Hulk Vol. 1: Red Hulk
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Hulk Vol. 1: Red Hulk (Hulk (II) #1)

3.14 of 5 stars 3.14  ·  rating details  ·  442 ratings  ·  48 reviews
SC, TPB, in cello, New, Written by JEPH LOEB. Art and cover by ED MCGUINNESS. Published in February of 2009, Softcover, 144 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.
Paperback, 176 pages
Published February 25th 2009 by Marvel (first published November 26th 2008)
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3.5 stars


Yeah, so this is the beginning of the Red Hulk story arc, and it's not too shabby. I think you'd have to be a huge Hulk fan to really love it (Jeff), but if are then this should be right up your alley.

Banner is locked up at a secure facility, in a room designed to gas him if he even starts looking slightly green.
But when has that ever stopped Hulk?
Hulk not stupid. Hulk hold breath.
And, apparently, Banner has a decent lung capacity, as well.

Enter the Red Hulk!
He pops up on...more
Dec 17, 2013 David rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Ten-year-olds, Red Hulks, reviewers who write in Hulk tense
What this? Red Hulk? Hulk not red! Hulk GREEN! Hulk not read Hulk comics in long time. Who all these people? Rick Jones is Blue Hulk? No, he Blue Abomination, but call self "A-Bomb." Hulk thinks this is a stupid name.

Red Hulk start like murder mystery. She-Hulk, with spandex spray-painted on Hulk-boobs, with Doc Samson in Russia, find Abomination dead. Doc Samson say Hulk not only beat Abomination but then shot with big Hulk-gun. WTF? Since when Hulk use gun? But turn out it not Hulk at all, it...more
I picked this up because I thought it was a "can't lose" type of read: An author I admire, an artist I enjoy, and a character I love. But I was very disappointed.

The characters are shallow and predictable. Twice in six very brief issues there is the all-to-common "this is my jurisdiction" brawl between two groups of heroes (how many times have you seen that played out in movies or on episodes of Law and Order?). The overall effect is that all of the "heroes" seem like ego-centric drama queens bi...more
Who is the Red Hulk? To fully appreciate Jeph Loeb's crazy idea (which works, on some level), one needs to stick it out until issue 24 (the end of volume 6), but here is where it all started.

I always enjoy this book, no matter how many times I read it, and while I can understand some people's criticisms regarding this book (let's face it: there is a LOT of punching and fighting), it is the whole novelty of the Red Hulk character, the mystery surrounding him, and the over-the-top story that makes...more
Jon M
There is a new Hulk in town, and he is defeating every hero and villain you can think of! He defeated Iron Man, most of S.H.I.E.L.D, She-Hulk, The Abomination and even Uatu The Watcher and Thor! Obviously, he is not worthy of holding Thor's hammer, but he managed to pick it up and it took him to the MOON! He smashed Thor into the moon and jumped down and landed safely on his feet on the ground, creating a huge crater.

This Hulk is red, and the Green Hulk is getting all the blame. No one knows who...more
The lofty heights that Hulk stories reached with Planet Hulk comes to a ground-crashing halt here. The Red Hulk story line is basically one long chain of fight sequences with very little plot to hold it together. A mysterious Red Hulk appears, killing the Abomination and then creating a swath of destruction across the United States. She-Hulk, Iron Man, A-Bomb, Thor, and Hulk engage is a series of two-page splash fight sequences to try and take down the villain. And when one finally does... well,...more
Holden Attradies
I had heard a lot of good things about this story line and this run of Hulk comics. I think back on that and wonder where the hell I DID hear that, because it seems almost everyone that HAS read it felt the same way I did: incredibly disappointed.

Maybe it's the fact that there is the potential for a REALLY good story here, and I can see that great amazing five start story if I squint my eyes real hard and ignore 95% of what actually happens in the pages. So before I get in to my long list of all...more
Craig Williams
This book seemed like it was going to be cool at first. I mean, the Hulk versus a Red Hulk? It's a bit borrowed from the Gray Hulk story-arc, but hell, I'll read it! I wanted to know who the Red Hulk was, and how his power differed from the Green Hulk (if it differed at all). This story just turned out to be nine kinds of retarded. The Red Hulk was annoying, and seemed to be everywhere at once, which confused me. The dialogue throughout the story was corny as hell, and nothing drags a Hulk story...more
The Abomination is dead.

Iron Man, She-Hulk, and Leonard Samson are on the case at the beginning of this one. They find the killer to be... THE RED HULK!

What?! The Hulk's GREEN, isn't he?

This marks the beginning of the era where there are a red Hulk and a green Hulk.

The story was okay. The green Bruce Banner Hulk actually does join the fray, along with Thor and The Fantastic Four. I think it was a lot of fun despite inexplicable plot holes like Hulk being reduced to "HULK SMASH!" when speaking,...more
And thus does my brief lover affair with Hulk Stories come to a crashing halt. Jeph Loeb gives us a terribly commonplace Hulk tale - it's odd to say that a story where everyone has a secret agenda and no one can be trusted is commonplace but Loeb apparently has forgotten that Bruce Jones did a really good "secret conspiracy to get the Hulk" story in 2002. Eight years ago is apparently long enough that we can pretend no one read those.

The notion of the Red Hulk could be interesting as a spin on t...more
Dec 17, 2009 Adam rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
Red Hulk different from Green Hulk. Who is Red Hulk? Red Hulk smash Abomination! Red Hulk smash She-Hulk! Red Hulk smash Iron Man! Red Hulk smash Green Hulk! Red Hulk smash Thor! Green Hulk use rope-a-dope on Red Hulk. Green Hulk smash Red Hulk!

