Uma Promessa Para Toda a Vida
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Uma Promessa Para Toda a Vida

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  88,816 ratings  ·  2,507 reviews
Nos traços delicados do rosto do filho, Miles Ryan reconhecia, dilacerado pela saudade, a mesma beleza subtil e cativante de Missy, a única mulher que alguma vez amou. Não voltaria a senti-la movimentando-se pela casa, brincando com Jonah, nem voltaria a ouvir o seu riso inocente, quase infantil, a sua voz cheia, sensual. Alguém lhe roubara, irremediavelmente, a melhor par...more
Capa Mole, 328 pages
Published 2001 by Editorial Presença
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M. M. Sana
Apr 26, 2007 M. M. Sana rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Light Mystery/Drama Readers
This is an awesome book. It has a little bit of romance and a little mystery. It will embed images in your mind that will be hard to escape. Love and forgiveness will have a new meaning in your life. Yes, it does have a little bit of everything. A husband's love, a father's love, a cop in action, romance, mystery... FORGIVENESS! I won't tell you what it is about, because I think you should read it. REALLY!!! Go get it and read it. I never thought a man could write LOVE so well. Love in its pures...more
Surely the Danielle Steele set must rejoice whenever Sparks churns out a new book. While this was not the worst Sparks book I've ever read (there, I've admitted it - I've read more than one), that is a pretty low bar. I cannot even believe I read this. Not only do I not remember why I picked this book up, I cannot remember the ending. Suggestion: skip this book and save a few hours of your life; put it to good use gardening, playing with your children, or better yet, choosing a good author who d...more
Opening Line: “On the morning of August 29, 1988, a little more than two years after his wife had passed away, Miles Ryan stood on the back porch of his house, smoking a cigarette, watching as the rising sun slowly changed the morning sky from dusky grey to orange.”

Nicholas Sparks is like comfort food, I always know going in the kind of emotional love story I’m going to get and I can count on being sucked into the lives, loves and heartache of his small town characters. They’re written realistic...more
Jan 04, 2009 Alaine rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nicholas Spark fans
Recommended to Alaine by: Annie Bucknall
Shelves: general-fiction
Some stories don't have happy endings and some do. This one of course can't really have a happy ending because a wife and mother have died. But, this book tells the story of a man's journey through grief, and anyone who has been through the loss of a loved one knows that the pain never ends. Nicholas Sparks did a wonderful job of reminding us of that, it was not a week love story, someone dies, someone else comes along and they live happily ever after. Instead it spoke clearly of the struggle an...more
This novel was like reading the Cliff Notes of a epic love story, MINUS the analysis and depth you might find in Cliff Notes and MINUS the well-developed and fascinating characters, settings and dialogue you might find in an epic love story. Based upon my reading of this book, nobody will be reading Nicolas Sparks 100 years from now and I refuse to waste any more of my limited time on Earth reading words slapped together by him and bound under the pretense of actually being a novel.

The SECOND BE...more
The typical amazing Nicholas sparks .. who never fails to amaze or surprise me .. the book is great as usual ..
It is a love story that will teach you by the end the meaning of forgiveness .. how to forget the past and move on .. how to choose to be happy .. it will teach you that you always have to do the right things and take the right decisions even if it means that you will lose a lot
You will never regret reading this amazing book
Mmmm, haven't read Nicholas Sparks's books in a little while.
This was pretty good, sure.
So there's a bunch of rivalry going on in this tiny city. Sarah-I think that's her name-had just come for a couple months, as a school teacher and meets this kid Jonas. He's kinda falling behind-no not dumb-but was not pushed to doing work and stuff.
And it was because his mom had died, so from pity, teachers passed him despite his lack of education.
So yes. A parent-teacher conference is needed.
And yes. Once a...more
Nicholas Sparks does it again with A Bend in the Road. This book is about a police sheriff named Miles Ryan, who lost his wife Missy in a hit and run car accident three years ago. He has a seven-year-old son named Jonah, who has been suffering nightmares ever since the incident. One afternoon Miles has to go see Jonah's teacher for a parent-teacher conference. Jonah's teacher is the sweet and of course single Sarah Andrews who has recently gone through a heart-breaking divorce. They hit if off a...more
Miss Kim
Offically dumped. My love affair is over. Whatever, Mr. Sparks.
May 30, 2010 Gorfo rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Gorfo by: cara
Shelves: realistic, mystery
A Bend in the Road is not the story to take with you on a road trip. The books tells the story of Mile's Ryan's life after the death of his wife Missy Ryan. Not surprisingly the story becomes a love story when Deputy Ryan meets and falls in love with his sons' second grade teacher Sarah. It turns out that Sarah is heartbroken too and the two hit it off after Miles sweeps her off her feet with his superb elegance (not). Nothing seems to threaten their relationship until (dun dun dun) new informa...more

O principal factor que move Miles Ryan, é justiça pela morte inexplicada e súbita da mulher Missy.

