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Creature of the Night
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Creature of the Night

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An unanswered question: Who is the Creature in the Night?

Bobby lives a reckless life smoking, drinking, and stealing cars in Dublin. So his mother moves thefamily to the country. But Bobby suspects their cottage might not be as quaint as it seems. Teens will be captivated by this spooky novel about the darkness that lurks in forgotten corners and tough
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published March 31st 2009 by Roaring Brook Press (first published 2008)
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I'm surprised that I liked this book as much as I did. From the plot description, I thought I was getting a dark urban fantasy. I ended up getting much more of a gritty urban contemporary. The former is right up my alley, the latter is not. And yet, I was fairly glued to it. All credit goes to Kate Thompson for that.

The story is far, far more about Bobby's shift from a thoughtless thug to... well, not exactly sure what. Something more, at least. The epilogue was a little too brief for me. I wou
I hate to say it, but I really did not like this book at all. I think I have a high tolerance for foul language and misguided actions (I work in a high school and hear it all of the time), but it was just so excessive in this book. Bobby is 14-years-old. He drives, steals, lies (at one point, saying his mother has cancer), smokes, drinks, and swears constantly. Almost every page has the word "fuck, "bastard," "piss," or "kill." He has a terrible mother, and they are very abusive toward each othe ...more
Charlotte Coldwell
This is probably the only book I've ever really fully disliked. In my opinion, it's the worst book I've ever read. I read it as part of a school reading challenge and it annoyed the crap out of me. The main protagonist was an absolute pain. Maybe it's just that he's so opposite to me that I couldn't understand or sympathise with him. Also, the book didn't really have anything to do with the 'Creature of the Night' from the title. I think it was mentioned about three times, if that, and it was ce ...more
Sarah Terese *Kili!*
This. Book. Was. BORING.

I'm sorry, but when I read the inside cover, I thought it would be loads more of a creep-fest, with spooky things going on and lots of murder, disappearances, and mystery.


This book is very misleading: it is NOT what the inside cover tells you it is about. It is about "Bobby" coming fro a messed-up background and learning to be a farming and occasionally putting milk and chocolate out for the "little woman" who may or may not be a fairy.

The book is quite resistant to e
Cameron Mccan
Creature of the Night may be one of the best books written to cover the life of a troubled teen living in the suburbs of Dublin. The way the story flows is quite enticing to the average reader. The story line isn't the best but I've read worse. I enjoyed following Bobby on his rambunctious escapades through Dublin and seeing all of the different shenanigans he gets himself into.

Although the description of the book made it appear to be a mystical and magical type novel, it didn't expand on the f
Alex Wenndt
This book has almost nothing to do with the creature of the night, It is more about a 14 year old brat trying to adjust to a new home. I was not happy with this book because when I picked it up and read the description I was expecting a book about some fantasy creature not some book about a kid trying to adapt to a new life.

