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All the Rage (Repairman Jack, #4)
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All the Rage (Repairman Jack #4)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  2,675 ratings  ·  90 reviews
Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Gia, Repairman Jack doesn't deal with electronic appliances--he fixes situations for people, situations that usually involve putting himself in deadly danger. His latest project is recovering a stolen necklace, which carries with it an ancient curse that may unleash a horde of Bengali demons. Jack is used to danger, but this time Gia' ...more
Paperback, 512 pages
Published August 1st 2006 by Tor Books (first published 2000)
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So we've made it up through book 4 of the Repairman Jack series now. The friend of mine who is lending me this series has been using this book as a lure to keep me going: "Oh yeah, that part that really bugged you in book 2? Well, it'll all be worth it once you get to All the Rage." While David is often wrong on a good many subjects, on this occasion he has been proven correct. I will forgive much of what has come before because I had so much pure fun with this read. In fact, this is probably th ...more
Scott Rachui
There are only a few authors who are so good that I read everything they write. F Paul Wilson is one of those authors. I first encountered his work when I picked up The Keep many years ago (I read it when there were no sequels, so I've been a fan since the beginning). I remember how excited I was with each additional volume he released, and then I remember the moment when reading Reborn (the continuation of The Keep) and I got to the end. It made references to the only existing Repairman Jack st ...more
Really like this series. Where else could you find a research scientist, a Serbian mobster, a travelling freak show, and an unholy ancient creature all intwined in the same story.

This latest adventure has "Jack" up to his usual business, balancing his 'home' life with his 'repair business'.
Jack takes on a Serbian mobster on behalf of two clients. One a newly hired researcher for a pharma company and the other a disgruntled citizen looking for a revenge killing.

In the course of the story some ch
Mike (the Paladin)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jack gets mixed-up in a drug ring in this adventure of the Repairman Jack series. This is my favorite Repairman Jack book so far. I thought the plot had a lot of nice twists and turns. The ending was extremely satisfying to read.

I don't want to go into too many details, but there were tons of entertaining parts to this book: Sal's Dragovic revenge, Events leading to Jack's hospital stay and his payback for it, revisiting the Rakoshi, Jack's Pine Barrens adventure... the list goes on.

This book do
Cathy Jung
Loved how this book ties in all the details from the very beginning of the series; it's beginning to show a common thread and I can't wait to see how it continues.
Jack has two different clients with a beef about the same guy, a local mob boss. A mob boss who is trying to buy his way into successful society.

It's a story that touches on all the classes, from ultra wealthy to side show 'freaks'.

It's a story about people who think the ends justify the means - even if that means innocent people die. It's also about people who are horrified to wake from the spell of thinking they're king of the world only to see what their actions have done.

Wilson does a good
Brian Maicke
Jack is back. After a bit of a slowdown in book 3, Wilson kicked the pace back up in book 4. The development of Jack continues as does the tying together of a number of storylines from the first 3 books into what looks to form the basis of the overarching plot for the rest of the series. I devoured this one in record time, but for those looking to get into the Repairman Jack series, I'd recommend starting at the beginning as some of the references made in this novel will be lost without the back ...more
In the fourth Repairman Jack novel, the rakoshi are back. Those were the blue-skinned, yellow-eyed, man-eating demons from Indian prehistory, who terrorized Jack and his loved ones in The Tomb. Now the last rakosh—the one who left his claw-marks on Jack's chest—has turned up in a freak show at the same quaint Long Island town where Jack battled the otherness in Conspiracies. Jack is torn between killing it, to make sure it can never hurt Gia and Vicky again, and leaving it alone to die in captiv ...more
This was the usual fun with Repairman Jack, but I thought he was a little thick headed at times, some of the surveillance was unrealistic. Nevertheless, Jack prevailed in the end, which was quite satisfying. One of my favorite characters was a monster- the rakosh- I have to watch out if I ever go into the Jersey swamps.
Repairman Jack is a great character very good writing, going back to read first Repairman Jack novel.
Mark Turner
Probably my favourite so far.
Коста  Сивов
Когато става въпрос за писателя Ф. Пол Уилсън можем да говорим или добро, или нищо! За пореден път получаваме доказателство, че при американеца празно няма и всеки следващ негов роман е гаранция за качество. Четвъртата книга от поредицата за Майстор Джак, която носи заглавието "Бяс", е доста по-дълга от предходните и това донякъде се отразява на качествата й (естествено, не много). За първи път Уилсън си позволява да разтяга локуми на места и да ни запознава малко повече с второстепенните герои, ...more
Nancy Oakes
#3 in the Repairman Jack series