A história começa quando o filho de Miles, Jonah começa a ter problemas de aprendizagem na escola. Sarah, a professora oferece-se para umas explicações ao miúdo e a partir daí a relação entre a professora e Miles desenvolve-se. O romance deste casal, achei bonito mas 'mais do mesmo', ou seja típico dos muitos romances de Nicholas Sparks.

Mesmo tendo uma relação estável, o acidente da mulher...more
Alex Robinson
wow! i just can't get enough of the love stories Nicholas Sparks beautifully writes, he really does tug at the heart strings.

i love this book, it is definately something i would recomend! at first when it was talking about Miles' wife, i was sad already knowing she later died leave him and Johan to live their lives alone and in pain. i don't like think about people upset even if it is only a book, but then came along sarah, oh the wonderfull sarah! they both deserved each other, hell they more t...more
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A Bend in the Road is a book about a sherif named Miles Ryan who lost hope in almost everything after losing his true love, his wife Missy in a tragic accident. He did not want to live anymore after his loss, however he had his son Jonah to look after. A few years later after Jonah started the second grade, he had a lot of difficulties with his classes so by the request of his teacher Miss Sarah Andrews to meet Miles Ryan everything they both were struggling and living changed.
I loved this story...more
Harish Kumar Sarma Challapalli
Finally!! This is the kind of book I wanted from Mr. Sparks!! The difference between this and his other books (I read til date) is all books started peacefully and ended with tragedy but here it is vice versa!!

The emotional bondage between the lead characters during their different times was narrated so touchingly!! And yeah there is always the sparks kind of romance which is always a worth read!! The death of his wife and the repercussions were narrated in a wonderful way!! The pinch of sentime...more
Miles Ryans life seemed to end the day his wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident two years ago. As deputy sheriff of New Bern, North Carolina, he not only grieves for her and worries about their young son Jonah but longs to bring the unknown driver to justice. Then Miles meets Sarah Andrews, Jonahs second-grade teacher. A young woman recovering from a difficult divorce, Sarah moved to New Bern hoping to start over. Tentatively, Miles and Sarah reach out to each other....and soon they are fal...more
Alaa | آلاء
This is my first Nicholas Sparks novel to read, I really liked it. This book made me feel like I'm on a roller coaster of emotions, it is that type of book that keeps you guessing and then throws a huge bomb of shock in your face.

It is beautifully written, about a man Miles who has lost his wife to a hit and run accident, he's left all alone to raise his son Jonah who happens to be struggling at school. This struggle connected him to Sarah and here is where it all begins. They fall in love and...more
This was the first book that i've read from Sparks and I read it due to curiosity.
I pick it up from the library and truly I'm not disapointed.
Eventhough I don't usually read this kind of ficton I was surprised with myself to be following every line of the story and feeling sympathetic towards the main caracters. The plot and the twist of the story was well written and at some point, I trully felt the loss of a wife and how it is hard to be alone with a small child to raise.
Sometimes fate does ha...more
Ansley Player
In the book A Bend in the Road, the main character Miles Ryan's wife, Missy Ryan was hit by a car two years ago, leaving Miles alone with their son Jonah. Now after two years of mourning Miles, has come to terms with the fact that, although Missy was the love of his life and someone took that away from him and didn't even confess they just ran away like a coward. Miles, a police officer, knew that he could find his wife's murderer if he just looked at the case enough times and reviewed the evid...more
Mariana Gallion
I read, "A bend in the Road" by Nicholas Sparks. This a great novel for any person to read, well mostly for people who like a nice romance book to read. This book is not only a romance but it is a great mystery as well. It is about a Sheriff named Miles Ryan who was married to a woman, Missy Ryan, together they had a young son, Jonah. Well one night Missy Ryan was jogging on the side of the road when she was involved in a hit and run accident. She had did that night. For two years Sheriff Miles...more
SUMMARY: Miles Ryan's life seemed to end the day his wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident two years ago. As deputy sheriff of New Bern, North Carolina, he not only grieves for her and worries about their young son Jonah but longs to bring the unknown driver to justice. Then Miles meets Sarah Andrews, Jonah's second-grade teacher. A young woman recovering from a difficult divorce, Sarah moved to New Bern hoping to start over. Tentatively, Sarah and Miles reach out to each other...soon they a...more
This was a really great story about love and loss. Sparks is really one of the best authors that I've read. All of his books have amazed me so far. The stories are realistic and true, unlike the usual fairy tale endings, his makes sense and we can always relate to them.
I just finished A BEND IN THE ROAD by Nicholas Sparks (2007). It was difficult to keep reading. The whole book was incredibly emotional. It was hard to deal with the emotion he put out in this story. They seemed real and true, but nonetheless hard to swallow. I had to take it in small bites.

