Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War (Atomic Robo, #2)
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Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War (Atomic Robo #2)

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Eisner-nominated Atomic Robo lands on the front lines of World War II against the science freaks and devastating weird weaponry of Nazi Germany - from invincible walking tanks to atomic-powered weather cannons to the Monster Soldiers of the Third Reich. Can ROBO and Ther Sparrow, Britain's greatest covert operative, complete their mission and turn the tide of the war witho...more
Paperback, 152 pages
Published February 25th 2009 by Red 5 Comics
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This is the second trade paperback for Atomic Robo, a wonderful comic about a robot designed and built by Nikola Tesla. I'm not much of a comics reader and even less of a comics buyer, but this series won me over with one of its Free Comic Book Day releases and I'm slowly working my way through the TPBs. This one is entirely stories set in World War II, with Robo working for the Allies, and is consequently a bit darker and less whimsical.

I enjoyed it, but the stories didnt seem to be as well-con...more
***Dave Hill
Atomic Robo is back, and this time he's out to punch Hitler's clock.

Picture Hellboy as an atomic powered robot built by Tesla. In this collection, he's fighting in World War 2 against Nazi mecha, bio-engineered brutes, and weather machines. It's two-fisted action, lovingly illustrated, full of fun and adventurous, and I'd probably recommend it to anyone.

Time to order the next volume.
William Kulesa
Jan 21, 2010 William Kulesa rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of Hellboy, pulp, science-fiction, and steam punk
In many ways, Atomic Robo is very similar to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy as it deals with a non-human protagonist living in a world populated by humans that frequently misunderstand him or seek to use him in some manner. Unlike Mignola, series creator Brian Clevinger doesn’t mine fables, fairy tales and myths for his inspiration but pop culture and the mythology of the American experience. Throughout the series Robo finds himself facing giant ants straight out of the 1954 B-movie classic “Them!,” Naz...more
This is another solid collection of Atomic Robo stories, with the clean artwork, fast pace, good-natured humor, and explosive action that I'm learning to expect from this title. These stories are all set in Europe in WWII, and they're everything they should be, with big machines and a little espionage and an incomprehensible Scottish soldier saving the day from time to time. Robo, our hero, is still wisecracking and indestructible and relatively sane within the delightful madness that surrounds...more
The second volume of Atomic Robo, set in a single narrative arc during WWII, while still fun and fast-paced, wasn't as compelling as the first volume. It certainly sets up the conflict for a long-running villain arc, but the writing didn't feel quite as tight and the plot itself wasn't sewn together quite as well as I would have hoped.

But it was still fun. I enjoyed the banter between Robo and Sparrow - and the Scottish commando was so perfect it was hard not to laugh out loud.
It feels a little more like Robo is a hero that can't lose (though he sure gets into a pickle) - but I don't entirely care. The storytelling is well-executed - Clevinger actually believes his audience has a brain to fill in some details, and is interested in following a mystery.

That Clevinger can construct suspense and mystery here is a continued pleasure - but the personality of Robo is the true gem.

However, I must return to the "never loses" aspect here. In volume 1 Robo was vexed by his own M...more
Another excellent installment in the saga of Atomic Robo.

Seriously, this is just a fun read, across the board. This volume is mostly about Robo's escapades in World War Two. We get neat characters (Nazis and otherwise), dire threats, excitement and, most importantly, great dialogue and a fun story.

You can't go wrong with a robot battling Nazis!
Randy Lander
A lot of fun, just like the first one, but the World War II setting, combined with the heartfelt thanks to WWII vet grandfathers by the creative team, gives this one a bit of a bounce over the last one. It's still got plenty of the wacky, from the over-the-top Scottish accent of the character based on Clevinger's grandfather to much of Robo's dialogue, and there's a lot of action and fun, but... there's also some poignant moments.

The post-war finale with Robo's nemesis is nice, quiet, effective...more
I forgot how great this series is, haven't read it since it originally came out 5 years ago. Need to go back and re-read all the old Robos.

Helsingard as an archnemesis kinda got dropped since this book though huh? Probably for the best, Dr. Dinosaur and Majestic-12 make for much funnier and/or interesting villains anyway.
May 05, 2013 Andy rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
It's been a while since I read the first collection (which I really enjoyed) but Atomic Robo really doesn't require any prior knowledge. This time we get a series of stories from WWII which sort of flow though seem a little disjointed (saying something for AR). The art is brilliant throughout and again, fantastically coloured. I thought that though fun, it was less funny this time round (probably reflected the era and events in which it's set), with glimpses of the previous humour only really cr...more
Keegan Blackler
A friend lent me every volume of Atomic Robo the other day, and I've already devoured them all. This is what Comics are supposed to be -- witty, pulpy, perilous without being dour, and thoroughly suffused with adventure and fun. Who knew the schmuck behind 8-Bit Theater (which I loved, admittedly) would turn out to be one of the modern masters of comic writing? Get ready for, like, 9 five-star reviews.
this is a really nice book with really nice illusion work in it. this book involves a lot of action and humor in it and the visuals also help you understand more what the book is talking about
Adelaide Metzger
I bought his book and read it before I got the first one, but this volume rocked! The whole deal with Atomic Robo being a civilian of the United States reminded me SO much of Adam Link Robot. But unlike Adam Link, who completely refused to serve in the military, Atomic Robo aids his strength and abilities to fight in World War II.