another great entry in the Repairman Jack series that also links into the series that starts with The Keep. The story begins as Dr. Luc Monnet, a researcher at a drug company, goes into a sideline business with a new designer drug that he calls Loki. However, this new drug is not only not stable, but it changes on a regular basis and Monnet cannot find out the cause. He takes on an assistant, Nadia Radzminsky, who hires Jack because she is concerned about Monnet an
Handyman Jack ist schon ein ganz Cooler...für meinen Geschmack ein bisschen zu cool. Da schlägt er sich mit wildgewordenen Schulabgängern herum, stellt sich in allen Lebenslagen ganz machohaft beschützend vor seine Freundin, hantiert mit Waffen, Hubschraubern und Müll herum, legt sich mit einem serbischen Top-Gangster und einem verzweifelten Phamaziechef an und als wäre das noch nicht genug, geht er auf die Jagd nach einem menschenfressenden Monster: dem Sharkman. Bei all diesen Dingen hat er ei ...more
Benjamin Thomas
This is the fourth novel I have read by this author and, by most lists, is the fourth in the Repairman Jack series. When I say, "by most lists", I mean exactly that. Cataloging Mr Wilson's books is difficult at best; he seems to keep on revising them, publishing new versions so that his whole "Secret Universe" milieu fits together. It seems to me that he has two series that intertwine: The Repairman Jack books and "The Adversary Cycle", although many of the books exist in both series. Confusing, ...more
I was surprised by how much I liked this book. I've had it for a long time and somebody wanted to mooch it so I thought I'd scan it before giving it away.

I ended up cruising through its 488 pages in three days.

The story is well plotted and moves along quickly. The characters, especially Repairman Jack and the villains are well-drawn and fun to read about.

The introduction of a mysterious group called "The Others" who come from "Otherness" was a plot device the story did not actually need but it
The Cats Mother
I'm not as enthused about this series as most reviewers, but do quite like it. Jack is an intriguing character with creative solutions to his clients problems and a strict moral code, which I like. The plots are what let it down for me, and the overly cartoonish villains.
This is the 4th, and you do need to have read the previous ones to really understand it. Jack is hired by an idealistic young medical researcher to protect her boss, who runs a small drug company, from an evil Serbian gangster,
The fourth Repairman Jack novel; Jack is hired by a research scientist to look into her boss’ involvement with a Serbian gangster. What Jack uncovers is a the creation and distribution of a new street drug that temporarily turns the user into a violent, rage-fueled psychopath. Even worse, the drug is synthesized from the blood of the last living rakosh.

I was a bit bored with the last RJ novel (perhaps because it tied in to other stories and books I haven’t read, as well as its lackluster resolut
Dawson Frank
All the rage is about a man named repair man jack or jack for short. All the Rage is the fourth book of the Advisarys cycle and the most eventful in my opinion. I give this book a five out of five stars because F. Paul Wilson mixes adventure, day to day life and a little twist of fantasy in to All the Rage.
A little bit of a slow starter, but once things get moving - somewhere right around the time of Jack's first strike at Dragovic - they don't really let up until the final pages. You can definitely tell now that this series is going somewhere instead of just being a bunch of somewhat connected "Tales of Jack."
Another consistently wonderful chapter in the "Repairman Jack" saga.