This is the story of a deputy, Miles Ryan, who’s lost his wife in a hit and run. The grief that pours out of him is heart breaking. He meets with his son’s teacher to talk about the boy’s grades, and they hit...more
Okay, I admit my philosophy professors called me theirincurable romantic, but, this book is Nicholas Sparks at his best. Sparks has written some great love/romantic stories in the past but this book makes us glad to be alive. The story is centered around New Bern, N.C. It starts with a love story that ends in a auto accident and the death of a police officers wife. The accident is a hit and run. The officer mourns her passing and can never get over his feelings for her. Just the way Sparks descr...more
This was my second time reading this. The first time I read it, I was probably in the 8th grade, and I originally had it rated as 5 stars. Back then, I was obviously not as an experienced reader, so now that I've read it again, I really think it only deserves three stars. I love Nicholas Sparks... but since doing the Nicholas Sparks challenge to try to read all of his books in one year, I've came to the conclusion that literally all his books are the same. The plots are all laid out the exact sa...more
Aug 19, 2011 Kereesa rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Kereesa by: Danielle. Because I made her read the Hunger Games.
A Bend in the Road is about the intersecting lives of Miles Ryan, one of the town's deputies who's lost his wife in a hit and run accident about two years and is now raising his only son Jonah, and Jonah's teacher and recently divorcee Sarah Andrews. Obviously they fall in love, and obstacles, this would be where the 'bend' in the road occurs, fall in their way in this tale of forgiveness and romance.


Right, so I was recommended this book by my co-worker who I made read the Hunger Games, and...more
Cathy/The Crazy Bookworm
This book contains everything that sparks is so well known for, Love, Loss, Tragedy, and small town life. This book was a page-turner, I wasn't able to put it down.

A Bend in the Road is about it Miles Ryan, a Sherrif in New Bern, Who lost his wife from a Hit and Run, leaving him a single father to 7 year old Jonah. While both are still trying to cope after 2 years since the loss of a mother and wife, Jonah seems to be having some trouble in school, Which leaves him needing extra help after schoo...more
Sep 04, 2008 Amy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: The Romantic in all of us
Shelves: romantic-notions
Hmmm.... I am liking this one so far. I haven't read many of his books. Kindof a romance/mystery. I think I know where he is going with it and if so that will really really bite. I love Sarah and relate with her oh so well. Maybe I should look at being a school teacher so I can meet some cute parent and fall in love and yeah you know the rest. I guess we will just have to wait and see won't we. P.S. This is much more fun to read than what I am supposed to be reading for school. Who wants to read...more
Two years ago a man named Miles Ryan lost his wife in a hit and run accident. No one was there to see it and there was no evidence to help him find the criminal. Miles is a Deputy Sheriff in the town of New Bern, North Carolina. Miles Ryan spent the next two years of his life lost in the file that contained everything about Missy's death. Too occupied with the file to live out his own life, so he tries through his son Jonah.

Sarah Andrews wanted nothing more in life than to show the same kind of...more
♥♥ hattie♥♥
Feb 13, 2008 ♥♥ hattie♥♥ rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone
This book is about many different people and how they come together and end up being a family and it's how they are all connected. A man named Miles who is a police officer. His wife, went for a run and never came back. She was in a hit and run accident. The author shifts from Miles' story to Sarah's story. Sarah's story starts out how Sarah gets a divorce with her husband and she needs to "get away". So, she moves to New Bern, North Carolina. She becomes a second grade teacher there and Sarah n...more
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As a child, Nicholas Sparks lived in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Grand Island, Nebraska, finally settling in Fair Oaks, California at the age of eight. His father was a professor, his mother a homemaker, then optometrist's assistant. He lived in Fair Oaks through high school, graduated valedictorian in 1984, and received a full track scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.

After breaking the N...more
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