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The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk
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The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk (Planet Hulk Omnibus)

4.22 of 5 stars 4.22  ·  rating details  ·  7,465 ratings  ·  219 reviews
Savage alien planet. Oppressed barbarian tribes. Corrupt emperor. Deadly woman warrior. Gladiators and slaves. Battle axes and hand blasters. Monsters and heroes... and the Incredible Hulk! Let the smashing commence! This deluxe hardcover collects the entire Planet Hulk saga, plus extras! Collects Incredible Hulk #92-105, Giant Size Hulk #1 and the "Mastermind Excello" sto ...more
Hardcover, 416 pages
Published June 27th 2007 by Marvel (first published June 13th 2007)
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Every so often, there comes a tale -- with equal parts passion and pathos, with equal parts pride and prejudice -- that not only redefines what a character has meant throughout the already visited pages upon pages of illustrated storylines but also re-establishes the hero as a dominant force for storytellers, readers, the company's universe, and (arguably) the entire comic book industry. PLANET HULK is such a masterpiece.

It's difficult to talk about the adventure without giving too many element
How do you take a character like the Hulk, that's been done to death and put a new twist on the character?

You hand him over to Greg Pak and tell him to go wild.

And wild he goes, he takes the Hulk from the "familiar" surroundings of planet Earth, and puts him in a brand new environment, Plant Sakaar. A barbaric planet where the Hulk fits right in despite himself.

No Wonder Marvel let their Conan license expire, who needs a Conan Barabarian when you can have the Hulk be just as, if not even moreso,
Let me start by saying, I'm not a huge fan of the Hulk. I also didn't care for the whole gladiator/fighting on a strange planet thing. It took me forever to work up any sympathy for Hulk, and even longer for me to get into the story enough to sit down and read it for more than a few minutes at a time. Anything that can't hold my attention gets unceremoniously moved to a certain section of my house, and is then forever dubbed one of my 'bathroom books'. You all know what I mean...don't pretend yo ...more
Pat McGlynn
This arc is a non-stop kickassathon. In a nut shell, this is What If: Hulk was the star of Gladiator. It does not disappoint. This book is exactly what you think you are paying for, the Hulk smashing an entire planet until he makes his way to the top.

This is hands down the best modern Hulk comics get. I'm sorry Loeb got his miserable hands on the Hulk, because between this and World War Hulk, Hulk has reached great heights in terms of story telling, action and power.
Okay two words: HULK SMASH. Constantly. Hulk literally starts out ripping himself free of a spaceship after are ever lovely heroes kicking him off the planet planning to send him to a "deserted" planet where he can live in "Peace." Yeah well Hulk doesn't really get that, but thats okay, because instead he tears his way through a alien planet at war, fighting monster as a gladiator! How cool as that? Pretty much as cool as it sounds. And though it had a great deal of smashing it had a perfect amo ...more
Michael (Tattoogirl Reads)
What I knew about Hulk before I read Planet Hulk: He's a human who turns into a green monster. His name is Banner. (Thank you,Avengers movie). I knew that I didn't really want to read anything about the Hulk. The End.

What I know now: that I was totally wrong about the Hulk. Oh my God, this was such an epic read! I'm sorry to everyone I turned up my nose at when they recommended this to me. You were right. I was wrong.

This was an amazing roller coaster; I even got all sniffly at the end. I was ha
Don't get me wrong with just three stars, I really did enjoy this, but my goodness the story was thin.

The problem with the Hulk is that there isn't much that can be done with him, he's a supporting character at best. And yet I was still hoping that this story arc would give us something fun to run with by letting the Hulk run wild - and he did, just not in any really interesting way.

The whole story was severely self-indulgent and there was never any sense of stakes or peril. This is the troubl
Marc Jentzsch
Fantastic. Sword and sorcery with the Hulk!

There are a few problems that will cause some dissonance for those unfamiliar with the full breadth of the ins and outs of the way the Hulk works. Admittedly I was in this camp, but just rolled with it. The idea of the Hulk being less than a giant irradiated ball of rage grows on you a little. Though I still don't quite understand how the Hulk himself could be so...un-angry so much. Yeah. Need to go read up on that.

