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Secret Six, Vol. 1: Unhinged
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Secret Six, Vol. 1: Unhinged (Secret Six #1)

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  949 ratings  ·  45 reviews
The Secret Six are back in an all-new ongoing series that promises to deliver some of the darkest, most twisted action-adventure the DC Universe has seen since...well, the last time the Secret Six got together!
Join Catman, Scandal, Deadshot, Ragdoll, and their two newest members as they hit the road on the run from some of the world's most dangerous killers! A contract has...more
Paperback, 168 pages
Published September 1st 2009 by DC Comics (first published August 11th 2009)
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I dearly loved Villains United, and I really likedSecret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation. Not sure if that was intended as a miniseries or was a false start at a new ongoing. Doesn't matter. What matters is that this is great. It has Bane, and it lets him have a brain, and a heart. Deep? Not especially, but it is fun, mostly for the cast of less than savory characters.
Recently reread this and even better the second time around. Gail Simone is far and away the best writer in comics today and I wish more comics pushed the boundaries on team dynamics, humor, and plot like she does.
Ariel Marie
Gail Simone has been a personal favorite writer of mine for quite awhile. Her work for Birds of Prey is fantastic. As always, she does a great job at building relationships between friends, which is seldom forgotten by a handful of writers. Simone does not fail at this talent with the Secret Six. It is impressive that nobody manages to steal the spotlight in Secret Six: Unhinged because all characters are treated as equal. Each one is as interesting as the next.

Unhinged picks up the actions of t...more
Alice Urchin
I love Gail Simone so much. This story was really great—lots of fun plot twists without being convoluted. I really liked how funny all of the characters were and how human. I especially love Ragdoll and can't wait to learn more about him and his family. The art was fantastic. It strays a bit from the classic comic book look (in a good way). This is one of the best comics I've read in awhile. I'm really excited to get the next one.
When I first started reading this, I wasn't sure what I was getting into. I didn't think I was going to like it very much. But I'd heard good things about this comic, so I kept reading. By about the 3rd or 4th issue, I was drawn into it. Very well-written and interesting. A mix of humor and serious violence that can't be easy to maintain, but Simone somehow does it. I really enjoyed this.
This book is strange and excessive in so many ways. Violent yet funny, this series is a must-read for every comic-book fan. The Lawton/Blake sequence in the convenience store (1st issue) is pure fucking gold.
Geoff Sebesta
This is what comics are all about. It is compelling, inventive, and consistently amazing. It isn't perfect. It's too good to be perfect.
Had some mixed feelings about this, but the humor won me over.
In this collection, Simone again begins with the Secret Six recovering from losses, and again she moves them around from place to place in the process of getting back to the roster size mandated by the title. This time, the story is heavily plot-driven, and Simone makes it work. A scary and mysterious villain (whose identity I guessed from clues in the foreward, so you may want to skip that first page if you want a better surprise) hires the Six to transport a hostage across the country because...more
Alexander Case
Very well written and entertaining book, though there is one thing about the McGuffin that caught my attention, but which nobody brought up.

[spoiler]So, the McGuffin is a Get-out-of-Hell Free Card. Literally. So, you've gotten out of Hell. That doesn't mean they'll let you into Heaven. If you have a Catholic view of the afterlife, then you may still be okay, as you get to do time in Purgatory until you have balanced the proverbial scales. However, if you're taking a Protestant, Purgatory-free vi...more
Maxwell Heath
The artwork is fine. The story and characters, on the other hand:

The MacGuffin the plot revolves around is kinda stupid. My initial reaction was to wonder if this was really what the story revolves around Sadly, it is. I didn't care for either Junior's identity or the identity of the person who wants the card. Maybe if I knew more about the characters in the team I would care more, but I don't. Most of the characters are uninteresting to me. The woman who joins after a few issues seems like she...more
***Dave Hill
Collects #1-7 of the series from 2008-2009.

The gang of villains with feet of clay take on a fateful mission -- bringing back to Gotham a woman with a "Get Out of Hell" card. Everyone's skeptical, but ... who will try to stop them. Heck, who from the villainous side won't? And who within the team will betray them, and why?

