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Pieces of You
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Pieces of You

4.29 of 5 stars 4.29  ·  rating details  ·  488 ratings  ·  61 reviews
Epik High leader Tablo's short stories weave together the secrets and anxieties of youth, whispering words of solace to a lost generation.
Hardcover, 229 pages
Published January 30th 2009 by Dal (first published 2009)
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Paper Frontiers

Review sampled from Paper Frontiers

The stories aren't happy. They seldom end with their characters happy. Instead, you're given deep, insightful & uncensored stories that explore the dark side of human nature -- fear, pride, hate, regret. But along the way you also have characters that learn of the courage it takes to face life. From a son who manages to face his bully-of-a-father, to a young man having a bad drug trip, you're given a handful of such realistic characters with such raw emotio...more
Helena Du
Dear Tablo,

Thank You For Breathing
I'm not good at writing reviews- so please excuse me. I picked up this book in all honesty because I'm a fan of Tablo's music. I was curious. I know he has several degrees from Stanford, and I'm not ashamed to say I've got a slight case of hero worship when it comes to him- but I'm still harsh when it comes to books. I can't help it. I'm a 20- something with a penchant for video games and a case of ADD. (Not to sell myself short intellectually, but that's just how it is. I get bored easily.) Thi...more
Harun Harahap
Gue suka ilustrasi hitam putih di buku ini.

Ada tiga momen yang melekat di otak gue:
1. Dialog ayah (pengidap Alzheimer) dan anaknya di cerpen Adante. Keduanya yang berprofesi sebagai pianis, berbinvang tentang apa yang didengar.

2. Dialog Jeonsuk dan pacarnya di cerpen Hate Crime. Jeonsuk yang merupakan Korea-Amerika merasa kesal karena pacarnya menyamaratakan semua orang asia dari negara manapun sama saja.

3. Adegan Jacob bunuh diri dalam cerpen Coupe de Grace. Membuktikan pada ayahnya yang delusi...more
May 11, 2010 Mery rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Mery by: e.c.h.a
Shelves: pinjam
My heart was closed. Cold.
I was self-conscious and cynical.

There are the pieces of my youth,
the small secret and the not-so-great expectations
that defined my coming of age.

But through the craft, through my love for writing,
I discovered a world outside of the small windowless one
I had built for myself.
A world of softspoken beauty.

So here I am,
choosing to kick away the ladder
so that I may remain at your side.

I understand your solitude
I see your shadow.

2009. Feb, Tablo

Jujur aja baca ini bikin aku...more
When I first looked at this book my friend was fangirling over, I just rolled my eyes and thought, just because its related to korean music and all that she wants to read it. I admit, I too was excited that she would be buying this book, reading it and was willing to lend it to me. The one thing I didn't expect: It was WAY better than I thought it would be. The stories are dark, cold and they give an even stronger look at people in the real world, unlike other books where the authors either over...more
[that's 3.5 stars]

Quietly beautiful, and kind of reassuring. "It's okay," Tablo whispers. "Everyone is an asshole. But the world will forgive us for it." It wasn't a punchy book, despite attempts to be dramatic, but that's okay Tablo, that's okay. The whole thing just bathed in cigarette smoke and bad decisions and the characters were all quiet and normal and wonderful in their own way.
Before she lent it to me, I remember telling a friend that I found the title pretentious - "he's just assuming...more
I actually picked up this book wondering to myself, "What can a musician of his caliber write? What more in English?" At the time I was having writer's block and had to produce a piece for my Advance Creative Writing class but was definitely in a tight spot. I never regretted getting the book. The minute I picked it up I couldn't put it down. The book is a compilations of stories which Tablo had written during his college years. The man is not only amazing at composing and writing lyrics but thi...more
May 13, 2010 Roos rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Roos by: Andi F. Yahya

Tentang Lelaki Dingin

Bahkan mata kita pun tak beradu -saat itu- Di Toko Merah. Berlanjut di sebuah pojok -saat itu- entah apa yang ada di pikiranmu, bintang, lampu ataukah petir yang tiba-tiba berkilat di kepalamu sehingga kau mengingatku.

Dingin kau bilang. Wah, aku pernah seperti itu -Dingin- Sepi kau bilang. Wah, aku mulai serius. Kemudian kau memulai cerita pengembaraanmu, pertemuanmu dengan wanita perkasa dari negeri dingin, tiba-tiba kau melompat ke seorang parasit yang aku hanya sebatas t...more
May 08, 2010 e.c.h.a rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to e.c.h.a by: Andi Yahya
Terpaku dan diam.

