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Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You
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Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You

3.69 of 5 stars 3.69  ·  rating details  ·  1,125 ratings  ·  138 reviews
Are you in good shape but struggling with those last ten to twenty pounds that stand between looking perfectly okay and looking knock-their-eyes-out great? Do you have an event on the calendar where you’d love to make jaws drop? Or do you just want to see for yourself what it would be like to have the best body you’ve ever had in your life? Then you need this book.

Making t
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published April 10th 2007 by Harmony
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I'm a fan of Jillian Michaels and her training style, so I'm very excited about this book. :)


This book isn't for everyone. If you are trying to drop those last stubborn 20 or less pounds, then this is your book. I just finished reading it and it's a 30-day program in which you must be determined with a strong commitment. It is written in true Jillian Michaels fashion (if you've watched The Biggest Loser, then you know what I'm talking about), and she's tough on you even through the pages
Jan 03, 2009 Agnes rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommended to Agnes by: CP library
"Written" by Jillian Michaels of "The Biggest Loser" fame, this is a very strict plan that you (apparently) have to follow to the letter in order to see results. Includes recipes for everything you're supposed to eat for 30 days, as well as all of the exercises you're supposed to do (I guess in a gym because I don't know anyone who has so much exercise equipment in his/her house).

The "Science" section of the book that is supposed to set you up for following the plan by explaining what your meta
Feb 11, 2008 Tania rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: those who are in shape but want to get more muscle definition
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Jillian's book has been just what I needed to get rid of a little extra flab I've been carrying around for the last few years. I've been following the plan (mostly....just a little cheating on weekends) and am really seeing results!

I do wish she had included warm-up and cool-down/stretching exercises in the workout section. Also, there are some exercises I am not able to do (I work out at home and do not have access to a wide array of weight-lifting machines), so I have had to figure out altern
This is a super quick read with a lot of great information. Jillian is clearly someone who has studied not only the art but the science of weight loss and fitness. The only real complaint I have is that her fitness plan is a bit short of details and pictures. It might be because I am such a visual person, reading about how a specific exercise should be completed is much more difficult to me than seeing it. That said, I thin this is a decent book for those interested in making some changes and dr ...more
Farhana Faruq
Overall it SEEMS like a good book - with a whole 30 day menu plan (plus grocery list), a total workout routine (and how each exercise should be done).

But when you look at everything separately here is what I didn't like:

- The book is based on your metabolic type - I don't buy-in that you can take a two page quiz (where some answers don't even apply, and some are based on your feelings) and know your type!

- People trying to lose their last 20lbs of fat (in order to be ripped) will take a lot long
I'm not sure how much of a review I can really give this one, having not completed the 30 day program. I can only say that I really liked the ideas and content of the book. I did not follow the eating, simply because I'm a picky eater, not a great cook, and I don't like having to go to a number of specialty stores to get my ingredients.

I did do 2 weeks of the exercise program before my work-out partner had something come up making her unable to continue the program with me. And quite frankly, t
I didn't do the diet, just the 30 workout, so my review is based on that. The workout is a killer, seriously the hardest I have ever done in my life, and you have to go for thirty days. It's basically two sets of five circuits of 4 or 5 exercises each. It is not a workout for the shy or faint of heart, because you WILL have a sweat trail following you around the gym as you do this high-intensity stuff, like 10 burpees, then jump on the treadmill for a minute at 9 mph, then do pushups, then do ju ...more
This book is great for losing the last 10-15 pounds. Seriously. If you do the principles, provide the correct calorie deficit, and eliminate the crap foods, then you will see results. I've been trying to lose the last ten pounds of my baby weight for six months now. This book gave me the necessary tweaks I needed (the key for me was giving up alcohol for 30 days). Now to be fair, i also listen religiously to her podcasts so most of the things in the book I've heard before.the combo of those two ...more
This book will kick your butt into shape. I have had personal trainers, read every fitness book, and done a lot of fitness videos and anything Jillian Michaels does will get you into the best shape of your life. I got down to the skinniest I have ever been since I hit puberty with this book!
Totally love this book. Although I've through all of it, I will be continually referencing it throughout the next 29 days. I've officially started Jillian's madness of a life/workout/eating schedule. I'd better be hot next month!! =)
Melissa Lee-tammeus
Okay, I love her workout videos. She will kick your butt and all the while tell you you can do it, which makes you actually do it. So, I figured, hey, maybe this book will help too. Nope. This is designed for those who have about 20 lbs to lose and want to look, well, cut. So, this was totally out of my league. A lot of great information and a great diet plan with daily meals - if you want dedication, this is the book. The photos of her working out were cheap and black and white - figure she cou ...more
Apr 10, 2008 casey rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone who is trying to get healthier
Pretty good information, it really is for someone who already works out pretty regularly, but I will continue to us it. It has a lot of really good tips.
Elizabeth Ditty
Once again, this rating is based on the information contained within the book rather than the effectiveness of the program, which I haven't done yet but intend to do somewhere around February 2011.

