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Kiss of Life (Generation Dead, #2)
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Kiss of Life (Generation Dead #2)

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  4,284 ratings  ·  321 reviews
When Phoebe's best friend Adam takes a bullet for her, it proves everyone right - Adam is in love with her. And now that he's come back to life, Phoebe's presence may be more important than ever. They say that a zombie can come back from death faster if they're loved - and kissed.
Paperback, 410 pages
Published 2009 by Simon and Schuster
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WARNING: If you have not read Generation Dead, this review will contain SPOILERS. DO NOT CONTINUE if you haven't read it!

Welcome back to the world of zombies. Teenagers in America are continuing to rise from the dead and return to a semblance of life. Not everyone returns as a zombie and not everyone is happy about all the people that do return as zombies.

At the end of Generation Dead, Adam took a bullet to save Phoebe's life. As a result, he died and returned as a zombie, but without most of hi
*sighs* Sadly this might turn out to be a very short review. I was really looking forward to reading Kiss of Life because I loved the first book Generation Dead. Generation Dead was action packed and thought provoking. The cliff hanger ending had me really eager to start reading Kiss of Life. Unfortunately, Kiss of Life was lacking in everything that made Generation Dead such a zombielicious book.
Kiss of Life starts off right where Generation Dead left off, but instead of being an exciting cont
Welcome back to a world were some teenagers rise up from the dead and walk among us. A world were science still hasn’t figured out why some teens come back and some remain dead. Not everyone is happy these “zombies” are walking around. That these differently biotic teens are going to school and mixing with the living. It is a dangerous world for the living impaired.

At the end of the first novel in this series, GENERATION DEAD, Adam took a bullet for Phoebe. Adam loved Phoebe from afar, but stepp
Fangs for the Fantasy
The Generation Dead series is about what happens to teenagers who die and come back to life as zombies. At the end of Generation Dead, Adam had been shot and killed saving Phoebe's life from his former friend Pete the night of the prom. In the aftermath Phoebe must deal with her feelings for both Tommy and Adam as she and her differently biotic friends negotiate a world that is increasingly more hostile towards them.

Waters work continues to over written and angst riddled. There are certain allow
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Catriona (LittleBookOwl)
I was so disappointed by this book, to be perfectly honest. I read the first book maybe 3 years ago, and it was okay if I remember correctly. I quite enjoyed it.
However this book did not meet my expectations. I struggled to get through the entire book, and I got so bored of it right from the start. I felt that nothing exciting happened in the story until maybe the last 40-50 pages. But by that stage I was so over it that my opinion of the book was far from being improved.
I won't be continuing th
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I don't really judge books by their covers but I'm kind of disappointed with this cover. Basically, for Generation Dead I got the UK version of the cover which is plain and simple with just a flower on it. To me the cover above makes the book seem kind of silly, I don't know it just seems like this cover isn't really serious. I found the mood of the book to be quite a serious and sad one and there just seems to be something lacking from this cover. But however, this didn't affect my opinions of ...more
It is impossible to review Kiss of Life without giving away at least one major spoiler for Generation Dead so if you're new to this series I'd really recommend you don't read any further. It would be much better to read the reviews for Generation Dead which is the first book in the series.

Kiss of Life continues the story not long after the end of Generation Dead, Adam died trying to save Phoebe's life and has now come back as a zombie but he is struggling to regain his speech and movement. His
When Phoebe’s best friend Adam takes a bullet for her, she finally understands that he loves her. And when Adam comes back as a differently biotic, Phoebe vows she’ll do all she can to bring him to a higher level of functionality. The theory goes that love is what helps zombies function more normally, but in order to devote himself to Adam, Phoebe must break up with her differently biotic boyfriend and zombie leader, Tommy Williams. Matters are made even more complicated by Tommy’s crusade for z ...more
Nota: 10/10


Esta segunda parte de Generación dead ha sido IMPRESIONANTE, MAGNIFICA, PERFECTA...
Waters, con su pluma, te hipnotiza, te sumerge y con sus palabras te engulle y sin darte cuenta ya estas metida en la historia. Su escritura es tan fresca, y la novela esta tan bien escrita, que no quieres que sus palabras te suelten.