This book uses a ton of profanity because the main character of the book is a thief, a liar, a smoker, a drinker, and a rude little brat; keep in mind he is only 14. Warning,
Alison Roybal
This novel about a teenage boy with many moral issues finding himself in the Irish countryside is, for the most part, enjoyable. I would not, however, recommend this book to many young adults, as the language and drug content is much too obscene for certain ages. Also, I would probably not recommend this book for a high school classroom as these ethical boundaries could cause problems among the students and parents or what not. When reading, it became frustrating trying to relate to the main cha ...more
Jun 21, 2009 Kathy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: ya
If you come to this from The New Policeman you may be surprised -- and may not appreciate just what Kate Thompson has accomplished in this coming-of-age novel which goes back and forth between the Dublin streets and the countryside his mother thought would be a safe haven but has violence of its own. Although I have heard people say the realism and the fantasy don't mesh well, I think that might be an American reading. I wonder if Thompson's Irish readers are closer to a folkloric tradition, mo ...more
Brian Dennin
This book was average, but ended strong. It started out O.K., but then just keept dropping off. There almost wasn't any action in the majority of this book, just describing the 14 year old's work in his new community. Sometimes it would set you up to the main part, like "he woke up in the middle of the night to a creepy sound in the kitchen", but then nothing would happen. It wasn't until the last 50 pages did it get exciting, "edge of your seat" type material. He found a person who kept sneakin ...more
Jaylen Johnson
Bobby isn’t afraid of anything. He steals car and then races them. He steals anything and he hangs around with the bad boys. His mom wants him to move with her to another place that gives him a chance to reform his life and get away from the bad boys. Once there he steals a car and rides back to Dublin. He meets up with an old friend who hurts a guy. Bobby does the right thing and tells the guards what happened, but his boys won’t accept him anymore. There is something wrong with their new house ...more
Sabrina Witt
Creature Of The Night written by Kate Thompson is a book that goes deep into the life of Robert, and how he deals with the law and his family. This book reveals all the sides of Robert and what he is capable of. Robert does not care about anything, he does what he wants when he wants. Roberts mom believes that the best thing for her, Dennis (Roberts brother) and Robert himself, is to move to the country. During the text, Robert gets into trouble with drugs, alcohol and stealing. This forces him ...more
Olivia H
This book was a very mysterious book, and makes you wanting to come back for more. It is a book about how a outgoing, rude boy that has moved away from his town, his friends. As he wants to move back, his little brother, Dennis seemed to made a friend to a little girl who used to live in the house. People thought she died. As he finds out more about the house and its mysteries and why the neighbour says to leave out some milk every night for the girl, things start to get a little spooky, as he f ...more
This is a book that follows 14 year old Bobby and his sadly dysfunctional family. Bobby has been raised by his irresponsible, immature, slightly abusive mother. Bobby has affectlively picked up these characteristics and isn't very nice to either his mother, or his four year old brother Dennis. In order to escape her debts and to help Bobby to get away from his bad-influence friends, Bobby's Mom has the family move to a cottage in the country, but everything isn't as it seems. As Bobby
Sam Perlin
Creature of The Night is a very misleading, and awful book. When I first saw this book at the local library, I thought it would be about spooky things like a ghost or a murder. But, then I realized this book had nothing to do with any of that. This is a very misleading book, which is the main reason I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Dennis, the main character, sneaks out of his house and goes to meet up with his old buddies in Dublin. When they go to Dublin, they smoke,drink,and rob many ...more
Matt Roeder
Have you ever wanted to read a book about mystery and a family that is going through some hard times? If you said yes then this book is for you. I was amazed how much I liked this book and how it pulled me in. The author of this book does a great job at combining two problems into one great story. I believe that everyone should read this book because it's one of the best books that I've ever read. You may be wonder what this book is about and I'll tell you some information about it.

This book li
This is not really a coming of age tale in the traditional sense as the lead, Bobby is a angry flawed teen more likely to lash out as we see first hand. But when Bobby's mom moves the family away from Dublin to a small village in the country, Bobby's world changes. His brother begins to see a little old woman who only comes out at night...
Kathleen Houlihan
I very much enjoyed Creature of the Night -- the protagonist is a wholly unlikeable teen, rebelling from his jobless single mother and his little brother... he likes to get in trouble, steal cars, the usual... and yet... he somehow wriggles his way past all your defenses, and you find yourself rooting for him all the same.
Es una historia bastante entretenida hasta los últimos capítulos, en los que toda la tensión generada a lo largo del relato se desinfla como un globo para convertirse en una fábula simplona con moraleja y todo. Es una pena que con lo bien construida que estaba la historia de la señora pequeñita, tenga un final tan cutre "vengaquemañanaentregoynotengoestoacabado". Básicamente.

Tiene un ritmo muy bueno gracias a los capítulos cortos.

Algunos personajes están muy bien construidos, como la madre del p
14yo troublemaker Bobby is whisked away from bad influences in Dublin by his single-parent mom and taken to live in the Irish countryside, in a house with a mysterious past. Great blend of contemporary thriller and faerie tale.
Cami Edmondson
Creature of the Night is about Bobby, a trouble, some what normal teenager. In Dublin where he grew up he was all about being in trouble, stealing cars and racing them, and doing drugs and alcohol with his so called "friends". Well his mom had enough of that and decides to move to the country, in a beat up house where the strange neighbors said a child was murdered there. He soon finds his brother is talking to "fairies" in the night. This a pretty good book so far, all though it sorta is slow. ...more
Haleigh C

Paragraph 1

The book Creature of the Night is an ok book no it a great book. The main character of the book is bobby and his little brother. Bobby's mom just moved them to a house in an idyllic village where there supposed to reform but, the house may have some stories.