While less scientifically explanatory than "Master Your Metabolism," I appreciated the honest approach to delivering results in this book.

For example, the section on peaking delivers information on how to look your best for a big event with a sort of seven-day last-chance diet/exercise program that is
I can't even count how many fitness books I've read. But Jillian keeps things pretty simple with this book. If you want to lose weight you have to analyse where you are at, take measurements, get on the scale.
Then you really need to go by some pretty basic rules: 'bad carbs', processed foods, fast foods, junk foods,(which honestly are all the same), DOES NOT A HEALTHY BODY MAKE.
All one needs to do is journal their food intake, get into a HABIT of eating healthy veggies/fruits/protein/fiber. Th
So, I've been on a quest to find a new workout routine. I really wanted something that had a good structure so I knew exactly what I needed to do each day. My biggest problem has been putting together strength training workouts that I could stick with - after a couple of weeks I would inevitably start doubting myself, wondering if it is working, wondering if I doing the right muscle groups, the right number of days per week, etc. Then I would eventually give up or move on to something else.
I have no doubt that the diet and exercise plan in this book works. I lost 5 pounds in the first week. That’s enough to get anyone super stoked, right? Well…don’t get ahead of yourself. What I found in this book was typical of what I’ve found and struggle with for almost every diet plan ever.

Let’s start with the diet plan. There’s a test that you take to find out whether you are a fast, slow, or balanced oxidizer and the results of this test will determine which diet plan you’re on. While there
Feb 12, 2008 Christina rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: veteran exercisers, actors, models
Shelves: non-fiction, health
It's only the third day of her workout plan and I'm already seeing impressive results (as though I just went to a celebrity trainer!) The nutrition info is solid. The diet she outlines is very strict, but healthy. I'm confident it would yield weight-loss results in 30-days.

My criticisms: Many of the exercises are not pictured, just described in words. For several, I had to refer to her earlier book, or google the moves to actually understand how to do them.

It's a little difficult to alternate b
Chasley Prater
I thought this book had allot of good information in it. I found a ton of recipes in this book that actually sounded really good. I personally think it's hard to do a workout routine from a book, it's much easier to do a video tape where you don't have to stop after every set and figure out what you have to do next. I ended up picking up her 30 day shred workout tape and used that instead of the workouts in her book.

I bought this book more for the information and seeing what she recommended than
I am on day 8 of the 30 day workout. I'm trying to follow the recipes but fall short when it comes to the seafood. Sorry, can't do the swordfish, tuna, etc. but sticking to chicken and lean meats. The workouts are great - hard - but really great. I think I'm already starting to notice a difference and I'm SORE. If nothing else, I've learned a little more about the portions that I really should be eating instead of what we are used to having. Plus, it's good to try different recipes.