En este "Beso de Vida" vemos a unos personajes más maduros.

Adam, ahora es un zombi, salvo la vida de su amor Phoebe; recibió un balazo, por
Kiss of Life is the second novel in the Generation Dead series. Waters once again uses zombies, or the differently biotic, as a metaphor for any civil rights movement. Two plot threads tangle together in this installment- the love triangle from the first book between Adam, Phoebe, and Tommy continues, and the zombie rights movement heats up as a group of local zombies clashes with those who oppose them.

You may remember Adam being shot at the end of the first book. Never fear- in a world where te
In the Generation Dead series, we are introduced to a strange world. Strange; but in a good way.

Now I've read a lot of paranormal romance books, and the majority of them have vampires. Sometimes even werewolves. But zombies? That's new.

The zombies are described somewhat similarly to Twilight's vampires. They're incredibly pale, cold, and rock hard. Just like the vampires, only with no fangs or blood sucking. They also don't sparkle.

Anyway, while I liked the first book, I think I liked this one e
I really like how i cannot stop thinking about the characters when i put the book down. The "exciting" content is a step below hungar games series, mortal instruments series, and twilight saga, but i love it like i love those. It can be a bit slow because it pushes the idea of "racism" a bit too strong. (hence the four and a half stars, even though you can't see the hlaf). The writing is good, the characters mostly good (the main girl can make some decisions i don't quite buy), the love story so ...more
Sorry, but life's too short. (See what I did there?)

I keep choosing to WORK THROUGH MY LUNCH over picking this up again. It's just as overwritten as the last one, with the same awkward prose and the dialogue I can't imagine many teenagers actually saying.

God, this premise is so, so, so good. I want to be in this universe. I want to know everything about it. But I just cannot force myself through another one of these. I tried; it's not happening.
Kat Evans
Things just keep getting worse it seems for Phoebe and her friends. Now they have what appears to be a group of mad scientist after them. They are very cunning in their ways to get the "differently biotic" kids to let them "help" them. I can't decide if they are the good guys or the bad guys. They also have Pete Martinsburg to watch out for. He is banned from school due to that fact that he killed a fellow student trying to kill zombies. The fact that the student he killed came back is what kept ...more
2.5 stars
(Source: I own a copy of this book.)
Adam is now dead, and Phoebe is peeved that Tommy didn’t take the bullet for her instead of Adam.
Things are getting worse with regards to relations between the normal and undead communities, and things aren’t helped by good old racist Pete, and his good old animal torturer friend Duke.
Is phoebe really after another undead guy now? And how much slower can this book get?

This was another okay story, but I have to admit how bored I got with this one.

The c
♥Sarah Faelyn♥
The second in the series by Daniel Waters. I really found these books to have a lot of emotions. The characters really evolve throughout the story. If at first they seem like typical, stereotypical, goths and jocks etc. Just give it time and you really can see them change as the story goes on. I own this one and the first one, just need the third! My first zombie series I've ever read as well! I, personally, loved these books, and I do suggest them. However, is your choice. :) But definitely wer ...more
Molly Looby
Kiss of Life is the sequel to Generation Dead, so if you plan to read Generation Dead do not read this review because it'll spoil parts of book one for you. You've been warned.

A Spoiler Free Bit About The Book

Adam's back and with that brings a whole host of problems. Not only has Phoebe got to work out how she feels about it all, she's got Pete's trial, Undead Studies and Tommy to worry about.

My Review

I didn't enjoy Kiss of Life quiet as much as Generation Dead, probably because the novelty had
First of all, Generation Dead is one of my all-time favorite books. I was super super excited to finally read the second book in the series. And I greatly enjoyed reading it.

But honestly, it's not the most well-written book ever. Maybe my standards have risen after taking in-depth writing courses, but I couldn't help but notice a lot of little things that interrupted the flow of the overall story.

I also didn't feel as drawn to some of the characters as I did before. Phoebe is kind of annoying, m
Dharia Scarab
*sighs* yet another bad boring book. The perspective was all over the place... Including chapters from a new zombie that was having trouble adjusting, so the chapter read like gibberish. And of course you got to see what was going on from the bad guys point of view. Thanks but no thanks. This was another thrift book find that was better off left on the shelf.

Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...

1 star... This
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books)
Much like Generation Dead, this second installment in the series expands upon the zombie ‘disease’ that is affecting the dead youth throughout the US. Where the opener in the series focused on the blossoming relationship between Goth girl Phoebe and the undead new guy Tommy, Kiss of Life is more about the political aspects and the consequences of having the dead come back.

The love story that drove the series opener is much more subdued here. Waters delves much more into his characters and makes
I appreciate that the author's trying to make a statement about discrimination in this novel. And I also appreciate that we're talking about teenagers. But am I the only one who thought they just weren't doing enough? I mean, the media, the police, etc all think it's the zombies who are doing these horrible things. I understand Tak not going directly to the police and I also understand that he's not supposed to be the most tolerant of the Beating Hearts. But isn't Phoebe supposed to be such a gr ...more
Erin Sterling
I expected more from this sequel to Generation Dead than it actually delivered. In this series about zombies, all over the country, teenagers have started to come back from the dead but all they want is to have a normal life again. The last book ended shockingly with Phoebe's friend Adam taking a bullet for her because of her friendship with zombies. In this book, Adam is now "differently biotic" (the PC term for zombie) and having a hard time regaining speech and movement, Phoebe is trying to g ...more
(This review contains spoiler of first book, Generation Dead. Don't read if you haven't read the first!)

While I didn’t enjoy Kiss Of Life nearly as much as I did Generation Dead, I did think it was a fantastic follow-up. The story is more gripping, more action-packed and more zombie-filled and it definitely left me impatiently craving the next book in the series.

One thing I really loved about Kiss Of Life was Adam’s zombie progression throughout the chapters. At first, it kind of irked me; the c
I have to say, Kiss of Life was not what I had expected. Whereas Generation Dead had more of a romantic element, Kiss of Life had more of a...plot element. It seemed to me as if Kiss of Life was more towards what was happening to the outside world [beyond Connecticut:] than what was happening between Tommy, Pheobe and Adam.

What I did enjoy about Kiss of Life was the fact that for some of the chapters, the readers were able to view what was in Adam's head, a zombie's head. I liked it because it g
Kiss of Life picks up after Generation Dead. And there's lots of stuff going on. Adam got killed saving Phoebe and became a zombie. Tommy and Phoebe's relationship disintegrates. Phoebe is spending most of her time with Adam, who, despite all of Phoebe's and his family's attention, doesn't seem to be able to do much. At the beginning, it takes all his effort to move a hand, to form a single word.

And then there's the whole zombie society. It's zombies vs. humans out there, with a flimsy wall in b
Oh the land of the not-so-dead, how I have come to heart you so....

This is one of those series where the 2nd book is actually better than the first. Whereas the second book in most series is what I call a "bridger" this was not. It was SOOOOOOO much more than I thought it was going to be.

In fact this series has completely suprised me in the most fantastic way. I picked Generation Dead up in the clearance section at my local book store for 1 reason, the cover was ironic and cool. I didn't expect
LOVED the book. Who knew zombie stories could be so awesome. Just like Generation Dead, Kiss of Life has powerful messages about race, acceptance, allowing yourself to be attracted to unconventional partners and standing up for your rights. I like that there are zombie extremists (like the gang Tommy writes about) in the book, because I think if Waters made every zombie lovable it would be unrealistic. In addition to all the larger societal issues the book deals with it is classic YA in that

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“I guess the message in the songs is that is shouldn't matter if someone moves differently, or looks differently, or talks differently. Is biotic differently. What matters is that we're all thinking beings, and if we are thinking beings we ought to be able to find common ground somewhere.” 17 likes
“Love, she thought, he'd typed "love" just as she had. A multifacedted word, love, there probably wasn't another word in this or any other language that had so many shades and degrees. She knew that he loved her and she loved him, just as she loved Adam and Adam loved her. But with love, theirs or his, it was always a question of degree, and what one was willing to do to express that degree.” 2 likes
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