With each one I read, the same things keep coming to mind.
#1) It is always wonderful and refreshing how each "case" from each book is unique and different. You don't see Jack tackling the same kinds of problems over and over again. Each book does its own thing.

While "The Tomb" is straight up action/horror, each book has its own feel to it.
"Legacies" is a much more straight forward action/adventure novel.
"Conspiracies" is really
My favorite Jack book so far. I'm still not in love with the series, but I like Jack enough to overlook the flaws in storytelling. This volume had a good villain in Dragovic, a couple of cool action scenes, a great comeuppance for the bad guys, a Terminator 2 Cyberdyne type plot development, and best of all, an entire chapter written in a bizarre drug addled stream of consciousness a la American Psycho that was easily the best written chapter in the series so far. The coincidences are still too ...more
In the continuing saga of Repairman Jack in bid for fighting good vs evil. A new designer drug, called Bezerk has hit the streets of New York and it not only can get you high, you take too much and you go into a murderous rage. Jack is hired to find out who is manufacturing the drug and stop it. It is all BAU for Jack, which is of course strange and outlandish. Jack's fixits in this book were hilarious, even though the subject matter was not. He has attracted the drug dealers attention, now he j ...more
Book Four of the Repairman Jack series picks up a month after the previous installment, though aside from a handful of callbacks, this really doesn't matter too much. Fans of the series should remain satisfied, though the ambiguous ending may disappoint a bit, as Jack is messing the Rakosh again, though this time a lot more indirectly. Yes, there's a mystery drug making people homicidal, and you just know this won't ultimately sit well with Jack, especially if it in any way may threaten Gia or V ...more
Violent drug lord Dragovic had a witness killed and a family member hires Repairman Jack to fix the problem (get revenge). Dragovic is also hassling the executives of a pharmaceutical company and Repairman Jack is hired to look into it. Dragovic is distributing a drug that makes people go into a berserk rage; when jack accidentally gets a dose of it and nearly hurts Gia & Vicky he takes it on himself to fix the problem.

This may be my favorite RJ yet.

Favorite tidbits:
I loved the tires and the
Carey Gibbons
This installment of Repairman Jack lost me in places. Like Legacies, I didn't feel like I got enough of Jack. The other characters took up too much page time and some of the - Nadia, Doug, and Luc - were just so unlikeable that I didn't care if they lived or died. Nadia and Doug weren't evil - just the opposite. They were good - too good, and I kind of wanted them to get eaten. This book's connection to the rest of the series also seems thin. Yeah, a Rakosh is involved, but only peripherally. I' ...more
Lavita Oliver
All the rage

Another great repairman Jack story. Ties back to the first repairman Jack book, The Tomb. The series gets better and better.
Yikes!! Repairman Jack discovers a new street drug in circulation that makes otherwise normal people high on a sense of power, entitlement, and uncontrollable violence. Thy mystery revolves around a young chemist hired to (unknowingly) stabilize this molecule to make it far more marketable, a pharmaceutical firm gone bad in cahoots with a mobster who wants the drug to be his to take to market, and of course, his Gia and Vicky threatened in the midst of it all. I'm hooked! (okay, that was bad...)
Tara Hall
Of the Repairman Jack novels I have been reading the last 2 months, this was my favorite. I began the book late one night, and then spaced on everything I had to do the next day, just to sit and read the rest. I literally could not put it down until the last page. Fabulous story, edge of your seat suspense, great characters, no BS clear line of black and white, and a thoroughly satisfying ending! GREAT STUFF! And why I will keep reading this series as long as new books keep coming out!
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Francis Paul Wilson is an author, born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He writes novels and short stories primarily in the science fiction and horror genres. His debut novel was Healer (1976). Wilson is also a part-time practicing family physician. He made his first sales in 1970 to Analog and continued to write science fiction throughout the seventies. In 1981 he ventured into the horror genre with t ...more
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