Jeez, I loved this so much. Robot stories like this don’t get enough credit. The art is great, the balance between humor and drama goes perfectly with the intense leve...more
No idea if there are more but i think I'm done. Is OK but I have difficulty following it sometimes (for a couple reasons).
Mar 23, 2014 Hippopottoman marked it as abandoned
I dunno. It just seemed like nothing was there besides robots and cyborg zombies and Nazis. I just lost interest.
Atomic Robo is big, two-fisted fun! It combines sly humor and superhero adventure into a package that is smart and surprisingly addictive. Scott Wegener's art has grown on me and become irresistible. Robo started as a wisecracking, Hellboy-ish character (even treading some of the same eras and punch-em-out attitude as the big, red guy). But, over the course of the first two trade collections, he's developed into his own, idiosyncratic character. Brian Clevinger's writing is smart and sharp, and...more
This is my second Atomic Robo book and I really love this character. The first book gave you a peek into his human side and the fact that Tesla gave him emotions when he created him. This second has that but really embraces some of the funny. This is for someone with an interest in past wars and not for someone who does not like fighting. Intended audience is Adult but a high schooler with these interests would also like this. Maybe a fan of wolverine during WWII.
Incredible mash-up of history and science fiction as Robo works with the US military to fight Nazi mechs and other weird science. I enjoy how Robo is a smart-aleck, and how he wears clothes--even though he will inevitably lose them via guns, hands, evil experiments, other robots, and other violence by the end of the mission. I find it kind of endearing. This series just just plain fun.
Great story, set entirely during World War two, as our hero, Atomic-Robo reluctantly teams with a cute lady spy to stop a trainload of nazi super weapons from getting to their destination and being used against the American troops.
Lots of fun with tons of action, humor and cool weapons.

I want a live action Atomic-Robo movie, but will settle for an action figure.
Fun, as always. A great addition to the story of Atomic Robo. There was at least one spread that caught me off guard but there were more than enough great lines and fun moments to make up for it. And the short-tales at the very end are like great jokes with fun visuals to go with them.

So, it was a good time. Read it!
Jun 28, 2010 Ann rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
More of a straight up war-action-adventure story than the other two TPBs. And not quiiiite as funny. (Not that I didn't spend a lot of time laughing...especially the bit with "Scottie" and the short at the end with Jenkins.)

Atomic Robo is almost tailor made to what I want out of a comic book. Can't wait for more.
Another solid effort from Red 5. Atomic Robo and his gang of action scientists are at it again with just as much humor and heart as volume 1. This is a 5 star book all the way - story, art, and dialog are all tops and work together wonderfully. I recommend this book without reservation - read it!
Deserves at least 3½ stars, but couldn't agree with 4. While I like the art a lot, I end up just enjoying it for the fun of the read, and not as much the depth of the story, or general creativity. I dunno. I like Atomic Robo enough to have bought three trade paperbacks, so I'm basically into it.
Zach Danielson
Wise-cracking robot soldier fights Nazis—Check! Atomic Robo is light-hearted and very well done. This second volume is quite as good as the first, but it's still a lot of fun. My favorite part was the team-up with the incomprehensible Scotsman.
This reminded me a bit of Hellboy, except it didn't have what I really love about Hellboy. But that's ok. Plus, Hellboy took a while to grow on me, so I would give this a couple more volumes (I should probably try reading Volume 1, if I can find it).
More people need to be reading this series. Clevinger's pacing and dialog are consistently hilarious and I regularly laugh my way through each book. Wegener's art is dynamic and bouncy. The books are just a joy to read.
Oct 17, 2013 Rob rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
More adventures from Snarky Robot Hellboy. This time all flashbacks, mostly to WWII. It began to drag for a bit, until the hilarious Scottish guy showed up. Fun, but it's not wowing me.
Geoff Sebesta
this book was a surprising disappointment! And I mean really surprising because Atomic Robo is usually great -- one of the best comics out there. But this is a tired Kirby retread.
I really like the concept and the stories that I'm getting, the problem is, they never seem quite finished. Maybe they'll come back to finish, but I can't tell...
Jesse Decker
Volume two wasn't quite as sharp as the first, but Atomic Robo pretty much guarantees a fun, light read throughout. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
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Brian Clevinger is best known as the author of the most popular sprite webcomic, and one of the most popular webcomics overall, 8-Bit Theater. He is also the author of the self-published novel Nuklear Age. Clevinger has recently received attention for his Eisner-nominated print comic Atomic Robo.

Claiming that his "favorite comics are the ones where the jokes are on the reader," Clevinger is an e...more
More about Brian Clevinger...
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