This is how anti-heroes are done, people doing bad things for dubious reasons but in a way that makes you understand them and want them to succeed -- or, if not succeed, then...more
No. I've read a lot of Gail Simone, and I can't believe this received and average of 4+ stars. It was boring, the characters weren't at all gripping, and a "get-out-of-hell free card?" Ugh. Who cares about anything that happens to anyone in this story arc. No one is compelling, funny, tragic, interesting, weird, etc. It feels like filler until the next Birds of Prey arc would happen. Don't read this.
I enjoyed this so much. I really loved the twisty plot, the great art, and the weird-ass weirdness. I adored it, and it was dark and funny and weird. Two thumbs up.
DC's morally ambiguous super-team - the Secret Six - are back in their ongoing volume. Having recently acquired Bane to round out their number, the Six are called in to escort C-list villain Tarantula on a transfer. Crime boss Junior does not want this to happen - since Tarantula is in the possession of a literal Get Out of Hell card. As the Six make their way across the country, the group gets new members and discovers what lengths some will go to be as bad as they want to be. Junior proves to...more
I miss this book and these characters.
I can see why people love this book, but this just didn't align with my tastes. I am a Gail Simone fan. I loved her Birds of Prey stuff, and was all set to get caught up with this series, but after reading the first story arc, I'm going to bail. I just didn't care about these character, what they were doing, or why they were doing it. I might like this better if I read on, but there are too many comics out there that I want to read, to spend time with something that isn't doing it for me from th...more
Gail Simone has a wicked sense of humor and makes snappy with the one-liners. More importantly though, she knows how to make us care for characters that are anything but flat and one-dimensional, and she knows how to move a plot along.

Nicola Scott is gorgeous and talented and every page is a testament to her mastery of the graphic arts.

I can only shake my head in wonder at why DC thought it a good move to cancel this book and shuffle aside this dynamic team...
Gail Simone turns in a delightful caper story, where the caper is secondary to the inetraction between our actors. Very good, if not wonderful dialogue between our "heroes". Well they're not heroes, but they are not villains either. The prize, and I don't think this will ruins thing for anyone who decides to read this-a get out of hell free card for when you die.

Who wouldn't kill for that if they thought they were already bound for hell?
I thoroughly enjoyed the first six issues collected here, but the denouement leaves much to be desired. I would not be at all surprised to learn that Simone was suddenly informed she had to wrap up six issues of story in a single issue and then set up about rapidly patching up broken relationships and dispatching villains so rapidly that it undercuts much of what happened before it. Still, well worth it for the rest of the story.
Excellent characters! A not-too-serious group of villans/antiheroes/mercenaries, doing the dirty work of the string-pulling uber baddies. Fantastic dynamics between the characters, full of witty banter. I like Bane in this, as well as all the baggage everyone seems to have. Add an item with serious religious implications about its holder, and it gets all kinds of interesting.
Shannon Appelcline
Another nice collection for the Six. It starts off a bit incoherently due to major events happening in other comics. (Where’d Bane come from? What happened to Knockout?) But as it gains focus with issue #2 or #3, it becomes another great action adventure with terrific characters and some really nice links (like the one ‘tween Bane and Scandal, which is hilarious).
Fun demented fun! I read these 3 graphic-novels out of order, yet that did not diminish my enjoyment of these twisted villains and their unexpected misadventures. I think this is what books like "Thunderbolts" are trying to do, though not as well. Hats off to Gail Simone! Hilarious!
Not many books can make me laugh out loud, let alone make me laugh, disgust me, and keep me turning the pages all at the same time. This book really is one of a kind, the characterization is perfect, the art is's a great book. The series deserves all the praise it gets.
Mykhe Hesson
Amazing! Villains as "normal people", well-written, a fair treatment of LGBTQ issues, and I even like the artwork (hard thing to do.) I'm hoping that 1) SPL has all of the books in the series and 2) the quality continues. I can see where this was named a best comic run of the decade.
The team take a job to escort someone to Gotham. Only problem is that somebody has put
a huge bounty on all their heads. A great, twisted story with some lovely character moments. I really like Banes character development in this book. Avery good read.
3 1/2 stars, really, because I know it gets better. I read a couple of issues during Blackest Night and was really impressed with the degree of character development there. This is a great beginning, but the characters are still hitting their stride.
B. Barda
Secret Six is easily my favorite ongoing comic series and this trade is just perfect. Poignant and funny at the same time. Interesting action. Flawless characterization and gorgeous art. I recommend it to both seasoned comic fans and newbies.

This was a fun read and an extremely clever story. This was a great foot to start the new series on. I really like the way you see how a group of criminals can form a bond that allows them to operate together and operate well.
This was really awesome! A coworker brought it in for me to read, and I finished it while I was on my shift. I've only ever read Watchmen as far as comics go, but this was really interesting, and I think I'll look more into it.
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Gail Simone is a comic book writer well-known for her work on Birds of Prey (DC), Wonder Woman (DC), and Deadpool (Marvel), among others, and has also written humorous and critical commentary on comics and the comics industry such as the original "Women in Refrigerators" website and a regular column called "You'll All Be Sorry".
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