The setup was well-done, and if you ha
Noah Soudrette
Wow. This is easily the best Hulk story I've ever read (keep in mind I never read Peter David's run thought). There's tons of action and some great characters and character development. Just perfect.
I was reading the new avenger omnibus (which was good btw ) and then I reach this one-shot "illuminati" that was supposed to set up the civil war event. anyway it also had another thing which just ..blew my mind. So, reed Richard from the F4, xavier from the xmen, iron-man etc etc. a secret group set to fix the world problems (I knew it sound silly but it was so awesome the way the writer handled it.) and yes hulk was one of those problem .. what did they do? they tricked him out of the planet i ...more
Mark Plaid
If you're like me and you haven't heard much about the Incredible Hulk since The Green Goliath that Bruce Banner turned into was a muscle bound mentally challenged beast with the vocabulary of a three year old child (or worse you think he turns into a growling, wordless Lou Ferrigno), then be prepared to throw away some of those expectations. I heard at some point a few years ago Banner could turn into the Hulk and retain his identity. Well, this is no longer the case either. Hulk is a distinct ...more
I've never cared much for the Hulk, at least as a central character. I like him existing as an outlier amongst the superhero teams of Earth, and as the occasional Hail Mary SMASH! I recently read World War Hulk, which is the direct sequel to this huge omnibus, and I wasn't impressed. I'd seen the animated feature length film based on Planet Hulk, and I knew this story has become a favorite, and was probably influential to the Marvel universe. Now I get why.

It's the pacing and the superficial but
Damián Vives
Cuando los guinistas de Marvel comenzaron a darle forma a la idea de civil war se encontraron con un problema grande y verde. Muerto Thor, el monstruo esmeralda no tenía un antagonista que pudiera contenerlo en una confrontación abierta. Decidieron lanzarlo al espacio y perderlo en otra galaxia, lo que dio a Greg Pak la oportunidad de desarrollar una saga épica que colocaría a Hulk en un escenario y en una posición poco cotidiana. Una historia memorable dentro de la andadura del personaje y que ...more
Nicci B
I learned not to piss Hulk off.
Burroughs-esque space opera meets sandal epic packed with action and populated by a cast of fleshed out and interesting characters.

It starts out with Hulk transplanted into a gladiator setting, I wasn't too confident in it at this point, as I've seen many popular characters go down this road, the trope was even spoofed by The Venture Bros. Luckily, the action breaks out of the arena early on and we are taken on quite a tour. The characters are all complex and unique, many of them sympathetic. T
Steven Laverty
A potential masterpiece plagued by poor pacing. I found this story to be entertaining and frustrating in almost equal measure. The premise of the story is unusual, intriguing and makes for a fantastic set up. A lot happens over the course of the book and has some truly wonderful and memorable surprises. However, unfortunately the pacing of the story is atrocious at times. Very often a new idea or development occurs only to have the narrative jump away from it a couple of frames later. This means ...more
David Monroe
This book compiles Incredible Hulk #92-105, Giant Size Hulk #1 and the "Mastermind Excello" story from Amazing Fantasy #15. The Planet Hulk series was one of the best Hulk stories of all time.

After trashing Vegas, S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark and Reed Richards decide it's time for this to stop. A ship is created and The Hulk was captured and blasted off to an uninhabited planet to live out the rest of his days. But in true comic book style, something goes awry.

Hulk gets sucked into a wormhole and
This trade collects Incredible Hulk #92-95, Banner War from Giant Size Hulk #1, Incredible Hulk #96-105, Mastermind Excello and Planet Cho from Amazing Fantasy #15 and Planet Hulk:Gladiator Guidebook, in that order.

Banner had agreed to go into space for Shield to destroy a satellite and save the world. His reward is exile due to a betrayal by the Illuminati, who believe Hulk simply too dangerous to keep on Earth and rig his spacecraft to take him to an uninhabited planet to be left alone... fo
Excellent graphic novel lacing superb artwork with a great story! It echoes many of the themes in other Hulk stories (i.e. the Banner/Hulk struggle for control, Hulk's alienation from and mistrust of humans, etc.) without sounding stale. As usual, the Green Monster enjoys painfully few moments of bliss before it's time to 'smash' once again. I thought the ending was a bit too sudden, but I suppose that's just a setup for the next installment, World War Hulk. Highly enjoyable.
Wow. Wow. Wow. This storyline makes hulk even more bad ass than he already is. This is an excellent preview to the World War Hulk story line.

What's more bad ass than a huge invulnerable, angry, strongest mortal alive, beast? How about one that turns into a military general, frees the slaves, and inspires the world to fight for freedom? I'm not talking about Abe Lincoln... this story is 100% Hulk.