There are a
This was a good challenging 30 day exercise program - however wasn't wrapped in the nutritional aspects. Mainly, because I think the calorie restrictions were too severe (1200cals/day - with heavy exercise) and will have a negative impact on metabolism in the long term. I lot of american terms/items not available in Australia, and not many foods that I actually liked - I like healthy stuff but this generally wasn't to my taste. Great tips though about how to look good for a particular event (wha ...more
I love Jillian Michaels! Her approach to diet and fitness is so realistic and very encouraging, especially seeing as how I mostly think of her as being on "The Biggest Loser" where contestants are forced to work out 5+ hours a day and drop double digits in a week...very unrealistic! But her book is for the everyday person like me and is tailored specifically to meet the needs of individuals looking to lose 10 or fewer pounds or tone up an out of shape body. It requires a 30-day commitment where ...more
Would HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone that has struggled losing those last 10-20 lbs. The book is filled with relevant advice as well as 30-day meal and exercise plans. The last chapter of the book is fantastic - it explains (along with a meal plan) how to look completely shredded within 7 days. She explains that it's not a state your body can physically be in for extended periods of time, but once you have definition, it is relatively easy to get the completely shredded look (she gives th ...more
I am a huge Jillian Michaels fan but wasn't overly impressed with this book. Part of that could be that I don't feel that I need an overall health plan, I have plenty of good sources for information on food and have certainly developed my own views and opinions on food. Plus, it is apparent that Jillian's views of food and health have changed since she wrote this book (i.e. her recommendations for using Splenda in this book). My take away from this book was her workout plan, not as a 30 day fitn ...more
If there were half stars I'd give this a 3.5 - the exercise regimen in this book kicks ass! I definitely saw results with it and it was hard - it works all muscles so the ones you're weakest in get really worked. The only thing I was disappointed in is that she assumes you have access to a full gym and some of the exercises are not easily modifiable for home. I'm not sure I agreed with all her diet advice and didn't follow the diet portion (not easily modifiable for vegetarian diet). If you're l ...more
Please!!! I like the Jillian Michaels workouts I have done but this is ridiculous. First Ms. Michaels writes as though the world is full of complete nutrion morons; but then looking at the american waist line in general maybe we are...

But then the diet is ridiculously rigid and unrealistic. I highly recommend the book "you on a diet" over this one because it is full of life long nutrition that is realistic for everyone. If a diet is NOT tailored to be a lifestyle that is ongoing it is in my mind
i got this book as part of my "special" when i joined jillian michael's online program. while i'm not quite ready for this book (you have to only want to lose 20 lbs or less), it is a great 30 day program to get you back on track if you want to get those last few lbs off.
every day is outlined with exercises and a menu plan to take the guesswork out of your weight-loss plan. it is very jillian. you can hear her voice speaking to you as you read. she knows her stuff and i'm sure this program will
Tessa Staňková
Hmm, nevím jak to ohodnotit. Pravděpodobně ještě nijak. Až zjistím jak to funguje, tak se k tomu možná vrátím. :-D
Jun 22, 2009 Mary rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fit persons wanting more
If you have 10 vanity pounds, are in moderately good shape (i.e. can do 30 military push up, sit-ups in under a minute) and want to look a little more "cut" then this is a good book to read. It will go over proper nutrition, give you a circuit training plan, and get your head in the game. If you fall in the category of having a few pounds to loose (< 15) and could be in moderately good shape after a month of dedicated work in the gym, you will still get value out of this book. Getting "cut" o ...more
Love the book. Hope I can motivate myself to do it. If I do it and get the results she promises, I will raise my rating to 5. I learned a lot about nutrition and metabolism that I didn't know. Found the discussion and quiz on purine metabolic rates interesting and useful. Was surprised that my fitness level was already good to excellent (with the exception of pushups, which not surprisingly was average). I really want to "get cut" so I am really thinking of sucking it up for a tough 30 days!
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Jillian Michaels is one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country. Perhaps considered one of the most demanding people on television for her role as trainer and life coach on the NBC hit series "The Biggest Loser," Michaels has created a brand name for herself and motivates millions of viewers every week on television, approximately one million subscribers on her website and many m ...more
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