberarvi da tale ignoranza. A che razza di tempi credete di appartenere? Siete in grado di rispondere? L ...more
Susan Wood
One thing for sure... .this is a very tight story, and consequently a fast read. "Smooth" might be a good word to describe it, owing in part to a myopic first person narrator. I found myself falling in and out of 'like' with Marcus, the protagonist. It is his indignation that we are exposed to ...

Marcus Messner is a good student, growing up in Newark where the family has kosher butcher shop. Marcus has a good relationship with his father and learns all there is to learn about the family business
تنبيه: ما سيأتي يكشف تفاصيل الرواية


ماركوس ميسنير الابن الوحيد لعائلة يهودية، يترك الجامعة التي التحق بها ليتخلص من والده الجزار الذي صار لا يطاق منذ بدأت الحرب الكورية، حيث صار يخاف عليه، ويطارده بالأسئلة، ينتقل إلى جامعة واينزبيرغ التي تبعد 500 ميل، هناك ينفرد بنفسه ويركز على دراسته، ويبتعد عن الأخويات الطلابية، يتعرف على فتاة اسمها (أوليفيا هوتون)، وعندما يخرج معها ذات ليلة، تحدث انعطافة غير متوقعة في السرد، حيث نكتشف أن صاحبنا ميت، وأنه مات في سن مبكرة، وأن لذلك علاقة بأحداث بدأت تلك الل
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Philip Milton Roth is an American novelist. He gained early literary fame with the 1959 collection Goodbye, Columbus (winner of 1960's National Book Award), cemented it with his 1969 bestseller Portnoy's Complaint, and has continued to write critically-acclaimed works, many of which feature his fictional alter ego, Nathan Zuckerman. The Zuckerman novels began with The Ghost Writer in 1979, and inc ...more
More about Philip Roth...
American Pastoral (The American Trilogy #1) Portnoy's Complaint The Plot Against America The Human Stain (The American Trilogy, #3) Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories

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“It was my job not just to pluck the chickens but to eviscerate them. I hated that part. Nauseating and disgusting, but it had to be done. That's what I learned from my father and what I loved learning from him: that you do what you have to do.” 3 likes
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