That's about all you need to know. Oh, and the Red Hulk is perfectly articulate, while the Green Hulk is not. The shifting abilites of the Incredible Hulk (the green one) to express himself verbally are strange and confusing if you're like me and only che...more
Reprints Hulk #1-6. The world is menaced by a new Red Hulk, and the Hulk and Thor set out to stop him. Not much happens in Red Hulk. The Red Hulk kills, the Hulk gets mad, and the Red Hulk and Hulk fight. The writing is pretty embarrassing ("Oh the humanity" crash of the Helicarrier comes to mind...that thing crashes every other issue it appears). That being said, it is sadly better than a lot of Loeb's writing and at points is halfway enjoyable in its "just keep punching each other" mentality....more
Great smashing comic with a good mystery... more show than tell, but that is not necessarily a bad thing...
I've got an idea... Rainbow Hulk!
1. Red Hulk/Green Hulk should totally be an elementary school gym class game.
2. It should NOT be a comic.
3. Or, at the very least, NOT THIS comic.
4. Audrey Loeb gets it though. She can totally writes circles around her dad.
5. In "Hulk Art Class", "Hulk Splash" & "Hulk Zoo", she writes the best Hulk comics since Kochalka.
6. Rip those 3 pages out. Toss the rest.
7. Hulk Trash.
Ed Nemo
Just picking up this book and flipping through it, is amazing. The pages are thick and glossy. The artwork by Ed McGuinness is colorful and vibrant. The story is Jeph Loeb at his most fun.

Who is the Red Hulk? What is going on with Rick Jones? Is that cosmic peeping tom, the Watcher, ever going to get what's coming to him? All of these questions are answered in the book!

Jerry Daniels
Red Hulk becomes a series of smackdowns after the title character is revealed to be responsible for a murder that some want to pin on the original Hulk. While the battles between Red Hulk and Iron Man, Thor, and the villain Abomination each are enjoyable and at times drawn out, they help maintain an interest until the reveal about Red Hulk's origins.
The Book Geek
Slighty campy battles with some of Marvels top guns. It was an okay read. Finding out who the Red Hulk left me feeling ripped off, as I had no clue who he was or why he would seek revenge on the Hulk. Some parts of the story seemed to be really dumbed down for a child to understand, but then some of the language was of adult situations. Not great, but not bad story.
The story was alright and provided a nice mystery, but nothing resolves! Actually, other than a lot of punching, nothing really happened. Luckily, this was mostly in the form of full-page spreads, so it went quick. This worked well as a mystery, but poorly as a character introduction--the Red Hulk just doesn't seem that interesting so far.
Writer Jeph Loeb actually gets me interested in the Hulk by introducing a mysterious new behemoth - a Red Hulk! Opening with the death of the Abomination, the story lays just enough clues to keep you suspecting everyone of being this deadly Red Hulk. An odd concept, but one that will ultimately pay off by the end.
This story arc throws out any rules that Marvel had established in its entire history in favor of a shitty murder mystery. You can't use Thor's Hammer just because you're stronger than him. Really really bad. I picked up the last issue just to see if things were going to resolve well. Of course, they didn't. Ugh...
It's been a while since a read a comic book. I really like the panel transition action on the kindle.
Fun, clean, and hulk smashing action. Most Marvel comics are PG-13 now-a-days. Refreshing to see it toned down to PG.

Who is the red hulk? Volume one does not answer this, neither thus volume 2 or 3.
Eh. I cancelled Red Hulk from my pull list after 4 issues, but thought I'd see how it ended anyway. Turns out my judgment was accurate on this one. There's absolutely no need for a red Hulk in the Marvel Universe. One Hulk is more than enough. Mediocre storyline- by the end I didn't care who Red Hulk was.
A very fun Murder Mystery with superheroes. My only problem is in the end they don't ever reveal Who Done It. Seriously what's a Who Did It? tale without the reveal.
I"m sure Loeb and McGuiness will reveal the truth in their next run, but it's kind of annoying to be left without an answer.
Moves quickly enough because the lack of dialogue, but really the story consists of Red Hulk fighting super hero after super hero until he finally has a match against The Hulk. Pretty weak writing and the story lacks. Lots of pictures of colorful men fighting though.
Not nearly as bad as I feared it would be, or as I'd been led to believe. The story is clearly dumb as two short planks, but the actual writing isn't offensively poor and McGuinness' cartoon-y, heavy, splash-centric style suits what's being portrayed.
Reprehensible story, severely erroneous usage of characters, and completely ignoring everything prior to this series. This is essentially written by a five year playing in his sandbox, while coming up with a Randy Newton like song.
This is dumb fun. I was surprised by the low ratings when I came here to rate the book. Although my experience with Loeb is that his writing is almost always a waste of paper, I have to admit that I had fun reading this.
William Thomas
jeph loeb may at one time have been an amazing writer, but now his vision is muddled and scattered, without any sort of linear storytelling and without any form. there is nothing to this book except shock value and gimmick.
What I originally thought was a stupid, grasping at straws idea turned out to be a really fun read. Red Hulk is an excellent villan, the battles are epic, Thor is awesome, and Hulk is strongest one there is!
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Joseph "Jeph" Loeb III is an Emmy and WGA nominated American film and television writer, producer and award-winning comic book writer. Loeb was a Co-Executive Producer on the NBC hit show Heroes, and formerly a producer/writer on the TV series Smallville and Lost.

A four-time Eisner Award winner and five-time Wizard Fan Awards winner (see below), Loeb's comic book career includes work on many major...more
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