The Alliance
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The Alliance

4.21 of 5 stars 4.21  ·  rating details  ·  3,124 ratings  ·  497 reviews
It's 18 years after the end of civilization as we know it. Slowly, ragtag villages of nuclear holocaust survivors are being relocated to a new society known as the Alliance. At first it seems like a dream come true to Eric Lloyd and his family. There is work and safety and food enough to spare. But the trappings of civilization wear thin when Eric learns that the violent h...more
Hardcover, 329 pages
Published September 1st 1983 by Deseret Book Company (first published 1983)
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This is my favorite of Lund's--it's an older one, and may be out of print, but it's worth the effort to find it. Growing up, when one of us would start re-reading this book, it would end up getting passed around the entire family. The only time I ever remember my mom staying up late to read, it was this book.

Eric Lloyd and his family have survived a nuclear holocaust, along with several other members of their small village. Then the invaders come--uniformed men in trucks who scoop them all up a...more
Kristopher Swinson
Aug 06, 2009 Kristopher Swinson rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kristopher by: Andralynn Brown
Finally, some fantastic fiction! The development is morally responsible (166, 329), and I certainly appreciated that he didn't even reproduce the only profanity referenced in the book (242). Lund makes it apparent, yet universally palatable, that religion is what makes good guys good (33, 127, 298, for example). Family values are strongly implicit, as well as placed in an appropriate perspective: birthrate's connection with true happiness (67, 86, 104); when aggression is permissible (179); and...more
Jan Strong
OK-I am going for 3 1/2. Once I got into this book-I was fascinated by it and was compelled to keep reading to see what new twist Eric, Travis, Nicole and the Major were going to take. This book is based on an interesting idea that after a massive war and chaos, the ruling government resorts to forced compliance, disguised as "freedom". The most interesting thing of all to me ,is that it was written by Gerald Lund in 1983.

I hope we are far away from the 'end' of government as we know it. Still,...more
I really want to love Gerald Lund's writing, but I just don't. This book reads like a clean Vin Diesel movie. The plotline is that predictable and the dialoge falls that flat. I read it because a friend passed it to me and told me I would love it. And then she kept asking me every time I saw her if I had read it or not. There is nothing remotely literary about this book. Nothing magic or compelling other than another dystopian storyline. And it needed a good edit. There are typos (more than I no...more
Second time I've read this book. I needed an uplifting overthrow-the big-bad-control-freak-gov't book after reading Mocking Jay. A work less known by Gerald Lund it is definately a glory!! Set in a futuristic post-nuclear WWIII a technology advanced civilization forces survivors to undergo a surgical implantation of a device that uses pain signals to force a person to submit to being good. Sounds great right, a city where there is no bad behavior, except the people incontrol are not implanted an...more
Shannon Campbell
I had a hard time getting into this book. The only thing that kept me going was that we are reading it for book club and it was two days overdue to the library. I kept thinking of the 1983 movie war games. It was a great movie in its day but I wonder how out of date it would be now. This book has a great concept but I couldn't seem to get past the fact that it was written 30 years ago. I liked the moral of the story but some things were just too predictable for me.
Aug 07, 2008 Trillian rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those who appreciate philosophical fiction
Shelves: fiction
"The Alliance" is an engaging read. It has developed characters, vivid scenes, fast pacing and well-crafted backdrops. The story deals with the moral issue of coercion versus freedom. The dialogue can be cloying at times, but then, sappy-sweet characters are refreshing compared to the cliche of cold, embittered characters that typically populate sci-fi books. It's not hard to read and children as young as 11 or so can enjoy it. Plus, it has a cool cover.
May 15, 2008 Bryson rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! AND DOUBLE WOW!!! This book is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! Definately one of my all time favorites. It's written by Gerald Lund author of The Work and the Glory. It's great. It's in the future and a community that's chipped in so they can only do perfect things as in no crime, no hatred no ect. or they get shocked. It's overcoming this awful lifestile and gaining free agency. AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!
I was excited for this one, but what a clunker. I love sci-fi/end of days books and this one had a great premise. Lund's hokey dialogue and never-ending back and forth between characters finally did me in. I'll read "1984" to get the bad taste of "The Alliance" out of my mouth.
Jan Memmott
This is a 5-star YA novel! I have a shelf "Must-read-kids-books" that should be must-read-teen-books, but I don't know how to change the title. Sigh. This book is impossible to put down.The story begins with 24 y/o Eric, living in his small village in Wyoming 18 years after a massive nuclear war. No one in the village has seen cars or other technology, or even other people in decades. That all changes one day, but do the visitors come in peace?

In typical YA fashion, it is plot driven, and all o...more
I reread this book for about the 20th time. I love it. It is a super fun read and I would totally recommend it.
Rachel Ray
this is about as good as a book can get, I love it and will read it again and again. its really truly a great book.
I'm not usually one to jump into science fiction, but this one was really really good!!
pretty good concept, but a bit predictable considering I have read a couple of books with similar concepts, which doesnt seem quite fair since this was written over 30 yrs for its time Im sure it was fascinating. It seemed a bit rushed at times and other times I kept wating for some pleasant surprise turn it would take but never did. There were no "shockers" very predictable. i would have liked more of a back story on the WW3 and "termination" that left these people in their situation. A...more
I really wanted to rave about this book. I had trouble even finding it. Our library does not carry it. So, I resorted to purchasing a book (shocker), a thing I only do when I want to keep a book for our family library, am going on vacation and intend to leave it behind to lighten my pack, or if I'm helping out a library fundraiser. The reviews I had read were great. And I love the guilty pleasure of this genre. But, it just didn't cut it for me.