Entah apa yang harus saya tulis untuk menggambarkan cerita-cerita dalam buku ini. Cerita-ceritanya nya terlalu mengejutkan untuk saya, menghempaskan saya ke suatu ruang yang saya sendiri tidak tahu ruang seperti apa.

Hitam dan Kelam.

Saya terus menelusuri kepekatan, terbawa oleh suatu keyakinan akan adanya cahaya dalam kekelaman. Walau itu hanya secercah cahaya. Secercah cahaya yang membuat saya tersenyum.

Kegelapan pasti akan menemukan cahayanya sendiri.

Terima kasih untuk mas And...more
The language used is simple and clean, perfect for creating the quiet anxious atmosphere in which the characters live.Tablo comes out with small phrases and imagery that make me almost envious if i wasn't so awed.
The first story 'Andante' explores the relationship between father and son and music and make the book truly worth buying.
I'll admit, I picked this book up because I'm a fan of Tablo's music. It's a bit superficial, I know, but at the same time if I hadn't known who Tablo was, I never would have picked this book up and I would have been worse for it.

Pieces of You is a little rough, more so than anything I've read before, and has a lot of real world darkness that I personally have never experienced. It was eye-opening. The writing style was very beautiful and sometimes lyrical, full of very visceral senses, and I co...more
Anastasia Cynthia
Ada segudang effort ekstra dari gue untuk mendapatkan buku ini. Mulai dari nekat pengin beli via online di Amazon (tapi dilarang orangtua), dan untungnya gak jadi. Lalu, ingin beli via forum TabloIndonesia juga, tapi ternyata PO-nya udah ditutup, selain itu harganya juga mahal tenan. Well, tapi sepertinya Tuhan tahu kalau gue beneran sangat pengin membaca buku ini, dan voila, tiba-tiba beberapa hari lalu, ada terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia-nya di rak "new release" Gramedia.

Dari awal, kenapa gue pen...more
Maria Tarisa
Sudah lama saya ingin membaca buku ini. Setelah mendapatkan versi bahasa Indonesianya, saya memutuskan untuk membeli versi Inggrisnya, karena terjemahannya tidak terlalu bagus.

Sepuluh kisah pendek di buku ini berbicara banyak tentang hidup. Tablo memih mengangkat sisi yang lebih 'gelap', tapi tetap realistis. Apa adanya. Cerita tentang luka tapi juga bahagia dalam perspektif yang berbeda.

Andante menjadi pembuka yang sangat menarik, sekaligus memberi tanda bahwa cerita yang didapat bukan soal g...more
Kenneth Jun
I purchased the book in Korea and it was shrink-wrapped so I couldn't even preview it. Turns out that the text is pretty big and the lines are spaced out really far apart so it was actually a really quick read. The thing is, I was expecting more because it looked thicker than it really was.

The actual stories are okay. I don't know if it's because of some pre-conceived notions I have towards Tablo but most of the stories aren't that memorable I guess.

I'd say if you can borrow it from someone go...more
I really like Tablo. I think he is a great musician and seems to also be a great person.
The first story -in my opinion- was awful, even though some of the others were really nice. I was almost giving this 3 stars because there were some storys I enjoyed and I think it is interesting that he wrote this more about how life is, all storys play in that dull reality existing everywhere...
I definitely don't think it is a bad book, and after I read some other reviews I feel like being the only one who...more
Cold and clear
He gives me fear
Stacking words
He know he could
But in the end
It will go
As the rain fall

Thank you Mr. Lee, for every pieces of your words. You gave me light. But it wasn't enough. Therefore, Thank you very much.
This precious little book surprised me. I had no idea that Tablo had majored in literature. His style of writing took me by surprise, seeing that it wad so raw and real. And it could also be seen through the slice-of-life kind of stories he wrote.

At first, I was a bit sceptical of his writing, lost... and mostly confused. But as I re-read the whole thing, I understood the depth of Tablo's struggle in his earlier years and how dark his world once was.

I love his writing and how poetic it sounds....more
Ira A Putri
If you love mysterious things and if a book cover is the first things you see when you decided which book to be considered to choose, not necesarrily judging the book by its cover, I'm pretty sure this book is going to attract you attention when you enter a book store. You'd then pick the book and see the back cover to see the synopsis. But you wouldn't get it, for they don't put the synopsis. Then you'd became curious and started to read 1st page and 2nd, 3rd... and before you know, you'd alrea...more
Rara Mbol
If you're familiar with Tablo's old works in Eternal Morning or Epik High, you would definitely love this short stories anthology.

They're as dark as Tablo's music and lyrics.

Plain, normal, but cold.

The kind of cold that is not bare and obvious, but the one that is creeping silently to your aura and without you notice it just got into your veins and flow along with your blood to every inch of your soul, making you feel haunted without knowing why exactly.