Bad ass. In the 70's or early 80's they wrote stories about the Hulk being in space and fighting al
Easily the best Hulk comic I've read, and potentially the best Hulk comic full stop. But it does fall apart at the end, where plot twists are pulled out of nowhere and there's some really cringe-worthy plot twists, such as (view spoiler).

I'm also not a big fan of the Hulk's personality in this. I like the increased intell
What a fun book! Imagine the Hulk plopped down into a story that is part Barsoom and part Spartacus, and you have this wild action-packed tale with plenty of room for some character exploration and even romance. Superb art and even a detailed prose guide to this complex world make for a terrific read! One of my absolute favorites in a while.
Voilà du super-héros qui se fait utiliser, trahir et exiler pour se retrouver loin de la destination de rêve prévue par ses «poteaux», qui devait être une planète verte et riche en gibier (les vacances, quoi !) mais vide de tout être doué de conscience (merci pour le sanglier local…).
Résultat, welcome to Sakaar! Lors de ton séjour, tu pourras être tour à tour gladiateur, esclave, fugitif, plat principal d'une créature affamée ou gravillon écrasé sous le passage du tyran local.
Et c'est là que not
I had long heard that Planet Hulk, and to an extent World War Hulk were the definitive modern Hulk stories, and now that I've read it as part of my Marvel 616 read-along I know why!

I had low expectations going into this - what I expected was a Maximus Decimus Hulkus story of how a monster became a slave, a gladiator, and finally a King on some random planet that was a stand-in for Cimmeria/ the Hyborean Age. To a large extent, that is exactly what this is! However, that very dismissive character
I was under the impression that if you had read one Hulk story, you had read them all- at least until Planet Hulk came out.

If you are bored to death by the Jekyll-Hyde vs the evil government shenanigans of every other Hulk book, this is the run that will make you forget about it.

This book doesn't have the one dimensional characters that have long become stale (if I hear one more 'Thunderbolt Ross is Ahab from Moby Dick', I'm punching someone), it has little monster inside us dilemmas and Hulk is
Greg Pak and a host of artists bring their talent to the world of the Hulk with their epic Planet Hulk saga. Jettisoned into space by the Illuminati, the Hulk finds himself stranded on the alien world of Sakaar. Weakened by the strain of inter-dimensional travel, the green behemoth finds himself saddled with an obedience disk and forced into the gladiatorial arena by the ruthless Red King. Able to survive and thrive in this war-torn world, the Hulk joins with his fellow fighters in a bid for fre ...more
Tony Stark and Reed Richards are jerks. Just because The Hulk is "difficult to work with" and "a threat to all life on Earth" they decide to maroon him on an alien planet. Of course, they thought they were ditching him on a verdant but unpopulated planet where The Hulkster could get some valuable Me Time, but like the dumb jerks they are, they accidentally dropped him off on a warn-torn gladiator planet. There, Hulk goes from slave to gladiator to rebel to king. All the while, the locals debate ...more
Isaiah Kisala
Probably the Hulk book I'd suggest anyone who has an interest in the character not being a same old hero, nor the dumb bruiser he's commonly portrayed as. Here he takes on a Very Robert E. Howard Barbarian role of an outsider in a corrupt kingdom who brings it down around the ruling class. However, this is also a look at hulk in an environment where he is not only welcomed, but among creatures who are just as monstrous if not more so then him. You watch as Hulk develops a brand new personality, ...more
I've been told I needed to read this for ages, and now I can see why. My knowledge of The Hulk is pretty general, and based on Wikipedia and the cartoon I watched as a child. I've never been particularly interested in him, but wow this story is great. My rating is really a 4.5 stars. I can't help but feel that if I was more familiar with the character I'd have appreciated some more of the nuances. Even coming at it with hardly any background knoweldge I really enjoyed this, I was stuck to it and ...more
Prasidh Ramson
We few, we happy few. We, band of brothers...

Following prior events on Earth, The Hulk finds himself on a strange planet ruled by the ruthless Red King. The Hulk is forced into a gladiatorial life with several other creatures from other worlds and is forced to work together to survive. To say much more would be to give away large parts of the story.

While I never was a large fan of the Hulk, this trade is nothing short of spectacular and genre defining. The writing reveals that The Hulk is much
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Greg Pak is an award-winning Korean American comic book writer and filmmaker currently writing “Batman/Superman” and “Action Comics” for DC Comics. Pak wrote the "Princess Who Saved Herself" children's book and the “Code Monkey Save World” graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton and co-wrote (with Fred Van Lente) the acclaimed “Make Comics Like the Pros” how-to book. Pak's other work ...more
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