Preachy? Yes, to the point that I just wanted to sc...more
This is technically a reread,since I read it shortly after it was published and still own a hardcover book. Essentially, it is the postapocolyptic tale. Eric, the protagonist, lives in a remote valley in wyoming with a number of settlers who survived nuclear world war III. When a convoy of automobiles are spotting heading towards the village, they are cautiously optimistic that civilization has survived., The visitors, called guardians, are the "police force" for a group of cities further north....more
This book begins 18 years after a nuclear holocaust and tells the tale of the civilizations that have been rebuilt by survivors. The main character was 6 when "the world ended." His father had predicted a nuclear war, so his father prepared for the outcome, and the main character was living happily with his family in a close knit community that was without many modern conveniences but still enjoyable.

One day, his father and the city doctor notice lights moving at night and realize that someone e...more
Marissa Henderson
"The Alliance" is a story that weaves the issue of freedom of choice between its pages. What does it really mean to have agency? Is it right to force someone to use their agency wisely?

This book is set in the future after the end of humanity as we know it. They call this "Termination". Some small groups of people were able to survive through this and create little colonies of their own. The biggest colony is called the Alliance. The Major, the man in charge, created a computer chip-like device t...more
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Doug Cannon
I was discussing The Hunger Games with my wife and oldest son. They both said that this book, The Alliance, was so much better, and they were right. I started reading it around 10PM, and Shannon said, "If you start that book now, you will stay up all night reading it." She was right twice.

This book deals primarily with a society where everyone is compelled (by a controlling electronic device) to be good. Bad emotions (like anger, revenge, etc) are punished automatically by stimulating your brain...more
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Nathan Goodman
The Alliance is a book about an 18-year-old, Eric Lloyd who was living in one of the few surviving villages after a nuclear, biological, and chemical war, is discovered by another surviving civilization, Shalev, that is different from Eric's in that it has done more that just survive. It has flourished-- at least that's what they claim. There is no crime, no gangs, no mafia, no drugs. But it turns out the reason for all of this stuff not being around anymore is that the government of Shalev has...more
Cj W
I ran out of books to read on my shelf, and still hadn't picked this one up, so here it went.....


This book I got from my mother in law. My husband is, apparently, names after the main character of this book. Eric.

The story takes place in war ridden United States, which has been hit, as have many other countries, by nuclear bombs, germicidal warfare, bio warfare, just about any bad thing you can imagine that would happen, has happened.

There are a few survivors lef...more
Drew Graham
First things first, I am blown away by the number of positive, nay, GLOWING reviews of this book on here. Are Mormon readers (or, readers of Mormon fiction) really that easy to impress?... Anyway...

There was some kind of apocalypse. A small group of God-fearing survivors have banded together to create a small farming community in what used to be Star Valley, Wyoming. When armed strangers in high-tech vehicles and flashy blue and orange uniforms arrive unannounced and uninvited to the valley, the...more
Natalie Call
A teacher read this book to me in seventh grade and I remember being totally engrossed in it. At the time I didn't make the connection that Gerald Lund had written the Work and the Glory series as well. As I began revisiting this book, I first thought, " this doesn't have any connections with the LDS church in it." I I thought about it further, however, I realized it is filled with symbolism. A utopian society where everyone is forced to do what they are told, if people are forced not to do evil...more
Kade Young
Book Review
The Alliance

This book is like a tornado. Its starts slowly then takes you for a ride. It is intense the whole book. This book makes a lot of sense. The book I am talking about is The Alliance. The author, Gerald Lund, is a General Authority for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The way Lund writes is cool. Stephanie Meyer, who is also LDS, wrote the Twilight series, but she put a few unneeded swear words in her books. Gerald Lund didn’t write the curse...more
Wow! This is exciting, action-packed, AND thought-provoking. I can see why some people count this as their all-time favorite book. It didn't hurt that the book was due back at the library this week, but I read the bulk of the book in one evening. I was completely drawn in and anxious to find out what was going to happen to these characters.

As I was reading, I kept wondering if Joss Whedon had read this book. There are several things here that remind me of the TV show, Firefly. In this society, a...more
Maria Sp.

Thrilling and Entertaining

“When a man has no choice but to do good, there’s no point in calling him moral. Men cannot be good without making that choice themselves. They can be made to act in good ways, but they cannot be good.”

The alliance is a very thrilling, modern, science-fiction novel by Gerald Lund, which has left an amazing positive impression on me. One thing that keeps it so interesting and unique is the dealing with this moral statement above. How far should we go to get our society f...more
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May 15, 2008 Anthony rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who enjoys an exciting sci-fi with a message
Shelves: science-fiction
The Alliance is reminiscent of The Giver in attempting to illustrate, though not as subtly nor, in my opinion, powerfully, the dangers inherent in seemingly insignificant, even laudable trends in social thought and political philosophy. Insidious philosophical beliefs that threaten the very core of who we are. With fatuous promises of a perfect society, where equality and ‘fairness’ rule, contention is nonexistent, violence and cruelty unheard of, politicians impose increasingly onerous burdens...more
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