Simple, but deep and deceivingly hurtful.

Every semblance of writing, whatever form it chooses to present itself in, has some broader purpose/s. This broader purpose is displayed by the author's choice and use of language, often represented though various figurative and rhetorical devices.

Sometimes, when a novel or written piece exhibits an exceptional importance, I make an effort to analyze the linguistic skills employed by the author to give it that flare, that depth. Perhaps the most successful of attempt of this art that I have wit...more
I read this book about 2 years ago and re-read everything just recently. My mind was blown again after the second run through because back then I had trouble connecting to the stories and themes. I felt like a huge part of it was missing for me. I decided to put it away in hopes of finding the soul of it later on. Luckily, I did start finding myself in his stories. My favorite was the wall of our worlds because of its truth and rawness. I think when it comes to Tablo and Epik High, they're very...more
Jun 17, 2012 Iris added it
Pieces of You trails in the path of Epik High/Tablo's dark music subject matter-wise as it explores depression, family, addictions, and music. It's definitely not a very "happy" book, but there are messages of hope. The writing is powerful and evokes certain primal feelings in the reader as expected of an outstanding Stanford graduate.

However, the reason why this book is immensely popular with some and hated by others is because of the material Tablo chooses to write about. Many couldn't relate...more
Fiza Nasri.
Cerpen-cerpen pada buku ini punya imej yang lain daripada cerpen-cerpen yang pernah saya baca-- ia terlalu 'secretive', melankolik and a bit depressing. Setiapnya punya aura sepi and in despair. Seperti setiap bait lirik lagu yang ditulis Tablo (I'm a fan of his music!), setiap isi cerita pada buku ini juga punya 'soul' tersendiri. Saya gemarkan bagaimana Tablo dapat menyusun setiap kata dan perasaan setiap karakter dengan 'tepat', sehingga kadang-kadang saya merasa kisah-kisah fiksi ini mungkin...more
I am a big fan of Tablo. I learned that he got a masters in English from Stanford and wrote this book during his undergrad. I love the lyrics to his music and I knew I would fall in love with this book as well.
Ainu Athifah
this novel is as dark as tablo's songs.
all the stories tell us the different (dark) lifestyle of some teenagers.

Awalnya saya tidak tahu kalau Tablo menulis sebuah buku, sampai akhirnya salah satu kenalan saya meng-update goodreadsnya kalau dia sudah membaca buku ini. Saya pun penasaran seperti apa hasil tulisan Tablo.

Tablo memang seseorang yang berbakat. Hasil tulisannya pun bagus. Saya suka kata-kata/metamorfosa yang digunakan. Unik. Cerita-cerita yang dibawakan pun unik.

Seperti judulnya, novel...more
Tablo, or Daniel Armand Lee, is an excellent lyricist. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I picked up this book. I was blown out of the water. This book is a collection of short stories that Tablo wrote during his college career. Though the stories are short, they're so emotionally layered and the characters - many things but above all, so damn relatable, That I finished this book in one sitting. Without any effort, I've found myself reaching for this book over and over again. A quick, eas...more
I don't enjoy short stories as much as I do novels because it always feels as if I'm disassociated to the characters. I can't quite relate. Love the book layout though.
Anastasia Ervina
Tertarik baca buku ini karena pengaranganya-->TABLO. Ada yang lain? Tentu. Judulnya yang kayaknya unik dan mengundang. Masih adalagi. Covernya. Ya, covernya hitam, mencitrakan sesuatu yang gelap. Well, karena smua alasan di atas, saya memutuskan untuk membeli buku ini.

Dan... saya kagum. Kagum pada TABLO! Ini keren! Sungguh tulisan yang keren. Diksinya... cara penyampaian cerita... benar-benar kental akan sastra.

Dalam Pieces of You ini terdiri dari 10 fiksi pendek. Semua cerita memang rada '...more
After being touched by Tablo's lyrical ability, I was incredibly excited to find out he had written a book. I feel like this is one of those books where I can say that I came across it at just the right time in my life.
The stories are emotional, at times painful, but somehow therapeutic. There is an honesty in these stories that I find inspiring. I didn't feel like he was trying to be overly dramatic or "deep". It had the feeling of, "I wrote what I wanted to write."
I felt so melancholy after...more
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Daniel Armand Lee, whose Korean name is Lee Seon-Woong (이선웅), is more commonly known by his stage name Tablo (타블로). He is a hip hop musician, rap artist, songwriter and lyricist. He is best known as the rapper and leader of the South Korean hip hop group Epik High.
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“Cowards, I believe, are people who are afraid to embrace what they want or need in a natural, honest way.” 85 likes
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