Paragraph 2

When it is night time bobby's little brother talks about someone that comes and visit, but bobby isn't afraid of a little danger but, getting high, stealing cars, and driving drunk is not the same kind of danger
Pensavo di mollare ma invece mi sono fatta forte del fatto che avesse solo 250 pagine e che fosse scritto in Times New Roman 80, tipo, quindi alla fine ce l'ho fatta.
Che dire. A parte la scrittura terribile (ci sarà una differenza fra scrivere dal punto di vista di un quattordicenne e scrivere come un quattordicenne, io spero), i dialoghi improbabili, i personaggi vuoti, piatti, inutili, irritanti, senza senso... l'unica trama, gli unici barlumi di interesse a cui uno può aggrapparsi
The Loft
The instant Bobby sees the abandoned Skoda(car) in the driveway, he starts formulating a plan. It was his ma’s decision, not his, to leave Dublin; away from his friends that maybe aren’t the best influence, away from ma’s own set of problems. Well, she may have moved them down to Ennis, but he would get back to Dublin. In Dublin, there’s his cousin Fluke, Psycho Mick, and Beetle; his gang. They steal cars and wallets, and use the proceeds to get high.

It’s too quiet out in the country, and there’
I really like this cover. It's totally creepy (and better than the other cover I see here). Unfortunately, I think it just slightly missells the book. The center of this story is really Robert's desire to escape the rural community his mother has recently dragged him to, to get back to urban Dublin and rejoin his gang. He has a sucky homelife (his mother had him when she was fourteen, is abusive, and is largely motivated to flee the city to get away from debt-collectors), and doesn't know even b ...more
I chose this book thinking it was a horror/fantasy novel perhaps being misled by the cover & description on the dust jacket. I was somewhat misguided, but Kate Thompson certainly knows how to tell a story and I was drawn in from the start.

This is a gritty tale of a "bad boy" who enjoys his life on the streets of Dublin with his gang of friends. And when I say gang, I mean that literally. They steal anything they can get their hands on - including cars - and spend funds derived from their ill
Candy Wood
I really enjoyed Thompson's The New Policeman for its blend of realism and Irish folklore and music--Creature of the Night is much more realistic but still good. It's shortlisted for the 2009 Carnegie Medal and should really make readers think about choices. The narrator (only some of the characters call him Bobby--to others, he's Robert or Roberto or Robser or Rob) can't keep working even when he realizes that doing a job well can be satisfying. And it's not surprising, considering that his mot ...more
Summary: A family consisting of one irresponsible mother, one delinquent teenage boy (read: our hero), and one bed-wetting younger brother move from Dublin to a ramshackle house in rural Ireland whose last inhabitant may have run off in the middle of the night, may have met with foul play, or may have run afoul of the fairies. Robbie, the protagonist, gets increasingly involved in the mystery while trying desperately to escape back to his thuggish friends in Dublin.

Characters: The mother in this
Matti Karjalainen
Kate Thompsonin "Yön eläjä" (Gummerus, 2010) on nuortenromaani neljätoistavuotiaasta dublinilaispojasta Bobbysta, joka viettää aikaansa kamaa vetäen ja nuorisorikollisen uralle ryhtyneitten kaveriensa kanssa autoja varastaen. Elämään tulee kuitenkin muutos, kun äiti päättää muuttaa maaseudulle saattaakseen perheensä elämän paremmille raiteille. Uudella asuinpaikalla kuitenkin omat ja kammottavat salaisuutensa. Minne on kadonnut talon entinen asukas? Kuka on se pieni naishahmo, jonka kanssa Bobby ...more
So I really, really like this book but have a few reservations. The main plot is a well depicted lower class "on the dole" family story set in Ireland with a young mom, 14 year old boy and a 6 year old boy. The mom moves the family to the country to try to get her 14 year old away from bad influences but also to escape her own debt. On occasion she has her heart in the right place but she is nowhere near being a good mom or near having her own shit together. They encounter a healthy, well functi ...more
This story of a troubled Irish family who move to the countryside so that the 14-year-old protagonist can get away from the life filled with robbery, drugs and drinking he knows in Dublin is, for the most part, engaging and not quite what I expected. I normally really dislike characters like Bobby, obnoxious teenagers who have zero consideration for other people and are only interested in themselves, but Bobby is written very well, and works as a sympathetic character. I really did want him to s ...more
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Kate Thompson is an award-winning writer for children and adults.She has lived in Ireland, where many of her books are set, since 1981. She is the youngest child of the social historians and peace activists E. P. Thompson and Dorothy Towers. She worked with horses and travelled in India before settling in the w
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